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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Never Fear Sai Baba Is Here

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Canada says: Om Sairam! Thank you Sai Baba for all the blessings and thank You to everyone who run this page!

In regards to my experience, I have had many wonderful experiences thanks to Sai Baba and I know that it is Him Who is helping me every day. Essentially, in December I had to write an exam, however due to family issues that I had encountered the day before my exam, I was unable to study properly. Regardless of this, Sai Baba ensured that I studied and helped me concentrate. However, during the day of my exams I was unable to concentrate and was extremely worried that I would fail in my exam. For a month I was extremely worried and today I kept praying to Sai Baba to help me get an A on my exam and that is exactly what happened. I got back my exam and I had aced it, and I know that it was Sai Baba. I know I couldn’t have aced this exam without Baba, and I am so thankful and appreciative that He gave me an A!

I also got my essay back today which I thought I was not going to get a good mark on, however Sai Baba also gave me an A on that. The reason I was so scared was because my other friend had claimed that she received a bad grade and so did other individuals in the class! I was so nervous and all I could do in that moment was pray to Sai Baba, and He listened right away. The only reason I got an A was because of Baba, otherwise I would have got a bad mark as well. I’m honestly very thankful to Sai Baba and I cannot express how grateful I am!

Another miracle that I had received was getting a job. Essentially, I’m still young, however I really badly wanted to get a job before the end of the year and Sai Baba fulfilled my wish. He got me a job before the end of the year. I had so much fun at the job and met so many incredible people. I’m so thankful to Baba. He really made 2019 one of the best years ever and fulfilled all my wishes.

Additionally, one day there was a raffle going on wherein one of the prizes was a Raptors hat (a sport team’s hat), and I really wanted to win it. No one claimed the prize and I really wished I could win it and BAM just like that Sai Baba fulfilled my wish. A little while later my mother checked her tickets and we had won the hat. It was such an amazing experience because I never used to win anything, and ever since Sai Baba entered my life, I have been constantly been winning.

Finally, I had written a previous experience on this page and I really wanted to see it before the end of 2019, and on Christmas Day I found that my experience had been posted. Technically it was posted on December 26th, however in Canada it was still December 25th, hence it was an amazing Christmas present. It was such an amazing present for me and I’m so super happy about it. I genuinely felt like Sai Baba was really listening to me, and it just warmed my heart.

I want to inform all devotees that Sai Baba does listen and we must just have Shraddha and Saburi. I know I sometimes lose faith and patience, however Sai Baba always sets me on the right path and as soon as I am about to give up He sends me a miracle. I also just want to apologize to Sai Baba if I have ever hurt Him or anyone by my actions or words, I know I make mistakes and I will rectify my errors and try not to make any ever again. I know I dwell on the wishes that haven’t been fulfilled, just like other devotees. However I feel like I’m finally learning to take each day as it comes and have faith in Sai Baba’s timing. I feel really good about it. I love Sai Baba a lot and I am really happy that He constantly guides me and He chose me to be His devotee. I am genuinely so very lucky. He has always been there for me and for my family and I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Thank you to everyone who runs this page and a special thank You to Sai Baba. I hope Sai Baba fulfils everyone’s wishes and keeps all His devotees happy forever. Om Sairam!

Babaji Saved Me From Office Politics

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Namaste Hetalji, team members and dear devotees. I am one among Baba’s children from Rajasthan. I am currently working in a research institute at temporary position in a project. My boss is one of the worst persons I have ever met. He deliberately speaks in hurtful manner with no sense of humanity or concern. It’s my first job as a fresher and since my joining he has never missed an opportunity to disregard me whether in speech or in mannerism. No matter how hard I work to formulate a product he always finds fault with me.

