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My Experiences With Sadguru Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I have gone through some ups and downs in my life in recent time which spurred me in writing a small compilation of Sai leelas that I experienced. I felt that Sai wants me to keep notes and make a small book of my experiences which will help others in similar walks of life. As per His wish, I compiled them. I am also part of 108 Mahaparayan group. I found that your website helps devotees share their experiences. I also want to share mine. I would really appreciate it if the stories could be published together as attached.

Sai Leelas Experiences given by my Sadguru Sai Baba is compiled for the benefit of the devotees. It gives me immense pleasure to share it with others. It will help those who need help in both spiritual and temporal matters. I read Sai Satcharitra and it is my guiding light. Indeed, the need for compiling my experiences was that, during the face of adversities, we feel lonely and miserable. Other devotee’s experiences could help us continue our journey.

I started the work at the start of the year 2019 and finished it in August 2019. I was going through a new phase of life which was difficult and my experiences through them made me realise the significance of Sadguru and meaning of life. Past few years, I have seen big ups and downs. I attained success after hard work and paid for some of my karma and became free. With the finishing of this book, my difficulties ended and I began a new lease of life. I wanted to share it with others who are in similar walks of life.  

Preface Happy New Year 2019!!! Prayers to Mother Sai: May God shower His blessings on everyone to be healthy, happy and prosperous and never forget his feet. I pray to Sai for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year. Let us finish off our Karma and thus get rid of anxiety, pain and fear of the ailments and such. Let us ever remember and hold on to Sai’s feet. Let our tongue chant “Om Sairam”. Let our thoughts and our world be Sai. We pray Sai for guiding us, always be with us, the bhaktas. Thank you, Sai, for saving us and taking care of each of us like a child.  

Chapter 1 – How I came to know of mother Sai I was brought up in a town in south Tamil Nadu which is known for the ancient temples. The townhouses many Shiva and Vishnu temples which I and my father frequented. Although I have gone to Sai Baba temples several times during my childhood days, I didn’t know about his leelas then. As one would say, only when the appointed time comes, one could hear Sai Leelas and be merged with him. My sister got fit when she was about six months old. From this time, she was administered a certain medicine every day. My mother gave her medicine daily but lost her night’s sleep getting up and checking on my sister wondering whether she had administered the medicine without fail. This went on for years and the medicine could not be stopped. My mother was very much worried. During this time we were in Hyderabad and one devotee in the apartment told my mom that there is a great Saint who would cure all diseases and end the misery of all. She told to read Sai Satcharitra faithfully for warding off all dangers. My mother had faithfully read Sai Satcharitra. Soon the doctor informed us that my sister was alright and the medicines can be stopped by reducing the dosage slowly. In a year, she stopped the medicine and my sister was alright with Sai Baba’s grace. Soon after that, we visited Shirdi and had a nice Darshan. This was my first contact with Sai which made a strong impact on me and stayed with me. Lesson: He creates faith in us by satisfying our heart’s desire. We should leave our ego and surrender at His feet. He will lead us with the lights of wisdom. He is the sole wire puller of the universe. To have the death of ego at His feet is indeed very fortunate and gives eternal bliss.

Chapter 2 – How Baba Manifested Himself And My First-Time Experience With Him This was the time when I got my job. I stayed away from home in a paying guest accommodation. I visited temples on weekends. This was the time when we figured things on our own. My mother read Satcharitra at times. I also wanted to start. I finally got the book. But I had my doubts. Nevertheless, I started to read it anyway. I kept a naivedyam for God and I was reading one chapter daily. One day, around the time I was reading the second or third chapter for the first time, the electricity went off. Not minding the disturbance, I continued to read and finished it. Nearly 20 minutes later, the electricity did not restore. I went outside to see what the problem was. Then I came to know that there was a gas leak in the cylinder with a small fire in the kitchen. With the help of the neighbouring apartment, it was put off. For safety, they have turned down the electricity. I realised that Sai took care of it, as I was engrossed in listening to His stories without giving even the slightest discomfort. I was on the ground floor, being close to the kitchen, it would have been dangerous if something was to go wrong. This experience made me realise how my faith is protecting me and made me a staunch devotee of Sai Baba. I made several readings. My difficulties in work have reduced. I grew, got better opportunities and a better salary. I read Sai Satcharitra one chapter daily and it gave me solace and comfort all the time. I was very happy and healthy without worrying about anything. Lesson: When we keep the company of Saints, all our calamities will be warded off. We will naturally feel peace and happiness in our life. The easiest of the Sadhanas Viz. reading the stories of the Sai could save us from the miseries of the worldly existence.  

