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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Baba Helped With Finding An Internship

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: Sairam! I am from Singapore and this is my first post here. I would like to share an experience of mine regarding how Baba gave me an internship after I graduated from university.

I ended my final exams of university in April 2019. I started finding a full time job since then. For two months, I was unable to get any interviews in the field which I wanted to build my career in despite sending over 100 resumes across different job portals. I was saddened by this. In early July, I got the idea that maybe since I did not have experience in the field of interest I could not get interviews and so thought about finding an internship first to get the relevant experience. I even confirmed with Baba by writing chits and I got the answer to do an internship first.

I began to apply for internships after that and only internships. I prayed everyday to Baba to give me an internship which was good for me. To my surprise, I got several interview calls within a couple of weeks. I was excited and happy. However, after attending all the interviews I did not get an internship. I was rejected on the grounds of not having experience in the field before. Yes internship positions wanted candidates with experience even though internships are meant to gain experience. Something I cannot understand even to this day. I was surprised and of course disappointed but continued, thinking everyone gets rejected and that I had only attended about five interviews till then so it was ok. I applied for more internships and attended more interviews. All rejected me on the grounds of lack of prior internship experience. I had attended more than 20 interviews by then. Some didn’t even reply back at all. I was frustrated and dejected by then. I saw more and more of my friends getting full-time jobs even if they didn’t have experience but I couldn’t even get one internship. I was still praying to Baba everyday about the internship.

In late August I was given two offers. I was initially very happy but then found out that one of the offers was paying me too low compared to the average pay in the industry but was a little of what I wanted and another one was offering me the minimum pay I wanted but it was not in my field of interest. I was angry with Baba for giving me such lousy offers and scolded Him asking how were those offers good for me and that Baba actually didn’t care about me. I know saying all this is wrong but at that time I couldn’t help it but let Baba know that I was not happy. I then told my mum who is an ardent devotee of Baba for many years and she said to write chits asking Baba if I should accept any of the 2 offers. The answer from the chits was no don’t accept any of the two. After I got my answer, my mum told me that Baba actually cares about me and that the right internship offer for me and my future had not come yet and so I should have Shraddha and Saburi. Hence, I continued my search.

I again got rejected from more companies for the same reason. By early October, I had attended more than 30 interviews and the rejections made me very angry on Baba again that why had He not yet given me an internship which was good for me but my friends were getting full-time jobs and good pay. I thought again, Baba doesn’t care about me. I went to the mandir in my house and scolded Baba again (I know I shouldn’t have done this). I was so upset that I wanted to stop praying to Baba.

In early October, I attended a phone interview with the founder of this start-up. I didn’t think much about it thinking again that it will be another rejection and then he told me the person in charge of marketing was going to contact me. When the person did contact me, he mostly spoke about the role which was everything I wanted and did not ask me about my past experience which was surprising. A week later, I received an email from the founder that he would like to talk to me about next steps which made me excited. The morning of the call I was reading an experience on this site and the photo of one of the experiences said, “Now see what I give you. You will get more than your expectations.” During the call I was offered the role! It was what I wanted. I was so happy. I accepted the offer even though the pay was not my ideal pay but my minimum which was okay since I was going to learn what I wanted to do. I started in November and it has been more than a month into the internship and I am glad to say I am learning a lot which other companies would not have taught me and it was what I wanted to do and learn. The marketing in charge teaches and mentors me which I am grateful for. I now know why Baba made me wait these many months for this internship and I would like to apologize to Baba for scolding Him and also thank Him for the position.

Sai Healed My Father

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from South India. Sri Sai Jaya Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. My pranaams to Hetalji and to all the devotees. This is my fourth experience here and the one which I am going to pen down below is the continuation to the one of my past experience which I have posted a few months before.

In the beginning of the year my father was suddenly diagnosed with Anaemia and had undergone several treatments, used many medicines, spent so much money as his blood platelet count was very less and by end of July we thought of getting him done blood transfusion. It was like next to cancer and all our family members were very worried. I prayed Baba, did Sai Satcharitra parayanam and by God’s grace in the month of July one of my brother’s colleague referred a Homeopathic doctor, who is very simple and humble person unlike the commercial doctors. And he is also a great devotee of Sri Dathatreya Swamy who has also built a small temple beside his clinic. His just small 5 pills twice a day has started showing constant improvement in my father’s health and he came back to his normal life. We still wonder how such simple medicines bought a drastic change, which the other sophisticated treatments could not heal.

Other incident when I went to mother’s house I saw a Vishnu murthy idol which was bought by my brother and I loved it. My brother went twice to the same shop from where he bought the idol to take one for me but couldn’t get the same God idol. Later he bought Lord Dathatreya idol as Vishnu Murthy’s idol was not available. After I went to clinic with my father to get some homeopathic pills for my cold. There I visited the temple beside the clinic. After visiting the temple I felt immense happiness as I thought I cannot visit Baba’s temple before leaving India but after the visit my heart felt light that I could take darshan of our beloved Sairam. I thought I was destined and also blessed to receive Dathatreya Swamy idol.

