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Power Of Shraddha And Saburi

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a small dust under Baba’s feet. Om Sairam. Let Baba type all my emotions that I want to share today with you all. It is one of the biggest miracles in my life, a test of Shraddha and Saburi, a relationship of unconditional love between me and my Sai. Apologies for the long post but I want to share every detail with you all because this story might give hope to someone who is desperately waiting for a miracle. A big thank you to everyone involved in maintaining this site.

I got married seven years back. I have seen more downs than ups. But Baba has always been with me, there was not a single day I passed without shedding tears or in fear but there was only one person I held onto, It was my Baba. Here I am going to share a miracle of how Baba blessed me with something I have been praying for years.

Yes, I had been praying Baba for a child for years. Every day I sat before Baba and prayed for an issue. But every month all I got was disappointment. That too every month my periods used to come on Thursday and it used to hurt me so much as to how Baba could do this on a Thursday, the day we all look for miracles and blessings. Wednesday I would have done all preparations for Thursday pooja but in the morning I would come to know that I can’t do any pooja and I would end up crying in front of Him.

I knew Baba was going to bless me one day or the other but the wait was getting difficult month by month and year by year. But this made me pray more, love Him more, think more about Him, do more charity in whichever way possible. Now when I look back it was Sai Who pulled me towards Him, who kept me sane because without His grace who can think about Him? When things were going on like this, He blessed me to go to Shirdi during my India vacation in Jan 2020. I was soaked in His love, didn’t feel like leaving.

I shed all my tears on His feet for a child. That was the time I was introduced to Mahaparayan. I was so happy, because I wanted to join it for the past couple of years but there was no response for any of the emails sent. As we all know, Baba is the One Who decides who joins Mahaparayan and when. I was finally happy that Baba has shown green signal for enrolling me. My first week of Mahaparayan was the Thursday after my Shirdi visit, I was ecstatic but as usual I got my periods on that very Thursday. I can’t say how broken I was, when everybody had good news after their Shirdi trip this is what I got, that too on the first day of Mahaparayan. I read the chapters with tears flowing but as I said my love only grew more and more for every setback.

The months were going with no change, one night I had a dream like I was hanging from a tree branch at the top of the hill, I was shouting Sai Sai, just then a man came and gave his hand and pulled me up. This dream gave me some strength. I knew I may be hanging but Baba won’t let me fall.

When things were going on like this, I had a dream the week after Guru Pournima. I was drying a cloth and suddenly Sai came out of it. Then He said, “You will soon get a baby boy even though you want a girl baby.” I asked when. He just smiled and gave no answer. I opened my eyes and the time was Thursday 12.30AM. Now I knew that I would be blessed with a baby but again without knowing when. My wait had increased from days to weeks to months and to even years. So I didn’t know what Baba implied by ‘soon’. But nothing changed my love for Him.

I do abhishek for Him every Thursday, both me and Baba look forward to that day as I get to spend more time with Him. Each of us holds a unique kind of relationship with Baba. For me, He is like my son. I brush His teeth, comb His hair, tell Him not to move while I keep thilak, massage His legs and back.

A week before my period I got a dream, like a voice coming out of Dwarakamai (the grey wall where the garland will be hung in Dwarakamai) saying I will soon be blessed with a baby, coming Thursday I will know something like that. Still my mind wasn’t calm because of the long wait but I continued my prayers. I was getting a lot of positive signals, the Q and A site said that my wait would be over in 9 months. But my body was giving all the symptoms of periods. I didn’t know what to think, I just left it to Him. Then the day came. This time Wednesday night after making all the preparation for the pooja, I told Him with tears in my eyes ‘Baba tonight is a pariksha for both of us. To see if my love for You is true and if Your dreams are true or if I have gone mad that I am imagining things, but whatever it is my love for You will only increase.’ I said this, bade Him goodnight and went to sleep.

Night I heard a voice from behind my head. I could see yellow light being flashed on my tummy and the voice said ‘Now I have made you pregnant’ in Tamil. I couldn’t get up. But when I woke up I remembered every single word that Baba said.

I got up, took a bath, bathed Him, did pooja, and began to read the Mahaparayan chapter. Guess what chapter it was, the one where Ratanji Wadia would be blessed with children. Now deep down my heart I began to think positive. But I still curbed my feelings, finished the parayan, prayed to Him from the bottom of my heart and went to take the test. My hands were shivering and I said, ‘Baba meri raksha kariye(Baba protect me)’ with eyes full of tears. And when have Baba’s words become untrue? Yes, it showed she was pregnant. I can’t type in words how I was for the next few hours. It can be understood only by me and Baba.