I am a sincere person who doesn’t believe in buttering but rather believe in my duties and responsibilities. To give a character sketch of my boss, he doesn’t have any knowledge regarding work, he always belittle working people while at the same time encourage and promote the lazy ones who praises him and completes his personal work. He is freeloader and keeps track of even one minute for eg. If we put lock in room two minutes before official time he’ll make an issue out of it. He pressurizes to bring research material from our own pocket. He is the most egoistic person I have ever met. He doesn’t like me much as I am a simple quiet person who does my work and go home. I haven’t been at mental peace due to him since one and a half year. I have cried many a times just because of him. I have started to hate my work and don’t like to go office. Although Baba says never to hate anyone as He Himself is residing in everyone’s heart, yet I hate my boss to the core. Sorry Babaji.

Coming to my experience I once sought my boss’s permission for some research work for which he denied citing some stupid reasons. I even offered alternatives but he refused and gave harsh remarks. I got fiercely angry as it had been then year since I was quietly suffering mental harassment from him. I exploded like anything. Next day he called me and spoke in a very derogatory manner and threatened to throw me out of project just to satisfy his ego. I asked him for clarification as to why he wanted to remove me. He gave the reason that I have a bad attitude otherwise my work is satisfactory. Just to feed his ego he was planning to throw me out of project. I therefore made a complaint to Head and in all this process a colleague who was just like a father figure to me helped me out immensely. The complaint had its effect and my boss mellowed down. But he didn’t stop at this and transferred me to other division by exercising his power.

My field of study was different than the division to which I was transferred. I fought back by complaining and finally my boss was asked to mend his behaviour. Now everything is fine by Baba’s grace. I want to say that during this whole turmoil and hard times Babaji stood by me like a rock. He sent help in every way whenever I was cornered by politics or people plotting against me. I hate my workplace but this job is Babaji’s grace when I was really in need of one. Thank You Baba for being my guiding light.

I sometimes wonder why people hurt others to such an extent that it takes a form of mental harassment? Why such people prosper even after hurting others? I have now only three months for my contract to end. I pray to Baba to please make me pass the exam or give me a decent job as per my qualification near to my home. Baba I don’t want to continue here. I want to have job satisfaction which I am not getting here. I want to prosper Baba but right now it’s my helplessness because my brother is yet to get a job and my mom and brother are dependent on my salary. Please Baba, please turn around the situation. Bless my brother with a job and bless me with mental peace. Thank You Baba for supporting me throughout the stress period. Please Baba never leave my hand. I may not be a person good enough but I do love You unconditionally. Sorry Babaji for sharing this experience late. Baba, bless everyone with mental peace, happiness and love.

My Peaceful Life Because Of Sairama

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Kenya says: I am a house wife. I always read Sai Baba’s miracle and wanted to share my experiences with Baba, but I didn’t know how to start on it. Today also I am just typing this after seeing a Sai Baba’s message to share His leelas.

I got a very big Sai Baba’s photo from a house where we were shifting after my son was born. One of my neighbours wanted that photo. I didn’t know much about Baba that time, but also didn’t want to give away the photo and so did Sai Baba come into my house. I was keeping that photo in my living room and use sit in front of it and watch it, but did not pray for many days. Sai Baba knew me and whom I will obey. So through him He conveyed me a message to pray to Him. That moment is still an amazing and wonderful moment of my life.

I just sat and gazed at Sai Baba (till then only a photo) and how He understood me? It was the blissful moment of my life. Later on I started searching many things about Sai Baba in the net. I used to sit hours and hours to read His leelas and that was the time I also came across this website in 2010. My day was incomplete without reading about His stories, like this I also came across 9 weeks fasting and did that also 3 times till now. I also read the Sai Satcharitra book.

Once on a Thursday I wanted to go for Sai Baba’s temple but was very tired after long working hours. I used to travel by a crowded bus in a busy city for 1 hour and 30 minutes in peak hours and very rarely get seat to sit. That Thursday while travelling I thought for a second, Sai Baba if You give me a seat to sit I shall come to Your temple. Then that immediate moment a lady got up and I got a seat to sit and was fully perplexed. That day when I went to the temple the queue was stopped for evening aarti and I was directed in front of Him without any hindrance on my view. I can never forget this experience as this was my first aarti in temple, where I got to watch it fully till the end that too in front first person. I was fully in tears, even today if I think of that day I am always in tears.

