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Learning The Meaning of Saburi

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Sai Devotee Anupama from Australia says: Om Shri Ganeshaya namah. Om Sri Sai nathay namah. This blog is a testimony to how baba holds the hand and shows the way forward at each and every step in the most challenging situations of His devotees’ life. It is a detailed account of Baba’s involvement and the series of experiences that He blessed me with to keep me and my family safe from the blazing heat of our karmas. Only HE, the Supreme father, who is there watching over us all the time can do the impossible for His children and change the course of their destinies as He did in my case.

I, a devotee of Baba since 2014, was a late mother. When my child was born in 2013, I took emotional refuge in him from the unpleasantness in my inside and outside world. But the evening of 31 Oct. 2015 changed everything when my son who was 2.5 years old by then, happily went out with his dad to play in the park and came back home with third-degree burns in both his hands and left knee and 1st/2nd-degree burns on face and the right knee. I was listening to Baba’s aarti when I heard the cries and screams of my son and husband outside. It was very unusual to hear my son squealing so excruciatingly, as he had on quite a few occasions proved himself to be an exceptionally calm, brave and happy baby. Even in my wildest imagination, I wouldn’t have guessed the calamity that had befallen. When I was told what had transpired, my body turned cold and my mind couldn’t believe that this was for real and not a nightmare. All the present and future seemed to crumble before me as I stood shaking and screaming like a lunatic to see that the palms of my beautiful baby’s tiny hands along with some other body parts were unrecognizable with no skin. Our minds had suffered the shock effect too so despite realizing how crucial each and every moment was, we rushed to the nearest hospital instead of calling the ambulance and lost the way. When we reached there after a while, the doctors put him straight under the shower, and my brave little boy, with no place to sit, stood there quietly for 20- 25 minutes without complaining even once. As the doctor took off his shirt, more misery unfolded as the burn on his arm got revealed. His little arm had turned pitch black like coal. After the initial line of treatment, his case was immediately transferred to the Burns Unit at Children’s Hospital, Brisbane.

There the doctors showed little hope of recovery without surgery. They put him on extra strong pain relievers and to see how the skin responds, decided to wait for 15 days- bandaging, unbandaging, washing and cleaning his wounds every day and with every painful round of dressing, my baby’s cries that are still fresh in my mind pierced the hospital walls, what to talk of this mother’s feeble heart and mind. As if this was not enough of punishment for my karma, the doctors’ words about the long term effects of the accident filled the rest of my living years with a darkness that I had no escape from. After 15 days, the burns on his face and right knee nearly recovered but the surgery had to be done for the rest of the burnt areas as his skin was not responding and if left in that condition for long, could have developed an infection. But being his mother, what was beyond my capacity of forbearance was that he was most likely to develop scars that could restrict his movement and render him disabled. How much bad karmas I must have accumulated to be in this situation. I could only see tears and cries of agony ahead of us for the rest of our lives. There was nothing that could console me. I tried asking baba but He kept silent. What’s worse was that neither my heart nor my mind, despite the dire need, could connect to Him and get any answers. Even the application of udi from Shirdi that my sister sent in utmost urgency did not convince me in any way since destiny had to take its course. I very rarely went inside the hospital room where my son was treated as I have always been a weak-hearted person. The nurses, being concerned about my welfare, put me in a separate room to let me cry in peace. But on one occasion the room was locked as it was reserved. Hearing my child writhing in extreme pain, I went out of the unit with gushing tears and my heart tearing apart, to go away as far as possible and cry my heart and soul out somewhere in solitude. That’s when I came across a room that looked unoccupied. I went inside. It was the multi-faith room of the hospital that had a prayer book. Not knowing what prayer to write, I started writing ‘Sai, Sai, Sai ‘ in it. This became a routine on every hospital visit. Baba started dropping hints through ‘SAI’ car number plates around the hospital, but all I could think of were the circumstances and the misery that was in store for us probably for as long as we breathed. I failed to understand that Baba was trying to tell me that He was there and aware of my situation. To say that each and every moment of life had become a living, tormenting hell would be an understatement. So for mind diversion, after one such hospital visit, my husband took us out to my son’s favorite wildlife sanctuary. Pushing my lifeless body from one animal enclosure to another, I wished death for myself to see my son incapacitated for life. But who would take care of my son? What would become of him especially under these circumstances? Just when I was lost in my world of melancholy with my stare fixed at a particular point, right before my eyes I saw a whole coconut floating in the platypus enclosure. We had visited that place and that enclosure several times before but I had never ever seen a coconut before. It was as if Baba had suddenly shown His presence to pull me back to senses and was telling me to believe in Him.

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Baba Cancelled Our Return Flight And Fulfilled My Wish

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am Sai Vijitha and I am one among Sai Devotees who believe that miracles happen with Baba’s blessings.

It was in the month of October 2019, I and my husband visited Shirdi after getting married and this visit to Shirdi will be remembered forever in my life.

