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Sai Baba Helped Me In My SEVIS Transfer

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sairam. I have been a Sai Baba devotee since 2009. All my life’s been with Sai Baba. He is my Baba. Please help me Baba. You know what all things happened to me. Baba please help me. Baba bless me. Baba, please consider my feelings. Help me Baba. I need You Baba. Om Sai Samarth Sairam. Om Sairam.

Om Sairam. Thank you so much for the work you guys do Hetalji and the team. It’s truly indeed modern Sai Satcharitra. Please I request to keep my name and email id anonymous. Please do not reveal it.

From last year to Guru Pournima my life is going very rough and every single day I have been crying everyday. I lost so many things since July 16th, 2019. But this website and Sai Satcharitra giving me hope every single day. Hope Baba is there with me and helping me, blessing me, guiding me and protecting me here in the USA as Baba is everything to me. Baba knows what is happening in my life and hoping He is there for me.

Recently I lost my job on Feb 26th, 2020 and immediately I got a job and the joining date is March 23rd, 2020. I pray to Baba to help me. Coming to my experience, recently I got an email from college saying I have been dismissed and they told me to appeal it. I was worried as I might go out of status and if my SEVIS got terminated I might need to go to India. I was panicking the whole day March 13th, 2020 as soon as I received email. I applied for appeal and was praying Baba simultaneously, calling other colleges for admission and none of the colleges were starting as it was the neck of the moment for me to transfer my SEVIS to different colleges.

I have had no luck in the H1b lottery since 2016 to till date; it’s my karma which I am suffering. On the same day March 13th, 2020 I got an acceptance letter from a different college and I requested the other college to please transfer my Sevis as it should not get terminated and it should be active as it was the time for the H1b lottery. After the weekend I followed up with college but no one was responding and answering properly to my issue. I was so damn scared. I couldn’t sleep properly. At nights thinking about it and I kept Shirdi live website in my laptop continuously day and night next to me. I wanted to see Baba and protect me every time, help me. I wanted to be in His divine bliss as a dust near to His feet.

On Tuesday morning I was a little relaxed hoping if something happens it might be because of my karma and I left. I got an email saying my record had been transferred and would be released to another college next day which was March 18th, 2020 ( in total 9 which is my lucky number and auspicious number from Sai Baba saying He is with me). Same day I got an email about joining the office.

I pray Baba to bless me and everyone and put His divine hand on me, protect me and everyone. Please Baba bless my mother and father health wise and please don’t give them any tensions and issues and my two brothers and sisters be with them and bless them. My brother should get his H1b visa and job soon with Your blessing and my other brother who is in Australia to protect him, bless him, take care of him and also my sister. You know everything about my life, what I have been through and what happened to me. I need You Baba. I want You like every breath of my life. Please forgive me. Do not leave me, protect and bless me and my family Baba. Dear team please put my name and email id anonymous, I request you. Om Sai Samarth Sairam. Om Sairam.

Sai’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Bahrain says: Om Sairam to all Sai devotees. Many thanks to Hetalji and her team who work hard to deliver this Kaliyug Satcharitra. Hetalji please do not disclose my name and ID. This is regarding my son.

Baba blessed me with a bright child. Everything was OK till his 8th grade. Afterward his behaviour started changing. He used to be more aggressive and short tempered. I have also posted before about many experiences regarding him. This is specifically about his education. He is smart and bright academically. I am always getting remarks from his teacher that he is a very bright child and if he uses his intelligence in a proper way then he can achieve anything in life. But he is very lethargic and not able to concentrate for more than 15 minutes. He is too addicted to mobile. I tried all possible ways to leave his mobile addiction but no use. Now I leave everything on Baba. Baba is only responsible for his mobile. He has to remove his addiction. Now I will tell you about my experience.

We are too worried about his education. He has big, big plans for his career. But when we are asking him to work towards achieving it, he doesn’t want to work. He is studying in his own way. When people will study he will sleep. When everyone will sleep he will sit with books that are also not continuous. We were too worried about his 10th results because almost a full year he was sick with some skin allergies. I used to cry in front of Baba to please encourage him to study. But one thing was by Baba’s grace that if he studies little also he can deliver it in a good way. On The 10th he studied at his own pace. There was too much tension in our house seeing him but he was least bothered. He told me we will be surprised by seeing his marks. And really he scored really good marks in his board. It was only and only because of Baba’s blessings. Same lethargic way he used to study in 11th also. I was very scared that he would clear or not his 11th. But this time Baba saved us. Last week his result was declared and he passed 11th without any compartment. Thank You very much Baba. Please give him sadbuddhi (good sense) so that he can utilize his intelligence properly and at least now in 12th leave his mobile and concentrate in his studies. Baba You always helped me. Baba, please take his mobile from him and give a pen in his hand, so that he can give his best. Only You can do this impossible possible Baba. Once again Baba thank You very much. Love You Baba. Your daughter

Sai Helped Me Find Job

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee says: My post is about how I was looking for a Job, I was done with my contract and it took a while to get another good job.

Hello all Sai devotees, Namasthey! I feel I am a Sai devotee and one of the Sai family members. I was done with my job with my contracting company. I struggled a lot for almost 6 months. I prayed Baba, did 9 Gurvar vratham and other poojas. Finally He made me land in a good company with a good team. Hope this will continue forever and His blessings would always be with me.

Not only with this job had He helped me but with so many other incidents also. Whenever I am in any crisis, if I ask His help and take His nama then it will be resolved. Recently had one of the disputes with the bank resolved, and was also praying for my health and accident issue to resolve. I am not getting any words what to share, each and every minute He is with me and He is taking care of me and my family. How many I should write. Baba please bless me like this always and be with me always, Please help this earth to get rid of this virus, make all of them live healthy and happily. Namasthey Baba. Thank You SL.

Baba’s Udi Is Medicine

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: Thanks to Hetalji for running this beautiful website which boosts my faith in my bad times. Baba is our sole Protector and takes our care in the whole universe.

I was suffering with severe stomach pain in this foreign land. If I fall sick I don’t have my family to take care and it’s only my Baba Who takes care. I applied Udi to my stomach and believed me in fraction of seconds my pain vanished. I was alright. I drank Udi water reciting a prayer.

Really Baba is a Father for anyone. Even when there was an issue about my fee, my family was disturbed. I was upset and Baba made a miracle and extended the due date by a month. What a relief Deva! I love You. I had promised to share my experience. Sometimes we are selfish but I don’t know except Baba. I have problems but I am sure Baba will solve and take care. Everyone take care and have faith in Baba. Om Sairam.

Sai Miracle

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I have been a Sai devotee since 10 years. Whole of my life I have experienced only Sai’s miracle. One of my friend’s daughters was having some medical problem. It was cured very fast and just in a few months. It was because of Baba only. They had prayed for just a few months only. Thanks to the whole team for giving us the platform to share our experiences.

Now I am going through a very big problem. Now I started Nav Guruvar vrat. Hoping for the positive result. Om Sairam.

Thank You Sai Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Thank You to the team maintaining this blog. Om Sairam. I was praying to Sai Baba to save me from a difficult situation because I was in trouble and said that He only should help me. With His blessings, all of us were saved. Thank You for always being there for us Sai Baba. Everything is Your blessing. You know what I am wishing for Sai Baba. Please always be with us and take care of us. Thank You Sai Baba.

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