Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Baba Made My Dead Phone Alive

Shirdi Sai Devotee Pooja Garg from India says: Sairam everyone! Thanks Hetal Di for all your efforts in making this online Modern Sai Satcharitra available to all Sai devotees globally and getting so many people closer to Baba with each passing day.

Few weeks back all of sudden my i-phone got dead when I was using it, maybe reading some messages or browsing etc. It was not a low battery or no battery issue. I remember very well that there was a sufficient amount of battery. I pressed the button, long pressed it and did all possible things. I even put it on charging but it was not showing any response, like no sound of connecting nor any light etc. All my efforts were in vain. Due to this lock down I knew it was not possible to get it repaired nor to buy a new phone. Moreover I was more worried for my photos and videos and the important data in it specially related to Mahaparayan. As on i-cloud there is a limit for storage and I had not upgraded the storage for i-cloud thinking it as an unnecessary expense as my phone is 64 GB which has been sufficient till now, so there was no hope to recover whole of data in case even if I bought a new i-phone after the lockdown. I had only 5GB of data storage on i-cloud, so one can imagine my state. The very thought of no phone until lockdown unlocks was making my heart cry. In this era I could well imagine myself for a few more days in lockdown but not even a few hours without my phone.

I went to my husband and asked him to do something. He too tried all possible things like long press, charging etc. but nothing worked out. It was late night and I was almost about to cry. Then what? When we feel that no one is there for us we should not forget that there is still someone Who will come running to us at our one true call. I took Udi and put it on my screen all over. Then I kept the phone in front of Baba’s eye picture frame which I have and prayed Baba to make it alright anyhow. I also said that I was keeping my phone under His eyes so that He may look into it and make it alright by morning. My husband was watching me with a kind of puzzled look but said nothing as Udi has worked for me several times in case of my laptop, to stop the rains in our marriage and various other innumerable incidents. So he knows the power of Udi and our merciful Baba.

Then I went into my bedroom. I don’t know what made me pray to Baba that if He had named my daughter as Saiva (Sai + Shiva) then He should make it alright by morning. Let me tell you in short the background of it. I had been praying to Baba that He should name her but was not convinced about He naming her as He did not show me any strong presence or indications on the 9th day after her birth (27th March 2020) when the naming ceremony was done as part of the rituals. I was blaming Baba from 27th March till that day (when the phone got dead) that even after so much of prayers all nine months of pregnancy that He did not name my daughter. (I was expecting Him to come in dream and tell the name☺as I had come across one such experience where Baba guides the name of baby through dream. The link to that experience is here). But His ways are His ways. They are beyond our imagination. I never prayed to Him for a son or daughter (although I wanted a daughter) but always prayed that, “Baba You know what is good and bad for me. So bless me with a son or daughter as what You feel is best for me but one thing is for sure that You only have to name my daughter.” I had been to Shirdi twice during my pregnancy and had asked for the same wish. But after 27th March although everyone said to me such a beautiful name, unique, modern, sweet, meaningful and the most important has Sai in it; I was not convinced that Baba had suggested it to me. Many people even said that they thought that I would name my daughter Saiesha as my son’s name is Saiesh but they liked the name Saiva very much and they had never ever even heard it before. Frankly speaking, many people even suggested the name Saiesha during pregnancy as well as after her birth but I was not keen on it as it would be very confusing for everyone in the house (Saiesh & Saiesha). On top of it I was a bit confused that if it was Baba through them suggesting me the name Saiesha and so I was always very keen on getting some strong indication of assurance from Baba for it which I was not getting. So this dead phone to be alive was a test for Baba. I also promised Baba to share the experience with all on this blog. Would like to add that a few days before my delivery I had a dream where I saw Sai Baba’s idol which was His upper half body with a blessing hand and a Shiva pind was attached to it on front side and a Om attached on the same idol on back side. So the Om (ॐ), Sai and Shiv pind all constituted as one single idol of shiny pure white material. So I thought Baba was trying to tell that He and Lord Shiva are one. So further I thought that maybe my baby would be born on a Monday rather than a Thursday as owing to some complications my doctor was suggesting 16th March (Monday) which also happened to be my birth date. But later somehow things turned out so that my baby was born on 19th March Thursday. It is only now that I understood what Baba had hinted through the dream that is the name Saiva as a combination of Sai and Shiva.

Coming back to my actual experience; I then went and laid down on my bed. Suddenly I got a thought or say it was the strong inner voice through which Baba was guiding, “Ek baar call kar ke toh dekh phone par”(meaning try calling once on your phone and see what happens). Then luckily just beside my bed my mother-in-law’s phone was there that day. I dialled my mobile number and wonder of wonders it rang. Immediately my husband who was in the room where I had kept my phone before Baba’s eyes came with my phone and said, “Our Baba is dangerous (his style of praising). He repaired your phone in no time. I too had checked it was dead. Now its normal as if back to life and the battery is also not low.”

All this had happened in a period of maximum 10 to 15 minutes. My joy knew no bounds as Baba had not only made it alive but also given the confirmation for Him naming my daughter as ‘Saiva.’ I said Him sorry for vainly blaming Him (as He did not show any assurance for the name Saiva) and thanked Baba immensely and further thanking Him with this sharing as a note of gratitude to Him! Jai Jai Sairam..!

