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Sai Baba Bestowed His Blessings Upon My Career

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am Sai Baba bhakt from Goa. Today I want to share my experience of how Sai Baba has put an end to my sufferings and blessed me with a great career. It’s truly said that Sai Baba is always there with His children guiding them and supporting them in every phase of our life. Sai Baba has always been there for me. I owe my beautiful life to Him. If He was not there for me then I wouldn’t have this beautiful journey in life. He has helped me many times and I have shared the same on this website. This is the fourth experience that I am sharing with you.

I was working in an MNC for the past 3 years. It was a good company with good facilities and a good salary but as we say money is not everything in life. If you are not happy with what you are doing then you will never be able to go ahead.

Basically, I was not happy where I was working because of 3 reasons.

1. The work which I was doing I couldn’t relate to my studies and if at all in the future if I want to change my job then this work experience wouldn’t have been of any help.

2. I was surrounded by people who were always criticizing and removing faults. It was a full negative environment in which I was finding it very difficult to survive. There was a time when I used to wake up with a smile but with all this negativity around me I couldn’t wake up with a good thought. Every day was a terrible struggle and it’s truly said you cannot grow in a negative environment.

3. I was overburdened with work. I always wanted to have a good work-life balance but over here I was overloaded with work and I couldn’t even raise my voice against it. There was a lot of partiality and politics going on.

My only hope was a change in job and I finally saw that ray of hope when there was an advertisement for IOCL. That was my only hope and the only way to happiness and so I desperately wanted to get into it.

Every day literally every day I was praying to God as this was my only life savior and career savior. My mind was only focused on getting a job in IOCL. I had even asked Sai Baba through website. Basically, this website is useful when you are having some doubts in your mind and you need an answer for it then you can type any number between 1 to 720 and tell your doubt to Sai Baba and He will definitely guide you through a quote and it’s really true, it is definitely very much helpful. So when I entered a number in it I got the below-given quote: “The work held up for 3 years will soon be completed. After completion of auspicious function new work will start. You are planning to travel. You will gain. There will be great profit in the month of Shrawana.”
This quote assured me more that Sai Baba is going to help me out.

I started praying day and night and was desperately wanting to get into it. Every day I used to read Hanuman Chalisa and apply Sai Baba Udi on my forehead. In August month there was Ganesh pooja at our place. My only prayer to God was to get me into IOCL and surprisingly the next day I got a mail from IOCL stating that I had got selected for a personal interview and group discussion. I was so happy. I was feeling on the top of the world. The quote which was displayed on the website was so true. Everything was true.

My 3 years of patience had given me results. My 3 years of belief in Sai Baba that He must be definitely planning for something big and wonderful had come true. I prepared day and night for the interview and group discussion so that I shouldn’t lose this opportunity which Sai had given me. The day of personal interview and group discussion had finally arrived. I had given my best and due to Sai Baba’s blessings, I even cleared in that.

Today I am working in IOCL. It’s true when God doesn’t give you something at the time that you want that means He is testing your faith in Him and planning for something big. And I always had faith in Him that He will never ever leave me disappointed and He did not. I owe my wonderful life to God. We are God’s children and God has always something planned for us and we get it at the right time. It took me 3 years to get this happiness but I got this and I am really happy. Thank You God.

Always have faith in the creator. He can’t see you in pain and He will never ever leave you alone. He will surely get you out of it and place you in a happy place. Om Ganganpathay Namah

Om Sainath Namah

Thank You Baba!

Sai Miracles Are Bountiful

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sai Sharan from India. Om Sairam! Om Sai Rakshaka Sharanam! First I would like to offer my humble pranams to Hetal Sai ji and her beautiful team for providing us a Live Sri Sai Satcharitra. Let kind Baba bless her and all the people involved in this noble work abundantly.

Recently both my grandparents passed away within a period of 10 months. They had joint savings account in the post office for which my mother was the nominee. The postman told us to furnish their death certificates and other documents to apply for the claim. But the problem was my grandfather’s name in both the savings account and the death certificate matched but my grandmother’s didn’t. Her name was totally different in both the documents (in the old times they didn’t worry much how their names were spelt and people had 2-3 names by which they were called).