Chapter 3 – His ways are inscrutable My life began to take a turn when I told my parents about my intentions of marrying the person of my choice. It was the beginning of a new and difficult journey of my life. They were very disturbed and lost trust in me. I was going through emotional trauma and was not at all prepared to face it. I kept praying to Baba to help me through the tough time. Miraculously, I received a mail stating that I won first prize in an international quiz contest that I participated in a while back, among the 4000 others in my company. The prize was to interview a famous adventurer and social enthusiast. It was by His grace that it came to me at the most opportune time. It not only helped me to gain confidence in my life but also my parents, to see my potential and understand me. It gave a new perspective on life. In the hardest of times, Baba gave me the strength to do the right thing. Getting my positive spin on things, I started to think. With the help of friends, I decided to give some time and be patient so that things start falling in its place. This way it will buy time for everybody to think about the marriage. When I was worried about how to do this, I invoked Baba’s aid very sincerely. Then by His grace, I got the idea that changed my life. This was to pursue higher education. I restarted my long pursuit of getting into one of the premium institutes in the country. I made a firm conviction that this was His proposal and that I somehow knew it would work. I started my preparation for the entrance exam. As I failed to enter the institute two times, I had a hard time pursuing it. Also, my parents supported my goal to study as they didn’t get such an opportunity early in their life. Meantime, my grandfather was very sick and bedridden. It was a tough time for the family. He passed away soon and then it didn’t get any less difficult when my paternal grandma also passed away. These things made me question the very existence and what we fight for. It made me lose interest in anything fun. I had become a little dull. Whether or not I will get through the exam, was revolving around my head as I struggled to prepare. I always wanted to be a scientist and it was my way of returning to the path. Moreover, it was my one chance to buy time, also by earning the degree which will help me gain respect for decisions from my family members. I studied hard. Ultimately, the exam day came, I felt confident and nervous at the same time. Exam centre was far away from the place I stayed. I booked myself a car and started for the examination in the afternoon. I went to a nearby temple, prayed and was going to buy lunch when I saw a kudukudupukaaran on the way. I was in a hurry, so I went ahead and thought in my mind, if I met him before I started, I would give Him some rupees. Then I went ahead, got curd rice and my taxi arrived. I got into the car getting ready to leave. Out of nowhere, the same kudukuduppukaaran came outside my car. I was pleasantly surprised and I gave the money I intended. It was the first revelation that Sai Baba was with me and guiding me. It was a long journey in the car to the exam centre. I was studying in the car and going. On the way, in a signal, a good-natured transgender lady came and asked for some money. I gave her Rs 10. She saw me studying and then took out one rupee coin, prayed for a minute and then gave it to me to keep in Pooja room. She blessed me and went away. This was the second revelation that day that God is watching over me and will take care of me. I confidently went to write the exam. As I waited for my results, all the doubts evaded me. Further, when the results came, my score was just in the border and my negative thoughts told me that I am not going to get in. Nevertheless, I applied to several locations and waited. When I got the interview letter, I prepared and did well. Not only I got into the program, but I also got it in my parents’ place. As Baba had these plans for me, I got into the premier institute and resigned my job to join there. What was the probability of me getting in the location where my parents’ live? All I can say is that it is only destiny. In spite of my past two attempts to get into the institute earlier in my career, only this was fruitful. I got into the institute when I needed it the most. I felt very confident that he always came for my rescue. It reminds me of Mother Sai’s words in Satcharitra “I will save those who sought My help. I am never untrue to My Words; I will cross seven seas to be true to My words”. The interview that I won at my office, the strange revelations before the exam and me getting into the institution are no coincidences but purely His grace. He showed me the path to walk. This made me start for Masters and which I later converted to PhD. As intended this gave the time I and my family needed to figure out the marriage. As future events showed, I was engaged to the person I loved and was happy. Lesson: I can only tell that His ways are inscrutable. Whether your star favours you or not, if He showers His grace on you, you are sure to tread on the right path and reach the destination you were born for. Whatever your problem is, keep up your hope and always pray to Him. His ways are mysterious and He will take you across the difficult times. Why fear when He is here!!!  

