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Me And My Sai – My Miracle Sai

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the US says: I am Sai’s daughter. Om Sai Ram, these three are the magical words which bought a lot of happiness in my world and those are breathing words “Oms AIR am” to me. I would like to thank Hetalji and the entire team for their fabulous and fantastic work on this website by helping us read and share the experiences. This is Modern Sai Satcharitra after Baba’s Samadhi and I love the newly developed webpage for posting.

Coming to my experience 1: I was working remotely and had to login during Christmas holidays’ time but all others staff were on vacation. So, I woke up late that day and tried to login. Just two days I had changed my password and I never made a note of passwords either personal or official and will just remember. So when I was trying to recall and enter, it failed. I tried to login multiple times but was not successful and had to call the IT team to reset it.

Then I came to know that I am a contractor and so I need a manager ticket to reset it. But all were on vacation for 10 days. I was not sure if I should check with them during vacation time about this, as it would odd about my password reset. I was thinking I should have saved somewhere.

Finally, I prayed to Baba to help me to recall my password and tried one more time. Usually, once you reach maximum attempts, it will not allow you to check again but Sai’s grace helped me to login, hurray…!!! It worked! My Miracle Sai. Lol.

Experience 2 : I was doing remote so decided to get back my luggage in another city. So during my return flight I was thinking my baggage was more than the limit of airline baggage weight. Hence prayed to Baba that I should not pay anything extra since airline tickets itself was extra cost to me. I had 2 check-in bags and one carry-on. Still 1 extra bag of luggage was with me even though I threw most of them and gave some of them to others. During check-in of my bags the airlines people saw my extra bag and informed me at the terminal that they would allow only carry-on but not extra bags, since those were chargeable. My carry-on was almost full and there was no space in it. So, I was thinking what to do? Then I tried to push most of the luggage to carry-on and kept my food bag separately. Then prayed my Sai to help me and said that I would post my experience on my favourite website. When I checked with them about the food bag, they said that it was not chargeable. My Miracle Sai…!

Experience 3: My entire team has been working remotely for the last 4 months, so I am working alone at work, becoming mad being alone and missing family and kids. So I checked with my team and they were okay but I didn’t take permission to work remotely with my subcon manager because he would not approve. But one day he called me and asked me to report to the office and had a bad conversation. I knew it was my mistake to not inform them but they would not understand my concern as my family is in the West and I am in the East. So prayed to Baba to save me from it and that he should approve me then that I would post my experience on my favourite website. So, I called him the next day and told him the situation but he insisted that I come to the office. I was praying Sai to help me. My Miracle Sai…!

Dear Sai family, my Sai always does miracles but we have to hold Shraddha and Saburi. Do your best in all the things and leave the rest at His lotus feet. He knows what is good or bad for us.

I have finished my Masters with a lot of hopes and struggles (of course my Sai was with me all times). I am planning to get my OPT (Optional Practical Training) here but I got an RFE on my OPT; could you please pray for me to get it approved else I can’t continue my work, thereby becoming lazy and having a pessimistic attitude. I don’t like that and it’s horrible for me. So please pray for me. By Baba’s grace my RFE has to approve and get a permanent job. May Saipaa bless you all and your family with health, wealth, happiness and joy forever.

Shata Koti Pranam Baba to Your Lotus feet
Om Sri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai…!

Sai Baba Listens And Fulfils Every Wish

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to all devotees. I am a very small devotee of our beloved Sai from Delhi. I work in the IT industry. Thank you to all the admins for providing us a beautiful platform to share our Sai’s leela. I want to share an experience that happened today.

Daily after doing Pooja at home in the morning I go to Sai temple. Today as usual I went there but I was hungry today as yesterday I had a fast of Nav Guruvar Vrat. I was just saying in my mind that I might get something in the temple. Also daily I give Rs. 2 as dakshina in the temple. Today in total I had Rs.4. When I reached there, I saw that there was a fakir sitting in front of the temple. So I gave him Rs.2 and kept Rs.2 to give dakshina to Baba. But he asked for more and I gave the fakir the remaining amount I had. I went to the temple and prayed to Sai and while giving dakshina I thought I might have some notes or coins in my wallet but it was empty. I had a thought that anyhow I will have to give dakshina in the temple. I went out again and asked in shops if they had change the to give me and that I would pay via UPI. I was not getting any luck, but finally got a shop where I got Rs.10 in change.

