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Sai Helped In Rain

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sai is my support system, my Guide, my Guru, my Father. Om Sai Ram ! Thank you Hetalji and team for all your support. This site gives us lots of hope; especially these days when nothing is sure. When we will get over this pandemic, when our lives will get back to normal, but reading the experiences of other Sai devotees gives us hope to have firm faith. I have posted several experiences on this site and this is the recent miracle that happened just last Thursday.

We have purchased a house and registration was pending, but due to work commitments we were delaying and then the lockdown happened. So again we were stuck. After lock down opened we were too scared to go for registration because of heavy crowds normally there and generally wanted to avoid public places. Somehow my husband and I decided that we will somehow finish the registration work within the next few weeks. The builder asked which date or day we prefered. I was very insistent on doing the registration on Thursday, the builder was asking for alternate days, but I was praying we should get online appointments for Thursday only.

Miracle one – we got the appointment for Thursday (October 29th), once before we had got an appointment, but again due to some reason it had got cancelled. So this time I was praying things should work out fine. All was planned and ready and we were all set to go for the registration. Oct 29th early morning there were very, very heavy rains in Chennai. Non-stop rains, morning seeing the rain I got worried about how we would go. Our appointment was for 11.30 and we had to leave by 10.30 to reach there on time.

My husband normally doesn’t get worried, but even he was unhappy that the second time we would have to cancel the registration appointment. He asked me what to do. I couldn’t say anything, because the road outside our house was flooded and it was raining non stop. Suddenly at 8.30 we are getting an SMS from IMD that heavy rain is expected for the next 3 hours, my heart sank more. I was continuously praying, “Sai help me. I prayed for Thursday’s appointment and if we missed that appointment then we would have to do the registration on some other day and this delay I am not happy. Just help me and show the way.”

My husband said that he would call the builder and ask what to do. I was praying the builder should say, “You come here somehow.” My husband called him and the builder said, “You somehow reach here on time, the registrar etc. everyone will come. Don’t cancel.” That was all the answer we wanted. We got ready and my husband said that we couldn’t take our 2 wheeler and so let’s get ready and try for an auto or cab. No cabs were available. In my heart I was only saying, “Sai, Sai show the way.” In such heavy rain even auto was not available. How to reach that place? It’s an hour from our house. I told my husband to keep trying and to keep trying as something would work out. After 5 minutes we tried auto and guessed what auto was available and it reached our house in 5 minutes. It was raining very, very heavily and this driver was ready to take us in the rain. We just boarded the auto and I was praying and praying Sai that auto ka bandobast(provision) You did, now finally the registration should also happen today without fail.

The route the driver took us didn’t have any water logging (the parallel roads were flooded and we were seeing the pictures online and it was scaring us) because it was raining really heavy. We reached the registrar office by 11.25. The builder took us and started the process. The servers were acting strange on that day but I was nonstop saying my prayers, and finally we finished the registration process. Sai, You are a miracle worker, everyone was so surprised when we said we went in the rain and the registration was completed. After the registration was over and we came out, it was all calm. Rain had stopped and we returned home safely. Sai made the way. This wouldn’t have been possible if it was not for Sai.

Have faith my dear sisters and brothers. Sai will make the way.

Sai Baba Saved Me From Mental Problems

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam Hetalji. Thank you for this wonderful site. Please keep my details anonymous. This is my first time posting the experience.

I feel blessed. Though I believe in Sai Baba, I am not an ardent devotee of Sai, but my mother is. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.

Four months back, I suffered so much from mental problems. I used to have severe anxiety, depression, and unreasonable fears every waking hour. The usual happy and enthusiastic me turned into a depressed, uninterested person. I don’t know why I had such thoughts and fears. Negative thinking became a habit. I passed every day with great difficulty. I don’t know what had suddenly struck me. All I used to do was live in my mind, imagining all sorts of worst scenarios and getting frightened by them.

I lost hope that I will one day feel like myself again. I thought this condition would continue forever. After all, even God can solve only the problems that exist and not the problems you imagine to exist. God can’t control your fear for your thoughts. That is what I used to think. During those times, my mother once mentioned reading Sai Satcharitra. She used to read it whenever she faced any problems. I just immediately decided to read it. I finished it in one week. I didn’t see any immediate results. But slowly and slowly, my mental health got better. Sai brought certain situations and circumstances in life, through which I could feel better. Slowly I got out of that loop.

Even now, I get those thoughts and fears some days, when I have nothing to do. But now I am able to dodge them. Because, I now know that Sai is there to look after me. Now, I feel like myself again. Thank You so much Sai for taking care of me. Sai also brought my mother’s high sugar levels back to normal. Recently, my mother was tested for corona and I had confidence in Sai that the result will be negative. And yes, it was negative. How can I thank You for all the care and hope You gave me Sai? Be with me and my family every time Sai. Koti koti pranaamalu to Your lotus feet. Om Sri Sachidaanandha Samardha Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Baba Knows Our Heart In And Out

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Prerna Chauhan from India says: Hi, I am a small devotee of our Baba. Baba is my world, my beginning and end of everything. Thank You so much for this blog and to all the readers and people who share their experiences here.

