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Baba Proves He Is Not Silent

Shirdi Sai Devotee Shashank Jain from India says: Sai Baba graced me with proof that He is not the Silent Partner in the relationship. With Sai Baba’s grace, I am able to remember and write down these posts. The reason for the same is to keep an account of the many miracles that Sai Baba does every single day, which I, often forget about and again start questioning Him. So this is a very interesting incident that happened sometime in May or June 2020, during the lockdown (due to COVID-19).

I was in conversation with my sister about the miseries of life and how – not having any direction in life or a clear purpose troubles us, especially me. My sister suggested that I could overcome this gloomy and ‘mundane’ state by forming a ‘relationship’ with Baba and pray to Him not just as a distant, silent Divine figure but a bit more personal. Something like an actual relationship that I had with my sister, parents or friends.

She explained to me how, in a normal relationship, we do not only remember each other in times of need or for just formality. There is a sense of longing for each other. Both the parties, in the relationship, often wish to see more of each other, want to spend more time with each other. She suggested that I try and take a step towards Baba with that ‘relationship’ in mind and was confident that Baba will do the rest.

I immediately snapped back at her saying “How can you be in a relationship with someone who is ‘mute’ and ‘dumb’?” I did not mean any disrespect to Baba. It was then, just a matter of fact. Because I felt that Baba did not speak a word and probably was too busy to hear my problems. Even if I told Him my problems and issues, He would not be able to reply to me right now and how could I get into a relationship with someone like that?

That day I went to the ‘Pooja Ghar’ in our house and did spend a few minutes with Baba’s idol. I wanted to take that first step. After doing the pooja and probably talking to Baba for about a few minutes, I went on and about doing my daily chores.

However, the wonder of wonders. That very night I had a dream. It wasn’t exactly a dream, it could be interpreted as a vision, because I can still remember it and it was absolutely real! I was trying to sleep and Baba was going on and on and on about something. His words were not intelligible to me, but He was talking about something and it didn’t seem to stop. He was just continuously talking in my ears and was not letting me sleep. And I clearly remember telling Him, “Baba mujhe sone do. Kitna bologe aap?” (“Baba, let me sleep, how much will you talk?”) And for a few minutes or hours, I don’t remember, He did not let me sleep by His talks. I could not make out anything of the talks but He was just going on and on.

In the morning when I told my sister about this ‘vision’ or ‘dream’, she laughed saying “See, Baba proved to You that He is not dumb or mute.” And then I realized the ‘mahima’ (greatness) of my Sai Baba, I apologized to Baba and I am thankful to Him that He is here ‘saakshaat’ with me always. Jai Sai Ram.

Thanks For Help

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Germany says: Baba thanks for the help and please listen to my prayer. I am from India, with Baba’s grace living in Germany currently. Thanks for giving this platform to share our experiences with everyone and let them know that our Sai Baba with us.

My husband and I were searching for an onsite opportunity. I started Nav Guruwar vrat. With Baba’s grace, my husband got the onsite opportunity and from his company, he went alone for a few months. After a few months, I and my daughter also moved to Germany. Due to COVID we can’t go out and it was too tensed situation, new country weather and new place for me and daughter. One day I left all my worries to Sai Baba and kept full faith that Babaji will take care of us.

After 2 months my daughter got a high fever. I was too tensed and prayed to Babaji to please take care of my daughter and that I will share this experience once she gets well soon. We visited the doctor who said that it was a normal fever and it was due to teething. So after 2-3 days fever went but a new problem started. The daughter didn’t go for poop for 3 days. Again went to the doctor and he gave some medicine but that medicine worked only for that day. The next day again she didn’t poop and we gave her medicine but it also didn’t work. She passed 4 days without going to poop. I was too tensed, prayed to Babaji like please cure this problem and help her to go easily for her routine and that I will share the experience which I am doing now.

Sorry, Sai Baba, I am posting a bit late. I know You know the reason why I wasn’t able to post the experience.

