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Baba Cured My Sister

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Abhishek Shrivastava from India says: Jai Sainath, I am a small devotee of my Baba. I am Abhishek from Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) India. Om Sairam to all my Baba’s devotees. First of all, I want to say special thanks to Hetal mam for this wonderful website where everyone can share their life’s experiences regarding our beloved Baba.

Experience: In November, It was 19th November 2020. There was the marriage of my younger sister. With Baba’s blessings my younger sister got a good husband and the marriage function went well. After marriage my 2nd number sister who is always suffers from her body’s pain (her legs pain or her hand’s pain). We all are tensed for her.

One day she had an appointment regarding her body ache. Where appointment at was fixed, that was not a doctor but a person who treats such type of patient by the old method we can say he was “Hakim.” After taking treatment she was returning back from that place along with my father and my three and half year old son by Activa (Scooty). They all had an accident by a biker. They all fell on the road and my father and sister got injured badly but my son had not even a single scratch. It was because of my beloved Baba. My sister got hospitalized for a while. But after some time, she was discharged from the hospital because there was a minor fracture on her ribs. My father had some pain on his foot. But by Baba’s blessings, all were saved from disaster.

My sister came at our home. Slowly my sister’s pain was increasing and due to rib’s fracture, she was suffering while inhaling some times. Whatever she took, she vomited. It continued for a long time. Those were painful days for us. We always kept praying Baba to please bless her. She was unable to take even 1 chapati completely. I gave her Baba’s Udi with water. But it seemed to me that why Baba was not listening. There are many miracles of Baba’s blessings in my life. My life is Incomplete without Baba. One day my wife (who is also a staunch devotee of my beloved Baba) prayed to Baba from the bottom of the heart and I also prayed to Baba and said to Baba that if my sister recovers very soon completely then I will post this experience on this blog. Baba, I apologize for the late posting, please Baba forgive me.

With Baba’s blessings, my sister started to recovering slowly- slowly. She started eating food. This is all because of my Sainath(My beloved Baba). Now, she is fine. But Baba, she has a big problem also, You know that very well. Baba if her wish fulfils then I will write that experience and that will be a great moment of our life. Baba, please forgive me If I wrote something wrong. Hetal mam please forgive me, if any error found in this experience.
“Shri Anantkoti, Brahmand Nayak
Rajadhiraj, Yogiraj, Parabrahma
Shri Sachidannand Sadguru
Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai ”
Om Sairam. Baba my life fully depends on Your feet and Your blessings. Please shower Your mercy on us Baba.

Baba’s Promise

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: Baba never breaks His promise! First I would like to thank the admins who keep Baba alive for us in this Kali yuga and keep our hopes alive and we get our energy boost from this platform. We find many clues or answers to our problems when we read these experiences and find that Baba is speaking to our problem through others.

My previous experience tells about how my husband who lost his job in Sept 2018 found his job as promised by Baba by Sri Rama Navami of 2019. The Q&A website clearly told me how and when he would get his job and it happened just like that.

I had been volunteering at the Baba temple that is 45 minutes away from our home and I felt so much happiness and peace during my difficult time. The priest by then knew me and so he asked me to help me with Ram-Seetha Kalyanam and I happily agreed. The event was scheduled for Saturday and the priest asked me to come on Friday evening to help with decorations. I was telling him it would be difficult to come on weekdays from work as it was really far and I kept telling him that I would come early on Saturday to help out. However, he insisted I come on Friday and I realized Baba was asking me to come and I accepted without any delay. So I went on Friday and finished helping and was hoping to go back on Saturday but I couldn’t go as I got my periods. I then realized how Baba was planning to make me contribute to the function keeping this in mind and I was so happy that I listened and went.

These experiences were the ones I wrote about last year. For this year, I had prayed to Baba to bless my older daughter who was struggling in Organic Chemistry as it was a very hard subject. The Q&A website told me that she will score very well and I should donate Rs. 21. I also did Divya Pooja for her and I donated $21 to my local temple. I had prayed that she should get all A’s for her semester and she got A in all subjects and got a B in Organic Chemistry. I was telling Baba that I had done my part, that is did Divya Pooja, donated as asked, kept praying and my daughter also did her part of studying really hard and I had asked for an A that is 90 and above but you gave her a B by giving 87.5 per cent. I told Him that I was still happy that He gave a good score but that was not exactly what I had prayed for. I also talked to my daughter to see if there was any scope for her final grade to go up and she said no. Anyway, I thought that all was done and I just moved on accepting and thanking Baba for His help.

