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Leave Everything In Sai’s Hand

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Prerna Singh from India says: Om Sairam to all devotees, I am Prerna, a small devotee of Our Beloved, Baba. I don’t remember how and when I came in Baba’s feet but I have never looked back since that day. Baba has always been present with me and my family.

I am from a small city from where I did my graduation; I had never thought that I would go to a government college that too in a metro city for higher education. But with Baba’s grace I got admission in a really good government college. Having no work experience at all, it was hard for me to find internships during my course but Baba gave me internships in really big companies and with His grace I was able to learn a lot there.

Coming to the one of the biggest miracles of Baba, we all know how tough it is for all of us to find a job in this pandemic where companies are on hiring freeze. The company where I had interned also went on hiring freeze and I had applied for jobs at a lot of places but had no results. I was disappointed because of this thing as I had a fear of marriage in my mind that in case I am not able to find a job, my parents might think of getting me married. But I remember, Baba says in Satcharitra that every person should be financially independent and I had told Baba, “Baba You’ve only taught me to stand on my feet and I don’t want to get married right now as I want a job first. Baba You will only give me a job whenever is the right time.” I just said that to Baba and when I sat for Puja that day (It was a Thursday, 16th July) and when opened a random page in Satcharitra, on that page Baba was saying to someone, ” You will very soon get a very good job of your choice” I was shocked to read this, it felt as if Baba was talking to me.

Days passed, I didn’t get a job but got an internship opportunity which I didn’t really like but I took it leaving it to Baba’s hand. When I got that internship I used to think in my mind that Baba had said for a job in Satcharitra but this was only an internship. Then I didn’t think much and left it to Baba. I couldn’t continue with that internship since I fell ill and had to leave it after 2 days.

And while I was ill, I got a letter from my college regarding a job vacancy in a very reputed company where I had applied. To my surprise, my resume had gotten selected. I was the only student to have been shortlisted by that company for the interview. Also, I had started meditating on Baba just a day before and I got an interview call. So on the second day of my mediation on Baba I got an interview call where there were 4 rounds. I was a bit under confident when I heard that there were 4 rounds but I cleared all my interview rounds with so much ease as if I had known the questions beforehand. All this wasn’t me; it was Baba’s grace that made me clear all the rounds. I also kept Sai Baba’s Nav Guruvaar Vrat Book with me while giving interviews. I also want to add that this was my first job interview ever, that too in a pandemic and Baba made me crack it. Isn’t it incredible? It’s unbelievable for me. But with Baba, everything is possible.

I got that message of a job from Baba through Satcharitra on 16th July and I got the offer letter on 11th September, just within two months I got a job and we all know how very difficult it is to find a job in this pandemic especially for a fresher. But with Baba, nothing is difficult. Trust Baba will all your mind, soul and heart and see how He uses His magic wand to set things right in our life for He loves us infinitely.

Just believe in Baba, surrender to Him, give Him your weakness and fears and He will give you strength and joy. Just trust Him. Don’t ask Him for things. Let Him decide what is best for you!

Whatever you are facing, just remember Baba is greater than our problems, He loves us so much. Leave it on Baba, don’t think too much. Do full surrender to Him and see how He gives you the best. It will take faith and patience but it is worth it. Baba loves us so much, let us also love Him by showing infinite faith and patience.

In the end, I want to apologise Baba for my mistakes, please forgive me, Baba. I hope my experience strengthens all the readers’ faith. Just remember one thing, “If you leave everything in Sai’s hand, you will see Sai’s hand in everything. Leave everything in Sai’s hand, He knows the best!”

Sai Baba’s Blessings

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from New Zealand says: Om Sairam. This platform has some power which builds faith in every person who surrenders themselves to Sai.

Coming to my experience, Sai my both in- laws are having some health issues. Please Sai give them strength to recover. You know the current situation and what we are going through. We are waiting for the reports. Sai You know what is right. So please guide us and give us strength to face the current situation. You have always been like pillars supporting us through this difficult time. I still can’t believe how things went so smoothly. Right now You know the situation of my great grandmother. Sai gives her strength. I can understand her situation. Sai I left this situation at Your lotus feet. Give us some scope that nobody should be hurt in this decision making. I know its getting tougher day by day but when You are there to guide us then why fear? Sai my in -laws should get well and make them understand the current situation. As You know they overthink so much that it’s having a negative impact on their health. Protect everyone Sai.

Sai You know about the visa problem which has recently come up. We spent a lot of money on it. Sai You know the situation so left everything up to You. You know what is right and what is best for us.

