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Sai Baba Has Shown His Presence

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Dubai says: My post is about how Sai Baba has shown His presence and helped me in many ways. I am basically from Tamil Nadu and currently staying in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I want to be Anonymous.

1st Experience: I got married in the year 2018 and relocated to Dubai in the year 2019 April. I was working as a computer teacher before marriage. Then I started trying for a Teacher job in Dubai after relocating as my husband’s salary was not enough for savings in Dubai and he had taken huge loans for marriage. He has to pay housing rents and EMIs for his personal loans. I wanted to support him by going for a job and help him to clear his loans. I started searching in various Indian schools by applying to each and every job site that I found in my way of hunting.

After sending and applying 1000+, I received 1 interview call. As I received interview calls many months I started preparing very seriously so that I could crack the job, but unfortunately I wasn’t selected as the job was not relevant to the experiences which I had. Dejected, I started applying again and then I came to India on my husband’s annual holiday. After 2 days stay in India, I received another call for an interview to attend but unfortunately, I couldn’t attend. After coming back to Dubai, I got another Interview call after 1 month. This time I was desperate to crack and started preparing continuously with all the inputs and finally during the interview they took my resume and had few basic questions which I answered at my best. I was expecting positive feedback and unfortunately my efforts went in vain.

My Husband shared his experiences with Sai Baba, he made me join in a Sai Network WhatsApp Group of Sai Devotees. Through that network, I came to know about the Mahaparayan Seva and I joined Mahaparayan Seva WhatsApp Group. After joining the group, I started reading the chapters allotted to me. After a few weeks of joining the group I got a job interview through my husband’s friend on Thursday. My husband called me and informed me about the interview to attend. I was really in a state of confusion and shock. At one point I was determined to read the allotted chapters assigned to me and on the other side I had an interview to go. I informed my Husband that I will read the allotted chapters and will go for the interview. He reluctantly agreed and I went for the interview but the concerned had left for the day.

After reaching there, I called the concerned person. He informed me to come on Saturday. At one point I was in a confused state but I had my belief in Sai Baba. My husband convinced me to trust Baba wholeheartedly. It was raining heavily on Friday and most of the roads and places were water logged. It usually takes 45 minutes from my place to reach the office, but due to rain and water logging, with great difficulty I reached the place. Again the concerned person couldn’t come due to water logging. He spoke to me over the phone and was convinced with my approach and asked me to join the same day itself. Since the job was not relevant to the experiences which I had he offered very less salary but at this point of situation I was desperate to work for any salary.

My office was in a very posh area and I had to travel 45 minutes from my home. After a week, I had another interview call for a school teacher which was relevant to my teaching experiences with a very high salary than the current job offer. I was again in a state of confusion. At one point I was happy but the other point was that I couldn’t leave the current job who offered me in a difficult situation. Whether I attend the interview or not was the only thing running in my mind. I discussed with my husband, but he put the ball in my court saying it was me who had to decide. I took permission from my office and attended the interview. Interview was super and they were happy to select me for the 2nd round. I was excited and happy with myself to perform well. As I was waiting for the call, emails, SMS and after following up I came to know that they had kept the positions on hold and they would not recruit any more. I was very disappointed as the job was according to my teaching experiences.

All day my mind was full of disappointments, for some reasons. I had to visit my Directors’ office for some assignment. As I was discussing I saw a very beautiful picture of Sai Baba in my Director’s laptop. I was very excited and I got my answer. Very simple, I had been to my Director’s cabin, but I never saw the Sai Baba’s presence. I understood that Sai Baba was with me and I should not worry and be happy with whatever He has provided.

2nd Experience: After Joining the Mahaparayan Sewa, one of the Sai devotees posted a picture of Udi packet. After seeing the Udi packet, I was just wondering if I could get the Udi packet. I am in Dubai, how will I get here? I informed the same to my husband. My husband informed me that the next time we travel to India, we would visit Shirdi. Convincing myself, I thought at least I have the benefit of seeing the packet and posted the same. Seeing my message, one of the Sai devotees messaged me personally and informed me that she lives in Dubai and she had a packet of Udi. I was overwhelmed by this great Sai Baba’s Miracle. On reaching to collect the Udi packet, I not only received one but 2 packets. This doubled my joy and my belief with Sai Increased more and more. I understood that He is travelling with each and every person of this world.

