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Baba’s Call On Shirdi Temple Reopening During Covid 19

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Shirdi Diary Continued:

Shirdi Sai Devotee Ritwik from India says: Tried myself for the tickets on Thursday, there was no direct flight/train available. I tried via my family/relatives/friends, they also couldn’t. I was then asking Baba while reading Shri Sai Satcharitra as to how would I manage, but as Who calls you for an interview, also makes the necessary arrangements, as mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharitra. Hence Baba reminded of an old friend and thus I contacted him, though Baba made me pay double the amount (test of faith again),got my tickets confirmed! And that too from Delhi – Kopergaon (staying at Gurugram, Baba takes care, since long had been yearning to visit Tapobhumi, couldn’t do so in the last three years and two trips)!

I then saw this :

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And then proceeded to Shirdi!

I was shocked after reading this but deep inside accepted it if it would be my last journey as Baba had ordained it. When I read further, it had the measures also as to reading the 9000 slokas on Lord Dattatreya, to evade any such thing, so looked out for it and even tried to recall as to my childhood teacher but then could not find. This was on 18th November (my mother’s birthday incidentally) and then got busy with completing pre travel work as to my Professional life and in a way Baba made me forget all about it!

Then on 20th November this thought re-occurred to me and shook and thrilled me as the time was 3:30 pm and I hadn’t actually recited even one of those Shlokas! Hadn’t even found them in the first place! Though I had recited “Sai Sai” 9 times that time on 18th Nov to avoid anything untoward.

Then in a way, accepted the doctrine of Isha Upanishad as to what’s going to happen, will be for good, so it’s fine and was really feeling good about it!

Then around 4 pm or before, I felt that the train was at halt for a longer time than usual and was wondering as to what’s going on! I alighted and found a crowd gathered around, about 4-5 coaches ahead of our coach and then I heard that a gentleman had died! But I wasn’t correlating it at that point of time and went ahead to see and then could see it to be a body of a gentleman, a Sardar between 45-50 years of age. I could see a glimpse of his face and his feet very clearly and made a Pranam to him. He was a kidney patient and it was a case of either blood overflow as he had an intra venous blood supply en route or it was a kidney failure. I felt sorry for him, prayed for him and his family wholeheartedly and then left the scene.

Reached Kopergaon and then, saw something unexpected! Sai Sai..! When, reached Kopergaon and the first thing I saw was a shop with a photo of Maa Saptashringi and perhaps the name of that Kirana shop too had the name of Goddess in it. This was my first time, I alighted at Kopergaon station, earlier it’s been Sai Nagar Shirdi or Manmad. The station has many Neem trees outside, also the time I started walking the platform it was exactly 1800 hrs.

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Then reached the Kopergaon auto stand and the driver demanded 5 times of the usual fare to Shirdi to which I agreed (He might be charging me extra, but firstly that was the only way to reach Baba and then I really thought it to be offering to Baba (whatever right from the moment to I left the flat at Gurugram to the moment I entered back after Baba’s Darshan at Shirdi).

Also, before reaching the Delhi station I had visited the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Amir Khusro Sahib and Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Sahib as somehow Baba was telling me to meet His brothers first before seeing Him. Though I was running short on time and it wasn’t planned to visit, but at the last moment I changed my plans, keeping faith in Him only so as to not to miss the train and getting His complete whole hearted blessings and a gift for Baba too from His beloved Brothers just like the coconut story in Shri Sai Satcharitra of Shri Tembe Swami!

Also, I always endeavour to visit these 2 holy shrines whenever I enter and leave Delhi with Baba’s grace! All Saints are indeed one! Allah Malik!

Had offered the round cap which touched both the shrines at Delhi from my head to Baba’s feet near Nandadeep, also it was the same cap in which I carried the Nav Guruvar Vrat coins and other little pieces of Prasad to Samadhi Mandir!

Coming back to the travel diary:

The name of the Hotel I booked was Sai Laxmi as it was the same hotel I had booked in Dec 2019 and somehow, Baba inspired me to book the same again(you can find out from my desk’s pic, if you can). As soon as I reached the soil of Shirdi, paid my obeisance and then put a Google map. I had alighted near Saint Kanifnath temple, visited His temple for the first time, and had always wanted to during the last 9 visits but couldn’t! He made me visit Him on the 10th visit finally (our private Dussehra )! A gentleman had already been with me to help me locate my hotel and you know where he took me to?

