Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Baba’s Call On Shirdi Temple Reopening During Covid 19

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Shirdi Diary Continued:

Shirdi Sai Devotee Ritwik from India says: And I entered the shorter queue and found out it to be the paid pass Darshan queue which I had avoided in my last 9 visits as I had always yearned to go through the grind of taking the normal course/queue as it actually cuts asunder your Karmas, believe so!

Took the paid pass and it turned out to be a VIP Pass! He had already planned everything!

Still, though I was short on time, ran towards Gate #1 after checking with the police security and buying a milk packet and Dhoop Batti, (as mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharitra: Lighting Incense sticks on Thursdays, Fridays begets you blessings and it was a Friday! But was stopped at the entrance and was told to do away with the milk packet as well the incense sticks. Requested them a lot, with different reasoning but they won’t listen. I remembered what was mentioned in the beginning to offer milk to Baba in any form. I Ran back to find the right candidate/animal as to whom could I offer the milk to. Then, offered both the milk packets and incense sticks to a couple; wherein the man was visually impaired, believing them to be Baba’s form created by His leelas as I had offered milk once before and it was allowed but this time it was for Baba in another form and He expected it with a great delight and blessings indeed!

Also, to mention, I had offered two guavas too at Shri Chavadi and the moment I offered it at Baba’s portrait, it got stuck to them as if Baba’s portrait had a magnet (physical too) and the two Guavas were made up of iron! Offered Dakshina again in Shri Chavadi on behalf of the devotees too. Sat for less than a minute with the permission of Shri Chavadi’s Shama, the Kaka who sits outside(a good friend and having friends from Shirdi is like PMO/UNO reporting into you, it’s that efficaciously energetic!).

Have had also visited Shri MahaLaxmi temple just before entering the VIP Darshan queue (there were only 4 of us)! The Darshan time was also shortest ever breaking my previous record of 15-20 minutes from a normal queue, this time it was 10-15 minutes or even less I believe and in no time we were in front of the Almighty, the Lord of the Lords, the Ultimate Doer and Giver(this is where my faith was reaffirmed that the 2 deaths I witnessed was His call and Aatma does meet Parmatma and best to accept and keep doing as much good as possible through Him)!

The time I could spend there was 10 times more than what I had spent in my last 9 visits put altogether! And then after praying for all, at the respective Samadhis of Nanavali, Tatya and Haji Baba(the inside one) from the outside and after visiting Nandadeep and Shyamakarna (ShyamSundar) and Lord Dattatreya, paying obeisance to Lendi Bagh and before all this paying obeisance at Gurusthaan and lighting a match inside the loban-incense lighting stand, left for Gate #2! Then met with an austere couple on my way!

Asked them about the process to collect Dakshina from the 5 houses from which Baba used to collect and it’s feasibility now a days and then way to reach Shri Dwarkamai-Shri Chavadi, as I was put up nearby (Remember, the Sai Laxmi Hotel) and while I just about to leave, the greedy me (always need more and more of Baba, utterly shameless me when it comes to having His Prasad in any form) and requested them too and then the attendant gave me an Udi Packet! What else do you need in life? (Yes ,yes can relate with your answers but He gave me the Panacea, Udi is Baba Himself)!

And then I headed for dinner so as not to see Baba on an empty stomach. Was getting so many devotees’ calls throughout the day and at times was away from phone. Was making return calls after having dinner. Then got an international call, the devotee on the other side was really willing to speak and requested me to offer Dakshina and few other things on her behalf, saying that she would pay me later. She was also fortunate to have spoken in Shirdi while I was passing through Dwarkamai, then Chavadi, may Baba bless.

Later on, in the night tried for Kakad Aarti but then it was only available through online Darshan passes. Moreover deep inside, I was content with the darshan Baba had given me so far but basis our Co-devotees, didn’t sleep that night(was on calls) and then attended Kakad Aarti from the outside, came back to the hotel room and then slept and tried to wake up and get ready for the Darshan at the earliest. This time too, Baba gave me VIP tickets as free passes were not available and I was running short on time, had a train to catch, still by the time I was in the queue it was already past 11 am.