Sai’s Grace

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Jaspreet Kaur from Australia says: Sairam everyone, my name is Jassi. I want to share my experience with you. That is Sai Baba’s miracle in my life. In 2013 I met Sai Baba in my village temple. I kept 9 vrat of Sai Baba to fulfil my dream. That time I was not very close to Sai Baba but I believed that He listens to everyone’s wishes. I went to Sai temple to pray for my wish to go to foreign country. In 2016 Baba fulfilled my wish, I got my visa. I came back to Australia with my husband and my two daughters. Thank You Sai Baba.

I also brought Baba’s one idol (murti) with me to Australia. Every Thursday I do abhishekam of Sai Baba’s idol, and offer them to wear new clothes. I have been doing this for the last four years. Then again a very hard time came in my life. Again my visa got refused and that time my elder daughter was in school and the younger one was going to start school. On that visa we were not able to pay both daughters’ fees. Then I went to school and I explained everything to the administrator. She said, “Wait let me call the department.” I was praying to Sai Baba that my daughter should not miss her class. I was crying. After the call she said that we do not need to pay both of the fees. She also gave her uniform to attend her first day of school. I was so happy and said thank You Baba. Baba always stands with me in my hard times.

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After two years we had to leave the country if we were going to apply for a new visa. Then there is a Sai Baba temple in Brisbane. My friend said that we would go there every day. I used to go to Baba’s temple every day. I prayed for my visa. Baba found a sponsorship for me. Baba helped me a lot. In the temple I saw a Sai Satcharitra in English. I asked my friend to have Sai Satcharitra in Hindi. It was my wish to read Sai Satcharitra. After a few days I went to Sai Baba’s programme and then I purchased Sai Satcharitra from there. Now I used to read every day. Whatever I wished my wish came true doing saptah parayan. Baba fulfilled my wish as I was thinking for Sai Satcharitra.

After that I always pray to Baba that now I am going to India. You have to call me back as soon as possible. I cannot live without Your darshan. Then a lot of ups and downs came in my visa. In two and half months I got my visa. I was so shocked and happy that I had got my visa. Now I can go back to Australia. Before visa Sai Baba came in my dream and He was smiling and saying that your work will be done in the next 20 days and this happened in 13 days that I got my visa. I was saying thank You Baba. Love You Baba. This happened because of You. I was crying. Baba always listens to our wishes and fulfils them at the right time.

When I went to India, in the beginning also Baba had come in my dream and said, “Why are you thinking so much?” He was smiling. He did not say when or whether my work would be done or not. I was worried why Baba said this and I waited for my visa for 2 months. As I mentioned about the other dream He said, “Your work will be done in 20 days.” It came true. Thank You Sai Baba for everything.

My husband’s medical was not clear for the visa. When I got the call from my lawyer she said, “Your husband’s medical is not clear and gone for further assessment.” I was so worried if his medical was not clear then he would not get a visa. I remember that day was a Thursday and I was on Baba’s fast. I was crying and said to Baba, “As I am nothing without You. I do not want my visa without my husband. Baba I will do saptah pranayam if his medical would be cleared.” No one will believe Baba did the miracle. I was sleeping and the next day I got a call from my lawyer that my visa was granted. When I saw why she was calling me I was worried that what she would say about my husband’s medical but the miracle happened. Sai Baba I love You so much.

Keep faith and patience. He listens to everyone’s wishes. Sai Baba always bless everyone and my family. Sai Baba please fulfil my wish to get permanent residency in Australia. Om Sairam everyone.

Sai’s Leelas

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Please keep anonymous. I am from Pune, India working in a research field. Thanks, Hetalji and team for all your efforts in publishing all these experiences which work as oxygen for all human beings who read these experiences. Please don’t disclose my identity. I have become very habitual to Sai as I am experiencing a lot of experiences of Sai in my daily routine. My day starts with Sai and ends with Sai.

Experience 1: I was praying to Baba for a job change and to help me to get an international job with a good salary. One day I saw an advertisement for the same and asked Baba through chits whether I should apply for it or not. I got the answer as NO. However, after a few days I got to know about one more opportunity and again asked Baba about the same and got the answer as YES. The selection process was very tedious and time consuming (almost for a year the selection process was going on) and was very difficult to pass through. But by the grace of Baba I got the same. Only Baba knows what is good for us and when to give the same. We have to always trust in His words and timing.

Experience 2: I have planned for a Shirdi trip with my family in the month of July 2019 for a couple of days. But due to heavy rain I could not make the plan on the first day. At the end of the first day I prayed to Baba that if You really want us to come to Shirdi then please stop the rain and allow us to go to Shirdi the next day morning. From the time I prayed to Baba, the rain started subsiding and the next morning it was all clear and we went to Shirdi and had nice darshan and returned back to our home without any issues.