More to follow in tomorrow’s post.

Baba Knows When The Time Is Right

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I am a Sai Devotee from California. Sai Baba has always helped me at the right time. His timings are ways perfect. I believe that completely. The difficult part is to not feel disappointed when things are taking too long to manifest.

In 2019 by Sai’s grace, I got a new job. Even though the opportunity was great with more salary, I was not happy there. The reason being that the owner of the business had created a toxic environment. I felt guilty feeling this way as I thought that Sai Baba gave me this job and I felt unhappy. I felt that I was betraying Baba. I tried hard but couldn’t adjust there. So I started to look for another job. I tried for more than a year. I did the 5 days Sai puja and lots of other things but nothing worked out. Meanwhile I saw through a big project at work which was a very good learning experience and looked good on my resume. But I still wanted to leave that place. I tried for the whole year but nothing worked out. I felt dejected, sad and angry. But Sai Baba had a plan!

In March when everything shut down for COVID, I was still with the same company and this turned out in my favour. This company paid for medical insurance for me and my children all the way through September. I was very grateful and I then understood why Baba didn’t want me to leave that place just as yet.

I was praying to Baba and applying for numerous jobs. I was stressed. I got rejected from places that I was very hopeful of. I tried everything – Puja’s, mantras, calling out to the universe etc. etc. Nothing was working out. I was sad and depressed. I did not understand that there was one most important step that I was missing and that was letting go and leaving everything in Baba’s hand. When I realized this, I talked to Baba and said, “I am now leaving everything in Your hands. You know what is good for me and my family. You know what will work out the best.” Incredibly enough, leaving everything in my Sai Baba’s hand was what He wanted.

I then got 2 calls for jobs out of which one worked out and I will be starting there soon. The salary is a lot less than what I wanted but considering the Covid situation, I am grateful. Plus my position is better! Even though the salary is lower than what I desired and my mind does think about that a lot, I also know that there is a plan!

Sai Baba has a plan. He knows what is best for me and when is the best time to get that. Sai Baba please bless me and my family. Give us health and happiness, love and abundance and good thoughts. Please bless and protect all children, especially the vulnerable ones. Om Shri Sai Tirthaya Namah.

Sai Baba Fulfilled My Wish And Cleared My Doubt

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. I am from India and would prefer not to disclose my name. I have in a very short span experienced Baba’s leelas which I would like to share with all.

I joined a Mahaparayan group only a few weeks back but ever since have been experiencing Baba’s miracles. I was at a point where I was totally tired and fed up with life. Nothing was going right with me and my family. I could feel a supernatural presence in my house and could sense things going wrong with us. That’s when I was introduced to the Mahaparayan group and through them Sai Satcharitra.

Right from day one I started sensing Baba’s presence in my life. Earlier I was unable to sleep well at night. I was captivated by fear. I used to see a dark shadow passing by every night. I was soon losing my mind. But the day I started reading Sai Satcharitra and started applying and consuming Baba’s Udi, I started sleeping well. There was no more fear in me.

Also I was sent a link wherein I could ask Baba about anything that bothered me and believe it or not, till date all His responses have turned out true. I had a huge doubt on my mind which was affecting my peace of mind. So I asked Baba on His website about it. The response I received was that Baba would show me the truth in my dreams and clarify my doubt. Early in the morning I got a dream in which all of my doubts were clarified beautifully.

Another time I prayed to Baba that I get a particular life size picture of Him which I had seen on the internet, blessed by Him. I searched for the picture at a lot of places but couldn’t find it. So Baba through the website asked me to offer coconut to Him, whereby my wish would be fulfilled. The next day I went to the temple and offered Him a coconut and as I stepped out of the temple, a tempo stopped in front of me and out came a life size picture. It was taken inside the shop opposite the temple. I quickly entered the shop and there to my surprise stood Sai Baba’s picture. It was the exact picture that I had asked for with not the slightest change! I quickly purchased it and thanked the shopkeeper. She told me that she had only ordered one such picture for another client but had received two instead. She was wondering as to how such a mistake had occurred. So that’s how Sai fulfilled my wish by sending me the picture.