Like we usually book darshan/arathi tickets in advance before visiting Shirdi, I booked tickets for one-afternoon arathi and for one morning darshan.

We landed at Shirdi International Airport and I have to mention my co-passenger Nikhila a devotee of Baba and who met us during our journey and through her, I got to know many interesting facts about Baba and also about miracles of Baba. In fact our whole journey went on discussing Baba and His miracles.

On the day of our first darshan in the evening of the day when we landed, I was overwhelmed looking at Baba and there was no limit for my happiness after seeing Him and after touching His Samadhi.

After every darshan I always waited for my next darshan to see Baba again and again as we would be leaving Shirdi the next day. It was in fact a short trip where we had our return tickets booked for a day after for the afternoon flight.

After attending afternoon arathi, my husband and I visited Dwarakamai from outside due to heavy rush and as we were getting late to catch our flight, we started walking fast where I met Nikhila at Dwarkamai and she asked if I was OK to join her for one last darshan. As we both were returning for the same flight, I asked my husband to take care of checking out formalities from accommodation so that I can see Baba for one more time and join him soon at Sai Nivas.

When I entered the queue line I had no boundaries for my happiness knowing that Baba considered to see me again before leaving Shirdi and for getting another chance to see Baba but I started talking to Baba asking that I would want to sit in Dwarakamai for the whole night and read His Satcharitra and wanted to experience that pleasant time and also asked when would He give me the opportunity to attend all His arathis at Shirdi.

After having our darshan, I and Nikhila moved to our accommodations in hurry and when I was stepping out from the room, I received a call from customer care which I usually ignore but felt like attending that call even during that quick and hurry moment. So, I asked my husband to hold on for a second and responded to that call, and to my surprise, it was from airlines informing that our flight had been canceled due to bad weather.

While my husband was thinking about alternative flights, I told “Baba heard me” to myself and started counting on my how many arathis I could attend if we were staying back. I convinced my husband to get the flight rescheduled as per the airline’s suggestion and also discussed with Nikhila about rescheduling it.

It was purely because of Baba’s blessings that all the tickets got arranged for us for the evening, night and early morning arathi and I even sat in Dwarakamai for the whole night for the first time reading Satcharitra with happy tears and came across many other miracles.

When I felt that Baba has heard my request, everything around me changed in minutes before leaving our accommodation and it was all due to Baba’s blessings and yes He is with us all the time listening to us, fulfilling our wishes, bearing our pain, being the reason behind our happiness. And may be Baba wanted me to meet Nikhila during this journey and so I did. My thanks to her and my husband who understood the love and affection I have on Baba.

Baba, You are showing Your krupa (grace) on me and my family. Thank You Baba for blessing us and giving us a chance to serve You in this birth and for choosing us.

Om Sairam!

Baba’s Miraculous Gift

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from South Africa says: Om Sairam. Firstly I would like to say Thank You to Baba for everything that He has given me. I am sorry Baba for the delay in posting this experience. This is a follow up on my previous experience “My Pregnancy Miracle.” Thank you to the team for this beautiful platform whereby every experience increases our faith and devotion towards Baba.

Baba has blessed me and my husband with a beautiful miraculous gift. I have been reading the Sai Satcharitra everyday and It has given me so much strength and positivity to get through all the pain and discomfort that I have been experiencing in my pregnancy. I continue to apply Udi on a daily basis and I believe Baba is my doctor and He will take care of me and my baby. I was advised by my Gynaecologist to schedule an appointment for my 12th-week scan with the Sonographer. I called the clinic reception for 3 weeks in advance and confirmed my appointment for 22 May 2020. I was clearly told at that time that husbands would not be allowed for any appointments in the hospital due to Covid-19 regulations. I was upset hearing that since it is my first pregnancy and I needed my husband by my side. I prayed to Baba to make it possible and left it in His hands and made a decision not to stress about it.

Two days before my appointment on 20 May, I received a message on my phone from the clinic reception to confirm my appointment for 22 May, and once again I was reminded that husbands were not allowed and the patient must be alone for the appointment. I had no hope of my husband coming with me and prayed to Baba and told Him that I was not alone as I knew that He was with me at every step on the way.

On the day of the appointment 22 May, I asked my husband around 10 AM to get the video camera ready so that I could capture a little of the scan during the appointment as he won’t be with me. My appointment was scheduled for 4 PM. I was in the prayer room ready to read the Sai Satcharitra and looking at Baba’s photo and Udi when exactly at 11.04 AM my phone rang and my husband answered the call and it was the reception clinic calling to say that the hospital changed their policy and regulations in the morning on 22 May and that husbands would be allowed for the appointments. I overheard the conversation and I was looking at Baba and tears rolled down my face and I could not believe how Baba pulled with wires and made it possible for my husband to be with me during my appointment. For 3 weeks, she was very strict about it and suddenly the hospital made changes and it was on the same day and only a few hours before my appointment. Baba truly works in the most miraculous and mysterious ways. I feel so blessed that Baba made it possible for me to have my husband by my side and also to see baby’s scan and to know that everything is normal and healthy.