Chapter 4 – Efficacy Of God’s Name The efficacy of God’s name is well known. As my grandmom used to say “Hariyum Sivanum onnu, ariyadavan vaila mannu”. Growing up she used to say “Je Je Vittal Hari Je Vittal”. In Satcharitra, the significance of God’s name is stressed throughout. Whether you say ‘Sai Sai’, or your favourite God’s name, you are sure to be saved. In this regard, I would like to give instances from my life that was to this effect. I was in my 12th standard and preparing for the premiere institute. The two years were hard and I had given all the examinations and did not get through. I was sad and dejected. I was travelling to see my Grandfather and the next day happened to be my birthday. During the night travel, I was thinking about the two years of my life that went into preparation with no good results. I was thinking that it was the worst birthday and was angry with God. Sad and helpless, then I kept chanting Om Nama Shivaya and closed my eyes trying hard to sleep that night. Next day, through my grandfather, I got a seat in a good college and was very thankful. I am pretty sure it is the best course of the events that happened. As future events showed, I got into the premiere institute for my masters. The second time was in a different way that I never imagined. It was before the Comprehensive viva examination in my PhD. A lot was going on and I felt difficult to cope up with the pressure. It was January and my preparations were going on. I decided to write Om Namah Shivaya daily one column around 25 times in a paper till Maha Shivarathri. This thought came to me as I was reminded of my school where we used to write the five syllable mantra in a notebook before Shiva Ratri and submit it in the temple which was part of my school in Hyderabad. I cleared comprehensive viva successfully. During Shivarathri, I had submitted the papers in the Shiva temple in my college. Soon after, my friend from my old school invited me to her marriage. I went to the place after nine years, I happened to meet my other friend who stayed near the school and we both went to see our school and the temple. It was a beautiful experience God gave me and filled me with positive energy and hope. My joy knew no bounds when I entered the temple in my school and felt that Lord Shiva Himself took me to Him as a result of my sincerity. Who else would one get to go to the same temple, which spurred me to write the mantra? It was His blessing and the motivation that is He is with me, that kept me going. Lesson: God always had plans for us. Whether we knew it or not, He looks after us. He does what’s the best for us. In most difficult times, chanting His name comes to our rescue. He takes care of us in unknown ways, but we must keep our faith in one place, i.e. on Him and not roam around carrying the burdens on our shoulders. We should chant His name and entrust it to Him. He is sure to save us.

Chapter 5 – Why I Started To Write This Book Here, I tell you the reason for writing this book. When difficulties surround us, we look at Him to save us. One positive thought that kept me going was Him and I wanted to take it to others in need. With my PhD, slowly things became stressful. The studies and the work piled up enormously, tipping me at the smallest wrong. On the other hand, personal relations with my family weren’t great, as I started living with them from my previous life in the hostel. I was stressed with work and started getting vitamin deficiencies. Meanwhile, with the removal of my wisdom tooth and heavy antibiotics, mild but continuous stomach problems started. It caused discomfort after meals making me restless most of the time. I lost my peace of mind. The tests showed nothing and the treatments didn’t help. On my part, I resorted to different means to reduce my karma. I decided to make amends with my past deeds by doing good. I had temporary reliefs, which gave me unalloyed joy and gratefulness to God. In one of those moments, I decided, writing my own experience and His glory would benefit a lot of people. It will tell people not to lose hope in difficult times. Another important reason to write the book is as follows. I was wondering why I was doing my doctorate. It is my nature to question, my life and my decisions. I felt confident only if I knew, I did the right thing. Similarly, I started questioning myself whether this is what I wanted. What was God’s purpose behind these plans for me? It occurred to me that I was trained for greater purpose i.e. to understand the deeper meaning behind everything. To do a thorough and clear study of my life. This would also help me attain my spiritual goal. As I write my technical articles for my PhD, I decided to give my hypothesis and the experimental results of my life in the form of this book. As I write this Sai leela book, I feel that I am being tested for a greater goal i. e. to be patient and persevere for the goal. Writing His stories gives me pure bliss. So I compiled this book with important experiences that happened till then. Lesson: God assigns each of us different roles to play. The situations around us, although difficult, help us unto the path of salvation. For this, one must be patient and persevering in spite of the adversities. The only guiding light is Sai himself. So, each of us takes upon himself different ways to perceive Him.  

