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Shraddha And Saburi Endows More Than Ever Desired

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Germany says: My post is about Shraddha and Saburi endows you more than what you have ever desired. Hi, I am a small devotee of Sai from Germany. My Pranaams to all the readers and to the team members of this blog. This is my another experience which I am penning down within two months again.

We moved to Germany two and a half months back and were staying in the company provided accommodation. We started searching for the house just after a few days of landing. We had seen a house and were ready to sign the contract, taking things into consideration especially like how difficult it is to find a house here, another thing was that we had only one month permit to stay in the company provided accommodation and to find a school for my son ASAP. The location was in the center of the city and also had some good schools around and some other extracurricular options for my kid. But it had some drawbacks like it was on the fifth floor without an escalator, single bedroom, expensive and we had to buy all the furniture from the previous tenant even though we did not need it. But because of some issues in contacting the landlord by the house agency and the tenant who was staying, we couldn’t finalize it. At the same time we were searching for other houses and visited many houses but couldn’t finalize anything because of the issues like delay in the replies from the landlords, houses were too small or the house locations were too far from schools etc. We were literally losing time in waiting for the replies.

Our plan was to start our school search as soon as we move to the permanent address, as we have to choose a school near to our house. My husband was getting restless. Days passed silently and hopelessly. In between we had also seen houses which were good but no luck as we couldn’t finalize them because of various reasons. Mean time the company provided that one month stay period had been finished and again we had to move to another house for a temporary stay. Even I was losing patience with these temporary stays and unsettling lives. We started applying for bilingual International schools as the local government schools medium of instruction is only in German. Although many people advised me that children will pick up language soon, I was worried as it will become very hard for the kid to adjust and also it would be even more difficult if we move to another country in the future. All the schools we applied had replied saying that there was a waiting list till next year and they could not give the admission. There were a number of days I used to feel so depressed by looking at the replies by the schools.

Meanwhile there were some talks going on regarding a house and I did not have much expectations after going through so many ups and downs. I left my worries at the feet of Baba and said that “whatever You choose to do, I shall consider it for my betterment and as Your blessing”. Even though we know that whatever Sai does is for our best but still that worry in the disguise of disbelief (towards God) will still bothers us. Isn’t it? Gradually things started to happen slowly and finally we signed the contract for the house and took the keys on January 10.

It would be an exaggeration if I say this, but I should share with you all that what a beautiful house Baba selected for us. There is a beautiful river which goes along the side of the house. Place is very peaceful and silent yet not isolated (just as we wished). Three sides of the house will show three different lifestyles rural, semi-urban and urban. The rising sun, pleasant sound of the river waves, birds chirping sound, sky that looks like a different beautiful painting every day, lovely swans and ducks, boats and ferries which travel across several times in a day, moon which peeps in to the window and altogether the place surprises me daily with so many things. Who else in the world can make this happen for me except for my Sai? A place I might have just wished and loved for in my thoughts but couldn’t imagine that would happen really. My heart fills with devotion and gratitude towards You Baba every time I see through from my house window Sai.

As another miracle Sai blessed us to get my son admission in a good bilingual school. When we heard all NO’s from almost all the schools this was the only school from which we received a kind of positive reply. The school admission process took almost more than a month and we were afraid whether we would get the admission or not, but I think that it was only as per Baba’s wish that everything happens. The day before the personal interview was scheduled I was reading the experiences of devotees randomly from our site and couldn’t believe my eyes to see my own post published which I had submitted two months back. Coming across my own post was a miracle in itself and I took it as a blessing and positive sign from Sai for the school admission.

My son started going to school from yesterday. Also school is nearby to our place. I always wonder how Baba turned things around when we were almost convinced for a house which had so many drawbacks and for a local public school! How thoughtful and merciful You are Sai towards Your devotees. I have always read that Baba always asks His devotees to have Shraddha and Saburi (Faith and patience) but the real value of it I am experiencing and realizing with each and every miracle of Sai in my life.

