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My Life Is A Blessing From Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the US says: Sairam! I am a devotee of our beloved Sai. I feel so blessed that I’m able to introduce myself like this. Sorry, for the long post ahead. I have so many experiences where Sai proved to me time and again that He is taking care of my life. Today, I decided to share all my experiences one by one. I am sure it will be a book if I write about all of them. So, I will share one after the other. I honestly don’t know why I am sharing experiences from my past, maybe He wants someone to read this. After all, our Sai’s ways of blessing us are so unique! 🙂 For now, I would like to start with my wonderful experience on how Sai inspired me to start Nav Guruvar vrat and the result.

After nine months of our marriage, my husband and I were trying for a new job at a better place where both of us can have good job prospects. I just completed my Masters then with no prior work experience and it was hard for me to find a suitable job at the place we were then living. I was very anxious about the job. But, I prayed to Sai wholeheartedly and thanked Him for this life. He is the One Who helped me with my dream of doing a Masters in the US, got me married to a wonderful husband. I knew when the time was right; He would bless us with a good career and a family.

On New Year’s night of 2014, I got a dream that Baba blessed me and my husband with flowers and prasad. In my dream, I saw I was sitting on a bench under a tree with my husband and Baba was standing a few feet away from us, it was some temple as I saw people. I asked my husband, what is “Sarvaswa Saranagathi” – then Baba turned to me with a smile and said, “You want to know the meaning, come with me.” He held my hand and my husband’s hand and took us inside the temple. As we were standing outside, Baba went inside the innermost sanctum and got us prasad. He said to the priest who was standing to bless us. As we took aarti, Sai gave us prasad. I clearly saw it was Chana and flowers. And with this, I woke up from my dream. I can still remember the prasad very clearly. I woke up and thanked Baba for the wonderful blessings He showered on us on New Year’s day.

Later that Thursday, I read about Nav Guruvar vrat and decided to do it. I wanted to abhishekam along with the vrat, but I did not have an idol of Sai. So, I ordered Sai idol online. It was supposed to come on the following Monday, and I was so looking forward to it. As I was checking the status of the shipment, it said the mail got returned to the sender. I was disappointed. I reached out to the sender and they said that they would check. Unexpectedly, I received the idol on Thursday! I was able to perform abhishekam and puja as desired. That Wednesday, I got a dream that an old man visited our house, I went inside to get water for him and when I came back from the kitchen, I saw him sleeping on a swing which was in the middle of the living room. It was a beautiful dream. I thanked Baba for blessing me and accepting to stay in our home. I said to Baba, “Your experiences are so wonderful, I wish to visit Shirdi.”

The next Thursday I had a dream that an old man came to our home, and I gave him rice. He took the rice and opened his bag and took out a photo frame. This photo was big. It had our Sai’s face in three directions. It was as if Sai was Trimoorti swarupa. Sai was wearing a sky blue shawl. I was successfully able to complete 6 Thursdays, and my wish to visit Shirdi was growing day by day. Then I told my husband about my plan to visit India. He immediately said yes. I did not think that he would accept it as it was only a year since our marriage and we went to India for our wedding. I was doubtful if my employer would agree, as it was only 6 months since I joined them. But, they approved almost immediately!

With Sai’s blessings, I was able to visit Shirdi with my parents. I wanted to visit Shirdi so much that I spent a week in Shirdi itself and I did my 9th Guruvar in Shirdi with Baba’s blessings.

When I entered the temple, we were supposed to enter from one side of the gate, but we somehow ended by entering on the other side, which took us to the Lendi Baug. As soon as I entered, I remembered my dream. It was just the same scene that I saw in my dream. Then as I entered the temple, I saw Baba wearing a sky blue shawl, again the same way as I saw Baba’s photo in my dream. I was so happy to receive such love from Baba, I just felt like falling at His feet for the love He showered upon me.

After that on the following Saturday, while I was still in Shirdi, I was looking at the website and I thanked Sai for this wonderful opportunity and asked when He would bless me. I read the message where Sai said, ‘Watch carefully what happens at 9 pm.’ I told my mom about this and we went to Sai mandir for evening aarti. We were having our dinner at a restaurant while coming back to our hotel room; I suddenly remembered Baba’s words. I asked my dad what’s the time and he said that it was 8.55 pm. I told my mom, “Maa Baba said at 9 pm watch carefully but nothing happened yet.” And she replied, “If He said so, why doubt? Let’s see.” As we were stepping out of the restaurant, exactly at 9 pm all of a sudden, it rained heavily with a cool breeze. My mom said, “See Sai is blessing you with a cool shower.” I smiled but I wasn’t still satisfied.

I went to the hotel room and saw I had several missed calls from my husband. He called me to tell me that he got a job offer from a very big company. The posting was in a big city as we desired. He was so excited and happy. He said it happened all of a sudden. He received a call from this company about this opportunity just the day before and they interviewed him the same evening and sent confirmation on a Saturday morning! If it is not a miracle of Sai, which big company will hire so quickly and send email confirmations on a weekend? And how my husband was able to crack the interview without even being prepared? And guess what, the first missed call I received on my phone from my husband was at 9 pm! And the best part, I got conceived immediately after returning to the US and blessed with a beautiful baby girl. These are only Sai’s ways. Only our Deva can do such impossible things. And all we have to do is trust Him blindly.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope you enjoyed reading these wonderful Sai leelas as much as I enjoyed remembering and writing about them. I will post a few more experiences very soon. May Baba bless us all. Jai Sairam Guru Deva!