Before I wasn’t much connected to Sri Dathatreya Swamy but after these incidents I started believing Him too, Who is He after all one of the incarnation of our Sai Ram. As always this was also a long pending one which I should have done it before. We remember such promises only in the time of facing new challenges. Thank You Baba for always being with me like a Mother Who understands and also forgives Your child. Thank you all for the patience in reading this. Sai please let these clouds pass away soon and let the sun shine. I am just waiting with patience as I know whatever You do is for our well being.

Wife’s Experience At Work

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Shirdi Sai Devotee SaiDam from USA says: Baba Saranam. My this post is about my wife’s experience at work. I am a Baba’s Devotee for the past 20 years. Baba has never let me down. Baba Saranam! All glory to my Baba. This is an experience regarding my wife.

My wife is extremely simple, very well educated (often has downplayed herself), a staunch believer in Baba and very timid at times. Even when she gets punished by others, without reacting, restores to Baba and cries. She recently got a US Government job, where she had to work with a woman who always had ill thoughts and for no reason always harassed my wife and unfortunately the boss was also siding with her and my wife was helpless and distressed.

Added to the misery at work, my wife’s family back home was in misery and her mother suffers a lot mainly because of one of her daughters. Also, my daughter, because of her job lives away from us and has medical situation. Devotees please pray for my daughter’s healing by our Dr. Baba. All these things made her to lean towards resigning her job, which in no way was helping her with peace, travel to India, sort out few things for her mother, and go back to my daughter and take care of her health.

She narrated this. It was past mid-night and was praying/crying in front of Baba to help her with her decision to resign and take care importantly our daughter. She decided to ask Sai Baba a question from Baba’s answers book. It was past midnight 1:14 AM. So, she thought that Baba’s answer will be there for number 114. The answer was
Baba Says:
“Your eyes will be full of tears with love.
Keep the feeling in the mind that Sri Sai Baba knows everything and surrender to Him. Then see what happens in 24 hours.”

She almost ignored thinking what could happen in 24 hours. Next day, she went to work as usual. Her boss called her to her office. My wife thought that, as usual, she was going to side with the ill minded lady and find faults again. Wonder of wonders, here is my Baba, she politely said that, since she had lot of problems working with that lady, she has been transferred to a new department, where she knows lot of good people. Thank You, Baba, for Your ‘Bhiksha’. Baba without You we are nothing.

Baba please treat my daughter. Other than You, we have nobody.
Baba Saranam!

Got The Lost Keys

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Shirdi Sai Devotee SaiDam from USA says: Baba Saranam! My post is about how we got the lost keys. I am a simple Baba’s devotee, who is nothing without ‘His’ blessings! Recently my mother expired, so we made trips to India and totally neglected/ forgot/misplaced the safe deposit locker keys. We searched the entire home and no luck. Me and my wife were blaming each other and were actually preparing our mind to pay the heavy penalty to the bank. We begged Baba and had no sign of the keys. I begged and asked Baba a question and His answer was ‘You will find a lost substance missing for several days and will happen on Sunday’.

After months of search, I was actually not having any hope to find the keys in the next two days (as it was a Friday). Sunday passed by and I even forgot about Baba’s answer. On Monday, I dropped my wife at the railway station (New Jersey) very early in the morning and on my way back stopped at a convenience store to buy cigarettes. After parking realized that, I had forgot the wallet and I needed around $9. I usually keep lot of change in the car and was searching, so I finally began to search the glove compartment as at times I leave some $ bills. I searched and stumbled across a UPS envelop folded multiple time to the size of a $ bill. I could feel that there was some hard substance inside. I prayed Baba, I begged before opening, Baba let it be the keys. Here He showed up and there were the keys! It was not a Sunday, but Monday, but, never ever I would have anticipated that place. I left there long back after I had to open the locker to get some immigration papers. We were so relieved. Our Baba is always with us. Baba Saranam! All Glory to my Baba.

Sai Baba’s Miracle In Helping Me

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. I am an Anonymous devotee from India, working at Mumbai. I would like to thank Hetalji for such a wonderful platform to share our experiences which is really boosting faith and giving us courage. This is my second post on this website. I read this blog regularly. I am happy to share my experience today.

My post is about Baba’s miracle in helping me for ghar pravesh (house warming) for our New house which was pending from a long time. Thanks Baba for everything that You blessed me and please shower Your blessings, good health and guidance in our family relationship issues. Also bless my mother with tension-less and peaceful life.

Sai Baba as You are aware of my job problem please help with my job problem. Give me a permanent and a good profile job with good working environment. Even if we don’t have any one to help in this world, Sai will always be there. Never feel that you are alone. I cannot imagine my life without Sai Baba. Thanks for everything Baba. Thank You so much Baba.

May Baba bless me and everyone to maintain patience and put us on the right path and be our guiding light.

Om Sai Namo Namah. Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraja Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Satchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Baba Always Answers A True Prayer

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Sai Baba for the past eight years. I am working in a government sector in Namakkal. My parent’s home is in Coimbatore and my husband works in Chennai. I have a five months old baby.

Earlier I was asking my husband to shift his job to Coimbatore to look after our baby but he was not interested to shift. I joined in Mahaparayan group a month before. I also started to read Sai Stavan Manjari and prayed Baba to unite me with my husband. On the 2nd week of parayan my husband agreed to shift his job. 3rd and 4th week of parayan he attended job interviews and he got selected and he is joining his new company next week. It is all because of Baba. I am praying Baba to get my job transferred to Coimbatore.

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