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Baba Found Our Passports

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Pooja from India says: We were to leave for the Maldives on Monday evening that is 13th Feb 2017. Sunday Morning my husband Rahul asked me, “Pooja, Where are the passports? Ï need them for insurance purposes”. I replied very confidently, ”They are where they are always, the same drawer.” Then when I got up to give him the passports, I was shocked because the passports were no more in that drawer. I searched and searched multiple times, even asked Rahul, my husband, to look into it as it sometimes happens with me that the object is right in front of me but I am unable to locate it. He too could not find it. Then I searched at other places but all in vain. Rahul started getting angry that if we didn’t find our passports we would not be able to proceed with our trip and all money etc would go waste.

I too had started getting tensed and now I turned to my Saviour Sai – the Solution to all my problems. I prayed Him and as usual, put two chits with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ in it. Asked Baba whether I would find my passport today and the answer came as ‘Yes’! What a great relief to get that reply! Then I told my husband that the passports must be in the shop as I had once given him all of our passports for scanning for my son’s admission process. I also told him that if you had given me back I would never keep except that drawer. Then my inquisitive mind asked Baba whether the passports were in the shop? The answer was ‘No’. Shocked and started my search again but could not find. Then my husband asked Baba the same question and Baba again gave the same answer ‘No’. We both started searching but no results. Then the fool me again asked Baba, “Are You sure Baba, it’s not in the shop but it’s at home?” Again Baba said ‘Yes’. Then I remembered I was at my mom’s place for my cousin’s marriage during the admission process and the clever me thought that maybe I must have left them at my mom’s place when Rahul had met me during the admission process. I also thought that I cannot be so careless that I would keep anywhere a thing like a passport even at my mom’s place. Then I again thought may be due to my cousin’s marriage, in haste I may have. I even asked my mom to search at their home. So I again asked Baba and said, “Which home this or my mom’s? If this home then Yes and No for mom’s home” My Great Baba with all His patience replied ‘yes’ meaning my in-laws home. Stunned and got back to search. I even searched where I knew that by no chance I would keep there. We both searched and still we could not find it. Then we both again asked Baba, thinking that we must have not asked properly that whether the passports were at the shop? And now my husband picked up one chit and Baba had replied, ‘Yes’.

I started telling my husband that I am surprised but you check in the shop too. Had it been here we would have found it. I even told him that it was a transparent folder with orange border and a white button to press, in which I had kept the passports. But I could not remember where they were? My husband told me that he isn’t going to the office today until we find the passports. I said I need to go as it was a Sunday our peak time. I even said don’t worry we would get our passports today as Baba had assured. Let me go and it would be my responsibility to give you the passports. Again I asked Baba and again He assured that I would get our passports the same day and asked my husband to search properly in shop. I was relieved as again to get Baba’s assurance and went to office happily and my husband went to his shop tensed. When I reached the office after a few minutes my husband called me and was scolding me that in spite of him telling me not to go to the office, why did I go? How could I afford to go? His anger was valid because he did not find the passports in the shop. He even asked me to come back home immediately. I asked him to give me a few minutes.

I too was worried but could not even leave office then as it was a Sunday. I again had no option than my loving Sai Maa full of patience Who is ever ready to bear with me. Now I made two chits in the office with Yes and No, applied little Udi to both the chits from my forehead which I always apply. I had no Baba’s photo or idol in my cabin. Then I opened one Baba’s image in my mobile and prayed Him, “Baba, You very well know my situation. I cannot leave the office and I cannot afford to sit quietly regarding my passport, as You know that tomorrow we have to go to the Maldives. I have made two chits and now You please guide me and tell me where our passports are? And please do not confuse me”.

It was very difficult for me to do this in the office. But whatever you say luckily or unluckily that day the customer’s rush had not yet started. I started with my questionnaire to Baba and telling Him the answers for Yes and No chits, like if Yes is the answer then I will take Your answer as home and if no then shop.

1)Baba, are my passports in-home or shop?

Baba’s answer – Home

2)Are they on my third floor or ground floor?

Baba’s answer – Third floor

3)In my room or outside my room on the third floor? (as we have our store room outside my bedroom)

Baba’s answer- My bedroom

4)In TV section or Wardrobe section?

Baba’s answer: Wardrobe Section.

5)Rahul’s Wardrobe or other wardrobes?

Baba’s answer: Other wardrobes
6)Again asked Rahul’s Wardrobe or others? (As that is where I keep and had searched so many times)

Again Baba’s answer: Other wardrobes

7)My wardrobes Yes or No?

Baba’s answer: No

8)Again asked My wardrobes Yes or No?

