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How Sri Sai Baba Alerted Me And Saved Our Family

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I have been Sri Sai Baba’s devotee for a long time. I live in USA and working as a software engineer. Namaskars to the entire team members who are maintaining this website. Team I feel blessed to read the experiences of other devotees which helps me keep up my faith in Sri Sai Baba and seek His blessings. You are doing a wonderful service. I am praying for your safety and also that by the grace of our Sai Baba everyone is safe. I have submitted experiences three times and feel blessed as they got published. My experiences posted previously:
Our Sri Sai Baba Is Ever Watchful Sri Sai Baba’s Timely Response Baba’s Blessings For Our Memorable Tirupathi Trip. Below are a couple more experiences that show how Sri Sai Baba shows that He cares:

Experience #1: DC Trip, Driving Back On Highway: In Summer of 2017 we planned a 1 week vacation to Washington DC. We spent 4 days in DC, during which we visited all the museums, landmarks, Capitol building etc. and every night were late to bed. On the way back we visited Hershey’s Chocolate world, and planned to stop at Pittsburgh, so we could take the darshan of Sri Venkateshwara and Sri Sai Baba temples, and also make it as a breaking point on the way back. Lack of enough sleep and lot of walking for the past week, I was really tired. The next day after visiting both Sri Venkateshwara temple and Sri Sai Baba temple, we started back home around 2 or 3 pm and we left Pittsburgh.

Sri Sai Baba temple in Pittsburgh was the first Sai temple that I visited and so it always gives me good memories. The area around Pittsburgh is all hilly. After about 20 to 30 minutes, as I was driving, I dozed off. All of our family members were also tired and no was paying attention. I may have dozed off of few seconds, not sure and cannot remember, but remember suddenly waking up with a feeling that someone pulled my leg. The feeling was so strong that I suddenly got attentive and realized that our vehicle drifted away from the interstate and may be in another few 10’s of yards we would have ended up down the hill. At a speed of over 60 miles/hour we would all have died if our vehicle went down the hill. I was able to quickly steer into the lane and immediately prayed to our Sai and thanked Him for waking me up. I clearly felt that a force pulled my leg, it was as if someone woke you up from sleep by pulling your leg, like parents do to kids. Had I not got that feeling of someone pulling my leg, (or really pulled me and woke me), we would have not survived. I feel it was our Sri Sai Baba Who was on the alert and saved us, who pulled my leg, and He as a parent woke up His child on time and saved the whole family. Om Sai Baba, I am praying for Your blessing to protect us and protect all Your devotees.

Experience #2: Lost Keys Found In Gym

I play volleyball every weekend at a gym. I typically carry two bunches of keys. One key bunch has car keys, and house keys and another has office keys and a memory stick with all office and personal information. Occasionally I backup the memory stick info to a computer. One weekend after my game at the gym, I picked up my cell phone and car key bunch and forgot to pick up the office keys and memory stick bunch. At this gym during weekends they have tournaments and it usually gets crowded. I realized about the missing key bunch after a few hours. I immediately drove to the gym, and I was positive I may not find the keys, as that small bunch could get pushed out to some corner or fall down and someone stamping on it and memory stick getting crushed etc. In a matter of few minutes I was thinking so many things about losing it and not finding it. I mentally thought that I will post this experience if I get the keys back. I went and asked at the front desk and checked for any lost and found keys, and gave him a description, they handed the key bunch to me, it was intact. I was very happy and excited and thanked our Sai. Baba I am posting the experience very late, please excuse me.

With Sri Sai Baba’s blessings I feel my younger one’s attitude seem to be getting better. Baba please give them Your blessings to focus on their academics and achieve good scores on their exams which are due soon.

Finally my request to all devotes is to have faith in Sri Sai and I am praying Sri Sai to make our faith in Him stronger and for Him to bless all His devotees. Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu. Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jai Jai Sai!

Sai Ma Saved My Daughter

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am staunch devotee of Sai ma, who can’t imagine a single day without Him. I wanted to share an experience with you all, where again our Baba had run to protect His loved ones. I always start my day and end my day looking at Baba’s face on my mobile wallpaper. I have this habit of asking questions in Sai Q & A app everyday which I feel like speaking my heart to Baba. Most of the times the answers are so soul satisfying.

3 days back I got an answer ” You will be saved from an accident and death with be avoided.” I instantly thought of my dad who was commuting to office in this covid times and prayed for him and no one else.

