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Baba’s Countless Miracles

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Namaste dear devotees and team members of this pious platform. I am one of Baba’s small devotees wishing to share some leelas of Baba with my Sai family. Below are my experiences.

1) Baba Relieved Me Of Pain – My periods were about to start and I never have cramps or pain during periods. Only a little headache and mild pain in legs is something I experience that doesn’t make me uncomfortable. I never knew what cramps actually felt like. But this time my legs were paining severely as if they were being hammered. Within a few minutes I started feeling nauseous and sweating. I started experiencing severe pain in my lower abdomen; I hadn’t experienced anything like this before. I can’t explain in words what I went through that day. I started remembering Baba “Om Shri Sai Aarogyakshemdaye Namaha” but pain was increasing. I asked my mom for Udi, took a pinch but the cramps increased severely. At the same time my mother bought a hot water cushion and I kept it on my abdomen. Within 5 minutes pain started reducing and I slept within 15 minutes. The whole event lasted for 10 minutes. After this I started my periods which went smoothly. I never experienced it again but was left with a thought why it happened that day? I am a person who follows a healthy diet, avoids outside food, does Yoga regularly and has never faced such a gruelling pain before. I realized a few days later that my mom had pulled a muscle in her back because of which she was not able to cook food and do some other work. I was looking out for all the household work and maybe Baba didn’t want me to have even a slight discomfort during these times, hence He removed all the pain within 10 minutes. It might look like a small experience but I believe it was my Baba Who looked after me.

2) Baba Helped My Father In Having A Safe Journey – My father and brother had to go to some other city for work by car. Due to Covid 19 pandemic I was worried for their safety and travel. I always pray to Baba before they commence any travel and apply Udi on the car. Also a small statute of Baba is placed on our car dashboard. So I prayed to my loving Baba for their safe travel and protection from viruses. My Baba protected them and helped them in having a safe journey. Om Sairam.

3) Baba’s Help In Pension Matter Of My Father – My father retired in 2018, but due to various formalities and slow working system his pension papers were not progressing. I prayed to Baba and started Sai Satcharitra Parayan. I completed it two times in two weeks and every Thursday, my Father’s work started progressing little by little. I am still continuing Parayan and earnestly praying Baba to grant my father’s pension soon along with other payments. Baba You know everything, my father is really an honest person who has worked and struggled hard and has never been ill willed of anyone. Please Baba let this process be completed smoothly and ease my father’s tension. Om Sairam!

4) Baba’s Help For My Scooty I had given my scooty to one of my good friends due to lack of vehicle on her part. But due to some reasons I was facing the need of scooty again after one month. I was feeling bad asking for the scooty back because these times she needed it the most. As usual I prayed to my beloved Baba for a solution. I didn’t want to lie or give a lame excuse for getting my scooty back but instead I wanted her to know my real need for it. So with Baba’s grace and permission I explained to her the whole situation and she readily returned the scooty with a grateful heart. She was already planning to purchase a new one as even she was feeling awkward to keep my scooty with her for several days. By Baba’s grace my friendship didn’t get affected by this materialistic problem. Thank You Baba. Om Sairam.

5) Baba Came To My Home – a few days ago a poor man came to our house asking for food late at night around 10 pm or so. My mom gave him some money and packed some food. I asked that person where he was residing. He had no family and told a location in our city as His home address. He went away after blessing us. He was none other than Baba. Our Baba is present in every living and non living being. With Baba’s blessings we were able to serve that person. Baba please bless that person and everyone. Om Sairam.

6) My family is searching for a suitable alliance for me, we did get 5- 6 proposals but I liked none of them. I don’t give much importance to outward appearance but the nature and actions of a person are very important to me. I was also not getting other proposals other than the ones I already mentioned. I didn’t like anyone as I felt connected with none. I didn’t have the heart to say no, seeing my father so tensed for my marriage but did express my opinion regarding the same. I prayed to my Baba to do whatever was right for me and that I would accept His decision wholeheartedly. Surprisingly all of them backed out on their own accord citing some or the other reason. I am sure my Baba’s decisions are the best. Om Sairam.

7) My Dog Came Back– there is a dog in our street, I have named her Kaadu. She is such a gentle soul and has been in front of our house for 2 years. As she is afraid of big dogs she left the streets 6 months back and started living in another street. I used to miss her a lot. Meanwhile other dogs also left our streets. Now not a single dog was here. I am an animal lover and their innocent activities fill me with happiness. Suddenly my dog came back this Thursday and is again living in her old place. My Baba gave me back my dog. Thank You Babaji. The reason why this dog is special to me is because it came to me in my worst time and uplifted me and even now when I am facing a tough situation, it again came back. Bless her Baba. Om Sairam!

Baba You know very well about my financial condition, I do want to donate but I don’t have enough money with me. I need my savings for education. Please help me Baba with financial source so that I can fulfil my basic needs and also be able to serve others. Baba I am lately confused whether to go for my higher education or not. If this is what You wish Baba I will gladly do it, but Baba please give me some scholarship or financial source to manage my studies. I don’t want to depend on my family for the same, especially now when my own family is taunting me for my failures, they don’t even care how hurtful their comments are and how much they pinch me. Baba please guide me, show me some path.