The reason I am writing all this in detail is I am sure we all have something for which we have been waiting for a long time. It can be a job, marriage, health, finance, relationships or anything. You may see people around you getting it easily whereas you are stuck in the same place for years and wondering why is your love not enough or why hasn’t your prayers reached His ears because I have been through all that. And it is not wrong, because we are humans. But all I say is hold onto Him; don’t leave Him, love Him with all you got. Because Baba never said you pray and immediately you will get what you want. He said, “you pray, I will be with you. When you walk on the path of karma, I will be holding you but one needs to pay for our karmic debt.” He is there to give us what is not in our fate also but He will first test us if we are worthy to receive it. I understood this after watching the Mere Sai serial. A small girl called Jhipri would want to celebrate Diwali by lighting lamps. Baba did not magically give the lamp and oil in her hands. She worked hard for it, she had to go through all the tasks to get the money needed but Baba was always there whenever she faced any problems or if she was pulled down. This only made me understand, we have to walk through the path, the difficulty of which is based on our karma. But remember Baba will help you, be with you throughout your journey, will stretch His hands whenever you slip. For this, all we need to do is LOVE and TRUST Him. Om Sairam! Admin: please edit it if too lengthy. Thank you!

Baba’s Miracles

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sairam to people maintaining this wonderful platform and to devotees reading this. Baba is my papa, He takes care of everyone who surrenders themselves to Him.

One day my son’s phone was not charging properly and after some time it totally stopped working. I started chanting Baba’s name and applied Udi on the screen and prayed. We were trying different methods to get it charged and I was simultaneously chanting Baba’s name. By the evening it started working and was charging properly. Thank You Papa!

Another miracle is my husband and daughter had slight coughs due to allergies. I gave them Udi water and applied Udi on their throat and wrote Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam and Om Sai Aroghyashemdaya Namah 108 times. They were fine in no time. Thank You Papa. These two mantras are very powerful.

I was playing a game with my daughter and developed a tennis elbow. I did not want to go to the doctor for this thing so I prayed to my Papa and applied Udi. The pain has subsided and is getting better. Thank You Papa.

We should always have faith and patience. Baba is always guiding and protecting us. God is the sole Protector. Papa please keep Your hand of blessings on the whole world.
Jai Sairam!

By Baba’s Grace Got Negative Covid Report

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of our Lord Sai. Om Sairam! My whole life is full of Baba’s miracles and hence today would like to share a wonderful leela of our Lord Sai which happened this afternoon.

My husband had not been feeling well for a few days and I was very worried given the current situation. We decided to get it checked this evening. But before that I was extremely worried and just kept praying to Baba to please help us and that we were hoping for a negative report. He was in self isolation for a few days and I was at my mother-in-law’s house and hence applied the Udi imagining that I was applying it on his forehead. I even prayed and told Baba that it’s been a while but if it’s negative I will write my experience and share this wonderful leela. I completely surrendered at His feet. Only an hour back his report came and by Baba’s grace it’s negative. I can’t thank Baba enough. He is everything, my world and my universe as well. May He help everyone in their trying times and give us all humility and kindness. Shraddha and Saburi!

Baba My Saviour

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I was travelling in a car with my kids when the traffic police asked the driver to stop aside. He couldn’t understand for what reason he was asked to stop. Then he felt something and asked me if I was wearing a mask or not. Then suddenly I realised I had forgotten to wear a mask and so did my kid. So very quickly I gave my son a mask to wear and I was holding it in my hand and my infant kid was playing(she cannot put on a mask). Then when we stopped they said to pay a fine of Rs.500 as we were not wearing the mask. I did not want to spend unnecessarily. So then I prayed to Baba to help us out from it without paying any fine. I also promised to post here if we were left without paying any fine. Then I requested the lady police that my infant baby can’t be put and also showed that the driver and my son were already wearing it. It was only me who was not wearing a baby. She was not ready to listen and later after praying Baba she told her Senior and then we were left with a warning and without being charged any fine. Thank You Baba. Jai Sairam!

Thank You Baba For Your Blessings

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I am Baba’s blessed devotee. Baba please always keep Your blessings on Your devotees.

My cousin had stomach pain which was very uncomfortable. I prayed to Baba to take care of him. Next day his pain subsided but after two days he started to get it again but this time it was not that intense. Then we prayed to Baba to fully cure him without going to the hospital and gave him Udi and applied some. With Baba’s grace the pain kept subsiding and finally Baba cured him. Thanks a lot Baba for taking all the care and blessing us.

Baba, please accept my humble prayer. Always take care of us, bless all my family, friends, relatives and Your devotees with good health, wealth, prosperity filled long, healthy and peaceful life. I pray to always keep Your blessings on us. Jai Jai Sai Om Sai.

Baba Took Away My Pain On His Own Body

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a very tiny devotee of Baba. This is in continuation to my previous story. Om Sairam, I think I should also mention that today morning while doing my Pooja, I was cleaning Baba’s vigrah with gangajal and the Chandan went into His left eye. I started cleaning it and even got a soft scrub with shampoo. Used ear buds etc. and it all just made me very emotional. But while doing all that I felt maybe there was a big problem which was about to happen but Baba has taken it on Him and that made me cry. My husband’s Covid test which happened today and for which I had prayed came negative. I felt really bad that He is suffering for me and it’s important that I share this with Baba’s devotees that we must surrender which is very difficult during our tough times but trust Him and forget the rest. He will come to our rescue before we even ask. This miracle of Baba will be something I will cherish for a very long, long time to come. Om Sairam!

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  1. What a beautiful experience.
    Dear anonymous devotee from USA, many many pranaams to you. Rare is the person whose love and faith in Baba remains unshakeable even in the face of such difficulties.
    Jai sai ram

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