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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a humble devotee of Sai Baba from USA. Om Sri Sainathaya Namah. I humbly offer my sincere pranamams to Baba for His ever flowing grace and karuna. I would like to sincerely thank the team at Sai Baba experiences for giving me an opportunity to share my experiences through their platform. I had shared my experience previously how Baba helped me to come out of a dire health situation. I couldn’t have been in a position to write that article if Baba hadn’t helped me. Because of His grace I am continuing to keep good health. Koti Pranamams Baba for Your help and protection always!

In this post – I want to humbly share my four experiences (1) My Wife’s Health (2) My Job (3) My Birthday (4) My Shoulder

(1) My Wife’s Health: Want to share little background to this experience – My wife’s mother returned to India after visiting us in US. She was in US for few months. During her stay here I saw her reading Sai Satcharitra everyday. Upon her return to India she travelled to interior parts of villages which were away from her place of residence in a city to meet her relatives and friends. It appears, she contacted virus and her lungs got affected. Her condition seemed to deteriorate and my wife traveled to India to take care of her. Within few days she passed away on the Christmas day. She was bed ridden only for a week before she passed away. We were all praying to God to help her recover but God had a different plan. The experience I want to mention here is that while my wife was away in India taking care of her mother, on Christmas day I went to temple to participate in the Sai Ganesha’s abhishekam as the day happened to be Sankata Hara Chaturthi. I took beautiful rose flowers for Lord Ganesha. Usually, on Abhishekam days lot of people bring flowers for decoration. I believe, it so happened on that day that I was the only one who bought the flowers. Priests took each rose and decorated all over the Ganesha’s idol. I was very happy and I prayed for well being of my mother-in-law. As I was leaving the temple I received a call that she passed away. Exactly at the time the flowers I bought were being put on the Sai Ganesha’s idol she left to God’s abode. I didn’t know how to connect the events. But upon reasoning I realized that Sai in the form of Ganesha accepted the flowers telling me that she was with Him secured and safe. Following this event, my wife went into anxiety and depression. Her health got seriously affected with multiple ailments from heart to neurological problems. The effect was so much that we kept going to different specialist doctors for many months. Nothing was helping and we kept seeing doctors one after other. She went through multiple procedures. We kept praying Baba earnestly through this difficult time to help her recover and rejuvenate her. It was only through Baba’s kind grace that she has got much, much better. Baba, please help her recover fully and make her healthy and happy.

(2) Me And My Job: Baba helped me come out of dire health situation in 2015. I am supposed to get yearly checkups and by His grace the reports came out fine. Thank you Baba! Regarding my recent experience I have lost my job after many years with the company due to downsizing. I was trying for a new job. During this time I started reading Sai Satcharitra to complete in a week. I visited this site to read experiences and I saw a picture of Baba with the message that a ‘Friend will help’. Somehow this message stuck to me. On the Wednesday, the day before the Satcharitra would be completed I received a call from a friend of mine that one of his colleagues was looking for someone. On Friday I was interviewed but somehow it didn’t work out. Few days passed, I got another good job of my liking by Baba’s grace. Two days into this job, again the same friend called me and said that there was another position in his company and he wanted me to meet his boss. I did meet him but got a feedback that his boss liked me and would like to offer position next year. Baba’s message I found on this site ‘A friend will help’ came so true. A friend tried to help me again and again. I seek blessings for my friend and his family through whom I received Baba’s help. Thank You Baba!

(3) My Birthday: There are many experiences and Baba’s miracles that I see at every step of the way and day to day. The most recent experience was on my birthday which fell on Thursday. I took a day off and went to Baba’s temple that is far away. I was looking shabby and not even dressed neatly to be noticed. As I went to priest to take the theertham after prayers, he asked only me among other people that were present there to climb the altar and touch Baba’s feet. This was the most blessed thing that happened to me on my birthday. As I stood on the Baba’s altar, priest had asked me that he would take a picture of me with Baba if I give him phone. He took many pictures while I bowed with ecstasy at Baba’s feet. This was the best unexpected pleasant present that I received on my birthday. Usually when these type of things happen, tears roll out and whole mind and body involuntarily succumb to Baba. I experienced that beautiful feeling. Thank You Baba!

(4) My Shoulder: I was suffering with severe pain in my right shoulder and neck for more than three months. The pain became severe and unbearable on October 24th, 2019. Not sure of what to do I sought help of our Baba and also applied Pavithra Vibhuti on my shoulder before going to work. The pain continued for the rest of the day and I slept through the severe pain that night. Next day October 25th, 2019 I woke up with the pain. Again after puja, applied Vibhuti with great faith by looking at Baba and seeking His help to relieve me of the pain. At work the pain became more severe than the previous day. I couldn’t work and was not able to concentrate. At around 3:30 PM suddenly I realized that I was not feeling pain. I couldn’t believe. To further make sure, I moved my hand and shoulder and I didn’t feel the pain. My joy knew no bounds experiencing a painless shoulder after 3 months. This was Baba’s miracle. He cleared and relived me of pain. Thank You Baba!