Sai Baba, now I am searching for a new job in Germany. I have tried in a company and was having hope that You will help me to get a job but it didn’t turn up as I expected. I am sure You have a good plan for me. You know why I am looking for a job. You know my husband how selfish he is and every time asking me to do a job ASAP. Sai Baba, I don’t know why I got this kind of husband, I prayed for a nice one but this guy is not supporting me and always listening to his mother or his family member, doesn’t give me respect, don’t know why I got married to him. Sai Baba please I want a good job so as not to worry about my daughter’s future.

I will earn and take care of my daughter fully. I don’t want dependencies on my husband. Please help me, Sai Baba. I don’t know some black magic applied to the husband or not, but from the last few years he is behaving totally changed and is not taking care of me and daughter. Every time listens to his mother’s voice even if his mother is wrong. Please, Sai Baba, You know that You are only my mother, father, and everything. I can just pray You. Please if any black magic happens to my married life then please remove that and give us a happy married life.

I have already doing Nav Guruwar vrat for my wishes, please accept my prayers and fulfill, at least for my daughter who is just 2 years old and I am desperately looking for a job for her future well being. I have full faith in You and want to show my husband as well that Sai Baba is with me and so got the best job with a higher package with His grace. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram.

Baba Saved Me From Uncomfortable Situation

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee from Pune penning down yet another experience of Sai Leela. I am thankful to the entire team of this site for maintaining this new age Satcharitra so that every devotee’s own words can be published here.

Coming to my experience recently one of my flatmate’s boyfriend arrived from Indore to stay in the house for a few days. I was really uncomfortable with this situation. I prayed to Baba to make him go as I was scared due to Covid-19 spread. However, a big fight broke out between me and my flatmate regarding his stay on 21st June which reduced me to sobs. She uttered many hurtful words that still ring in my ears but I did not speak back as Sai would not like it. I just prayed to Baba to bring me out of this worst situation. In a few minutes, both she and her boyfriend apologized immensely to me and he left the next day. I promised Baba to share this experience if he leaves the apartment however I delayed it and he is once again back for a week. Please forgive me Sai.

I had booked my flight tickets to my hometown for the 1st of July. However, my friends are saying the flight will get canceled or I will be quarantined in an institution. Baba, You know my plight. It has been 9 months since I saw my family; please help me reach safely to my home without any problems or mishaps. I trust You completely Sai. Om Sairam please be with everyone in this dire situation.

Baba Motivated Me

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: This experience is of my college days. Exams were on head and I was not at all prepared. Moreover, I was very, very scared. That time I was new in Sai Baba’s devotees family. I prayed Baba to help me. That night I had a dream where I saw that I was very scared and tensed for my exams. Then there were padukas like one near Baba’s samadhi in Shirdi but may be of silver color. Then I placed my head on the padukas. Then Baba appeared in His usual attire (in white clothes, head gear, kafni etc.) He was standing with a blessing hand. Then He placed His hand on my head which was so, so realistic that even for many months or even maybe a few years I could feel that touch as if Baba was touching my head. He did not speak anything but in the dream itself, I felt He was saying that I need not worry and go on doing my studies and He is there to help me.

When I woke up I was very happy and could feel that blessing hand touch on my head. What was even strange that I had never ever seen any padukas before nor did I know that they are called Padukas. It was only later when I visited Shirdi I saw them. Then as you all must have guessed that I passed my exams with flying colours all due to Baba’s grace and motivation. Such is our merciful and benevolent Baba. Jai Sairam.

Thanking And Praying Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I had prayed Baba for something of which half has become true and for another half of it I am still praying Baba. I had prayed to Baba that my granny stays alone and I had requested Baba to help her with a maid or a family who stays at her place so that she need not fear anything. But yesterday an incident happened after which for a month a maid agreed to stay with granny because she is alone. I am grateful to Baba for that also. I want to pray to Baba that Baba please provide a permanent family or maid to stay at her place so that she need not worry. Please Baba and thankful to You ever.

Thank You Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Hetalji and team thank you for providing us with this platform. Dear Baba thank You very much as I did not lose my main SIM. You saved me from that. Thank You so much Baba and my phone is working now. I was very scared. This is a very important phone. Thank You very much for two others things that I am forgetting. I don’t remember the reason but I remember You helped me. Baba sorry I forgot the reasons. You are always there with me. Baba please me with us always. Om Sairam.

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