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Most Lucky Are Children Under Baba’s Shelter

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to my Sai family. Please keep my name as Saibu. I am one blessed child of Baba. I have always adored and looked upto Baba as my Guru and great Father. Thank You Baba for protecting us always. I have a series of heavenly experiences in my life and am very lucky to be under Baba’s shelter.

Sept’19 – I saw Baba on the tiles of my washroom. During those days I was the saddest because of a clash with a very dear one and I was trying to make things alright. After a sad day I came home from the office and slept crying in the afternoon until evening. When I woke up in the evening with sad thoughts still on mind I looked at Baba’s calendar on the wall and cried again. That day was really sad for me. I went to the washroom to wash my face. I closed the door and started crying again. But then suddenly one flash on one of the tiles with one spark moment Baba’s face appeared. Rubbing my eyes I went near and saw clearly the tiles had taken shape like that of Baba’s statue on the stone. Baba came to assure me that He is with me and I need not cry so much. From that day even today the tiles look the same to me. I pray to Baba all the time I look at it.

Oct’19 – Besan Ladu Miracle: One Thursdays when I went to the temple, it was very crowded and I could not attend the evening aarti from the beginning. So I thought of sitting for some more time after the aarti got over and then left. After seeing me sitting for a while the temple priest called me near Baba and asked how come I was late that day. Then I was told I could not make it on time for the evening aarti. He then gave me Udi and flower and asked “So you’ll sit for the night aarti right” and without even thinking I said yes and turned to come back and sit. It did not even strike me that I had not eaten anything except fruits since morning and I only eat prasad after attending the temple on Thursday. And shej aarti was going to happen after two hours. My mom was not at home too and so I decided to spend time in Baba’s Darbar. Just then within seconds the priest again called me, I turned back to him and he took a besan ladu from Baba’s feet and gave it to me. Only Baba knows that I was fasting that day and He also knows I like besan ladu. I always get flowers and Udi from the priest but that was the first time ever I got prasad straight from Baba’s feet and the same day one of the devotees just arrived from Shirdi and I luckily happened to get Shirdi prasad too. Our beloved Sai Baba knows everything. He is always watching and looking after our wellbeing.

Dec’19 – The Biggest Miracle: One fine Thursday I left early from office. So while I was coming back home I decided to visit Baba temple which is near my office. I regularly visit the temple which is near my house and never went to the one near the office. That day was unplanned and unexpected. I just happened to go there. Madhyan aarti was going on and a big queue was at the entrance. I joined the line. Then one of the volunteers’ uncles came and told “If you want to sit for aarti, go inside directly and not in the queue.” I instantly felt happy to see aarti at this new darbar of Baba. I left the queue, went inside and sat in between the crowd. I was very happy to see this new big murthy of Baba. Aarti was about to begin in ten minutes.

Just then I remembered my dream that I had a few days back that I met this beautiful lady (who is actually my dear one’s mother) in Baba’s temple in a similar sequence. But it was not the temple near my house. In reality today I remembered the same dream and I was silently speaking to Baba sitting there while waiting for aarti to start. “Baba, all that can happen only in dreams. Meeting his mom in reality is too much like a dream, how funny of me to expect such scenes. But Baba I have only seen her photo. Is it possible for the dream to come true?” I just looked around the hall which was fully crowded. Instantly I saw in front.

The next moment was epic. I cannot believe it either and I’m shivering as I’m typing. The lady who was sitting exactly in front of me was his mother. I saw her face by side and tried to see full but she was looking in front. When she turned I saw and confirmed it was her. The surprise struck me like thunder. Tears rolling, I sat there numb looking at my dear Baba Who arranged this entire day for me. Aarti had begun. As it was about to get over I gathered courage and decided to speak to her. I met her for the first time in my life in reality. First meeting was in my dream. I could not talk. She asked me my name but I did not tell. I told her I was her son’s friend and that he was angry with me. She told me not to worry about anything. I took her blessings and left happily.

I don’t have words to describe our Baba’s love for His children. I don’t know what destiny holds for me but I totally trust in Baba’s plan. May Baba never stop showering His blessings on His children. I have more experiences of Mahaparayan journey and I shall post soon.

Om Sai Ram!

