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My Moments With Baba

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Arijit from India says: Om Sairam! I am Arijit from Hyderabad. Oh Sai! My Baba, I am really sorry to put up this experience so, so late, and trust me I do not know why I did so, I put forth my apologies for delaying this for almost two years.

Year 2017, around the first week of February suddenly I lost my job from one of the world’s biggest multinational firms. I was shattered; I didn’t know how to react to that scenario. I started looking for a job. I gave umpteen interviews around Hyderabad. Initially interviews were not going well, but one of aunt who is not even in blood relations loves me and my wife a lot and she once mentioned, that “Baba will never leave you alone, you will see you will surely get a job” and trust me, I don’t know how and why I got so much faith and trust on her statement that I never had any kind of anxiety or tension that will not get a job.

I started my job search again, and believe me I never had a shortage of interview calls. I have even given two interviews in a day. Gradually my interviews started going well. I was able to crack all the rounds for almost every interview I was giving. In that process I got a call from another big consulting firm who said that they wanted to interview me for the role of Business Analyst in the Capital Markets domain, since I had been working in the same role in my previous organisation. They mentioned that the location was based in Brussels, Belgium and I may have to stay there for more than 2 years minimum and the duration could be more. I gave around four rounds of interviews and was able to clear all as confirmed by the HR and she asked for all the documents, which I submitted and was waiting for the offer letter.

One more month passed and I kept on following up with the HR but no luck. In the meantime, one Friday I got a call from another US bank based in Hyderabad stating that they wanted to Interview me for one of the mid senior positions on Monday as a first round. It was now May 2017, already 3 to 4 months passed without a JOB and I couldn’t rely on the offer yet that I was still awaiting, so I said ok to give the interview. Friends believe me, Monday I gave the first round, Wednesday 2nd round, Thursday I had HR discussion, who mentioned, it would at least take two weeks to release the offer, but to my surprise I got the offer just the next Monday. Within a week the interview happened, cleared and offered. Then suddenly I got a response from the HR of the former company from where I was expecting the Offer letter “Stating the position went on for Hold”. I was like Baba held me, He knew what was about to happen and He had shown me another opportunity where I could resume my work and take care of my Family. This Part of my life was getting me closer to Baba and strengthening my faith…

Moving on from here it had been 6 months I was in my new organisation. Things were going good but I was facing and had been a victim of office politics, which is quite normal in the corporates, but I thought I would be able to manage, will do my work well and diligently focus on my work and did not want to run away from there because of that. However out of the blue I got a call from another company, comparatively a way smaller than where I was working and this was far closer to my domain.

I was thinking whether to go for this interview or not. I started keeping Baba’s photo at workstation. After I finished my work, I closed my eyes and was talking to Baba about what to do, would this be a good idea to go for this Interview. I realised somebody instructed me. I remember it very clearly who said “Go for this Interview” and I was very sure it was Baba Who guided me. I gave the first round and to my surprise it was a very casual approach from my end without any preparation, and I cleared the interview which was quite a high position. the 2nd round was scheduled but it did not happen for at least a month. Just to verify whether the second round will happen or not, I enquired the HR, who said that the position went on hold. But I was OK about it as then I had a job. After a few days the same HR called me and said that they would not have a second round then as they were good with one round only and that I would then have a HR round for salary negotiation. Again the salary negotiation happened and I got a fairly good package and I got the offer there.

Since I remember Baba’s voice Who wanted me to join this company, I decided to move on and accepted the offer.

This part of my life was “Baba does everything for a reason” and what is that I will tell you ahead as I move on to my next phase.

I left the company on 12th December 2017, went to Shirdi to take Baba’s blessing before joining the new company on December 20th 2017.

I started going to my new company but was not sure why I was not liking it, things were not very organised, there weren’t any positive vibes in the company, my work was not very clear as why I was hired, my training was not happening properly, the project was not starting, in fact they wanted me to give trainings to people which was not my profile. I was somehow hanging around daily thinking if Baba had asked me to join this company, there must be some reasons. However everyday I used to ask Baba what to do, I did not like the place, the work has not started for what I was hired for. Every time I used to talk to Baba, I felt like He was saying have patience and all would be good.

In the interim, on one of the weekend’s me and my wife did a night stay with one of my very good friends almost like a brother and his family. I was talking to him about my new job and also about the compensation I was drawing there. In the conversation he casually said that your salary has gone up a bit, you need to plan for a home now, so that you can save some tax saving on the Home loan interest, else maximum amount will be deducted for Income Tax. He mentioned “if you want there are apartments that are getting built here and I can show you around.” We saw couple of apartments being built and I liked one flat and that was only one remaining in that apartment. That was the 3 BHK flat, exactly under the budget I thought of for buying this flat. Trust me I did not have the ready cash for the down payment, but all were arranged miraculously. (Many small incidents happened during this process). This was almost a ready to move in flat, we booked it and got the possession with interiors done in 3 months.

We did the Gruha Praveshon March 3rd 2018. Another incident I really don’t want to miss associated with this Gruha Pravesh where Baba took care of even the smallest of our desires. I had requested Baba that He should be the first one to enter the house during Gruha Pravesh. We had kept a Satya Narayan Pooja on the occasion of our Gruha Pravesh and we keep Satya Narayan God picture for the Pooja but as soon as our Purohit started doing the preparation for Pooja, we realised we forgot to carry Satya Narayan bhagwan’s Pic from our old home. But guess what I saw Baba’s Pic was placed on that platform already that we had brought with us. Baba assured him that He was the first one in that house. Having said that I believe All God is Baba and my Baba is all the Gods. Post that we got the Satya Narayan Bhagavan Pics and pooja was performed successfully and the Gruha Pravesh was completed.