Every day I experience a miracle. There are too many of them and not enough space to mention all. I truly love Sai Who is my Param Guru and I really thank from the bottom of my heart and Baba bless the people who got me close to my Guru through this Mahaparayan. Om Sairam!

Baba Made It Possible

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! All of a sudden my husband with his friends made a plan to take our children to a park which was a kind of zoo as there were all farm animals and different birds. The difference was that here we could feed them with our own hands and that they were only providing the right kind of food for each of them. As the plan was sudden and was told a few hours before I was doubtful for fulfilling all my commitments for that day. I prayed to Baba for help and almost I could complete them except one which was done partly but later managed by Baba and His angel.

My son had been waiting to be there for the past three weeks almost as he had heard from one of my other friends that it’s a very good place for kids to visit but unfortunately we could not take him there as its closed on Monday and my husband has time on Monday (as he has an off that day). We were very late to visit there as it had the last slot at 3.30 and it was a long drive from our house. We left around 3.45pm from our house. We had planned to visit Sai Mandir on our way home. But in the car I learnt from my friends that they had got periods and so we need to go to the temple some other time. I asked my husband to call and ask if we could come as we were very late and it was almost a little more than an hour drive. He said he wouldn’t call and that let us go and see. I feared it would get closed after half an hour of our visit and it would be a waste of so much money (entry fees). I prayed Baba to make it possible (to our satisfaction) and that I would share here on His blog.

Then around 4.45 pm we lost our way. So my husband had to call them. To this they said that we were too late to visit them. I again prayed and requested Baba. Then they said that we need to hurry up as 5 pm was the last feeding time and then it would get closed. They also agreed to take us in. We reached there, quickly bought all the passes and the entry bands for hands, went in there, got the instructions to follow from them and a guide too from them who would accompany us till the end. We had a lovely joyful experience. Not only the kids, we too enjoyed a lot. We could take them in hands and feed them(rabbits, turtles, ginny pigs, baby goats and a lot many). It took us more than an hour and they allowed us. At some places we used to hurry as we did not want to miss any of the birds or animals but the guide would ask us to take our time. After all that we washed our hands nicely and they offered us the evening breakfast. It had a good variety and good taste too. I wondered how it all happened. It was all Baba’s grace. Thank You so much Baba. Please call us to Shirdi. Please Baba. You know everything! Jai Sairam!

Sai, My Saviour

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Bangalore. I have shared many experiences with Sai on this blog earlier.

Experience 1: There was a Colleague who sits beside me, disturbing me a lot while doing my work and also feels jealous of everything for the past 2 to 2.5 years. By Baba’s grace she was transferred to the other department.

Experience 2: During Diwali festival my period date was due. My mother-in-law is not supportive and blames for everything. She was telling that in her lifetime she never got periods during the festival. I was very tense. On festival day it was my fourth day, so I could do Pooja. Not only this time, but Baba has helped me many times whenever I faced this situation.

Experience 3: I work in a Government organisation. Few of the staff in our section were tested positive for Covid – 19. Even my boss was positive during July. I was the primary contact with all the staff and boss who tested Positive. Last week of July I had mild fever, body pain and tiredness. Later on I realised that I have lost my smell and taste. I have two kids. My family members are not supportive. They don’t mind if I have any health issues. I was carrying on my work usually even though there was tiredness. Taste bud had recovered to some extent, but did not smell till October. There was a swab test for Covid-19 in our office in October and I was sure I would be tested positive. But the report came as negative, even though I had lost my smell.

Baba Listened To My Prayers

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. Jai Sainath! I have been a devotee of Baba since last 12 years. In every difficulty of my life Baba has helped me.

Some of my recent experiences are: my son was not getting admission in any school after interviews, but I had full faith in Baba. My son got admission in the city’s best school.

Another experience, my brother was jobless for 9 months. He got a new job recently in a good company with a good package.

My husband has lost his job due to this pandemic and I am praying continuously to Baba to get him a new job soon and help us in these difficult times. I am doing parayan. I have full faith in Baba; will listen to my prayers like before. Jai Sainath.

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