Experience 3: My son’s first birthday was in August 2019. I have heard and read about Baba’s miracles where He has given Darshan on his birthday in any form. I have also prayed to Baba to show His presence on son’s birthday and give him blessings. On the day of the birthday, I did not come across anything which would assure me the presence of Baba. At the end of the day at 11:30 pm I was talking to Baba and blamed Him for not showing His presence and blessing. At 11: 45pm before going to bed I was checking my WhatsApp messages as I had not checked the messages since morning. I had received the following message: “Don’t expect Me to show My presence every time but I promise you that when you need Me most, you will feel My Strong Presence: Sai Baba.”

Experience 4: I had two big problems in my office but by the grace of Baba I have come out of them safely. All thanks to Baba, without Him it would not have been possible.

Sai Miracles Are Non-Ending

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Please keep anonymous. I am from Pune, India working in a research field. Thanks, Hetalji and team for all your efforts in publishing all these experiences which work as oxygen for all human beings who read these experiences. Please don’t disclose my identity. I have become very habitual to Sai as I am experiencing a lot of experiences of Sai in my daily routine. My day starts with Sai and ends with Sai.

Experience 1: Baba gave me darshan in the form of another Saint from the Pune district on the auspicious day of Guru Poornima. Proved that He is still alive and always near to me and my family in the form of the saint to whom I have been worshipping from the time of my childhood. I will not disclose the details here but in short Baba gave me His darshan in that saint when I was confused and tried to test Baba and that saint.

Experience 2: Admission of my daughter in the school is again a miracle of Baba. I was confused between three schools which one to choose. We left everything on Baba and He gave us the one of the best schools and showed us that He is always with my daughter by showing His presence near to the school gate (in the form of a big photo) where my daughter has now taken the admission.

Experience 3: One day I got late while going for the office in an office vehicle. I prayed to Baba to please help me to reach on time to the office as I didn’t want to miss an important meeting. In spite of being late and a lot of traffic, my vehicle reached the office on time.

Experience 4: My wife reads Sai Satcharitra every day and also on Thursdays. On one of the Thursdays, when my wife got up early in the morning to read Sai Satcharitra she realized that she forgot the book in our parent’s room. She didn’t want to disturb the parents for the book. She prayed to Baba that if You want me to read now itself please help me to get the book. Within five minutes, my father opened the door of the room and he said that he wanted to go early today to the office. That’s why he got up early and my wife got the book from the room immediately.

Experience 5: While playing in the society premises, my daughter got hurt on her ankle. She was experiencing a lot of pain and could not move her leg. I was tense and bad thoughts started coming in mind about fracture and investigations. I prayed to Baba to save my daughter from fracture and investigations. We took her to the doctor and the doctor said that everything was fine and there was no fracture and that there was no need for any investigations. He prescribed a couple of tablets and in two days my daughter was fine.

Sai Baba Never Leaves Us

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Canada says: I have been a devotee of Sai Baba since childhood. I have so many experiences of Sai Baba, all I know is He never will leave us even if you forget Him. I would like to share my recent experiences.

I applied for my Canadian PR in September 2019 and I used to ask on Sai Baba answer’s website, when I will get my ITA (first step for PR) and answer was, “Your work will be done in March-April or Ram Navmi.” Every time the Government released the score, I missed by 1-3 points and I used to cry and fight with Sai Baba. Why me? Why are You testing me? During that time Baba always indicated through various means to wait for a few months like I would see Sai Baba in dreams, any TV serial, in somebody’s car. Finally, Sai Baba got me an invitation on March 20th (His words always come true).

Always remember Sai Baba will give you things at the right time, we should have “Faith and “Patience.”

I would like to share another recent experience. Few days back I was sick and was having severe pain. I read in Sai Satcharitra and from many devotees’ experiences that if you mix Udi with water and drink it pain or difficulty vanishes. I prayed to Sai Baba and kept the glass in front of Him and drank it continuously for three days. Now I am fit and fine by the grace of Sai Baba. Thank You so much Sai Baba for everything.

Baba’s Blessings

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sairam to all the devotees. Thanks to Hetalji and her team for maintaining this site. No words to express my gratitude to them. I am a regular reader of this site. It gives me confidence and makes me feel very closer to our Baba.

Experience 1: I have problems with my periods. I didn’t get periods for 65 days. I was very nervous as I am in my late 40s and I didn’t want to get pregnant. I was praying to our Baba to solve my problem. But still I did not get it and due to the CoronaVirus, I could not visit my doctor too. I was very nervous and on one Thursday morning I was crying in front of Baba to help me. On the same day evening, I got my periods. No words to express my happiness and what else could I do rather than thanking our dear Baba.

Experience 2: My husband was complaining about his pain in his feet and hands. His hands have become very, very dry and his feet too. When we looked for the symptoms for Covid 19, dry painful feet were one amongst the symptoms. We got very scared. I started praying to our Baba and asked my husband to apply Udi to his dry parts. He was very reluctant to put the holy Udi on his feet. I urged him to take a little Udi, pray to Sai and apply to his feet. The next morning he woke up and his pain was reduced to a much extent, now he is applying coconut oil to his feet and applying Udi to his hands. Always Sai helps us, no matter whatever the situation is. Om Satchinadtha Sathguru Sai Maharaj Ki Jai…!

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