Chapter 6 – Importance Of Fulfilling One’s Vow We vow to God to give certain things when we are most troubled. These are my stories which give my life experiences on the same. As we know one’s debt, enmity and vows have to be fulfilled, otherwise, they follow us to our next birth. But our sincerity in fulfilling our vows can help in our improvement. I took my first vow when I started having severe hair fall. I could find it everywhere and made my mornings very difficult. I could even find it in the food I was eating. On suggestions from friends and family, I changed totally from shampoo to naturally regimen of hair application. I tried to eat everything healthy and stopped unhealthy junk food. With time, hair became thin and the scalp was very itchy. I went to the doctor and got oils, and took nutritional supplements. I had some improvement while taking the medicine but it wasn’t the solution. Like any other girl, I started to worry when my two years of trying every natural remedy with no significant results. Then I took a vow to God, I would cut some of my hair and give in Tirupati and please save the rest of it. My vow remained to be fulfilled. Then with my wisdom tooth, my stomach problems started as narrated in the previous chapter. The medicines given during the time gave reduced hair fall to some extent. Then I was relieved and stopped worrying about my hair. But meanwhile, my stomach was creating problems. I was also praying for relief from stomach problems. Then later that year, after a lot of obstacles, I could go to Tirupati and fulfilled my vow. I was relieved from hair fall and stomach problems subsided for the time being. Later, the stomach problem started giving more trouble. My inability to work effectively put me in a bad mood all the time. I tried to stop several food items and especially stopping milk gave me relief, although doctors did not suggest it. I had to go through several tests and thanks to Sai, everything was good. But my weight has dropped slowly. Doctors blamed it all on stress. As for me, my health was my concern. During this time, I was reminded of the Goa gentleman’s story, where he was advised by Baba to give up his favourite food until he recovered his lost treasure. He stops rice and after recovering his saved wealth, he visits Shirdi. Similarly, the story of Mr. Cholkar, in which he cuts the sugar in his tea, to save money for Shirdi visit. Inspired by these stories, I decided to stop milk for a year. This was my second vow. I stopped milk and milk products while staying in a hostel but I took comfort in the fact that I could still have curd items and ghee. I stopped milk and it was the hardest thing since my day would not move without drinking something. With His grace, they gave me protein powder that I drank with water. I had nothing but be patient for the year and cure my stomach. The problems repeated with small ingestion of milk products and my weight didn’t improve. In the meantime, I received Udi. I took a pinch of it with water every day and felt a little better. I felt relieved at times and worse sometimes. With my faith flickering, I was hoping all the things would fall back into place as my vows get fulfilled. I went in the path God created. The time for the one year of milk vow was nearing an end. The medication was reduced. Meanwhile, I regularly went to temple on Thursdays to do Bhajan and saw Harathi (arti). This kept my spirit up for the week. My parents read Sai Satcharitra for me. I read Shanmuga Kavasam daily as told by my father. The third was about my marriage. My marriage talks went on for a long time with sudden hope and sudden gloom at times. I was looking for a small ray of hope. I prayed for the marriage to happen without any problems and also my stomach to be cured. As per my Grandmom’s advice, I started lighting the lamp in Ganesh temple daily. Looking at my father, I also did the Hanuman Pooja for 45 days which was almost coinciding with the end of my one year of my milk vow. As future events showed, my marriage date was finalised and the mandapam was booked. This happened exactly on the day my Hanuman Pooja ended. I finished the Pooja and thanked God with Vadamaalai of 108 Vadas. My milk vow completed. I slowly started taking milk. As Sai has blessed me, my karma was paid and I became free. I was cured of my stomach completely and I never worried a jot about it after that. From this journey, I learnt that the best way to overcome difficult times is to pray and engage in worship after we have taken our best efforts to reduce the problem. This kept me positive and hopeful. At the same time taking too many vows or forgetting them could be dangerous and I have felt nervous about finishing them. Lesson: Vows are a form of firm conviction on God. Your faith and perseverance have the power to give life to your dreams and aspirations. Our sincere efforts and goodwill combined with the Sai SadGuru’s blessings are sure to succeed. Our life experiences are proof of His presence and His miraculous protection and guiding. Pray to God for your welfare but take vows only when it is extremely important. Our difficulties are temporary. He is always there to guide us.  