Sai – Rescuer In Tough Times

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a simple devotee of our Deva. Sai. Sai… to all the beautiful children of our beloved Deva. Special thanks to the entire Saiyug team for their continuous effort in these testing times.

My experience goes as, the entire world is facing a huge challenge against this pandemic: many are losing jobs, businesses are going haywire. The same was with me; I am into manufacturing of bags as our supplies are mainly to institutions. Due to this covid issue all our orders were put to standstill and my labours were sitting idle with no work. As Eid was near they too were in need of money and above all work. I too was in a fix as getting orders was next to impossible. Then a time came in the month of April 1st week that Ppe kits and masks were being required everywhere. I started with a small quantity of masks and then got hold of one of our clients who asked us to do job work for them. The margins were not up-to the mark but to keep the factory in motion I agreed for the same. Then accordingly various other items for kits were being arranged by us and with the grace of Baba a good order came for Ppe kits and would suffice the labours as well myself. I just want to thank Baba from the bottom of my heart for this kind gesture for His children.

One more thing to add here is, Baba You know that as the world will again come in motion with Your grace after a certain time but sustaining ourselves will be a big challenge. Please see to it that everything gets back to normal in the coming days so that everyone can fulfil his or her mental/emotional and financial commitments. Love You Deva. Sai…Sai. Samasta Loka Sukhi Bahavantu.

Sai Baba Is With Me

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a very small devotee of Sai Baba. Thank you Hetalji for creating this site. I recently became a devotee of Sai Baba after hearing about His blessings on my family member’s family. I started worshiping Him and felt His presence around me and my family for every single moment.

I was recommended by my primary physician to have yearly physical done, which included mammography. After the mammogram was done, a big blizzard of bad news was coming one after the other. Mammograms were done 3 times in a span of 2 months and immediately thereafter they recommended biopsy as they could find suspicious findings. Before even biopsy results, I was scheduled for a breast surgeon appointment. In short, those days were horrible and I do not want to even go back.

I was very scared after meeting the surgeon. I prayed to Sai Baba that every single report was indicating something bad coming to me and my family. I am a mother of a 5-year-old and 11-year-old. I want to enjoy my life with my kids and take all responsibilities for them and be a good parent. I prayed day and night that Sai Baba please change my reports and please turn the coin and let the biopsy result come out negative. My happiness knew no bounds when the report came out negative. I feel like Sai Baba is with me and He will take care of my family forever. I pray to Sai Baba to keep everybody safe and let the corona virus go away soon.

Baba My Saviour

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am sharing a small but fearful experience. I am staying in Hyderabad and I believe in Sai wholeheartedly. Before 5/6 days I found a lump type thing in my left groin area. I was very much scared after searching about the same on the net. Then I prayed to Baba to wipe out the lump in 3 days and started applying Udi in that area and promised to write the same. Every day I prayed Sai to not give me any health related stress as I can’t bear those mentally. By Baba’s miracle now that lump reduced 80℅ in size, don’t know actually what was that. But it’s going towards being invisible now. Now I am feeling happy that Baba heard my prayer. Nothing is impossible if Baba is there. Love You Sai. Help me and stay with me and with my family in every phase of life. Give me some space to be in Your lotus feet and keep Your hands on me always. Without You (Baba) I am nothing.

Baba Saved My Relationship With My Love

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hello, I am from India. This is about my experience how Baba saved and healed my relationship. In 2020, my relationship with my love wasn’t going too well. He decided to break up and blocked me. I somehow managed to reach out to him and talk to him. On the day when he messaged me that he cannot go ahead with me, I cried in front of Baba and prayed to Him. To my surprise, my love started talking nicely with me from the next day onwards. This was a miracle. I had promised Baba that I would share the experience if he agreed to meet me. And again, Baba made it possible and we started meeting daily a few months later. Thank You so much Baba. I will share my experience once we get married with both the families’ happy approval and blessings. Please pray for us. Thank You.

Baba Found My Car Keys

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. One day I was really very late for the office and I was not finding my car keys. After all efforts in vain I prayed Baba to help me locate and if found then I would post the experience here. Then immediately I found it and thanked Baba. This has happened many times and every time Baba has come to our rescue. Sorry Baba for the delay in posting. Jai Sairam.

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