My first experience is that yesterday while doing puja I realised that Baba’s Shirdi Udi was getting over and so I kept it inside the rack to use it less since I had Udi that I got from a local Sai temple that I could use as I didn’t want Shirdi Udi to get over. By evening, I saw somebody in my Whatsapp contacts had posted a status to contact them if anybody needed Shirdi Udi. Wasn’t it Baba’s love that somebody in my contact posted that status for Shirdi Udi?

My second experience is that since almost a week some conflict was going on between my mom and my maternal uncle and I was feeling very bad seeing the relations getting bad between mom and him, so I prayed to Baba to improve the relations between them and the same evening my uncle called my mom and things got better. All thanks to our lovely Guru Sainath.

My third experience is that a month back I had a fight with a good friend of mine because of some misunderstandings and I was really worried about it since I didn’t want our friendship to get ruined and he wasn’t even talking properly to me. I was feeling really bad and prayed to Baba.

Today when I called him, almost after 3-4 weeks, he was completely normal as if nothing happened when actually we had a fight in our last call but to my surprise he was completely normal today though I hadn’t contacted him at all after the fight to sort out but I did pray to Baba to sort it out and He actually did it. I was amazed to see my friend behaving so normally. It was all Baba’s grace that He cleared everything that was negative between us. Surely Baba understands even those prayers that we aren’t able to explain Him properly. He knows all the secrets of our heart.

Sai Baba’s Care And Love

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Thank you Hetalji for creating this wonderful platform. I love reading the experiences shared by everyone here. It gives immense happiness knowing our Baba is taking care of all of us by showing His presence in the form of miracles.

Baba has been showing His presence to me since my childhood and has been filling my heart with faith, hope and happiness. There is no way we all could even breathe without Baba’s daya(mercy).

Coming to my recent experience, with Amma and Baba’s blessings, we bought a house here in the US at the end of February just before the lockdown started due to Covid-19. In March when the lockdown was announced, we were worried whether to proceed with our original plan of buying the house or not. I prayed to our Baba and thought whatever happens, Baba won’t let us go into any bad situation ever. And we’re ok with whatever Baba decides and we’ll accept it as Baba is the One Who knows what is better for us.

Baba made us proceed with our original plan of buying the house and guided us in each and every step as always. Baba decided our housewarming date as June 15th and we did puja with our close family friends. Everything went very well with Baba’s blessings. I know that there is absolutely nothing we can do without Baba’s krupa(grace) and daya(mercy). In one of the experiences posted by some devotee here a while back Said, “I’m fortunate that Baba has accepted me as His devotee” brought happy tears in my eyes and I started saying it everyday. I started doing Sai Nava Guruvaar Vrat from June 18th onwards.

I’m praying to Baba to save us all from this pandemic and guide us in the right direction. Sarvejanaa Sujanaa Bhavanthu. Sarvesujanaa Sukhinobhavanthu. Loka Samastha Sukhinobhavanthu!

Baba Helped To Bring My Son Back

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: We are a family of three living overseas. We are living overseas and left our son in India last December at my in-law’s house to pick his speaking skills to normal level and we had planned to bring him back on March 22. Due to COVID lock down we weren’t able to travel up to July and we had gone through a rough phase of parental emotional bonding whenever he asked about mom and dad in video calls. Finally, time came in July and we kept all our faith in Sai Baba. I managed to get necessary approvals from the Office to travel India and once I came back I had to go through hotel quarantine for 14 days at my own expense. By Baba’s grace I booked a ticket to fly on a private chartered flight to Hyderabad, upon arrival I went through a one-week hotel quarantine. Without any issue by that time I could book the return ticket to travel back. With two days gap within, I travelled to my village, stayed with my parents and arranged necessary precautionary items for their safety and finally brought my son back to my overseas location SG.

Once I returned, me and my son (3.5 years) had to go for 14 days SHN. During that period they were never allowed to come outside. All the food items were dropped in front of the door. It was a very challenging time to handle my little one, food and daily chores along with the type of mental and physical stress gone through. Finally with blessings of Sai Baba we could overcome all those hurdles and were back to home with a negative swab result and joined my wife where she was alone and had gone through the same mental stress during that period. By Baba’s grace we all united without any obstacles. Thank You, Baba thanks For your unconditional grace and blessings.

Sai’s Help To Find The Book

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My son’s online class had begun and he was unable to find his EVS text book. He asked me so I told him to look into the bag. He searched but did not find it. I knew that was only the place where I would keep it if found here and there. Then my husband also checked his bag but did not find it. Atlast I had to come to check and I also checked but did not find. Then I searched his entire room; study table, cupboards and what not but in vain. Then I prayed to Baba for help with a promise to post here. Then I felt some guidance reminding me to check the front compartment of his bag. I had checked only the bigger compartment as there only I kept his books. The front one which is not that broad we usually keep there other stuff. So quickly I went there and to my surprise found it there. My son was very happy and continued his online class and now he was feeling nice and could concentrate on what the teacher was teaching.

Strangely we all three had not checked it though none told each other not to check that. But knew everything and He guided me to check that. Thank You Baba.

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