Now coming back to the job that I was not liking, suddenly the HR called me and said, if I could meet him in his cabin. He called me and said that they were not able to find any job matching for my skill sets around the location and hence they could not tag me to any project and hence I need to part with the company. One side I was feeling sad as I did not have any other job then and had a home loan and other liabilities; I was not sure what to do and on the other hand I was like I am sure Baba has better plans for me as anyways I was not liking it. I had to move out of that company. In the interim before I was out for a job a week back or so I got a call from another company but the interview had not started. But I could remember post my job cut in this new company, the interviews got scheduled and I got the offer in 1 or 1.5 months time.

When I sat back and recalled all the ups and downs that had happened in my life were due to a reason, the previous job that I just did was there only to increase my salary upto a mark where I could get a home loan to pay for this home else I couldn’t have and the duration of that job was only until when I did not shift my new home. Such is the grace of our Baba…. Om Sairam!

Now with Baba’s grace I am trying to be more stable with my job and trying to work hard to do good and keep everyone around me happy. I am sorry for such lengthy narrations, but Baba’s leelas cannot be confined in words.

Sai My saviour

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: I am a small devotee of Baba who remembers Him when in need. Unlike some ardent devotees of Baba like Hetalji, I am His devotee but not rigorously following His teachings. Today I want to talk about my most recent experience with Baba.

In this current crucial scenario of Covid 19, I developed few common symptoms of corona. I got scared to my breath that I will be infected by that disease and so will my family. This feeling made me so nervous that I started losing hope. I was scared to even get the initial check up done with my doctor. I then begged my Baba to keep me safe from this fatal disease. I was more scared for my kids and husband to get the same from me rather than myself.

Like always, my Baba relieved me from those symptoms and I started feeling better by His mercy. Baba this world is getting very uncertain every single day and so many innocent human beings are struggling in their lives and fighting with this life threatening disease. My parents who live all alone in India are scared, scared to stay far from me and my brother’s family in the US. Baba please protect all of them in this crucial time. Please bring that beautiful time and world back. Get back your glory Baba in this world and in our lives. Sarve Santu Sukhina, Sarve Santu Niramaha! Om Shree Sai Nathay Namah!

Cradle Ceremony Happened Because Of Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi I am an ardent devotee of Baba from my childhood. Thank you Hetalji and team for creating such an awesome platform for devotees.
This story is about my son’s cradle ceremony. We are having issues with my in-laws. They tortured me during my pregnancy like anything. That’s why my parents hate them. Because of these issues, the cradle ceremony hadn’t happened. I cried and prayed to Baba, “Everyone is celebrating everything for their kids except me. Please Baba make this happen for my kid also.” After praying to Baba I told my husband that my parents were ready to call them. He called and asked my mother-in-law. She made a big issue. I kept on praying that she should accept this and function should happen peacefully. By Baba’s grace she accepted and everything happened peacefully. Thank You Thathaya (grandfather).

This experience is about my infant. One day suddenly he was weak and dull. Because of this corona I was frightened like hell. Then I prayed to Baba that if my son feels better by next day then I would post it on this site. By Baba’s grace he felt better by the next day.

Baba My Everything

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a Sai devotee from the USA living with my son and husband. My son is also a gift from Baba. Thank you Hetalji for giving us this platform to share our innumerable experiences with Baba.

Coming to my experience: I was feeling uncomfortable in my chest so prayed Baba and had some Udi with water and put some on my forehead and asked Baba for relief because now the corona cases are rapidly increasing and I did not want to go to any hospital or doctor clinic as I have a 2 years old kid. I am so scared of the present situation. But Baba listens to me every time I call with love. I got some relief and did not go anywhere. Still now it is not completely gone but I know Baba is there for me. Thank You Baba for everything. I told Baba that I will share it if I find some relief and that I will definitely share with everyone. Baba please help people all over to fight with COVID19.

Many Thanks To Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Thank You to the team maintaining this blog. Om Sairam. I was in a difficult situation where I couldn’t say anything as it would lead to trouble. I panicked and asked Baba to please help me come out of the situation and He helped me. I am so grateful to Sai Baba.

There was another time when I was in a tough situation and Baba helped me come out of it. There are no words to say thank You for all the things You have done for us Sai Baba. We are so blessed to have You always with us. We are nothing without You Sai Baba. Thank You Sai Baba.

Baba Is My Father

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Thanalakshmi S from India says: Om Sairam. Baba is always with us. I am here by sharing my experience like how I got cured from my illness. Each and every day I am getting close to Baba. Recently I had a sore throat for more than 10 days. I was worried and I got afraid. I have taken all the medicines but it did not get cured. Daily I prayed to Baba and I didn’t have enough strength to bear all my illness. I am here writing by Baba’s grace only. So Baba did a miracle. Suddenly I got rid of pain and now I am ok. I was happy and 100 percent sure that our Baba – our father was listening to us and our prayers. Chant the name Sai and you will not get any fear. Om Sairam!

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