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My Sai’s Leelas

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Daughter from the USA says: Hello to all my Sai family. I want to be called as a Sai daughter. Please keep me anonymous and please don’t share my name or contact details. Thank you Hetalji and team for this wonderful platform where we can share all our experiences, problems, happiness and everything with our Sai family. My Sai’s leelas are innumerable; I can’t even list them all here. My Sai has blessed us abundantly, my Baba gave us more than we deserve and I can’t explain how grateful we are to my Sai. Today here I am again to list out my Sai’s miracles and say thank You to my Sai.

1. Thank You Sai for giving us the strength to finish up the event, in fact, it is You Sai Who has done everything so nicely and we are just the instrument that is all. Almost everyone liked everything and everyone gave very good reviews and it was all only and only because of You my Deva. You gave us the strength to celebrate the festival so well even after we had that event at the same time and even after we were so tired we were able to celebrate Diwali so grandly, how could that be possible without Your grace my Sai?

2. Thank You for giving me that confidence that my friend has not felt bad about whatever had happened. I don’t want to have any kind of misunderstanding with anyone Sai, I want to love everyone and I want to be nice to each and every person on this earth. I don’t want any kind of ill-feeling with anyone Sai. Please help me to be nice to everyone and to help everyone who is in need Deva.

3. Thanks Sai for giving me a hint last Tuesday that I will get a job while doing my Jaap, I can’t explain how happy I was when I got that hint, after so many days in fact after years the JAAP ended for the 108th time and that was the hint that my desire in my heart will be fulfilled and that really happened. How can I explain how blessed I felt after that happened? True to my feelings I did get the job.

What are Your leelas Sai! How can I describe all this? I am absolutely speechless Deva. Two years back when the JAAP ended for the 108th time the same way the desire which I had also fulfilled and now again You did this miracle.

Thank You so much Sai for giving me this job Sai, but You know very well Sai, that I want the other job Deva. Please Sai, please Deva I hope I get the job from the company which I am praying for, I know Sai, You may feel that I am asking for too much but Sai Whom shall I ask, it is only You Who I have with Whom I can ask anything and everything! Sai You have made me wait for so long. Please, please make that consultant call me and help me get that on which I am praying for Sai, I beg You Sai.

4. Sai thank You so much for helping my husband to win the competition in his office. Thank You so much Sai as without You this could never be possible Deva. You have planned everything so beautifully that now when we think we literally have no words to explain how all these things happened. Thank You Sai. I hope his global level competition too will be a great success and with Your blessing let him win the global level competition too Sai, and that will also be possible only and only because of You my Sai.

Deva we have left everything to You. Now You, decide Sai and that’s all we can say Sai. Our blind faith in You only should help us cross these hurdles and help us get the success Sai.

5. My kids are doing very well in their studies Sai and this is only and only because of You Deva, Please bless them always and help them to be good kids and good humans. They love You so much Sai. Please don’t leave their hand even for a single second my Deva. Sai please help me get the call from that company Sai, please Sai. If You don’t want to give then let them call and confirm that I am not selected but You are not even doing that. You are keeping me in so much confusion that I am not able to enjoy the fact that I have got the job in the other company. Please Sai, I request You Deva.

I am doing Sai Nav Gurvar vrat and also writing Om Sri Sairam 108 times for 108 days to tell thanks for everything and also to please help me get the job that I have in my mind. Also before I start the new job or before I go collect all my credentials. Please accept my pooja and help me in this Sai. Thank You so much Deva. Love You so much Sai. We can’t live even for a second without You Deva. Love You Sai. Om Sairam.

Sai Baba Saved My Parent’s Life From Corona

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Jai Sairam. Please keep my name and email ID anonymous. I live in the USA. Baba always takes care of me and my family whenever I need Him. He has always been on my side to protect me. Jai Sairam.

This time I was really scared as my father met with an accident and he got stitches in his head. Later he got corona infection and my mother (not very healthy) and sister (cancer survivor) got infected too. I felt my world was about to end. I felt helpless as I couldn’t help them since I live in the USA and they all are in India.

My father got hurt on his head but again I felt he was saved by Sai Baba as an accident happened on the road where lots of cars kept coming in speed. I was sad and prayed to Baba to help him to recover soon. But later when I heard that he was having fever and tested positive for Corona infection, I cried so hard that I couldn’t sleep and eat anything. I prayed to Baba to help me and my family. This time my mother and sister tested negative and my father who was in quarantine alone had mild symptoms. I prayed to Baba and he listened to me as my father was doing fine. I also started chanting “Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva” day and night and I thought with Baba’s blessing I will do nine Thursdays fasting for my father’s good health. Meanwhile, Baba took very good care of my mother and sister who were also at a very high risk of infection due to their age and health issues.