Many more incidents just happened like a miracle in my life. Our decision to move to Kenya was also a miracle which changed in one night. During that time also it was a Thursday and I was in 5th or 6th week of fasting. My husband was about to process his visa to go for Angola leaving me and my two kids in India for two years. The next day (Friday) he was supposed to send his documents for visa process. All of my relatives were against his decision of leaving us alone and going but he was stubborn on his decision. When I was also told to reconsider this, I told them it was all too late, even if he wanted to change his decision he had only this one night left as he was sending his documents the next day. But miraculously Thursday night around 7 o’clock he got a call from now working company. By Sai Baba’s grace he attended the interview on the same Friday and successfully got family visa also which was the main purpose of my fasting. Om Sairam.

Visa Extension Approved

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a Sai devotee. Recently I went to India with my wife and son for vacation. I was visiting after 5 years. My parents were very emotional to see us all, especially meeting their grandson who was only a year old when we visited last time. I had to get my visa stamped as I recently got another extension of H1b visa but visa officer gave us 221g administrative processing slip and asked us to wait 60 business days to receive a response. We were all worried as we had already booked our return flight too as part of round trip to India.

We had to cancel our ticket and wait for 60 business days which was well over 2 months of stay for us by then. We all in the family were worried and anxious. We prayed to Baba and left the end result to Him. I informed in my office about the delay.

Almost lost all hope when we did not hear after exactly 60 business days. Then suddenly on messaging customer support of US consulate they emailed me on 61st business day that visa had been approved and I could collect it the next day. From being despair to problem getting resolved was a thrilling Sai leela.

Baba solved our problem and we all are very grateful for His yet another miracle in our lives. We will be always indebted to You Sai. Just wanted to share this experience because this website is a great source of hope and strength and to build faith in Baba.
I know a lot of people get into 221g waiting issues for long time, may this leela give you hope and courage. Om Sairam.

Thank you to Hetalji and all who maintain such a great website for all of us to share the miracles that we have experienced.

Sai Helped Me In Getting PF Amount

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hello I have a Sai devotee from Mangalore and since 2008 Sai has been always with me since then. Sai has always helped me whenever I have always felt low and has ensured that I be happy always. I have many close friends but there is none with whom I can share my personal things with. It is only Baba Who knows all my pain and it is only with whom I cry and share my happiness and sadness with.

Coming to my experience its been almost two months that I didn’t have job and I had couple of loans which I required to repay. I could not ask my dad and only option I had was to withdraw PF. I applied for PF final settlement but it took more than 15 days and there was no reply for PF Office Hyderabad. I cried and prayed Baba to help me with PF approval as soon as possible as bank people were calling and irritating. On Sunday while I lost all hopes and was praying, all of sudden I received a message from epfo that amount was settled. Then next day I received my amount in my bank account and I could repay loan on time. Thank You so much Sai. Without You my life would have been hell.

I request all Sai devotees to pray for me as on personal front I have broken up with my guy and I am depressed. I love him a lot and want to marry him. Please pray that we should reconcile and get married. Its love of 12 years and I don’t want to lose him. Baba, please get my love back to me. Please.

Sai Baba Answered My Prayer

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from India. Thanks Hetalji for this platform which helps devotees to share their experiences with Sai Baba.

Coming to my experience, my husband was angry with me and he stopped calling me and messaging me for 15 days. He is in a foreign country. I begged Sai Baba and cried a lot, prayed Sai Baba to change my husband’s mind. I started writing Om Sairam 108 times, was doing Sai Satcharitra parayan too. On the same day he called me. Really Sai Baba tests our patience and makes everything fine.

Thank You Sai Baba for helping me every time. Please help everyone in this world who is going through pain. Om Sairam.

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure his hand pain baba please help us to study well baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  2. Dear devotee from Rajasthan,
    While reading your experience, I felt as though I was reading mine. I live in the US and have an Indian manager and he too is harassing me and playing political games with me. My problem is not resolved and i am struggling now. I hope I will have a good outcome like you and Baba will punish my manager. Please pray for me. OmSaiRam

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