One of our well known pujari had to vacate the house due to some reasons. Sai by Your blessings they found another house after so much struggle as they have 2 small kids. And during this pandemic the market is so bad. Thanks a lot Sai.

Sai thank You for saving my uncle by taking him to the hospital at the right time. He is recovering now. Thank You so much Sai.

Sai I have been looking for jobs but You know what’s in my mind. I have complete trust in You Sai. You will give me the best when the right time comes. I want to financially support my husband and don’t want to be a burden on Him. Sai You know how my anger is getting worse day by day. Sai I want to get rid of my short temper. Sai helped me and gave me strength to overcome this bad habit.

Sai my dad is working at this age and I feel so bad for him as he has to struggle even now. Sai gives us strength to clear our debts. You know how our family members treat us as we have financial problems and don’t own a house. Sai I want to see my parents happy.

We have been trying for kids for quite some time now. But Sai You know due to my anger how the situation is getting worse. Sai I want to be nice to my husband. Sai gives us strength to face this battle. When Your blessings are on us then I need not fear as You will definitely give us the fruit that we have been looking for. My parents and in -laws are also worried because of this. But after reading the Nava Guruvar Vrat book I came across a story similar to mine. Rekha and her husband didn’t have kids for almost 18 years but after performing the vrat they have been blessed with a girl baby. I have complete trust in You Sai.

Sai help and save everyone in the world from this corona. When You step in, in our lives nothing remains impossible and everything becomes possible.

Om Sairam!
Om Sai Rakshaka Sharanam!
Om Sai Arogyakshemadhaya Namaha!
Rajarama Rajarama Rajarama!

Sai Helped To Find My Way

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Canada says: I am married, a female living in Canada with two children. Thank you Hetalji and team for this wonderful platform. I am immensely blessed to find this site. Please keep me anonymous.

I cannot tell how kind Baba has been to me. He has many times saved me and my family. I live in Canada. Today I was going back to the bank from work. I am new on the route. Suddenly my i-Phone ran out of charge. I have no GPS in my car and I use my phone for navigation. I have a charger in my car and I tried for 20 minutes without luck. For some strange reason my phone wouldn’t charge. I became very scared as I was driving and completely lost in a different part of the city. Initially I was very ashamed to ask Baba for help as I felt it was very silly to ask Baba for small things like that.
I was driving and ended up in an industrial park. I could not call my husband or ask anyone for help.
I prayed to Baba and within less than one minute my phone started working. I cannot tell how relieved I was!

Thank You Baba for helping me. You have blessed me. Please save my daughter. You know that she is going through numerous health issues. By the grace of Baba she is getting better day by day. I am at Your feet Baba. Please protect my family. I also feel very scared about Covid. My mum, aunt and grandma are in India. Please protect them and give them good health.

Baba Always Helps

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Sakshi from India says: Hello everyone, this is my third experience on this portal. I am thankful to Hetalji for this platform. There are many experiences which I promised Baba to share. 1. In the month of July while Corona was there, suddenly my SIM card got blocked because of my little mistake. I didn’t want to go outside as Corona was there. So I prayed to Baba to help me anyhow to unblock it as I didn’t have the exact thing which was needed to unblock it with customer care. So with the last hope I prayed Baba and mailed the SIM company team regarding it and they mailed the 6 digit no. which was then needed to unblock it.

2. One month I didn’t get a period and it was delayed for more than a week. I prayed to Baba and He helped me. There are many more small things which Baba solves so quickly. I am sharing this as I promised. May Baba bless us all.

Baba Relieved From Stress

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Aparajita Das from India says: I am a final year B.Sc. student from India.
Due to the current pandemic situation our final exam got delayed and finally our University has decided to conduct exams in both online and offline mode. I will be giving an exam in online mode. In order to give the exam in online mode we need to do registration and they will send us an OTP. I was trying since morning and it was only buffering and showing the error. All my friends who tried later than me got their OTP. It was only me among some of my friends who was left behind and I was worried. Later I contacted one of Baba’s bhakt to pray for me and she said that she would recite shloka and would pray for me. Then I tried with another device and finally by Baba’s grace I got my OTP. What a relief Baba had given me! Oh my Baba I love You! Amen Baba!

Sai Helped Me To Find Books

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I needed some books for writing. I searched them where they were usually kept. I searched many, many times there but in vain. I searched at other places also. Then I prayed to Baba for help. Later I found the books at the same place where I had searched so many times. Isn’t this wonderful? Thank You Baba. Baba You can do anything. Jai Sairam!

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