Baba Healed My Relationship With My Co-Sis

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I and my co-sis (devrani) shared a very good relationship. It was so good, deep and loving that all our neighbors or strangers questioned if were twins as they felt that we have a similar physique, face cut, and looks. I being the only child I and my mom always thanked Baba for such a blessing (my co-sis) in my life as I felt I got a sister. But maybe some evil eye worked that this bond was crushed and broken. The reason is unknown but may be small, small misunderstandings that were not cleared at the right time or spoken about must have been the cause.

The heap of misunderstandings kept mounting resulting in fights, arguments, and hatred. The hatred was so much then that a normal gesture also seemed wrong to each other and we fought like dogs and cats. Ultimately we stopped talking with each other but still, fights would continue as we living in a joint family. I would cry like anything when alone for the loss of a lovely relationship. Even my mil would feel very bad and cry as she had seen our bonding before. All people around had already guessed and would question us separately about us not talking and it was a complete shock to everyone as they had seen our love for each other before. When I used to see other co-sisters talking and smiling I used to remember our old days and feel very bad. I did not feel like staying in the same house and urged for separation many times. But my mil asked me to put chits in front of Baba. But each time Baba said no for it.

Day by day it was suffocating. Like this almost 3 years passed. Just before that I went to Shirdi and prayed Baba to heal our relationship. Then I took 108 rounds around the Gurusthaan Neem tree as I had read here that 108 rounds around it fulfills our wish. So I took 108 rounds around the sacred Neem tree and prayed Baba to either end the relationship completely that we don’t ever see each other’s face or bond it such that we can never stay without each other. Just after a few months of this one day, she took the initiative and things were forgotten and started living on a fresh node. It was a total surprise and my mil cried out of happiness. It’s almost more than a year that we are sharing a good bond not that deep as it was before but still one can say a very good bond. All was due to Sai’s grace. Hope Baba makes it stronger than before. I will keep saburi. I also have a lot of faith in Baba that He can do anything if He wishes. Thank You Baba for making our home a ‘Home’ again. May Baba bless all the families to stay together with love and happiness. Jai Sairam.

Om Sai Rakshak Saranam Is A Medicine Itself

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the UK says: I am a very small devotee of Sai Baba who is living peacefully and a blessed life by Baba’s blessing. Thanks, Hetalji and Team for maintaining and sharing our experiences. Thanks to all Sai devotees for sharing and reading this great modern Sai Satcharitra. I shared many experiences in the past and I would like to share one more here.

I live in the UK and during the coronavirus pandemic, we went for a long drive. As we were taking all the precautions we hadn’t stepped out of our car and we ate also in our car. When we came back home all was okay but in the night time I was feeling ear pain and I really got scared if it was ear infection? I didn’t want to visit doctor in any case, so I started chanting Om Sai Nathay Namath and Om Sai Rakshak Saranam and in the morning all my ear pain had gone with His grace. I am writing this experience in the evening and no pain at all. Sai Baba saved me.
Thanks Sai Baba.

Baba’s name is the cure itself. Thanks, Baba, and be with all of my family and please help scientists to get Vaccine soon. Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Sacchidananda Sadguru Shirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

Sai Baba Bless All Our Dreams

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the UK says: I am a very small devotee of Sai Baba living in the UK with my husband and daughter. Hello, all Hetalji and team for maintaining and sharing our experiences and Sai devotees for sharing and reading the experiences. I shared many experiences in the past and here again, I would like to share one more.

I was asking one more dream from my Sai Baba to please help my husband to lose weight as he is overweight. Sai Baba helped him to realize and he is now doing exercise with me daily. Thanks Sai Baba. I want him to lose more and more weight. Please help him Baba to lose weight and I am also losing weight. Please Baba help both of us to get fit. You know all the reasons Baba that why I want him to lose, please help Baba.

Please Baba be with us and make us always choose the right path and bless us always. Thanks Sai Baba. Ananthkoti BrahmandaNayak RajadhiRaja YogiRaja Parabrahma Sri Sacchidananda Sadguru Shirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Baba Healed Us With Udi Water

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: I am from Singapore; a working mum with three kids. My daughter has been having stomach ailment for many years and she was going through lots of pain and discomfort for the past seven years. Doctors couldn’t really help much and it was going on like this for years. I was going through lots of mental stress and anxiety due to her stomach ailment. By the way it’s a very rare condition that affects kids. It is known as EOE in short. I am so thankful to Baba Who was with her all these years and taking care of her by controlling her symptoms by not making it flare up or getting worst. I came across many posts about Baba’s Udi water and have been giving her Udi water every day and finally by Baba’s mercy her recent scope done on 8th May 2020 showed that her EOE had gone into remission. Thank You so much Baba for protecting my girl and healing her ailment. Baba please protect all the children in the world and save everyone from all ailments.
Om Sairam!

Baba My Saviour

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Kanaka from India says: My name is Kanaka Durka. I have completed my post-graduation in May 2019 by Baba’s grace. I completed two degrees with Baba’s grace and till now Baba is only saving me from whatever problem I have. I have full faith in Him.

Two months back I gave money to a girl who worked in our house before for buying a gift for one of our friends and also gave my two gold bangles as she asked me to give her my bangle for measurement as she wanted to buy a gold bangle. Now I am suffering like hell for the mistake that I have done and my parents are really become so much tensed because of this. But till now because of Baba’s grace nothing bad happened. I request all Baba devotees to pray for me to come out of this tragedy soon. My parents are scaring me that we will take this issue to police. I am suffering like hell now please help me all by praying to God.

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