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Baba’s Answer Is Always True

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to all beautiful Sai Family. It’s my great pleasure to be a part of this platform. I always read all the devotees’ experiences that increase our faith and belief in tons. My heartfelt thanks to Hetalji and Saiyug Network team for binding all Sai Devotees across the globe. Baba, thank You so much for Your love, support and blessings. Thank You is a very negligible word to show our gratitude.

Today I am going to share two recent experiences, but His leelas are uncountable that changed my life completely. I will share that experience on another day when Baba will grant me.

Now coming to my experience, as I have already told in a previous experience, I am working as a software engineer in an MNC company too with Baba’s grace. Two weeks back on a Thursday evening that was 2nd July, I could not do login with my official credentials. I got an alert too two days back from our manager that my credential access was going to end as I had completed one year as per contract. He is a nice guy and also a Baba’s devotee as I have seen an idol of our beloved in His cube. He gave an affirmation not to worry about this as he was trying to get it back. So on that day, I was not worried much.

The next day I called my manager and told him everything. I waited for his response with patience, not for one day or two days but likewise 12 days passed and the situation remained the same. So many thoughts were running in my mind for losing this opportunity. I used to call him for an approval update. But I was getting the same response that it would take time for approval as it is locked-down everywhere and the technical team was not able to find out the issue. I was praying to Baba every day and following His words to keep patience and perseverance in all situations. Baba showed his positive response through chit. I had complete faith in Baba. I knew that He can only make everything alright. It also came true. Yesterday evening, 14th July I got a call from my manager that I got the approval and would take a couple of hours to enable it. I was so happy and feeling so blessed. It only happened with Baba’s grace as He knows well what will happen and when. Is it not a miracle? Yes, it was a miracle for me.

Coming to my second experience, one day my uncle called me and said that one girl called him regarding some opportunity. It would help him with his career growth once he got it. He sent me all the details which she had shared with him. I and my younger brother and I went through that site and found that everything was okay. Because whatever she said every detail was on that site. So we thought that it may also be true. But when I checked if that site itself is secure or not, I got to know that it was not a secure site. I also verified some screenshots and documents which were shared to build the trust. That time I called Baba for help through chit for confirmation. Every time Baba said NO. Then my confidence increased 100 times more. I called my uncle and told him not to proceed further. Then he cancelled the proceeding. In this way, Baba saved us from a huge loss. Om Sairam.

Deva, keep showering Your blessings on all Your children. Save this world from this Pandemic CoronaVirus. Let the vaccine come out and everything become normal soon. Let our body and soul chant Your name till our last breath, reduce all negative energy and keep our mind calm. Baba, I am sorry for posting this experience late. Devotees, thank You for reading this long post and please forgive me if I made any grammatical mistakes. Om Sairam. Om Sai Shyam. Om Sai Bhagawan. Om Shirdi Nathaya Namah. Om Sai Shree Sai Jay Jay Sai.

Udi Miracle In My Dream

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! I’m from Delhi, an ardent devotee of Shree Sai. One day I had a dream where I went to my friend’s house. There I saw a new born baby laying on the sofa. I picked her in my arms and started feeding her milk from a bowl. Suddenly my friend came and said, “Don’t do this, otherwise she will do blood vomit.” I was shocked and asked why so? She replied that from birth she had a digestion problem and so whatever we would feed her she would vomit and now from a few days she started blood vomit. Doctors suggested for an operation, her mother is also unconscious because of stress.

Then I asked her if I could give Sai Udi to the baby? Then she gave me permission and I took out the Udi from my pocket and asked her to mix one pinch in the water and get it in a bowl. She went to the kitchen and got back but the consistency and quantity of Udi was like that of cerelac type half a bowl. I asked her about that to which she said that she only mixed one pinch and it became as thick as that. I said maybe Baba wanted her to feed like a proper diet, as she didn’t have it from her birth. We gave one spoon and she ate it easily. Then slowly I fed her the whole bowl. She easily digested it without any vomit. We became very happy. We went to her mother’s room where she was sleeping. I laid the baby beside her and when the baby started playing and giggling, the voice came in her mother’s ear and she suddenly got up and held her baby in her arms and gave lots of love to the baby.

Then I told my friend to please give me a half packet of Udi as I had to give some more people who are in need. I also asked her to please give the Udi intermediately to the baby and that she would definitely get well and there would be no need for an operation. I told her to just have faith in Sai and His miraculous Udi.

Baba’s Blessings Are Always With Us

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Andhra Pradesh. I am a Baba devotee from 2011. I want to share my small experience. In 2011 March my 10th class exams started. In the middle of the exams my uncle was dead and I was unable to concentrate on studies. My mother prayed to Baba for me to write exams well. I also prayed to Baba that I should write exams well and get good marks. With Baba’s blessings I got excellent marks in 10th class.

Later during my final year degree I prayed to Baba to get a job in one of my favourite companies. I got a placement in one of my favourite companies. After getting this job, with Baba’s blessings my family life is totally changed and we are happy.

In March 2020 when the lock down was announced I was stuck in a hostel and I was unable to see my parents. My father is working in a private company. Management had decided to close that company. My father went into depression and I am helpless. I prayed to Baba and started reading Sai Baba’s Satcharitra. In 3 days I completed reading the book and heard that the management decided to give 3 months to the staff to search for another job. And on the same day I got a call from my cousin brother and he told me that he was coming to Hyderabad and that if I wanted to come to AP then he asked me to kindly apply for the pass and be ready with all the things. With Baba’s blessings I reached my home town safely. If we believe Baba then the miracles would be done automatically.

Sai’s Blessings

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Reading the beautiful experiences has given me so much hope and joy. Recently I was having a bad headache and it continued for 2-3 days. One day I was a little tense. When I was reading the experiences here, I came across two experiences regarding headaches and how Baba cured them all. It was like Baba was telling me that it will all be okay. Thank You Baba.

Today, I was a little worried about my competitive exam and I read an experience where the person got a job of his or her choice completely by Baba’s grace. I feel very calm and happy now. Thank You Sai for always guiding and protecting us. Sai, keep us under Your refuge, keep us safe, happy and healthy. I love You. Om Sai Nathaye Namah.

Sai’s Grace

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I had got some items for sale. I prayed to Baba and Goddess Laxmi Devi Maa to help me sell a particular number of pieces by evening. Then by evening I was able to sell a few but the next day I sold more than what I had expected. Thank You Devi Maa and Baba. Jai Sairam!

Thanking Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! Thanks to Baba for reducing my mom’s toothache. I am really very grateful to You Baba. Thank You once again although I can never thank You enough. Jai Sairam!

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  1. Om sai ram sabka Malik ek.thank you baba ji whatever you have given me and my family.baba hi due to your grace only my husband job is safe in this covid problem occurred some person send mail to vice president of company to take my husband name.we were very tensed baba ji due to your kripa only now problem is in control thank you deva.saimaa you have given him job.besides job we don't have anything for our survival as we are living on rent house not having our own house.baba hi you saved us thank you deva from bottom of my heart.without you We are nothing.thank you deva for SAi ram

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