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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Baba Always Protects, Listens And Holds Our Back

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My post is about Baba protects, listens and holds our back even when we don’t ask Him to. I am a widowed girl at 30 who became a firm Baba devotee in October 2016. Today, I am alive because of Baba and only Baba. Even though I can keep on sharing numerous experiences with Baba every single day, I would like to share something that happened with me teb days back.

After my husband’s death, a lot of time passed and my parents decided to get me settled with a suitable match which we are still finding through various matrimonial websites. One day, I found the profile of a guy from the same city where my deceased husband and I used to last live together and without thinking I sent the request to connect. While doing that, I didn’t know that he would accept it too and when he would want to speak to me, I wouldn’t be as prepared as I thought I would be.

On 10 October, Thursday, the guy texted me and started to ask questions about my background and I started doing the same. I slowly came to know that he worked in the same campus as my husband and suddenly all my strength turned into tears and I rushed out of office, with my friends running after me to calm me down. While one of my friends told me that it’s ok not to talk to this new guy and say him no because of how fragile I was, the guy texted me asking for a phone call. I looked up in the sky and with tears in my eyes cried, Baba, at least now don’t leave me alone. I asked the guy to call me in five minutes. I once again looked up in the sky while sitting in the auto and just kept looking for Baba. My phone started ringing and once again I looked up and suddenly Baba answered “phone utha le, baat kar le”. (Pick up the phone and speak to him). I did as Baba instructed me to.

Surprisingly, the guy and I started speaking and ended up talking for hours on the phone and we continued speaking till the end of November when my brother-in-law came down from the same city as this guy was a native of. By now, I had developed a liking for this guy because firstly I believed Baba sent him on a Thursday, second because we can speak very honestly with each other and he is a very sensitive, caring and funny person; third, because his sister-in-law is a Baba devotee like me and I this time when I started looking for matches, I told Baba I want to go to a house where You are worshipped and where You live.

Even though there is no commitment from this guy until now and we still haven’t met (I am writing this post in the first week of December 2019), I believe Baba will help me out. Getting back to the part about my brother-in-law’s visit, my dad and I shared with him this guy’s family details and surprisingly our family shared quite a few common contacts which could enable a smooth background verification.

Please don’t judge me on the basis of what I will write next. My Parents have given us an extremely modern upbringing which doesn’t discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, sex or wealth but in this case, I would like to let you know that I belong to a very high caste in my religion which was not discussed in the 30 years of my living until this day. My brother-in-law told my dad, “I believe from the information you gave me that the guy is from a very respected and well to-do family but I highly suspect that he is from either a SC/ST/OBC family and we are from General quota and a very high caste family. I don’t recommend you go ahead with this at all but I will do my background check and get back to you.” My dad remarked that such issues were not a problem for as he believed that the boy should be from a decent background, education and the family should be nice. My mom and masi were sitting there and started getting worried as my brother-in-law said, “Let’s not send the girl to a very low caste family, I will get back to you.”

My parents started thinking things from the Indian society perspective, our well to do relatives and family who lived to the same state and city as this guy told me they would want me to stop talking to him and not meet him if he belonged to a very low caste family. I was taken aback and I had a huge fight with my both parents about this issue. I told them that they must judge a person on the basis of his education, compassion, behaviour, family background and his ability to support me. All this turned into a huge drama. I cried to Baba and told Baba, “Why I was hurt so many times in matters of my heart and this time too Baba, You let me down after showing me the right path?” I started praying to Baba every day and calmed myself down, apologised to my parents and told them that I will stop speaking to the guy if things don’t turn out ok in the background check.

My parents then called down and told me that they would give the guy a chance and we could meet, they wouldn’t say no immediately before we both met and if it worked out between us my parents agreed to meet his family. 2-3 days passed in extreme worry and I visited a famous Sai Baba temple in my city one day and cried my heart out. I told Baba, “Baba I remember the guy once told me that he doesn’t belong to a high caste family but Baba You and I know how senator I’ve, caring, sensible and nice he is, Baba, You have always taught me to never discriminate a human being from the other, so how can You not give him a chance Baba? Baba, only You and I know that he isn’t really that high caste but can I request You that whoever does his background check, should be Your devotee. Whoever brings the information to my brother-in-law should speak the words You want him to speak and please Baba, keep his caste a secret (he wasn’t SC ST or OBC, even though I didn’t care and still don’t but my family did) between You and me.” One another sign came in the form of a crow piping on my head just outside the temple, before I entered it.