3rd Experience: After joining a job, I need to travel in public transport like buses and metro. I usually get frequent cold and fever while travelling in AC buses and metro. As everyone is aware of the recent developments of the COVID-19, I used to wear masks and take hand sanitizers and go to the office. But one day I got a slight cold and I was scared and prayed to Baba immediately that this cold should go by morning and if so then I will share and post the experiences.

We should have complete faith in Sai Baba. He will show us the right path no matter how difficult the situation is. It doesn’t take a moment for Him to read His devotee’s mind and come for rescue. Sai Baba is everywhere. He can do anything and anytime. We must realise the truth. Everything will be alright.

Guru Kripa

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Guru Kripa. Whatever our destiny is, whatever our Karma is, if we simply accept the mercy of Guru, “Guru Kripa”, it can completely liberate us from all of our previous Karmic bondage.

I am a married woman and sharing the Sai Baba leela or pavada (which I experienced in my life ) with you all. I am working in a reputed MNC as a software engineer.

I started believing Baba for 2 years, before this I did not have much emotional connection with Baba. I used to worship Him at my home. Whenever I saw Baba’s idol in Baba’s temple I used to think how people worship grandpa or old man. I never went to His temple also but I never ever came to know when one fine day Baba showed His love and care for me.

Two years ago I was staying in one 1BHK house and the owner of the house was very good. She used to do pooja and also she celebrates each fest by worshiping God and the house was filled with positive energy. I was 28 years old. One day my owner Aunty came to me and gave me a Baba’s photo and asked me to read Satcharitra and do pooja for 11 days. Actually my marriage was getting late so she asked me to do vrata. My goodness Baba’s temple was near to my house. It was at a 30 minutes walking distance. I started going there and attending arti. His face was so attractive and full of love that my mom showed it to me. You all believe or not the moment I started reading Satcharitra I got many good profiles (boys) and every proposal approached my dad for marriage. My hubby came to see me during Dassera fest and then my marriage got fixed in February 2019. I prayed to Baba that I should get married before I was 30 years old. 11 days were left for my birthday from the day I got married to become 30 years old. My wish finally came true. I am very thankful to Sai pa.

Another experience: It has been 11 months since I got married. My hubby lost all his 10th, 12th and engineering certificates. He was so worried and he resigned his job for hooking up the government jobs. He was preparing for the exams but he didn’t have any certificate. For 4 months he searched but failed to find them. One day he was so upset and asked me, “what do I do now, there are no certificates and many jobs are called.” I felt so sad and I went to Baba and prayed to please make my hubby get all his certificates. Then immediately next day my father-in-law called him and said that all his certificates were at native place and all of them were kept in a drawer. We both felt so happy and I told my hubby that my Baba had helped him as He had listened to my prayer.

Same experience again: I lost my new gold Mangalya chain and I bought it at my mom’s place. After 1 month I don’t know where I kept it and I was searching everywhere but was not able to find it. I even cried and felt that it was not a good sign. I kept praying to Baba every day to please find my gold chain as I couldn’t buy it again as it was costly. Although I already had 4 mangaly chains, this new chain I liked a lot and loved to wear it. One fine day my mother-in-law called me and said, “You kept your new Mangalya chain in my box. I just saw it and called you.” The moment she said I looked at Baba’s photo and said many thanks. I felt very happy.

There are many instances where Baba has helped me. After He came into my life I have become more positive. After worshiping Baba, I worship (dhyana or meditating) my home Gods also and that too more than earlier. He loves us and cares for us as a mother does for us. So friends trust God and be grateful to Him, He gives us everything and we only need to do is trust Him, be good human and pray good for others too.

Baba Helped Me To Get A Good Job

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Please keep my name Anonymous. Do not disclose my email id as well. Sai Baba is like my best friend. I feel like He is always with me in all situations. I have experienced a lot of miracles of Baba and today I am going to share a few of my recent experiences which are all related to each other.

Experience 1: After my marriage, I and my husband were not staying together because of which there were a lot of tensions amongst us. I used to pray to Baba that we should soon start staying together. Suddenly my husband applied for a new post in his bank. We both thought that this was an opportunity through which he could get transferred to my place (where I was staying). I started doing Parayan.