More to be shared regarding this Shirdi trip, please check back tomorrow.

Sai Raham Nazar Karna

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UAE says: Baba’s daughter, trying to follow in His footsteps. Seeking His blessings ever. Sai Raham Nazar Karna (Have merciful glance on us)!

Om Sairam. Koti pranams at our Dear Baba’s holy feet -Saviour and protector of all. Pranams. Thank you Hetalji and to the team for the commendable service to Baba. Pranams to you all too. I am Baba’s daughter from the UAE. I have posted a few experiences earlier too. Kindly don’t disclose my name.

Don’t know where to start, but let me summarize the miracles.

1. In the month of March 2020, we had workers come over to change the kitchen unit and cabinets. This was planned by the apartment management. So, in the morning while emptying out the stuff from the kitchen, my husband felt giddy, like losing his balance on one side. After eating paracetamol he was better. He took two days to recover. We now know what he had, and how Baba saved us.

2. After the work was done in the kitchen, I began complaining of tiredness, and was feverish. This was happening every other day, praying to Baba, we took some medicines. It took a very long time to recover. Baba saved us both. At that time, there wasn’t much awareness of the virus, but now we know who was behind us constantly, protecting us.

3. Few days ago, all of a sudden at night my husband woke up coughing badly and said that he found it difficult to breathe. We tried all the home medicines. Praying constantly to Baba, we did the oxygen level test, it was fine. After sometime, he was ok to sleep on one side. He was constantly burping. It was acid reflux and the gas was making it hard to breathe. Baba saved him. We are eternally thankful to Him. Om Sairam.

4. Again last week, he had a severe bout of coughing, Om Sairam, the chanting went on and on. I prayed to Baba to please cure him. Applied Udi, used the inhaler and he was better. I had promised to share my experience soon, and with His grace, I am trying to write it down. By Baba’s blessings we have started Ayurveda medicines for asthma and gastritis. Please bless us that these medicines give us the much needed relief.

5. With Baba’s blessings our younger daughter secured a better job, it’s all Baba’s blessings that in these times, she was offered a good job. Thank You Baba. A sincere prayer at Baba’s feet, please bless both the girls with their immigration formalities to be completed successfully. Baba, please cure me completely, please cure the infection that I get so very often. You are aware of it. I thank You from the bottom of my heart for all the blessings, protection and for Your divine presence in our lives.

6. Baba, we need Your guidance in the new situation that has cropped up yesterday, please show us a way how to deal with it. We know You will take care of this too.

Baba, we don’t know how to thank You, we only know that You are our saviour and our God. We are nothing without You. Please keep Your kripa on us always. Forgive us for any mistakes, done knowingly or unknowingly. Resting everything at Your feet. Thank You. Om Sairam.

Sai Is Beyond Whatever We Ask Him

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Priya Praveen from India says: I am Priya from Chennai. Today whatever I have, are my Sai’s blessings. Love You Saima.

There was a heavy cyclone and rainfall in Chennai from 25th November to 27th November. The wind was too strong, the government announced holidays, shops were kept closed and roads were filled with water that nobody could walk on the streets. Our home was just a street away from the beach. So one could imagine how worse it would have been. We could watch the sea from our terrace. On the usual days, it would be a wonderful experience to watch sunrise and enjoy the scenic beauty. But during the storm/cyclone, it was scary. The waves seemed monstrous and the beach sand would swirl so high to create tornadoes.

Sai started His leela, a couple of days before the storm. I wasn’t aware of the cyclone predictions, which came up in the news, however Sai instructed me to read the 11th and 15th chapter of Satcharitra, exactly two days before the storm. When heavy rains started and when I witnessed the adverse weather change, I was extremely happy that my Sai has taken care of me and my family, even without me praying/asking Him. Isn’t it Sai’s promise that He will be there to safeguard us from all directions and He requires no form and no doors to do that!