On Diwali day, I was not happy as my parents and sister were in the quarantine centre and no one was there in my hometown to lit single diya in my parents’ home. I was very sad as it had never happened in our life and we always celebrated Diwali with Pujan, lighting diyas, food and decoration. But I did puja with full devotion in my house in the USA and prayed to Baba to keep everyone healthy and safe in my family. After puja my kids did fireworks outside and left some crackers outside which turned into fire but when Baba is there to save you nothing can happen to you. Suddenly my neighbour came outside and saw the fire. He immediately informed us and we all were saved without any harm. Koti koti Pranam Baba.

Now my parents and sister are doing fine and I just hope they can go home soon from the quarantine centre. Please bless us and everyone Baba. Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

My Life At Sai’s Feet

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Sreelaxmi Kodam from US says: My name is Sreelaxmi Kodam, currently residing in the U.S.A. from Jan 2015.

We used to stay in Bangalore, even though we had many opportunities to move to the U.S. from my husband’s company. We were never interested to move out of India. In 2013 due to familial issues my husband decided to take an opportunity to move to the U.S.A. I and my children also joined him in Jan 2015.

After a year my daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis with a high degree (there is no better treatment offered for her condition than in the USA). Doctors have informed us that she would need surgery 100%. Since, then she has been undergoing treatment. We also happened to face other struggles involving our Visa, jobs, treatment side effects, and etc. It was purely Baba’s miracle, that even though we have been having many hardships due to my past karma, Baba helped me pass through all our obstacles.

Last week, we visited my daughter’s scoliosis doctor and have been informed that in the next 8 months, he would let us know if any surgery was needed and added that she was doing well and her curve had not increased and the requirement for the surgery has decreased significantly. Today on Nov 19, 2020, we heard that my husband got a full time job, so we need not fear for my daughter’s treatment in the USA. I understood that it was Baba’s miracle to bring us to the US to cure my daughter’s Scoliosis (Baba had known what was going to happen with my daughter’s Scoliosis). Baba also helped my son to get an admission into a college without wasting a year during the pandemic. Baba is always guarding me and my family and is helping us through every hurdle we face. My life is laid out at Baba’s feet.

Baba Takes Care Of All Our Cares And Concerns

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My husband’s maternal granny had expired and so I had to go there. My baby is too small so I could neither take her with me(due to corona and to take her would be my last option) nor stay at home without going there. Then my mother-in-law told me to leave her with my sister-in-law (husband’s sister). I did the same and surprisingly with Baba’s grace all went well as prayed to Baba.

After some days again a similar kind of situation occurred where I lost my paternal uncle. No one was at home as my mother-in-law and co-sister too were at their maternal house. So my mother-in-law told me to leave my daughter with her at her mother’s place. I was a bit hesitant as I knew that there would be many people as some ritual day was there that day and my mother-in-law was ought to be busy with all those ritual parts. But I had to leave her there as there was no other option. Then my co-sister who was also at her mom’s place for two days’ stay took my daughter from my mother-in-law’s maternal house. She bathed her, fed her and made her sleep. She took all the care she could take with utmost care. I am very thankful to her for her kind gestures and Sai for His excellent planning. May Baba bless her always.

I returned there (at my co-sister’s place) around 3.15 pm from my paternal uncle’s demise and all was fine. Baba took care of each and everything as always.

Thank You Baba For Your Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. Greetings to all and special thanks to Hetalji and team. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba, submitting experience here as my mother got promoted from a teacher to principal and it was only possible because of our beloved Baba. Without His leela it wouldn’t have been possible, since there was so much politics going on in the workplace. Not only this before too she was victim of politics in promotion, but today she miraculously got promoted without any reference or jack, and that too she got a very dignified position with Babaji’s grace.

Sai Baba bless us all Your devotee as You are our only Saviour. We know none but only You. May we seek You in everything we do. May we be always grateful to You. Lead our way in love and light. Keep us in good physical and mental health. Om Sairam. Sai Baba blesses us all and saves the world from corona pandemic. Om Sairam!

Thanks My Dear Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Malaysia says: I am a Sai devotee. Om Sairam. Thanks everyone for maintaining and using this modern Satcharitra. Coming to my experiences which I have promised to Baba. This week went well, and I managed to perform well in all office work and meetings. Managed to obtain approvals for which I had prayed Baba. Baba knows what I keep on praying for. Please guide and take my friend on the right path. Thanks Baba for all Your support and blessings. Almost all my prayers are answered and You are blessing me as always. Please save this world from Corona. On Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam!

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