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Chanting Sri Sai Arogya Kshemadaya Namah

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Myself and my family are followers of Baba and love Him because He loves us.

I have been sharing my experiences on this site and many have been published. Thanks to the team who has been doing a wonderful job in keeping all the devotees motivated. I am sure all the experiences we read keep us remembering one thing that Sai loves us and takes care of us always.

Experience 1: Two days back my younger daughter was hit by a basketball on the right finger. I got stressed for the same. I started chanting Om Sairam. After sometime I started chanting Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam and promised Baba that I will post my experience once she feels good.

I would like to mention the pain was reduced a lot and now she doesn’t complain of the pain and that too it disappeared in a period of two days. Love You Sai. Take care of us and keep protecting my children.

Experience 2: My elder daughter’s board exams are on. In the tension she is continuously having gastric problems and it becomes really challenging for her to concentrate and study.

Yesterday night after food she started complaining of severe stomach ache. I literally got scared as the studies would hamper and she started feeling restless. I prayed to Baba for her immediately and started chanting Om Sri Sai Arogya Kshemadaya Namah 108 times and promised Baba that I will post my experience if she gets cured. The miracle happened and sometimes she felt better.

Devotees if you are suffering than chant the mantra and I am sure you will get cured. Baba, please take care of us. Bow to Sri Sai peace be to all.

Baba’s Blessing

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. Hi everyone I am a small devotee of Sai Baba From Rajasthan, Ajmer.

Here I want to share two experiences which happened a few days before. My mother has been unwell for the last few days. She has many health related issues due to which I am very worried. I daily pray to Sai Baba to bless my mom with good health. Baba listened to my prayer as she was improving slowly.

Few days before she slipped down on the floor and got unconscious. We were worried for her health but only Baba saved my mom from a leg fracture. But the doctor said that she has a gap in her knees. I daily pray to Nanu to please bless my mom with good health.

Another experience is related to my father’s health as he came home approximately after one month. He was on a business tour, where he got a cough due to which I got worried. I prayed to my Sai Nanu to please remove my father’s cough as soon as possible and that I would surely post my experience on Hetalji’s blog. Only due to Sai Baba’s blessing he is improving and getting fine.

Thanks Nanu for Your love and blessings. Please I request You to be always with my parents and blessed them with good health and happiness. Om Sairam.

Baba Blessed My Son

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Hi, I am a small devotee form USA and member of Mahaparayan group MP-567. Thanks to all who are behind this website and Mahaparayan – it gives people like us to enhance their faith and get blessed.

On Feb 12 2020, my son came and complained that he has an indentation on top of his head and when we checked it was a soft spot. We are very worried. Next day, Thursday we got an appointment with our doctor and she said everything was fine but to rule out we will go for an X-ray and CT scan of the brain. My family was in a very sad state and we were very anxious as my son was due to start his job on March 2nd far away from us. We got the appointment for the CT scan the following Thursday 27th Feb 2020 and we were able to get the X-ray done on Monday itself. When we got the CT scan day – we were having positive thoughts as it happened to be a Thursday. I requested my MP-567 group to pray for my son and with Baba’s grace and with all their prayers – Baba bless you all, the CT scan went well and all results were good. We are very relieved. My apologies to Baba as I should have shared the blessings on Thursday /Friday itself.

Baba, bless us all.

Trust In Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! I am a very small devotee of Baba from India. I have shared one experience before, which has been posted here. Coming to my another experience, our family has been going through a very rough phase. My sister recently got married but her relationship with her husband is not so great. He doesn’t treat her like a wife. He just listens to his dad and whatever his dad says he blindly follows him. His dad tortures my sister so much by saying bad words about her and my family. Even he brainwashed his son against my sister and my family. This all she has been tolerating from the past 8 months of marriage. They don’t let her go out of the house also. So finally she came back to my dad’s place. They have stopped contacting us. Today I prayed to Baba that if he or his family member calls her today then I will write about my experience. And to our surprise his dad called my dad. Thank You Baba so much. Baba, please make her husband realize his mistake. Make him love his wife. Please Baba, please listen to our prayer. We really want him to respect my sister and take care of her. Baba please fulfil my wish as well. Om Sairam!

Miracle In My Life

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba from my childhood. I love Baba so much. I am so happy to share my experience. Only because of Baba’s blessings my marriage happened. I was praying to Baba for the past two years to show me the right life partner. I asked Baba only one thing: give the person whom You think I deserve to live the rest of my life. I visited Shirdi with my family in June 2018. I got married in Dec 2019. After I visited Shirdi everything started happening smoothly. I used to ask Baba on questions and answers site. I used to get replies like you will be happy after November and December. As Baba said I got married in December to the best person in the whole world. I am so happily married now. Thank You so much Baba. And one pleasant surprise was I got a Baba statue as a gift from one unknown person which I have started worshiping now. Without Baba nothing would have happened in my life. Love You so much Baba.

Baba Is My Life

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi. I’m from India, a small and tiny devotee of Baba. Thank you Hetalji for posting my experience. I was really astonished by seeing my experience posted in a very short span of time. I really thank the whole team. Baba I need Your blessings throughout my life. Please bless my parents to be healthy and fit. Mom is suffering with some or the other pain. Please bless her to be healthy and even dad too. I want You to be with me all the time. My faith in You should increase more. Baba, please bless me to get a new house by this month’s end. Bless me with a healthy child. And one more wish, my husband is very much interested in settling in the US. If You wish or bless us to go, then please be with us and give us jobs there for both of them. I don’t want to be dependent. Please help me in my career growth as well. Bless everyone with health which is more important now. Love You so much Baba. I can’t imagine my life without You.

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