Request to the Readers: Please bear with what comes to you as part of your destiny. Worrying, stressing or taking extreme measures will only make it worse. Having faith in Him and persevering (Shraddha and Saburi) on the other hand, helps you cross these difficulties, and ultimately gives you happiness. When you face difficulty, chant His name and believe that He is taking some of your burden. Soon, your difficulties will end and happiness will come. Take temporary measures which keep you unto the right path. This may be going to temple or doing Bhajan or lighting lamp or meditating, which gives you positive energy on a daily basis. Keep doing it and slowly, times change and your troubles vanish. Thanks to Sai, Thank you Sai for blessing the work, without your blessing nothing could be accomplished. Thank you Sai for helping me finish this work and make it available for the devotees.

Baba Solves Our Problem Even In Most Difficult Times

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to my Sai family. Our Baba really listens and solves all our problems. Love Him and He will love you back. Sometimes we want things to get resolved in two hours only but Baba takes His own time, maybe two minutes or two days but He will surely show you a way to get out of any situation. I am sharing one such blessing of our beloved Baba with you all.

I am a student, 28 years old and still not earning money. I feel very hesitant in asking for money from my dad. I ask him for money at the end of my semester. But many times due to some sudden expenditure I go bankrupt and need money before time.

My laptop was not working, first I prayed to Sai to make my laptop the way He makes laptop, mobile of his bhaktas. But that did not happen to me for three days. I asked Baba in chit on Thursday that may I go to the repair shop today but He indicated me to go on Saturday. So on Saturday, I went to shop and the laptop maker charged me 700 Rs and asked me to come on the next day. I was very worried as I had only 200 rupees with me and 45 rupees in my ATM. I didn’t know what to do. While coming back, I was thinking on my way that why Baba was not listening to my problem as I had prayed so hard to Him to solve my problem. Why was He testing me so hard? I was in great agony as I had this faith that Baba will solve it.

I had already borrowed 1000 rupees from my friend and had not returned her. I was in confusion as I could not ask for money from my other friends as I was feeling very shy and hesitant to talk about my poor condition to them. I could not sleep the whole night. The next morning I woke up at 12 pm and I was feeling extremely low as to whom to ask for money. I called one of my friends but she was not on campus so I just gave her some other excuse to call her. Then I was feeling even worse. I was all hopeless and cried before Baba to show me a way.

I was having a severe migraine as I was thinking continuously. I was sleeping in one of my friend’s rooms and there was a calendar of Shiva with His family. I looked at the picture and prayed to feel peace for one minute and prayed to my Shiva that You are Sai. Please Sai Shiva show me a solution. If You want me to ask money from dad please destroy my shyness, my self-respect, my ego, and change my mind and give me energy to ask him. I was very low and my headache was on peak and I thought God was listening to me, looking at me but not solving my problem; but why? I was broken.

Then suddenly I met my school friend and she hugged me for 5 minutes and I literally felt like crying. But I controlled my tears. She was staying just next to my room and I told her about my problem and she gave me 500 rupees then only. She was talking to me about Sai Baba, Geeta etc. and I linked with her so quickly. I had Sai on my phone’s screen and she was happy to know that I too believed in Sai. Then we had dinner together with the friend with whom she was staying and he slept in my room too as my roommate was not there. I felt good as I felt I had met my family members and I was too relaxed. Then I took painkillers and started to write about this experience. Now I understand why Baba did not allow me to give my laptop before Saturday as He knew that my friend would come on Sunday and repair will not be done the same way. It was His great blessing on me that I came out of all the problems after too much trouble of five days. Meanwhile He arranged for my laptop from my friends so that my studies should not be harmed. He is great and His love is really equal to the love of 100 mothers. Thank You my Sai Shiva. Om Sairam friends. Baba listens to our words. Have blind faith in Him. Love You my Saiyaa.