Again Baba’s answer: No

Then I was confused if not mine nor Rahul’s then where? Then I remembered I have two more single wardrobes attached to them where I keep bedsheets and other stuff. I have one drawer inside that also, where sometimes I keep important things. So again I asked Baba.

9) Single wardrobes?

Baba’s answer – Yes

10)Left or right one?

Ans: Right one

I was so confident now because Baba had answered all the questions and even if same question was repeated the answer did not change. I am really sorry Baba for all the trouble I gave You. Then I called up my husband only to tell that don’t worry our passports have been found and they are in a drawer of the Single wardrobe where I keep bedsheets. I also told him that I had not checked that wardrobe in the morning.

I was taken aback when I heard from my husband that he had already checked that drawer too in the morning and it was not there. I even asked him whether he even knew which wardrobe I was talking about? He said very well he knew and he even told me that it had a drawer and specifically he had checked that drawer only (the other single wardrobe doesn’t have a drawer). Not only this he again started scolding me, asking me to come back home. I kept the phone and was really confused looking at Baba thinking what was happening today? Baba’s hints had always helped us in the past also. I too felt that now I will have to leave from office but before leaving I again looked at Baba’s photo prayed Him and asked Him, “Baba please tell me now that whether the passports are in that single wardrobe’s drawer or in the other shelves? If Yes then drawer and No then I will assume in above or below shelves.” Then Baba hinted in the other shelves. Now again I found a ray of hope and decided to call my husband. But before I could even dial any digit I saw an incoming call on my cell and it was from my husband. Tensed I was and I received the call to hear those four words, “Pooja Mil gaye passports” (Pooja the passports have been found).

I was so happy and relieved to hear it. Then I asked where you got them, in that wardrobe only no? And how come you are at home? He answered Yes and before he could say I said in the shelves, right? He said ‘Yes’ and said the same folder that you had described. I was dumbstruck and very happy to experience this Leela of Baba. I had no words and could feel His presence. Then I came to know when I had called him and told him about Baba’s hint regarding a single wardrobe he was on the way home. Then I remembered during my son’s admission process on the day of interview at the last moment I had removed that folder containing passports and as all the cupboards were locked I had hurriedly kept it in that wardrobe that was without a lock.

Then I said Rahul that How great is Baba to guide us and show us His leela. Then he too agreed and said all the time Baba also kept telling us that it was at home but when repeatedly we asked Him, He said shop maybe we wanted to hear that and so kept asking through chits until we got that reply, although the ratio was 5:1. I am really sorry Baba for testing You or troubling You. But I have no one other than You who is ‘A Single solution to all my problems’. Love You Baba very much.

If we put all our faith and ask Him for His help He does respond not once or twice but as long as you hold on to Him with faith!

Baba My Solution

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UK says: Hello all devotees, I am a small devotee of Baba living with my daughter and husband in the UK. Sairam, Sai Shyam, Om Sai Sai Nathay Namath. Sai Baba, now I can’t handle this Coronavirus situation anymore, it seems I am losing my temper always, with so much of work from the office, office politics, household chores, routine disturbed, no exercise, always eating, no party, no restaurants, always cooking, always cleaning and always so much tension. Sai Baba, You know my dream is to reduce weight not just mine but my husband’s weight too. I wanted me and my husband to look smart and look good together. Sai Baba this is my target this year, but I can’t see any hope of this completing this year. Baba, help me and my husband to lose 20 kg this year so that we both get in shape. Always all people look at us and laugh but I don’t want Baba this anymore. Please give us strength and ideas to achieve it Baba, please.

Sai Baba You know I am afraid of this pandemic, so I am not meeting anyone, neither eating out and making good food for my family. I am getting tired Baba and getting irritated. Help me to have faith and patience Baba.

Baba in the office also many things happening though I complete my office work on time but still Baba, I feel politics is going on. Baba please save me from this. I don’t want this to disturb my mind. Please make them realize Baba, or if it’s my mistake then make me realize Baba.

It’s almost 3 months Baba we are at home. My daughter is also not listening many times now. She is becoming adamant nowadays. Baba give me patience so that will take care of her and not get angry with her.

These days Baba when something happens, even small fatigue, cough, or any throat issue, I am feeling very scared Baba and always praying to You to make it better. Thanks, Baba for listening to all of our silly problems and making it better.

