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How Sai Saved Us From Covid-19″

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am Sai devotee from 2014. Dear admin thanks for maintaining this blog and bringing positivity! I have been a Sai Baba devotee since 2012. I have been blessed by Him enormously in many things and I always give credits to Sai. I proudly say everybody I am a Sai Baba devotee. Sai is my life, Sai is my breath and Sai is everything to me.

Coming to my experience, my son who just turned 3 years old was not speaking much and there were no interactions with other kids as he was at home all the time with me as I am not working here yet. So we had planned to join him preschool once he turned 3 but due to corona we dropped the plan. My husband was upset by saying that we were keeping him at the right age at home and spoiling him.

There was a preschool next to our home and that school never closed in the corona pandemic also because they were taking huge precautions by allowing anybody inside after checking the temperature of the teacher and kids in the entrance of the school. And also we also saw the kids who were two months old and were being sent to this daycare cum preschool. By seeing this and considering the fact that corona cases were low in the place where we are staying right now my husband decided to join my son though I said no he didn’t listen to me.

So two week passed and my son’s joy was overwhelmed and he loved his school. We saw so much change in him in two days of span as we used to send him to full time school. In the mid 3rd week of his school we got an email from school by saying that one of the teachers got infected from covid-19. I got so scared and I asked my husband to call them and enquire about it. He just denied it and was sent to school again. On Friday I saw my son with a runny nose and I gave him hot water turmeric mixed dal rice and served him hot that day. Night he was feeling a little uncomfortable while sleeping. So the next day on Saturday my husband went to buy medicine for his nose from a pharmacy which was near home. That time he got a call from school by saying that it was my son’s teacher who got covid 19 positive so they asked us to self quarantine for 14 days. My husband panicked and he said that he didn’t remember how he paid the bill for medicine and drove the car home to tell me. He rushed home and told me about it. I just consoled him and comforted him not to worry as my Sai Baba is there and He will not do bad things to us. I trust Him. Just be calm because I have a habit of seeing Sai messages “Ask Sai Baba” app where He hinted to me like “you will be saved from death.”

The next day he got light fever and I kept my son’s fever reducer syrup in front of Sai and gave him only twice and I developed throat infection and I was continuously serving Udi hot water to my son, husband and myself. And also we were having honey lemon water, pepper garlic rasam and kashayam (made up lemon ajwain, cumin seeds, cardamom, Cinnamon, clove, black pepper, ginger pieces). My son was totally fine as our Sai vanished his symptoms away for 2 days as he was very active and he is a totally Sai blessed kid but I was developing the symptoms of fever and chilling and my husband gave me Dolo 65. I prayed to Sai by keeping a tablet under Him and took it along with Udi water and that was it. Fever and chilling had gone.

Next day I developed a slight cough and runny nose and it was there for the next 3 days but was very mild. My husband got the same symptoms after 3 days. Now we are all fine by His blessings and we never did any test and shared with anybody else because I didn’t want any negativity to arouse us and make us low. During this time all I did was to keep positive and pray to Sai all the time. Sai told me to do Ramayan when I asked questions and answers which I did.

We were indebted to Sai Baba for showering such a blessing on us. After this incident my son has started to speak a lot and is doing a lot of interactions with us. It’s again a Sai miracle for us. I am also doing Sai Ashtotharam daily with 108 names by putting the rice mixed with turmeric powder and putting it on Sai idol for each name of ashtotharam and later I take that rice and use it for cooking rice as His blessings. After doing this my son has started to do great things for his age and when I am sharing his recent videos to friends and families they all are praising him by saying he is sharp and he is doing more for his age likewise and this is what a mom wants for her kid. My Sai Appa answered my prayers.

Dear Sai devotee I request you not to worry for anything. If you feel low and want to cry just sit in front of Sai and share with Him and cry. That’s it! He will show you the better path for you! Just share your pain only with Sai and not your beloved ones and don’t tense them especially your parents please. Only Sai can give answers for your problems and not anyone else. Om Sairam.

Thank You Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi. I am from Punjab. I have a lot of experiences with Baba, few of them I shared already.

I cannot even imagine my life without Baba. He gave me much love, strength and everything. I made so many mistakes in my life but His love for me never ends. My Baba’s devotees never ever lose hope in your life as Baba listens each and everyone. He knows what is good and what is bad for us. He wants only faith and patience from us so never disappoint and always trust in Sai Maa.

I called Baba Sai Maa because in 2017 I lost my mother due to cancer and that time I was very much in pain but deep inside I knew that Baba is with me. I was very angry at Baba that time but my soul always took His name all the time. Baba held me that time and gave strength to face this difficult time because as we all know that without mother we are nothing. Anyways I just want to say please never leave Baba because He loves us unconditionally. Surrender your problems on His holy feet and He will solve all your problems definitely. Baba thank You for everything and forgive me Baba if I did anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly and please remove Corona from this world. Om Sairam everyone.

Baba Got Back Our Jewel

Shirdi Sai Devotee Shanmugapriya from India says: Om Sairam! Hi am Shanmugapriya from India. Thank you Hetalji for this great platform.

This is my first experience which happened in 2010. I was in 9th standard then. My mom, my dad including me lived in a small flat. A huge amount has been deducted from my father’s salary every month as we were supposed to pay the home loan. We suffered a lot in the financial crisis. My father had to pledge my mother’s jewellery for my school fee. He asked my mom to take the jewels out of the box and keep it ready for the bank and he went out for some other reason. As my mom opened the bureau, we found the jewel was not there. As my father is a very angry person we searched all over the house for the jewel for about 2 hours. Somehow my father was not at home. My mom cried a lot and informed my aunt who was a strong devotee of Sai. She told us not to panic about this and lamped diya and prayed for us. After 10 minutes we found the jewel in the same place where we had kept it. As we had searched all over the house, even kitchen to the odd, how could it be possible to be in the same place unless Baba’s grace fell on us? But at that time I was not able to have that much devotion to Sai as I was too young for that.

Now I’m married and I’m in the biggest issue of my life. I apologized to Sai and sought His help and waited for about two months. I have belief only in Him and I have handed over my life to Him. Waiting for His grace to shower on me and solve my widest issue. I have promised Baba that I will post my experience here once He saved me, also thought of posting this old experience and thus shared. Have strong faith in Him and He will look after you in your entire life. I am waiting to post my next experience.

My Baba’s Miracle

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I am Sai’s daughter. Thank You Hetalji and team for this wonderful site where you get answers for all the problems. Coming to my experience, today we had to go to my husband’s office to pick up some of his stuff because his company decided to do work from home. Because we did not have a big car to bring all the stuff, we borrowed a truck from my friend. It is an old truck and I was very scared all the while my husband was driving. I prayed to my Baba to help my husband drive safely and everything should be okay. By Baba’s grace, we were able to pick up all the necessary stuff and came home safely. Thank You Baba for all Your help.

Please Baba, help my dad to get out of all the pain he is going through because of recent surgery. Please Baba, be with him all the time and help him recover soon. Om Sairam!

Praying For My Mom’s Health

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am an anonymous devotee of Saimaa. My mom is suffering from severe toothache. I beg You to solve this and give her relief from the pain. and I will post an experience also if this happens. I trust my Baba and it will happen. Grateful already for all that You have done. Thank You Baba.

Sai Healed

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My friend was sick with corona. My other friend prayed for her and gave up sugar until she was fine. She was cured with Baba’s grace. She was not having Udi and Baba arranged it for her. Thank You Baba. Jai Sairam!

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