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Sai Baba Is Everywhere

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. Om Sairam. Experience 1: there was an accident in my colony and I was scared as my dad hadn’t come home till then. After 30 minutes my dad came home. I felt relieved.

Experience 2: I have joined into a very good job due to Baba’s blessings and also got very good friends. Thanks Baba.

Experience 3: This year I have celebrated my birthday in the office. All my colleagues surprised me. And this was one of the best birthdays I had. With Baba’s blessings also took my parents for dinner.

Experience 4: Recently my dad had severe kind of pain wherein he couldn’t even breathe properly. It was a very difficult situation as it was night 12. We all were so worried. We all were praying to Baba. It was like suddenly Baba came and put His hand on my dad’s stomach. Within a few seconds he was normal. Thank You so much Baba.

Experience 5: I have been having a regular fever for 20 days now. Baba, please cure me Deva. I have lost so much weight. You know what all health issues I have. Baba, please cure all my health issues and bless me with happy healthy life Deva. Om Sairam. Om Sairam. Om Sairam.

Baba Cured My Daughter’s Cough Fever

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: Please keep my details anonymous. Thank you Hetalji for the wonderful website. Sorry, sorry Baba for posting it so late.

In the month of December, my daughter was getting cold, cough and fever very frequently and last week of December she got pneumonia. She had her medicines and was fine within three days by Baba’s blessings. But we took her outside to the mall immediately after she was fine; which we shouldn’t have done.

Suddenly one evening she got a fever with a cough. Then we went to the ER where they didn’t do any tests, just told us that she might have the flu but they would not give medicines because it had side effects. Then we waited for two more days until the fever didn’t go. Then we took her to the doctor wherein he did a flu test and he gave medicines. I was very scared to give flu medicines because of side effects but the doctor told me that it was nothing and there was nothing to worry. I prayed to Baba to please help her get out of this flu without side effects. I applied Baba’s Udi and kept Baba’s book under his pillow. She was fine within two days. Sorry again Baba for posting it late. Thank You for helping us all the time.

Baba Helped Me

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Kenya says: Hi everyone. I’m a small devotee from Kenya. Please keep me anonymous. Coming to my experience: I was worried about someone and I requested Baba to please make him text me and he did. Thank You Baba.

Baba You know that he texted me some things and You know everything that has happened between us and You know about the other guy too. Baba You know that the other guy really helps me and supports me but I don’t know why I can’t seem to let go of the first one. You know that whenever he texts me I feel bad and all I want to do is go back to him. We both made mistakes but I don’t know what to do now, please help me Sai Baba. If I go back You know someone will be hurt but if I don’t go back then the other will be hurt and I’m worried. Please help Baba.

Baba You know about this virus going around please just make it go away. Please keep it away from him and everyone I care about. You have the power to do anything so please keep everyone safe and healthy. I’m sorry for our mistakes, not only mine. Please forgive us. Om Sairam. Thank You Hetalji and team for this site.

The Powerful Mantra Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My Sai, my Deva I have surrendered my life at Your lotus feet. I have no words to express my gratitude to the team who have been keeping us alive in this world by sharing so many experiences of the devotees.

Coming to my experience I have no words to share my gratitude to Deva for always being with me and listening to my prayers. My daughter’s board exams are on and she always panics before the exam.

Before one such exam she cried and said that her stomach was hurting badly and she was feeling restless. As she went on showing her helplessness to the situation I cried to Baba to remove her pain and completely cure her. I started chanting Om Sai Rakshak Sarnam 108 times and promised to share my experience on this blog once she got cured.

I was fortunate and the pain subsided very fast and she became happy. As promised I am sharing a day late but keeping my promise. Love You Baba. Devotees have faith in Baba. He is our Saviour. Bow to Sri Sai peace be to all.

Safely Returned From Travel With Family

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sai Devotee from India. I would like to remain anonymous. Sai is my greatest protector and friend. My experiences have been published on this divine portal and I am amazed how Baba has handled all our situations at the same time, year or month.

Recently I travelled to South India for a week with my family. All travel arrangements and booking was done well before two weeks. But just one day before the trip my son had a severe cough and cold. I was worried if I could still go ahead with vacation? So I prayed to Baba that if I returned from travel without any problem then I will post my experience here. Travel/vacation were well spent. My son’s health was good throughout the trip. We had not faced any problem and all went smoothly. Thank You Sai Baba for Your help for completing the trip without any problem. Om Sairam.

Sai Baba Helped Me

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a very small devotee of Sai Baba and also the member of Mahaparayan MP-4948, roll no 19.

I am pregnant right now and me and my husband both are working in the same MNC because of Baba’s grace. My whole pregnancy is very smooth because of Sai Baba and Ganpati Bappa’s blessings. My husband has lots of work from the company side so I pray Sai Baba to please help him to complete his task from the office as soon as possible, so that he will spend quality time with me. Baba fulfilled my prayer. I had promised Sai Baba that I will share my experience here after fulfilling my wish. So I am doing now. Thanks a lot Sai Baba. Please always be with me and my family. Om Sairam.

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  2. Baba I thank you that you blessed my son, he has been chosen for second round, it became possible only with your blessing baba..please keep blessing my son always baba..he keep good health n study hard baba…on sai ram

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