Baba these days I am always coming up Your feet and asking for help and answers. Please help Baba as I said that I can’t handle this now Baba all alone. I want Your help and support Baba always and always. Please forgive Baba, if done anything wrong, make me realize so that I will correct it with Your help. Thanks, Hetal ji and team for posting this experience and all devotees for reading this. Ananthkoti Brahmandanayak Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Sacchidananda Sadguru Shirdi Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Rakshak Saranam

Baba Made Me Travel Safely To Home

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba for the past 6 years and has seen many leelas of Sai in many situations. I would like to thank the entire team behind this blog as they are doing selfless work for the community.

Coming to my experience, I am staying in a shared apartment in Pune and I started missing home due to this lockdown. Hence I planned to go to my hometown (Chennai) as flights started operating. My initial direct booking got canceled and I had rescheduled to overnight travel via Hyderabad. However, I was scared as the regulations in Tamil Nadu were very stringent and all the domestic travelers must undergo 14 days institution Quarantine. I did not want to take that as more infection was spreading in the institutions.

I spoke to my colleague who had traveled 2 weeks before and he said that he was permitted to go home and take home-Quarantine. I prayed to Baba to take me home and protect me from this infection during and after travel. Sai started protecting me from the beginning of the travel. My friends who stay nearby offered to drop me at the airport and asked me not to take any cabs at night. I felt it as Sai’s help as I was initially feeling awkward to ask them. Once I reached the airport on my departure day the new app designed by our Indian government did not work properly for me. Hence the security at the entrance said that I cannot enter. I got tensed and prayed to our Baba to make it work and within few seconds the app started working and I was able to board my flight.

Since the layoff time was longer in Hyderabad I asked Baba to protect me from any sort of infection as I need to sit in the common lounge with other passengers. Baba helped me with that and brought me to Chennai. In Chennai airport I got in touch with one acquaintance of my mom who helped me to reach home without hassles. I know it was Baba Himself Who came in his form. So here I am safe at home waiting for 14 days to end without any issues as I stay with parents and grandparents. Sairam please bless me and my family and protect us from COVID-19 and protect the world from this virus. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Baba Always Helps

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Chandana from India says: Namakara to all Baba family members. This is Chandana from Bangalore. Had been out for shopping and then returned home washed hands and removed the gloves outside and thought of washing later and forgot that there was a ring also which was worn above that. After washing my face when I came to check the ring where it would be I remembered that it was out and it was not there and got scared. I asked the elder and second sister, Appa, and Amma. All said they didn’t see.

Mom told that she had put them for the wash. Then started using the torch to check if it had fallen down near those plants but there was no trace. I said, “Baba please do something and help.” Tried to see in the washing machine and above only there was the ring stuck inside the glove. Thank You, Baba, for finding it and also being there always with us Thank You is a small word to tell but what else can we tell You, Baba. Please forgive all the sins this child has committed every time Baba knowingly and unknowingly. There are so many mistakes done every time. Baba, please. Sorry, Baba. Let Your blessings be there always on everyone. Baba blesses those who believe You and also those who do not believe too. Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam!

Baba Made My Wish Happen

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee to Baba from my childhood. I would like to thank each and everyone from bottom of my heart who are maintaining this wonderful blog. I would like to share my happiness with each of Baba’s devotee. By Baba’s grace I am blessed with a baby girl as a first child. When I had conceived for the second time I was expecting a boy child. So, I used to ask and pray Baba to make my wish true by giving me a boy child. I used to have a habit of finding my prayer’s answer with Baba through chits. During my 5th month of pregnancy, I kept chit in front of Baba either boy or girl but Baba gave the answer as a girl child. Even though Baba told His answer but continuously asked Him for a boy child. Finally, Baba made my wish true on April 29 by giving me a boy child. I felt really happy at that moment. I thanked Baba immediately at that moment.

Thank You Baba and please save the world from Covid. Please Baba make my one more my wish come true. I have complete faith in You. Hope I will post that experience here soon. Please Baba. Om Shri Sai Sharanam Mamah. Sairam Omsairam. Baba please be with us.

Thank You Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! I am Sai devotee from Bangalore India. Thank you Hetalji and team for providing this platform to all, where everyone can share their experiences with Baba. Baba, thank You for everything.

Coming to my experience: Today I was very tensed as my father went to meet the doctor. Before that he needed to go for some two tests so I was very tensed for the whole day and just kept praying to our beloved Baba for helping us. We couldn’t meet the doctor today. However, my brother told me that in report things look ok and that we would see once and the doctor will check next week. I told our Deva to please help my father and that I will post my experience today itself. So here I am posting it.

Bless us all and guide us to become a good human beings. Also Deva please remove this Covid pandemic from the world. Many people are suffering from this. Thank You, Baba. Love You so much, please forgive me for my mistake. Om Sairam, Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam

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