Dear Baba, I humbly and with all humility offer my prostrated pranamams and offer these experiences. Please continue to shower Your blessings on all of us.

Baba Helped Me Pass My Candidacy Exam

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am simple devotee from USA. Pranam to Sai Baba and hello devotees! I am here to pen down my experience that happened two days ago. Kudos to Hetalji and the other team members for tying the loose ends of all devotees’ experiences from all over the world into a form of modern Sai Baba’s Satcharitra. Please keep my name and email id anonymous.

I am currently doing my PhD in the USA and had failed my candidacy exam in the first attempt (Aug 2019) despite doing Sai Baba’s 9 Thursday’s vrat. I was upset with Baba as to how I failed my exam when I was doing His Pooja? This was the first time in life that I had failed any exam and was very ashamed of it. Actually Baba wanted to teach me a lesson which I did not realize until December 2019 when I was preparing for the exam again which was my final attempt and I had to leave US if I failed in my last attempt.

When I took the exam first time (August 2019), I was very confident and had lot of pride that I will definitely pass the exam and did not surrender completely to Baba although I was doing His 9 week’s vrat. As I knew I had to take the exam in January 1st week, due to my mother’s insistence, I started Baba’s 9 Thursday’s vrat again last week of November as I was not interested in doing His Pooja due to being upset with Baba that I had failed earlier and He did not help me. I had only 25 days left to prepare for this candidacy exam and was stressed too. Somehow this time I told Baba that He had to pass me and had full faith in Baba. It was His leela to increase my devotion and faith thousand times more from second vrat week onwards and His faith and devotion kept increasing day by day. I kept studying hard and had left everything in Baba’s hand.

I have been reading devotees’ experience on this platform since last 8-10 years but in December 2019 whenever I used to read this platform daily, I felt that Baba was talking to me through messages posted from this platform along with Baba’s pictures. Few of the messages that kept me encouraging and relieving my anxiety during my study period were, “You can pray for anything, if you have faith you will receive it”, “ Let your faith be bigger than your fear” and “Cast all anxiety on Him because He cares for you”. I felt these messages were apt and boosted my self-confidence during my preparation. I was very surprised to see myself remembering all the material so well within 10 days since I started my preparation. I remember just 4 days before my exam I started panicking when I thought about my upcoming exam and what would happen if I failed again? However, I remember hearing my inner voice (actually Baba’s voice) saying that I would definitely pass this time and again remembered the above-mentioned messages.

During my 5th week of the vrat, I completely surrendered to Baba and said that He had to pass me in my exam. Finally, the exam day (Friday) came and surprising I did not get stressed or anxious and confidently drove to my school and this was the miracle of completely surrendering to Baba. On exam day while driving I remembered reading from one of the devotee’s experience that she was searching for number ‘9’ during her train journey in the form of Baba’s assurance that her mother who was hospitalized will get well soon. As soon as this thought came to my mind, I frantically started searching for ‘9’ in the vehicle license plate numbers. At one point while driving I was surrounded by cars that all had number ‘9’ and felt happy that Baba is with me.

I did not know at that time that Baba had a biggest surprise for me at my school exam centre. At beginning of the exam, my professor handed over the question paper to me. They had assigned my id to be number ‘9’ and I felt so happy and confident that Baba was really with me and He was helping me with my exam. At that point, I knew in my mind that I was definitely going to pass that exam; as I need not fear any more when I had Baba on my side. While waiting for my results, my mind was playing tricks to demotivate me and was trying to make me anxious but it was Baba Who gave me strength to pass this waiting period. After 15 days, I received my results and as Baba had hinted me earlier, I passed my exam with flying colours. In only one month Baba increased my devotion and faith millions folds and now I know that when we trust Baba completely, He is there for us. True to His words, He can ease our anxiety and burden when we cast on Him.

Sorry Baba I was supposed to write this experience and spread Your leela on the day I received my results but I am writing after two days. Please forgive me for that. Also, please keep showering Your blessings on all of us. Om Sairam!

Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a tiny small devotee of Baba who had come under His grace in the year 2016.
Pranam at the lotus feet of Baba. Thanks so much to the team that maintains this wonderful platform where millions of devotees like me find solace. I have come under Baba’s grace in 2016 though I have heard about Baba, had been to His temples multiple times and had been to Shirdi too.