Regarding My Parent’s Approval For Love Marriage

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi I am from India. Please do not disclose my Email Id. I have been a Sai Devotee for many years. I have done Sai Nav Guruvar vrat and Sai has shown His presence to me.

Now the problem is I am in love with a guy from the past 10 years. I used to work in an MNC. My parents got to know about my relationship so they forcefully made me resign from my job and made me sit at home idle. I have been at home for the past three years still waiting for my parent’s acceptance. They are not ready to accept my love because of differences in castes. But my boyfriend’s parents are very supportive. They already came and spoke to my father but still the situation is the same.

My parents started searching for matches for more than two years, but by Baba’s grace none of them got settled. Thank You Baba for that. But this time the situation is out of my hands. I got an alliance through one of our relatives and this time my parents are really serious about this match and they are ready to fix that alliance. I keep on praying to Baba to cancel that alliance. But nothing has changed.

Now my parents are planning to meet up with that guy. In this situation my love is asking me to elope from my parent’s house as he feels that my parents would not change. He says if I want him then please come out of the house or else to please leave him. I am unable to know what to do. Please devotees, please pray for me to get out of this situation and Baba please let my parents understand my love and make me marry my love.

Cracked MBA Entrance And Bagged Campus Placement

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My post is about how I cracked MBA entrance and bagged campus placement with Sai Baba’s grace! Om Sairam. I would like to start by thanking Hetalji and the team who manage this blog and have created a platform which binds all the Sai devotees together. It increases our faith and devotion. Thank you.

I am from Delhi, presently residing in Hyderabad. I have been an average student throughout. I was in my final year of engineering when I kept my Sai Nav Guruvar vrat asking Baba to help me secure at least one of the following: Good campus placement and cracking the entrance exam for my MBA. I worked hard for my entrance exams and placement. By Baba’s grace, I had the opportunity to do udyapan of my Nav Guruvar vrat at Shirdi. I am grateful and thankful to Baba and my parents Who have been supportive throughout my life and have provided me with excellent guidance on my career.

I was in Shirdi on my ninth Thursday fast. I did my udyapan and by Baba’s grace. I not only got my campus placement, but also cracked my MBA entrance exam. The Shraddha, love, devotion, patience lead to sweet nectar. He, who is forever with us, will help us sail very easily. By Baba’s grace, I bagged the highest CTC day 0 placement in my MBA. Sai! The hard work I did was what You made me do, the answers I wrote were what You asked me to write, the strength, knowledge and skills I acquired throughout my journey is because You made it happen! Baba! It is because of You that I have had success today. It is because of You that I stand strong with You by my side. I am very grateful and thankful to Sai Baba. It is the good karma of my past birth that I have got to know You, I came to Your feet and surrendered myself.

Got My US Visa

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: I am a big, big fan of my Sai Baba. I am a housewife and a mother of a three years old daughter.

I am a simple Indian girl who has lived in the USA for more than eight years. Last year I came to India to attend my sister’s wedding. During my vacation I also applied for my visa renewal. I thought simultaneously both things would work smoothly. As soon as I reached India I applied for my visa and for the first time in my life it got rejected. I got so scared as the visa officer demanded more paperwork which I didn’t have that time in my hand. Later days passed I reapplied two times and again it got rejected. I was very depressed. I started praying Sai Baba and I realised that I had completely forgotten that I used to worship Sai Baba during my difficult time when I was in India. Then I started 9 Guruvar vrath katha and in just three Thursdays I got my visa approved and now I am in the USA again happily living with my family. All thanks to my Sai Baba Who has always helped me throughout my life. Om Shri Sairam.

Thank You Sai Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Thank You to the team maintaining this blog. Om Sairam. I was having a hard time opening something important and I prayed to Sai Baba that if it opens then I will share the experience, and with His blessings, it opened. Sai Baba please protect all of us and if we made mistakes please forgive us. We are nothing without You and everything is Your blessing. Thank You Sai Baba.

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