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Trust And Patience Really Answer All Your Prayers

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UK says: I am a Sai devotee and currently staying in the UK. Hi all, I wanted to share my few experiences and my life journey with Sai Appa. I am happy to share my experiences with Sai Appa.

Through one of the friends I came to know about Sai Baba around 14 years back. Initially I just started praying just like doing prayers for other Gods. When somebody asked me one day if I was a Sai Baba devotee, I said no. Seriously, within a few months, I started saying I am a Sai Baba devotee. Slowly I have changed, I started believing Baba more and more. I can say so many incidents in my life, Baba has helped me. Whenever I prayed for anything wholeheartedly with all trust, it always happened. Sometimes it has taken its own time to happen, but happened. I never lost hope at any point of time.

11 years ago, I got married to a gentleman (arranged marriage) which happened only by Baba’s blessings. Before this happened, matchmaking was in progress, I had gone through a lot (bad moments) in the process and none of the alliance was successful. I was doing 9 weeks of pooja, within that 9 weeks period with all Sai Appa’s blessings, I got to meet my husband and it all ended well and we are having a happy marriage.

There were complications in getting pregnant, there were days I cried a lot and only Baba knew all my sufferings. After a few months, I was blessed with a beautiful princess and now she is doing good. It was a normal delivery. When I was going through labour pain for a few hours, I just suddenly thought of Baba and prayed for easy delivery with two more pushes and miraculously it happened. This whole part is a miracle in my life. Definitely without Sai Appa’s grace, this would have never happened.

The same delivery situation happened for my sister when she was having labour pain. My mom and myself were reading Sai slogans and praying outside the labour room for her easy and normal delivery. It happened with two pushes, delivery was quick just the way we wished.

There are so many experiences with Sai Appa’s blessings happening in my life just as I wished. Trust and patience really is the answer for all prayers.

I just want to share one more recent incident which happened in my life. I’m staying in the UK. As you all know there is Corona impact everywhere, people have lost their jobs, no projects and so suddenly we were asked to move to India. My project suddenly got stopped and within two weeks of time if I didn’t get projects, I would have to travel back to India. As everyone is aware of the situation in India, I am afraid to go with my daughter and husband with no job conditions there. I have my loan commitments and family managing situations as well. I just tied my wish with a few coins in a cloth and did my prayers everyday, especially reading Sai Satcharitra on every Thursday, writing Om Sairam in a notebook everyday. I got into another project within 10 days and am waiting for my visa to get extended to continue my work in the UK.

I am really happy to share my experience here. Believe in Sai Appa and then everything will fall into place. Thank you for reading this.

Sai Always Helps

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I had too many tasks to be accomplished in a short period of time. It was almost 3.30 pm and I had to go to four shops, two of which were far off. As all know because of Covid the shops also closed around 7pm and I had only that day in hand. I prayed to Baba for help. Then my husband sent me the driver due to which my half the problem was solved and thus time was also saved.

In Spite of my husband telling the driver to take a two wheeler for commuting to my mom’s house the driver strangely disobeyed (as he is from many years and almost like a family member) and got my husband’s car. I was also surprised. Then when we went to my mom’s parking to get into our car (my mom’s car) the car did not start. Due to Covid the battery had gone down as it was not moved from many days or almost a month. Then I realised why the driver strangely disobeyed my husband and had got the car (my husband’s car). It was actually Baba only Who made him bring the car. Else all my works would have been remained incomplete. Thank You so much Baba. Then when we started we felt that my works were being done at a faster note than usual. Not only I went to all 4 shops and completed my tasks as per my heart’s desire but also could complete one more task which was not in the list. This is not over. After all had been done one more task I remembered while on the way to home but felt that shop must have got closed as it was 8 pm. Then strangely that shop was also open and he entertained us although they were about to start winding up. There also I could complete another task and finally I was happy as it was more than my expectations (no. of tasks). It was all because of Baba’s help and grace. Thank You so much Baba once again. Sharing as per my promise. Jai Sairam.

Baba Made Us Reach Home Safe

Shirdi Sai Devotee Preeti from India says: My name is Preeti. Just one year back my husband was transferred to Mumbai and we don’t know anyone in Mumbai. My mom’s place and my in law’s place are both in Delhi. When we came to Mumbai my son was three months old. Everything was very difficult and there were no elders also with us. Only relying on Baba we came to an unknown new place. He has always been there and helped us. But I always make promises to Him and forget and still Baba forgets our mistakes and embraces us.

We used to often travel to Delhi. 10Th February 2020 we returned from Delhi and then due to Covid we had to stay for a few months in Mumbai without being to Delhi owing to lockdown. We badly missed our family in Delhi. We felt if we were at Delhi it would have been good. After waiting for much time we got an opportunity to visit Delhi. We thought we could go and meet our families. 27th Aug we booked the flight tickets to Delhi. As my son is too small he cannot wear a mask. There was so much risk. Did not know what is to be done. Only we had Sai’s name with us and chanting it all the time we reached Delhi safely. Only due to Baba’s grace all was good and Baba protected us from Covid. Sorry Baba as I am posting this experience very late. Sorry Deva. Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam!

Sai Baba Miracles

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Subhashini from India says: Sairam everyone. My name is Subhashini. I have been a Sai devotee for the last 20 years. I have shared some of my experiences for this blog and they got published as well. I am here to share another experience and miracle of our Sai Baba.

I had an external audit and due to Covid situation things were all haywire. Moreover the audit was virtual and I was really worried about it. With Saima’s blessings and grace even the tougher situation changes to a smooth one. My audit went on well and I completed the audit. We are waiting for the audit report. I promised our Baba that once my audit gets over I will share my experience with everyone and by Baba’s grace I am able to share it with everyone. Thank You Saima. Om Sairam!

Baba’s Help

Shirdi Sai Devotee Shivani from India says: I have been a small Sai devotee since 2010. Baba showered His blessings whenever I needed them. Yesterday my father was having a fever. As we all know that during these days fever is something which gives us goosebumps (especially for senior family members). I prayed to Baba for my father’s wellbeing and promised to share my experience with all Sai family members. Devotees believe me or not within half an hour the fever got down! Today my father is completely ok. Little weakness is there. Thank You Baba for listening to me and for responding so quickly! Om Sairam.

Miracle Of Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Baba. My mom and dad had a quarrel a few days ago. It was very serious. They both vowed not to talk to each other. I promised Baba that if they talk properly to each other, then I will post the experience. By Baba’s grace, they started talking to each other within two days. Thank You Baba and sorry for sharing my experience very late.

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