Today as usual like in the past 4 months, we were playing by passing a ball and throwing it to our 4 year old daughter. Our house was filled with laughter and happiness as we all enjoyed playing together. Our daughter sat on the sofa throughout the game. When I threw the ball for her, accidentally it went too high hitting the glass chandelier. Our kid who had been sitting all the while on the sofa ran to me for a hug. That was exactly when a big glass block fell right over the place where she was sitting all this while. The glass fell on floor scattering on the whole hall with glass pieces.

We are still not over the shock and keep thinking if it had not been for Baba, then we do not know what we must have been through. Sai ma protected our child and gave us back the joy in our home which we might have lost. Always I have considered Baba as a greater parent in protecting and nurturing our kid as she goes to a Baba’s trust run school. He has never failed me and keeps protecting her each time. Writing this experience from the bottom of my heart as many Sai children like me can feel the warm and love of our Sai ma. Om Sairam.

Baba Cured My Child’s Fever

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! Thank you Hetalji and team for making this forum, where we can share our experiences. Om Sairam! Sai Baba has helped me in all my difficult times. My life is all about His blessings. From last one year I am going through a lot of problems. Baba is guiding us to come out of it. I am very much confident that He will make us free from these problems very soon.

Recently my child got fever. We got really tensed as we took her out for a walk and here Covid cases are very high. I prayed Baba that if she gets cured by next day morning then I will share my experience. Our Baba never disappoints His devotees. So Baba cured my baby completely by next day. Sorry Baba I am little late in sharing my experience.

Baba my child has got some hand allergy rashes in her hands, please Baba cure it soon. She is feeling very uneasy and itchy. It was mild before but now it’s getting more itchy and it’s spreading. Baba I don’t want to take her to doctor as the situation outside is not good. Please cure her without doctor; I am applying Udi on her hands every day. Please bless her. Baba please save all of us and make the world better again.

Baba Saved My Parents

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My parents had been to Leh Ladakh with our few other family members. I had about kids and old people facing oxygen problem there. When they left that night I saw a very bad dream where my parents escaped death and were in the valley trying to come out. Although it was Saturday and not minding the day I started the saptah parayan for their safety on Saturday itself and vowed Baba that I would complete it in 6 days only that is till Thursday. Then after two days a frame of Sai Baba in our house fell down and broke into pieces. Baba’s idol was alright but the glass around it had broken. The maid said that it fell down on its own though same conditions like wind, balcony door open is usual every day. She was feeling bad and was trying to justify that she was not responsible for it. Then I consoled her and said that some bad thing was about to happen and Baba took it upon Himself. Then I called up my parents only to know that they had escaped a major fall in the deep valley only by few inches away. They could not get down the vehicle as it would lose the balance. Then some 40 people came forward to help and nearly after few hours they succeeded in moving the vehicle back on the right track. Thank You Baba. We can never ever repay Your debts. Jai Sairam.

Baba Is The Controller Of All

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thank you Hetalji and team. Om Sairam. Koti koti pranam in our Baba’s feet. This is my recent experience. Yesterday, in morning we got a call that one of our relative aunt became serious and there was some issue in pregnancy since she is very weak in health and so was having unbearable pain in her body. Two hospitals had already denied to get her admitted. So uncle and other relatives took her in famous hospital in our state. We all were praying for her. Because as we all know prayer is the only option to come out from any problem. So I drank water for her and applied Udi on my head as I can’t go to hospital because it was far from our home. I prayed whole heartedly. Then within one hour we got good news that she gave birth to a baby boy. Really this was like a miracle of our Baba.

Baba please keep Your blessings on him and aunty. May this corona reduce from this world. Om Sairam.

Passed My Exam With Baba’s Blessing

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee who loves being with Baba always. Hi all. I have been a reader of this modern Satcharitra and I find myself blessed that we get to read it everyday. New experiences make us feel stronger. The reason we feel, as devotees of Baba we are blessed.

Coming to my experience I would like to state that I had my insurance exam 3 days back. I told Baba that He would be writing the exam. I would click on the answer that He says to do so. I entered the examination centre and prayed to Him. I went on chanting Om Sai Nathaya Namah and answered every question. I passed the exam successfully and I wholeheartedly thanked Baba for helping to clear the exams. As promised I am posting my experience.
Bow to Sri Sai peace be to all.

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba save my mother baba she is assigned with covid duties. Saiakshak saiisaranam ayyappa

  2. Dear Deva. Thank you very much for being with us in our lives and lightening it up with your blessings. Thanks for having all of us under your lotus feet and protecting us. Deva thank you for making me a signatory and please help and protect me so that there are no issues or problems at all. Deva please save Mama and please bring him back to normalcy please. Thank you so much Deva.

  3. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

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