Two days passed and even though I was scared, I left it all on Baba. I promised Baba that I would share this incident on this blog and tell everyone how Baba doesn’t discriminate on the basis of religion or caste and He supported a widow like me, when no one, not even my parents were supporting me. It was a Wednesday night when I went to withdraw some money from the ATM and both my parents were sitting in the car. My card got blocked suddenly but the crack was still open and I went to speak to them with my dad’s phone in my hand. I was speaking to the customer care and I suddenly saw my brother-in-law’s call waiting 2-3 times and I froze. I went out, called my mom to come out and told her that jiju was calling. My mom who was always against the idea of this match if the caste was too low said, “I will stand with you beta, don’t worry I’ll speak to dad.”

I handed the phone to her and went back into the bank branch for two minutes to finish my task. I came back and stood outside the car and with tears and fears said, “Baba I will come to Shirdi if all is well, just help me and give him a chance. Just as I opened my car’s door, my mom was smiling and waving her hand in approval. My brother-in-law was speaking to my dad and told him that he was as high caste as I was, the background check was perfectly ok, the family was a nice family and they were financially well-off. My brother-in-law gave a green signal and said every single thing I prayed to Baba about. I am leaving for Shirdi as promised in the next 2-3 days and I want to apologise to Baba for writing this experience late by a week. There’s no commitment between me and this guy I like until now, but I’m sure, with Baba’s blessings and grace, everything will work out in the end.

I’m super confident that by the time this blog is published, I will be in a committed relationship, full with love, respect and above all, with Baba’s blessings. Baba has shown me that He is with me, even when I didn’t believe He was. I’m speechless and ask you all to pray for me. Liking someone doesn’t come naturally to me after going through a lot of trouble and widowhood at a very young age. Dear devotees, kindly do keep me in your prayers. Dear Baba, what would I ever be, without Your kind love, blessings and protection?

Countless Blessings Of Sai Ma

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a 44 year old female staying in the US with my husband and two lovely daughters. I would like to start narrating my experience by thanking Hetalji and her team for maintaining this blog and providing us with a platform through which all Sai devotees can connect via their experiences. This is my second experience on this blog; my first experience got posted in November 2016.

I have been a Sai devotee for the past 16 years and have experienced His leelas many a times. I don’t remember a single day or moment when I don’t remember Him. Although I have experienced many miracles after coming under Saima’s fold, but would like to narrate a very recent one.

We relocated to US few months back from India, this being our third time in US. My husband’s office is almost 50 miles away from the place where we stay and he remains very busy with his work, so much so that he can’t even take my calls. So, I can’t expect much help from him in taking care of the house, our daughters, their school work or classes etc. However my husband keeps track of all the utility bills and pay them online. Like always he keeps all the utility bills on autopay mode. It so happened that last month we (both me and my husband) got an email from the SCE, stating that our bill for that month had not been paid and it was well past the due date. My husband took it casually and thought of dealing with it over the weekend. I too didn’t bother much.

Next day, which was a Thursday, I casually went to the mailbox to get all the mails and was feeling guilty as I hadn’t checked them in one week. After scanning through the letters I stumbled upon one of them which had “take action in 48 hours” written on it. I opened it immediately and was shocked to see that it was a notice from SCE saying that our bills had not been paid and was well past the due date. And we were expected to pay it by Monday, or they would cut off the electricity after two days. Also once the utility is cut off we will have to first pay all the bills, deposit some security money and also pay some amount for getting electricity restored. I panicked as Monday had already passed and it was a Thursday. I immediately called my husband and told him everything. Luckily he was still on his way to work hence could take my call. He said that the bill was on auto paid mode hence he assumed that it would have been paid and didn’t bother to double check. I called the SCE office, it went on automated system and I was asked to feed my account number and check the status. I did as asked and was horrified to know that as the bill non payment had crossed the due date and SCE had scheduled to cut our facility on Thursday. I immediately informed my hubby, who by then had reached the office and got into a call. I still messaged him, which he read and took some time out and paid the bill. I immediately called the SCE and was finally connected to a representative in next 20 minutes. I told her everything and requested to cancel the scheduled cut off. She checked everything in her system and confirmed that the bill had been paid hence cancelled the scheduled cut off.