However one day the next week, after all, grades had been posted after corrections of tests and homework, my daughter came running with her phone showing her chemistry grade was changed from 87.5% to 92.5% and that she had no idea how that happened as there was no scope for such an increment. This is no doubt Baba’s miracle in our life otherwise there is no possible explanation for this given that nothing more could be done by her or by the teacher to improve her grade. I am so thankful that Baba has blessed us and I wanted to pen down this experience as I have read other miracles like this posted by students but I had never experienced anything like this. I thank Baba for helping me pen down His leela and hoping that this experience gets published so other devotees can learn that even if your prayer doesn’t get answered the day and time you need, it does not mean He is not helping you. We have to have the stern belief that He will help us and that no one else is there to help besides Him. Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj kee Jai.

Shirdi Darshan In Dream

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Suraj Rao from India says: Sairam to all the Sai devotees of this world. I reside in Bangalore. I thank Hetalji and her team for spreading the message of our beloved Lord through this website. It is truly the modern “Satcharitra” for all the devotees in this world. I start my day with my prayers to Sai and end my day at night by talking to Baba as a friend and devotee. I have posted many experiences on this site and I have a habit of reading various devotees’ experiences whenever I am free.

Now coming to my experience, I started to read Satcharitra from April end and I do it every night before sleeping. By doing this, I get a lot of answers to my questions internally and externally. Today morning (28th May 2020), I got a beautiful and heavenly dream of visiting Shirdi all alone. The letters “Shree Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir” painted in red colour was clearly visible to me. The streets, areas were filled with bhajans of Sai. In the dream; I could also visualize the various places where Baba visited, begged for His food and performed various other leelas.

I can never forget the Samadhi Mandir and Dwarkamai darshan. The darshan was just heavenly. I just stood near Baba’s beautiful statue and was gazing at Him. I saw Him smiling at me very compassionately. I can never forget this experience. Next; the darshan at Dwarkamai was even more heavenly. As He said “whoever steps into Dwarkamai, that person’s sufferings will cease.” I just felt my Baba was sitting there and preaching to His devotees. I spent an hour there and came out feeling positive, blessed and so on. After both darshans were over, I visited the Sai Complex and did window shopping. I also prayed to Baba that if You wear any dress colour of Your choice, I will post my experience. My favourite colours are blue, green and yellow. When I got up and opened the Sai Sansthan App, I found Baba wearing the light blue dress. I was just filled with happiness and joy and was thrilled that He had answered my prayer.

I felt fully satisfied that Baba gave me His darshan in the form of this trip in the dream which I was supposed to go this May month but couldn’t due to the current corona situation. The last time I visited Shirdi was in June 2017 with my paternal aunt from the USA.

We all know that the current coronavirus is just killing us; we all pray to Sai Baba that He should completely eradicate this as was done for cholera in Shirdi during His physical existence.
Om Shirdi Vasaaya Vidhmahe
Sachidanandaya Dhimahe
Tanno Sai Prachodayat (chant this mantra 3 times and you will be benefitted)
Shree Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai..!

Baba’s Support

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Whether big or small, Baba is always there to guide me and help me. I find a lot of strength as I have His back. A lot of people on this site have been talking about this, but I have turned to Baba multiple times during this pandemic. While the country slowly opens up back, I have been seeing a few friends, no more than a few, and have ordered food a couple times. Even though lots of precautions were taken, I still got tense every time I felt a symptom or felt sick (even though it might have not been related to Covid).

A bunch of our family friends decided to surprise our family recently and it made me very tense. I couldn’t control the situation or not show up, and I was paranoid about the body pains I was having. So I did what I knew, and prayed to Baba, prayed to Him to make sure that I did not have the virus so that I wouldn’t put my family and friends at risk. A day later I felt completely fine! No body pains, no other symptoms. I know what is meant to happen will happen, but having Baba to lean on during this very uncertain time has put my mind at ease, as I know it has helped a lot of people who visit this site!

Om Sairam!

Sai’s Blessings

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. This site has been of so much help. It gives us so much positivity and faith. We had gone to Shirdi and were outside the main temple when the sheja aarti was starting. We did not think that we would be able to go inside so we were sitting out. Suddenly then a man came and guided us and within 5 minutes we were inside the temple. We attended the whole aarti. It was as if Baba Himself guided us and called us. I felt so blessed. Thank You Sai. Recently Sai guided us while shifting house and it was done smoothly.

Baba is always with us and He is protecting us and guiding us. Thank You Baba. Please bless us, protect us, guide us and keep us under Your refuge. Om Sai Nathaye Namah.

Sai’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My son had swallowed a shell used for playing ludo. With Baba’s grace there was no serious problem. Gave him bananas to eat as told by the doctor and then he was alright with His grace. Thank You so much Baba. Jai Sairam.

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