I pray Baba continuously to shower His blessings upon us and I hope that my pregnancy goes smoothly under these Covid-19 circumstances. Please Baba keep the hospital a safe environment for us and protect us at all times. Please heal the world with Your loving light.

Bow to Shri Sai – Peace be to all.

Om Sairam!

Sai Is Real Navigator For All Kind Of Journey

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Sai Maa, based out of Bangalore. Sai Pa is real Guru Who always tries to route His devotees to that path which is best suited for the long run, having said reaching to this path is not really an easy task. It’s just a reality check of our patience level; a lot many obstacles, tough tides to cross through, depressions, low mood, and many more. Most of us just give up thinking Baba won’t do anything despite prayers, poojas, name chanting, etc. but believe me His presence is felt by one and all who seek His guidance. I am one among them who just gave up the ray of hope and then came the time to experience His presence.

One request to all, don’t lose your hopes on Him. During tough times only hopes are the best weapons to fight back. If absolutely no ways are found then the only thing you could do is just keep chanting His name as much as possible. The solution will defiantly be gotten in some means (Maybe through a friend or through an incident or through Tv channel or through books etc.).

I have experienced many miracles in my life and all were not so easy to realize, but everything has good learning at the end. Likewise recently I was really in need of a solution to one of the financial concerns. I just prayed Baba to please help me in availing the solution and without a miracle, this problem couldn’t be solved. And yes miracle happened. He solved the same on the next day of this prayer. I did promise Baba that in case the problem was solved then I will write my experience, which may help to boost energy levels of devotees in one or other means ( I personally gained a lot of positive vibes after reading devotees’ experiences. It’s definitely the energy booster).

We are human beings, for us one problem gets solved and others will be already in the queue, but if God’s grace is with us then we can defiantly overcome any such things. There are few critical problems for which I am praying Sai Pa every day to give some ray of hope or some solution but not sure when will I get the solution. The only miracle from Sai Pa can make it happen. I hope to get rid of this situation soon and again come back with a new miracle.

Last but not the least, heart-filled thanks to Hetalji for creating and maintaining such a wonderful platform, wherein all devotees across get along virtually and express their experience like one family.

One request with readers, kindly excuse if any mistake in my write up as I am not a good writer.

Baba’s Darshan

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: It was the last day of the year 2018 that is 31st December and I had been to Shirdi with my family to see Baba despite of being warned by family of heavy rush. When we reached there the rush was beyond my expectation. It was almost evening and we had not had the darshan. Then my husband was angry with me and again reminded me that we should not have come that day but after a week as he had been saying so. But I wanted to visit on 31st December also as that year I had been on 1st January (2018) also. Then he said that I should forget about darshan and that taking Mukh darshan we shall leave. I was very angry on hearing this but could not say him anything much as my father-in-law was just beside us. I wanted to cry but could not cry. Then I started scolding Baba in my mind that why He called then that day and that I did want to leave Shirdi without taking darshan. Then suddenly something happened (I am not able to recall) that my husband agreed or someone helped us and we could have Baba’s darshan in about half an hour. Thank You Baba. Please call us to Shirdi soon and bless all Your kids especially the little one is waiting to come in Your lap of Samadhi Mandir. Jai Sairam!

Baba Helped Me Get Rid Of The Negative Energy

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: I am a devotee from Singapore. Om Sairam!

Day before yesterday, I left my friend’s house a little later into the night. I picked up my slippers in my hand and threw it on the floor outside her place. When I looked up I realised her neighbour had their prayer lamp lit up and there was prayer altar itself. I immediately apologised and said ‘Sairam Sairam’ in my heart, as it was a mistake and I did not wanted to offend anyone. The whole of yesterday, I felt uneasy about it, prayed and kept asking Baba’s intercession. I asked for forgiveness and said that I did not mean to offend anyone. By Sai’s grace, the uneasy feeling that was lingering in me, seems to have reduced today. I feel much better than yesterday. Sai and His Udi are the best aid in all times. Om Sairam.

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  1. To the first devotee: I pray that He showers His Grace and Blessings on you and yours and especially your son.

    Sai Sai Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  2. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa. Sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa.

  3. Om sai ram bolo shirdiwale sacchidanand sadguru Sainath maharaj ki sai rakshak sharnam om sai rakshak shatnam om sai rakshak sharnam om sai rakshak sharnam om sai rakshak sharnam om sai rakshak sharnam om sai rakshak sharnam om sai rakshak sharnam om sai rakshak sharnam om sai rakshak sharnam

  4. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  5. The first devotee i.e Anupama Madam, we bow down our head to you M'm.Your patience, forebearance and perseverence is quite extraordinary !.There is no doubt in our mind that you are a devotee of highest order & rest assured of Baba's blessings on you and your child. Om Sai Ram

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