I can’t tell you how relieved I felt after this. All this happened and got sorted within an hour. I had been chanting Saima’s name the whole time and started crying the moment things got resolved. I thanked Baba profusely for showing this miracle. I am part of the Mahaparayan group; hence after this incident when I sat down to read my scheduled chapters, tears were rolling down my eyes the whole time. I feel blessed to be accepted by Saima as His child. Apart from this He has shown innumerable miracles in my life, I can’t even count all those blessings.

Right now I am going through some health issues, infact I have been experiencing this from the past six years and have gotten tired of it now. I keep praying to Him to make me recover from this sickness. It becomes very difficult to take care of everything with lingering health issues, especially in a place like the US, where there’s no help or family support. I would request all the devotees to keep me in their prayers. May Saima fulfil all your wishes and increase your faith in Him.

Baba Saved Me From A Big Trouble Today

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am small devotee of Sai for more than a year. I am very grateful to Baba for every time saving me when I think I am falling down. Thank You oh merciful Father. Thank you so much to the team for having this blog for us to “share our fears and success and reinforce our faith in Baba“.

There was some error in the work I submitted to my senior-most lady in my institution. She was responsible for double checking and approving the documents that we submitted were error free. I was responsible for submitting her source documents to compare with the one we had uploaded on the online system. All though the info was given by my boss, I was responsible to maintain the source documents and entered correctly in the online system. But our senior-most found that one of the names was missing, but there was info uploaded for that name in the online system and she wanted the proof from where did that info came and from when it was not recorded in the source document. Despite my best explanation, she was not willing to accept it and she told me that I will be in deep trouble with my job for making this error as it was very confidential.

It was a few months ago that I had uploaded this info and I vaguely remember that I was just told orally by my boss to enter the info into the system when I had told him that the info was missing in the source document. I told this to my senior, but she told me that she cannot approve the information as error free unless I show her some proof and confirmation from my boss that it was orally told to me. I had no option other than asking my boss about this.

It was a weekend and I was unsure if my boss would be happy to do anything about this. I decided to call him although I was doubtful if he would pick up the call. I sent him a message first, but he did not respond. I pulled my courage together and called him. By Baba’s grace, he listened to me and told me that he remembers that he had told me orally when I had informed him that this particular information was missing from the source document. Then he asked me to write an email to him about what exactly happened and why he gave me info orally. I wrote a detailed email to him, and within a few minutes he sent a confirmation mail. Then I forwarded it to the senior lady and later called her. She said that it was all that she wanted and that she would approve it.

We went to meet our friends who were going back to homeland. They stayed in their friend’s house, who were not known to us. The minute I went inside their house, my attention was caught on the Baba’s photo on the wall. Then I saw Baba’s idols in their Pooja place. Nothing struck me at that time. I was in free mind to enjoy the company of our friends as I was more worried about what my senior told me, but when I think of it now, seeing Baba’s photo and idols were telling me that He would help me. My mind was blocked with worry at that time and could not think that as a clue from Baba. Forgive me Deva. I did not understand Your message. Only while I am writing this experience as I promised to You, I realized it. Thank You so much Baba. Deva You saved me today, I was so tensed when she said that it might turn into a serious matter and I would be in deep trouble. I have got this kind of job after trying for many times and I cannot risk it. This job was Your blessing to me and my family. Otherwise we would be in more critical status. Thank You Baba, I am ever grateful to You. Please be with me. Baba, please take care of my kids as my son falls sick often. I was thinking of giving him Udi water today evening, but coincidentally I happened to read today the chapter on power of Udi as part of today’s parayan, as if Baba Himself was telling me, “Give him Udi, I will cure him.” I have given him Udi Baba, please make him strong physically and mentally. Help him excel in his studies and improve his attention. Forgive my mistakes Baba. I have no one to fall back on except You. Om Sri Sairam. Bless us all Deva.

Paper Got Published By Sai Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to everyone and my pranam to Baba. Before writing my experience I pray to Shree Sai to help me write whatever He wants me to write. I am a student pursuing Ph.D. My experience is related to my academics and how Baba showed me the way. Devotees just believe in existence of Sai and love Him like your loved ones.