Here comes my experience, I am a dentist from India and I moved to USA in 2007. I wanted to continue my career here but we need to go back to school again for couple of years. The program was too competitive and I could not get into any school in spite of having a very good score in my board exams. I continuously tried for four years. I gave up the idea and thought of switching to IT and went to India to get trained.

I came to US after 6 months and joined an IT consultancy and they started training me and looking for a job. This was around October, 2012. Days and months passed by, I changed to another consultancy but nothing worked out and I had to give up.

Then in January, 2014 I started my MS at our local university though I was not very interested. In March, 2014 my husband got laid off from work and started looking for a job. During this time my friend forced me to consult an astrologer and she also mentioned about Sai Baba’s vrat. The astrologer asked us to immediately move to a different house. I shifted to a new house in May last week and my husband landed a good job in two weeks and he had to move to a new city. I also did Sai Baba vrat during those days and not to mention once previously to get good scores in my boards and I got it, but still I was not devoted to Baba, I just did as I was told about it and greed for good. I graduated in December, 2014 and I moved with my husband as well and we bought a new house.

In February, 2015 I started looking for a job and now I had my Masters degree too. Days passed by but did not get a single interview. I applied for a substitute teacher job that did not work out either as I had missed the application date. One and a half year passed.

In April, 2016 I told my neighbour (Baba always bless her) and asked if she had any positions at her work place and gave my resume. She asked numerous people in her department but everyone denied. One day she met me and said, “I have helped many people in getting a job and it really worked out but you are very unique, you are luck is very hard, why don’t you pray Sai Baba and read Sri Sai Satcharitra? I can give you that book.” I was shocked and I asked her if she was talking about that Red book and she replied yes. I had been having Satcharitra since 2012; I had bought it when I went to Shirdi as I like to buy books but never bothered to read it. After her suggestion I started reading the book with faith. In July, 2016 I got a substitute teacher job. In November I got a temporary government job and October, 2017 I got a permanent job and July, 2018 I got a promotion. There is not a single day I don’t remember Baba and when any small difficulty comes I read Satcharitra and Baba helps me.

In 2017, my dad was unwell. He had a major cardiac issue and sepsis in his right leg, I prayed wholeheartedly to Baba and read Satcharitra and Baba blessed us and my dad became alright.

I take a bus to work everyday. After getting off the bus I need to walk two blocks. One day it was raining badly and I was worried how do I walk now and prayed Baba in my heart and lo rain completely stopped. What a miracle by Baba!

My husband got laid off from work recently. I am praying Baba that He should bless us with a good job soon.

This is my prayer to Baba that He always bless everyone to follow the right path and do good deeds. Om Sairam!

Sai Baba’s Miracles

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a very small devotee of Baba from India. Om Sairam to all devotees. Thank you so much to the admins for running this site beautifully. It provides us great strength during our toughest times.

Coming to my experiences: First I was creating a note on my phone and made it password protected. I was not at all able to unlock it as it was not prompting for the password to open. I prayed to our Sai Baba and at that instant I was able to unlock it.

My second experience was I was writing a letter to a very close one of mine which I’ll give later. I asked Baba to help me and He helped me throughout and I was able to write it with Baba’s grace.

Please forgive me for all sins Baba. Please Baba help me. It will never happen again, I promise You Sai Baba. Please Baba fulfil this wish of mine, my Sai.

Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sacchidanand Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Baba’s Blessing

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam, hi everyone, I am a small devotee of Sai Baba from Rajasthan Ajmer. Om Sairam. I want to thank Hetalji for this kind effort which gives us strength and a ray of hope in tough times. Here I want to share my experience which was happened yesterday. My father was feeling uncomfortable from last two days due to which I was very worried and scared. I prayed Sai Baba wholeheartedly to please make my father well and to please do miracle. I also promised to Baba that I will post my experience. Our kind Baba listened my prayer and He made my father well. As next morning I asked my father how his health was and he replied that he was fine. This was all because of Sai Baba and His blessings. Please Sai Baba I request You and beg You to please bless my parents with good health. Om Sairam.

Sai Baba’s Miracle

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi everyone I am a small devotee of Sai Baba from Rajasthan Ajmer.
Om Sai! Here I want to share my experience, but before that I want to thank Hetalji for this kind effort. I want to share my experience which happened few months before. There is a lane very nearby to our house where some illegal construction was going on. Due to it our side way on road could be blocked which was not right. Meanwhile I prayed to my kind Sai Baba that He is the only One Who can stop this illegal construction on road of side lane. My Nanu listened my prayer and only because of His miracle it stopped. We all were happy. Sorry Nanu for late posting. Thank You for mercy. I love You Sai Baba.

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