Baba bless everyone with Your grace, love and protection. May Baba bless you with your dreams and wishes. Om Sairam.

Can’t Live Without Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam, Baba is the greatest blessing in my life Who has stood by me throughout my life journey. Recently, I had a dream. A lady appeared in my dream and told me that there was some problem with my eyes. My late mum had glaucoma and since it is hereditary, I am at high risk.

I made an appointment with an ophthalmologist. I was really scared and worried to go for the eye test, so I prayed to Sai Ma to protect my eyes, and if the test results were normal then I would post the experience here.

Though the rim is big, my eye pressure and test result came out normal. Doctor has advised me to do an annual check up as a precaution. There was also a minor issue of eye allergy which can be corrected with eye drops.

I can’t thank Baba enough for being by my side always. He is my guiding light and anchor and I am completely lost without Him.

I would also like to share 2 more experiences here. My sister lost her glasses and I prayed to Baba that I would post about it here if she finds it. Wonder of wonders, she found it.

My second experience was when we couldn’t start our car. So, we prayed to Baba and he immediately took care of it. I would also like to thank Hetalji and team for creating such a wonderful platform for devotees to share their experiences and strengthen their faith and devotion with Baba’s leelas.

Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam. Anantakoti Brahmananda Nayaka, Rajadhi Raja, Yogi Raja, Parabhrama, Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaja Ki Jai! Om Sai Shree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai Jai Sairam! Om Sairam! Shri Sadguru Sainaath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Baba Got Us Home Safely

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I had been to mom’s place for a stay. My husband had come to pick me up. Then due to various reasons it became too late to leave for home. It was almost 11.45 pm. Then mom insisted on going the next day. My husband too felt the same as due to Covid he felt that the streets are also not crowded and are quieter than usual. Also we had two small kids with us to accompany. There were valuables like jewellery also with me. But I felt when Baba was there then why fear. So I asked my husband if we could put chits in front of Baba and ab.ide by His decision. He readily agreed. Then when we picked up the chit it was a ‘Yes’ surprisingly. Then we left for home and while leaving as if it was Baba Who made me prompt my husband to wear mask (as he thought in car it was not needed that too so late night as police would not be there) and say him that, “You better wear the mask so that there is no problem with police etc. Why give them any opportunity to stop us?” Then I started chanting Baba’s name all the way and to our surprise few policemen made us stop. Then they saw me and small kids and that we all were wearing masks. They asked my husband to leave without creating any problem. My husband too felt glad to wear the mask and listen to me. Then there were few dark streets which we avoided via alternate routes and reached home safely with Baba’s grace. Thank You Baba so much. Jai Sairam!

Baba’s Appearance On Wall

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi everyone. My previous experience got published and I was very excited about it. I have been praying to Baba for one particular thing since one and half years but Baba has not answered my prayers yet. I used to ask Baba everyday whether my prayers will be answered as Baba has given positive responses through chit and indicated that the same will happen within a particular time frame but it didn’t happen. I was so upset with Baba and I did not do pooja regularly.

I was just speaking with Baba before sleeping and I just stared at the wall in my bedroom. To my surprise I saw Baba’s face on the wall and some letters too which were not clear. I was on cloud 9 as I saw 2-3 Baba on the wall and I somehow felt that Baba was indicating something. I am attaching photos. Thank You Baba for indicating Your presence but please answer my prayers at the earliest.

Baba’s Timely Help

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am Baba’s beti (daughter). Om Sairam. Thanks for maintaining this modern Sai Satcharitra. I would like to tell you how Baba helped us today.

We were in the park and my husband took the whole camera bag which had 3 super expensive lenses to take pictures. He kept the bag on the grass and we were roaming in the whole park taking pictures. Then we left the park and went grocery shopping and to take coffee. After that we went to another store and that was when my husband realized that he had forgotten to pick the camera bag from the park. So we were about 15 minutes away. I was constantly praying to my Baba to help us find the bag. My husband rushed by driving too fast and when we got to the park we found our camera bag untouched. I thanked Baba for helping us find our bag. Thank You Baba for helping us today and always. Please give Your darshan and bless us. Om Sairam!

Sai Kripa

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Haryana. My family lives in Gujarat and I am here in Haryana. Due to corona we could not meet. And suddenly I got the news that my father was having very high sugar. Even he had urine infection and constipation. I got worried. He was taking all the precautions but nothing fruitful happened. All negative thoughts were coming in my mind. I was constantly praying to Sai Baba for help. Then I applied Udi on my father’s photo and prayed that if my father’s sugar got normal then I would post this blessing on this site. My wish was fulfilled. Thank You Sai Baba. Please cure all his health issues. Bless my mother with good health. Bless all my family and the whole universe. Om Sairam!

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother's pain baba and grandmas diabetes baba make us to study well baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

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