I request all the devotees to have patience (even though it takes a lot to be patient than to just say) but at the end of the day Baba definitely blesses you with the right thing and even more wonderful than you would have ever imagined. Thank you all. Sorry for such a lengthy post.
“Om Shirdi Vasaya Vidmahe
Sri Sacchidanandaya Dheemahi
Thanno Sai Prachodayat.”

Got Desired Job By Grace Of Baba Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: By divine grace of Baba, I want to share my awesome miracle. Dear Baba, You have always been there for me, in every situation and in every problem. Whenever I have needed You, You were there without any fail. Baba as You know, I was trying to switch my job from last three years. I gave so many interviews, performed well but somehow couldn’t get the final call. I was trying very hard to get new opportunity but I was disappointed every time. With a life full of despair and low confidence, I left trying for another jobs. But then my brother Kamal told me about Mahaparayan group (Mass Group Prayer where reading of two allotted chapters of Sri Sai Satcharitra done from home every Thursday).

I have been a Sai Bhakt since long but this time I was not in a mood to participate in Global Mahaparayan, but unwillingly I participated for the sake of his word. I am sure Baba wanted me to participate in it. I must say since I have started doing Mahaparayan, I have felt Baba is always there by my side. One day I got a job call from the HR of a renowned company. I attended Interviews with a neutral feeling. I had cleared both the rounds of Interview but like before I wasn’t sure for the final call. But to my surprise I got a final call with a good offer. I thanked Baba so much. He helped me to grab another job. And after two months, He again did a miracle. After 10 years, I got back to my Hometown. I was transferred by my company to my hometown. Without demand, He has blessed me with so much happiness.

Marriage Miracle Due To Baba’s Blessings

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Chennai and a strong devotee of Baba from my childhood. I am so happy to share my experience.

Only because of Baba’s blessings my marriage happened. I was praying to Baba for the past two years to show me the right life partner. I asked Baba only one thing that give the person whom You think I deserve to live the rest of my life. I visited Shirdi with my family in June 2018. I got married in Dec 2019. After I visited Shirdi everything started happening smoothly. I used to ask Baba on questions and answers website. I used to get replies like you will be happy after November and December. As Baba said I got married in December to one the most beautiful soul I can ever ask for. I am so happy now with my new life which is all because of my Baba. I received a Baba statue in my reception through one anonymous lady. This was the best gift I ever received. Thank You so much Baba for being there in my life. I always feel Your presence in my life. Sorry for sharing this experience late. Please be with me always. When you strongly believe Him with patience, Baba will definitely give you all the best things in life

Sai Baba’s Leela

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to everyone. I am a small devotee of Baba from Delhi. Om Sairam to all devotees. Thank you so much to the admins of this blog who are providing us such a wonderful platform to share leelas of our beloved Baba. I have a small experience to share.

I have a habit of going to Sai Baba temple daily. Today when I went there, I don’t know but it was closed. I was upset and I prayed to Baba from outside and asked Baba to please accept my prayer. Just when I went but further I saw an auto and it was written “Sabka Malik Ek” and at that moment a car speedily went by and it’s number was 5454 (equals to 9). Whenever I am depressed and need Baba badly, I get to see many cars around me adding upto number 9 (Baba’s number). Thank You so much Baba for accepting my prayer. I am really sorry for all my deeds. Please forgive me Baba and please fulfil this wish of mine. It won’t ever happen again. Please bless everyone Baba. Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sacchidanand Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Baba Took Care Of My Child

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: I am a small devotee of Baba. My son got fever just one day before travelling. His fever was recurring and was high. I just made a wish that he should reach safely to India without fever. I was thinking not to send him, but I put two chits in front of Baba to answer. Baba said ‘Yes’ to go. Then I sent and wished that he should finish the trip successfully. He went and came back safely. Om Sairam.

Thank You Dear Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Thank You to the team maintaining this blog. Om Sairam. I was in a difficult situation and was expecting to talk to my supervisor. I was so nervous because I made a mistake and I prayed to Sai Baba that if the talk goes well then I will post the experience. With His blessings, everything went fine. Thank You Sai Baba for all of Your help and always bless us.

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