Now we were in a fix of what to do. If you know how a post office functions in India you would know most of them are very strict and follow the rules to the core and after only correctly inspecting the form with all the attached documents if everything is fine only then will they accept it?

I thought why do I need to fear when I have Baba Sai with me? I prayed to Baba and told Him “Baba please process our claim form without any hassles or issues and I promise to write about Your Leela on this website and I also will complete a Saptaha Parayan of Sri Sai Satcharitra.”

I took the forms and kept it near our Deva’s small murthi at home and prayed to Him. Then I took the forms to the post office and gave it to the postman. He looked at it and said that he needs to send it to the head post office for approval. I left everything in Sai’s hand and came home. I prayed every day to Sai to help our claim form get approved and approximately after a month since we applied; the postman called us and told us that our claim form had been approved!

How was this even possible since my grandmother’s name in her account and that in her death certificate was totally different? We cannot even fathom the level of Baba’s leelas in our lives. It was His grace that made this happen. Thank You so much, Deva.

I don’t think the number of times we say “Thank You” to Sai is even enough. I used to suffer from Gout (uric acid) a lot. Baba has now brought it under control. Thank You, Deva.

Dear devotees, please be kind to each other, do not gossip or talk in the back, feed the poor and animals, just keep chanting “SAI, SAI, SAI” the whole day. Respect your elders, do not hate anyone how so ever badly they might have hurt you. And then see how Baba envelops us from all sides and protects and guides us.

Sai Dayalam, Sai Kripalam

Sai Natham, Namo Sai Natham.

Triguna Swarupam

Namo Sai Natham, Namo Sai Natham

Om Sairam

Baba’s Blessings

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UK says: My Post is about how Baba looks after us. I am from the UK. I have been a believer of Sai Baba for a while though I do not know whether Baba accepts me as His devotee as every day, I am making mistakes and not always following His way of living.

As everyone, I too have ups and downs in life and I forget “Faith and Patience.” Please do not print my name or details online. Thank you to everyone for this excellent site and reading this site brings all sorts of mixed emotions to me.

My wife, due to not feeling well and needing to have a certain injection every month had not been going to the hospital to have this injection due to the present Covid-19 virus. For two months she missed her injections and she kept feeling weaker and sicker due not having the injection. The thought of going to the hospital at another city (as it was in another city that the doctor worked) during this period was unthinkable as we kept feeling that it was safer to stay at home than to risk going to the hospital for this injection.

However, at the end of June, my wife could not take the sick feeling anymore and phoned her doctor for advice. The doctor with Baba’s grace told her that he was coming to a clinic/nursing home near to our town and that if she booked into that clinic then he could do all the necessary blood tests and also give her the important injection that she required.

As this place was closer to us and as we had no other alternative, she booked into the clinic the next day. She had to stay in the clinic for 2-3 days for blood test results, getting her injection, etc. This worried us very much but prayed to Baba to look after her.

After three days she had to have a PCR test (to check for Covid-19) before she left the clinic. She also had to have another PCR test after three days from the first test and after ten days from the first test, to make sure that she had not contracted the virus.

We prayed to Baba to look after her and I made a personal vow to Baba that I will do the prayer “Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva”, 108 times, 3 times a day (so doing a mala 3 times a day), until all ten days and prayed that all results should come negative.

Due to certain circumstances, I could not collect her from the clinic and she had to come home in a taxi, which added further to the fear, but we had no alternative. Once home during this time, she had to isolate herself from the family and our young daughter took it hardest as she could not hug or cuddle her mummy. So my wife had the 3rd-day test (someone from Public Health comes to test you) and we got the result the next day as negative and we were so happy, but still, she isolated herself from the family until the 10th-day test.

Yesterday 05 July 2020 (Guru Pournima day) she had her 10th-day test and today (06th July 2020) we got the result that it was negative. We are so overjoyed. Thanks to Baba as all tests came as negative. She had to spend 3 days in a clinic and travel by herself back home via taxi and through all this Baba has kept her safe. Thank You, Baba, as only You look after all Your children and I pray that You rid the world of Covid-19 very soon and bless everyone and look after their welfare. Sorry for the long post. Om Sairam. Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu. Om Shanthi, Shanthi Shanthi.