One day when I slept in the afternoon after reading Sai Satcharitra, I had a dream where I saw that my husband had got selected for the new post but he got transferred to a very far place. Maybe, that was a warning that Baba gave me so that I can handle myself later and not get emotionally drowned. When the results were out, the same thing happened which I had seen in the dream. But because of the dream, I took that positively.

Few days later, I too decided to move with my husband to a new place. By this Baba helped me to fulfil my purpose of staying with my husband. He didn’t give me exactly what I asked but I am still very happy because his plans are better than ours which you will get to know by my 2nd Experience.

Experience 2: After coming to the new place I started looking for jobs, as I was working earlier and I had left my job and came with my husband. I told Baba that if You have given my husband posting here then You should also help me to get a job here soon. I started doing Nav Guruvar vrat for my job and a miracle happened. Even in such a bad job market Baba blessed me with a wonderful job in a very big MNC. It was one of my dream companies. The whole interview process and everything went smoothly as I had wished. I know that it all happened because of His blessings. So, it proves that when Guru is there, our path becomes very easy. I really thank Him a lot for giving me a job within 3 months because I needed it badly.

We are also trying for a baby now. I hope Baba will fulfil my wish also very soon. Conclusion: As I had promised Baba to post this experience, I had done the same. Sorry for posting it late. Thank you for reading my long experience. Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. Om Sairam.

Sai Baba Miracle That Saved Our Family’s Life

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Seema Kulkarni from India says: I am a housewife. My family consists of (Hemant Kulkarni) my husband, my son (Siddharth Kulkarni), his wife (Sweety Kulkarni) and a grandson (Shivam Kulkarni).
Shri Sai Baba has shown immense Krupa (grace) on me and my family for many years. I will tell you some experiences that will surely let people know that Shri Sai Baba is still present and shows His Krupa to everyone needed.

1) My family and all members were travelling to TuLjapur by our own car in May 2018. The car was at a speed of 80kms/hr. Suddenly the rear tyre bursted and we all were scared. We all were praying Sai Baba. Usually the car flips or tosses as the rear tyre burst, but surprisingly we parked the car on the side of the highway. We got help immediately. We got out of the incident without any scratches due to Sai Baba’s grace.

2) My son, a property consultant by profession, has taken a mortgage loan on our house. He has an instalment of 15000/- per month and due to Sai Baba’s grace all the instalments are paid on time.

3) We have Shri Sai Baba Satyanarayan on every full moon( Pournima) of every month by Sai Baba’s grace. We get money needed for the Satyanarayan every month without fail. My son says that Sai Baba has taken responsibility for our family. Thanking Sai Baba from the bottom of my heart. Sai Baba is always with us. Om Sairam!

Sai Baba Always Listens Our Prayers

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: I am a small devotee of Baba since 5 years. Baba always does miracles in His own ways. I am also part of the Mahaparayan group because of Baba’s blessings. Thank you Hetalji and team for providing us this platform for sharing experiences.

Coming to my experience: As you all know, due to coronavirus, most of the people have started working from home but my husband was not getting work from home in his office. I was very worried as he has to travel daily in trains and the numbers of cases are increasing every day. I prayed to my beloved Sai Baba to give work from home to my husband and started chanting ‘Sai Sai’ 1200 times. I also promised Baba that if my husband gets work from home today then I will write about my experience.

My husband came from the office and told me that he still has to continue going to the office. I was feeling very sad. Then I asked a question on the question answer site and I got the answer as, ‘Desired things will happen.’ I had faith that Baba would listen to my prayers and He will make the correct decision for my husband. Then the next day my husband went to the office and after some time he told me that he got work from home from his office. My happiness knew no bounds. I sincerely thank Babaji for listening to my prayers. Thank You Baba for everything. Om Sri Sainathaya Namah.

Thank You Sai Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the US says: Sai Baba heard my prayers! With the whole virus scare going around, my area is pretty badly hit. One day my husband said he felt some body aches, sore throat and felt feverish. We were really worried, if it would be coronavirus. I prayed to Baba that it should not be and his health should improve, and if it does I would post it as an experience. The next day he felt totally fine! Thank You so, so much Baba! It was a really scary time. Thanks a lot for protecting us. I pray that You protect everyone during these hard times from the virus! And that this time should pass soon. Om Sairam! Please be with every one of us!

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