Added to this, on the 25th morning, I was preparing food for my family and had a very casual conversation with Sai. I told Him, “Sai I know You love me and You will take care of me and my family, but I want You to assure me right away that You would come and stand for my sake if I have a problem. If the power cut doesn’t happen at all due to the storm/rainfall, then I shall understand that You would step in for my sake, whenever a problem arises. Also, I am not testing You Sai. I am just seeking Your assurance.”

It was a simple conversation and I forgot all about it and carried on with my usual routine. Relatives and friends started calling us to enquire our safety. And all my friends who were living in Chennai called to check with us, did say that power cut had happened in the morning when the rains had started and didn’t resume even after hours. Also one of my friends, who is staying a few streets away from us, was facing a power cut issue. That’s when I realised how Sai has dealt with the simple conversation I had with Him. It is beyond words and technical understanding, all the three days of heavy storm and rainfall, there wasn’t power cut even for a minute. When people in different towns and immediate next streets were not having power, how did our home( which is a street away from the beach) escape power cut!

Sai, You are the Master of the universe, everything happens at the snap of Your fingers, yet You listen to our simplest and dumbest talks and respond to us. We are ignorant fools and we don’t know many times, what exactly we need. But Your love guides us and protects us. I love You Sai. What would I be without You carrying me on Your shoulders in this journey called life! Om Sairam!

Sai Got The Refund

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I had sometime back taken a membership for 3 months via my debit card. After that term was over they auto renewed it to 1 year and deducted my 999 Rs from my account. I luckily happened to see the SMS from the bank regarding the transaction. I was shocked as there was no OTP asked. Few months back I had suffered online theft but only due to Baba’s grace I got my money back. So immediately I called up my RM (relationship Manager) and told her about it and expressed my disappointment as to how without OTP they could deduct.

Then she said that they can’t do anything. I prayed to Baba for help with a promise to post here. Then again when I was telling them how they can’t do it then she said that I may have not noticed but while taking the membership last time I must have not disabled the auto renewal option. So she guided me to talk to that company’s customer care.

I called up there but it was busy. Then after praying Baba it got connected. Then I told them about it and they further guided me about it and said that after following the procedure I would get back my amount in my account within 3 to 5 working days. I was happy to know that. Then I told Baba that I would post it when I would get the amount back. When I said so, immediately within a few minutes I got a SMS from the bank saying that Rs. 999 have been received from so and so company. I was happy and thanked Baba but forgot to post here. Then when I wanted to post something else here I suddenly remembered that episode and Baba first made me type hat here. Thank You so much Baba. Jai Sairam!

Registration Done

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am also a small devotee of Baba. Daily I read Sai Baba’s experience posted at least one per day and learn a lot.

I bought an apartment and applied for a loan. Then after a lot of struggles my loan got approved. Struggle is just one word, but the challenges after booking an appointment till registration was very tough.

The loan guy would not lift the call if we wanted to ask for status. A day was fixed for registration but the loan hadn’t been processed! Likewise many challenges I faced. Finally I prayed to Baba that if registration happened then I would post it on the same day. Thank You Baba for making it happen. Thank you Hetalji for managing this blog.

My Experience With Baba

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Maheswara from India says: I would like to share my experience with Baba. My name is Maheswara. I am working in the IT field. Recently we visited Shirdi with Baba’s blessings on Nov 22nd and it was a very good experience for me and my family.

Coming to my experiences.

1. I was expecting that my salary slip must be generated today. So I prayed to Baba if the salary slip got generated today then I would post my experience. With Baba’s blessings it got generated in our portal.

2. One of the issues was not resolved in my project work. So after praying it got resolved immediately.

3. Today is Thursday and I was expecting that a new experience must be posted on this blog. Just seeing the experiences I noticed that it got posted. Om Sainathaya Namaha!

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