I went back to Sai temple and happily gave Rs.2. In the meanwhile pujari was there and he gave me a sort of sweets to eat. I was very happy. Sai fulfils every small and big wish. Sorry Baba please forgive me if I’ve made any mistakes in the post.

Please Baba forgive all my sins, as I promise You it won’t ever happen again. Please fulfil this wish of mine and I will surely post it and will do whatever I’ve said to You. Please Sai.

Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sacchidanand Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Thank You Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My post is about how Baba helped me to get a promotion. Thank You Baba.
Om Sairam. I would like to thank Hetalji and the entire team for this wonderful service and this website is really helping by creating positive vibes and we are getting very close to Baba through reading all His miracles.

Coming to my experiences, there are lots. The first experience which I had posted is about my mouth ulcer and how it got cured through Baba’s Udi. Thanks so much Baba.

The next one is I prayed Baba that if I get job promotion this year then I would convey my heartfelt thanks by sharing this experience. I was praying Baba for so many years and our God really blessed me by answering all my prayers.

My promotion was due for a few years but I was not ready with good justification and this year my boss was supporting me by assigning some visible projects and initiatives. Through his guidance and Baba’s blessings, I was able to perform well and I managed to prepare my accomplishments as per management’s expectation. I was praying Baba continuously and I went to Shirdi as well to fulfil my prayers. I would say Baba heard my prayers and He showed me the path from the beginning of the year to contest for the grade promotion.

Through Baba’s blessing I got the good news last week that I had been promoted with a good rating as well. This is all due to Baba’s blessings. Thanks a lot Baba. I always pray to bring me to Shirdi every year and please be with me as always.
Please bless me to remove all my negative thoughts from my inner mind. Thanks Sairam Sairam Sairam.

Travel And Health Blessings

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: I would like to be anonymous. This is my eighth experience and I thank Baba for everything.

Recently we made a trip to India and during this trip Baba has been constantly watching over us. It feels surreal that Baba has unique ways to help us.

Experience 1: We were taking connecting flights and had to go through multiple security checks. When we were in queue through the last check, my husband remembered that he had not picked up his laptop in the security check before. He rushed back and it was already 30 minutes past when we had crossed that check. I was so concerned and started praying Baba. Finally my husband came back in ten minutes with his laptop. It was truly Baba’s protection that we remembered at the right time that we had lost the article and we could recover it without much hassle.

Experience 2: During the last phase of our trip we both fell sick and I was very concerned. I did not want to take the flight. I asked my husband to postpone the trip and he agreed immediately. Normally there are a lot of discussions but it all fell in place. It helped me to relax and I was happy that I was able to rest before my trip back.

Experience 3: This trip was filled with situations where things could have gone wrong with people and situations. But at every step Baba helped me and I remembered Him at every moment and my things hailed smoothly. Thank You Baba for Your guidance and constant support.

Baba Answers Even The Smallest Prayers

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Thank you admin for such wonderful service. I am a small devotee of Baba. I have shared a couple of my experiences here. I have seen Baba’s miracles every day. Baba answers to every smallest of our prayer, all we need to have is Faith and Patience and trust me Baba is with you.

Coming to my experience my son called from college and said that he was feeling home sick, depressed and started crying. I was feeling very sad and helpless. I asked him to calm down and relax but I was worried a lot. Next day morning I prayed to Baba that everything should be good and normal and asked Baba to take care of my son.

I texted my son and asked how he was doing and he said that he was better. I was so happy to see when he wrote better. Thank You Baba for answering my prayer. Baba I pray to You to please always bless all friends, family, Your devotees with good health, peace of mind and all the good for everyone.

Sai My Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Germany says: Hi, I am a Sai devotee from many years. Sai Baba – the name itself gives me goosebumps. I have been a devotee of Baba for six to seven years. Have visited Shirdi once. I can’t thank enough for making me visit Shirdi.

We moved abroad recently and since then life has become a roller coaster for us. I miss going to Baba’s temple every Thursday. Whenever I need Baba’s help, I sit in front of His idol and pray.

There have been many incidents where He did real miracles. Hence I’m writing this to show my gratitude towards Him. Baba has utmost power. We must trust Him and worship Him with no doubts in mind. I see Baba’s darshan sometimes on the app and I feel immense pleasure. Baba please shower​ Your blessings on us. Please bless me and my family with good health and happiness.

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  2. Omsairam…thankyou much Baba for getting back my chain and for making me free of stomach pain…love you Baba..i would have become mad without your support..

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