Baba Saved My In-Laws

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UK says: Om Sairam everyone. I’m a small devotee of Sai Baba. I’ve experienced so many miracles of Baba. But recently one miracle happened to us, which I would like to share it with you all. I and my family are living in the UK and my in-laws are living in India. Both my in-laws tested Covid -19 positive in May. We were very tensed about what to do because we could not travel to India at that moment. My mother- in- law has some issues in her lungs. So she needs oxygen every day. Luckily we had an Oxygen machine at home.

My brother- in- law stays in the same building where my in-laws are staying. We were looking for two beds in hospitals. But no beds were available at that time. So we called doctors. They recommend no need to go to the hospital and asked us to take medicine, antibiotics, Oxygen at home, and of course homemade Kadha for cough. So my brother-in-law started giving them everything.

Here in the UK my husband was very tensed too. So I told Sai Baba everything. That time I was doing Sai Baba’s 9 Thursday Vrat. I told Baba that I am going to give my husband Udi mixing with water for 9 days and to please help my in-laws in getting better. Believe me, after 9 days they started to recover. And during that period I was also reading Sai Satcharitra book and in one paragraph it was written: “recovering and better.” I was so happy that I told my husband not to worry. Sai Baba is with us. Now after one month both my in-laws tested Covid negative. They are out of danger. Today on Guru Pournima day I am posting my experience feeling relaxed but that time I was so tensed I cannot explain. But Sai Baba saved my in-laws.

Thank you Hetalji and team for giving us such a wonderful platform to share our experiences. Om Sai Namho Namaha. Shri Sai Namho namaha, Jai Jai Sai Namho Namaha, Satguru Sai Namho Namaha.

Thank You Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Malaysia says: I am a small devotee of Baba from Malaysia. Om Sairam. First of all, I would like to thank Hetalji and the entire team for doing this wonderful service. This platform is really helping all of us to share our experiences with Baba. Every night when I read the chapters, I really gain some kind of great confidence. One thing I would like to share is whenever I pray Baba before going to the office or in the morning, the day ends up without any problems and if I miss or fail to pray, I will see a lot of issues throughout the day. The way I understood Baba is He is very flexible and His ways are unpredictable. Baba always shows us the right path if you are behind Him. You can feel Baba if you watch His photo closely. I see my Baba smiles at me every day. I have posted few experiences and all of them are published.

Coming to the recent ones, one is about my corona symptoms for which I was afraid. By Baba’s grace I am perfectly fine.

The other one is regarding my delivery at work which I was not confident, also I was worried about boss’s perception towards me. By Baba’s Blessings he is happy with me and my deliverables. Things are good at work and my employer is satisfied with my performance. Baba my sincere prayer to You is that please save the entire world from corona. We are really worried about jobs and our future. Please save us Baba. Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam!

Baba Came To Our Rescue

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My mother had kept some money somewhere and was not able to find it. It was a big amount to be neglected. She searched everywhere multiple times. Then she asked me to pray to Baba. I prayed. I asked in prashnavali and got a reply as, “Donate 15 Rs and you will get the experience immediately.” I asked my mom to give me 15 Rs. and kept it at Baba’s photo and again prayed Him. Then I searched and within 2 to 3 minutes I found that purse with all the money intact. Mom was surprised as she had searched there before many times. Such is our merciful Baba. Jai Sairam!

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother save her from the virus and Everyone in the world. Sai it is getting very hard day by day.. Mujhe vishwas hain baba aapki shakti par. Kuch be karo saii. Save your world

  2. Dear first devotee. Last year i experienced the same situation as yours during the ganesh chaturthi pooja i offered prayers to himwith so many tears. The whole day went like that on the next day before even i woke up i got an offer from a vary big company eventhough i was not selected in the previous list. I couldnt even thank my baba and ganesh ji for that. But niw i am in very big dilemma. I dont even know the path pleade show some path towards my dreams very disturbed baba

  3. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

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