Om Sairam once again. So the experience goes like this: For thesis submission in my University, student is required to publish their one research paper in UGC approved journals. I wanted to send my paper in one such journal but could not select one. By Baba’s grace my friend’s supervisor told her one journal name and she told me to publish my paper in that journal. She helped me in completing my work and paper got published within a week. My month’s long tension subsided within a week. I could not believe this.

But then I came to know that UGC has made a new list and my journal was not in the list. Then again I panicked but I had faith in Baba that paper cannot be invalid. When I asked Baba through chits, answer was ‘No’ means invalid. I had faith in Baba and kept questioning Him if it had to be declared invalid then why did He showed me that way. I thought He was suggesting me help via my friend and now He Himself was declaring it as invalid.

Meanwhile I kept sending my paper into some other journals but it got selected nowhere. Then one day I was feeling completely helpless and feeling very low and wanted god to intervene and relieve from all kinds of anxieties of many months. I cried and did not know what to do. Suddenly I called one of my seniors and told her about my problem. What she said was very relaxing and was God’s help for me. She told me that university needs only letter of acceptance on the valid date. That is, it should be before the date when UGC’s new list of journals came into effect. I mailed my publishing house/editor and sent them my published paper and requested them to give me a letter of acceptance before the new list came so that my publication could be considered valid. I was in pressure because my publication was in the same month when the new list had come. So they gave me a letter of acceptance before the cut off date and made my publication valid. I know it was Baba’s help and by His grace completely. I was too much relaxed and free from anxiety. I had left things on Baba after I had mailed to the publishing house. I had said to myself that editor’s response would be Baba’s help to me. In this way He showed me a way to come out from a fearful life. I am still sending my papers for publication in some other journals but now I am much relaxed. I am praying to Baba to help me in submitting my thesis by next July (in 2020). I am doing Nav Guruvar vrat katha and Sai sugar candy puja so that my thesis submission happens smoothly.

Amidst upheavals, Baba has always been my greatest source of strength. He has always become my confidence and He always loves all of us equally who remembers Him. I pray to our dear Sai to bless me in advance to share my experience again in this blog about my timely Ph.D thesis submission. I have complete faith in God that He will make me very disciplined to work hard on my thesis and submit it on time. May Baba bless all. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Miracle – Hamstring Injury And Confusion In Internal Job Change

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Thiru from India says: Miracle #1 – I’m a professional football player and playing for a legendary club and our aim is to win the league and promote to top div like I-League/super. I prepared and made myself super fit in two months and ready for the first match of the league. On first match I started playing in 11 and I was playing my best game so far and suddenly I took a sprint and pulled my hamstring severely. Tears started to roll in my eyes and I kept playing with injury for first half because team needed me and we were in winning momentum.

I myself came out in the second half and told the coach that I was injured. I went home and cried why this happened at critical stage of my football career. I went straight to Shirdi Sai Baba and prayed to do some miracle and make me play in upcoming important matches where my team really needed me. Generally grade-2 hamstring will sustain for six months and my next match was in three days. On the match day coach asked if I could play and I told I could try. I started to play and our team won. But as soon as my match was over, again I got a pain in my muscles and it continued until the next match and again I was able to play the match and we won again and after that again severe pain started. This was a pure miracle that was only possible by Shirdi Sai Baba.

In the table we are 3rd out of 10 teams. Yesterday we lost crucial match because again my injury happened in other leg; maybe some curse or karma which I need to suffer and I will happily serve that karma because Shirdi Sai Baba is protecting me from the major danger. I am feeling sad as the team lost and we lost the trophy because of that match and my injury. But above all life gives new problems and difficulties and again I will rise under my Sadguru Shirdi Sainath’s grace and also world ruler, God, Guru, Father, Mother, Friend. Baba even I die my soul and bones, flesh will utter Your name and plead for Your blessing. Om Sairam.

Miracle# 2 – Because I was doing multiple projects my growth was affecting for six years and Shirdi Sai Baba changed my role on Thursday to join one project which is very important and makes value added and gave or assigned me to a good human being in Sai’s presence. That person is not yet settled properly in my company but definitely if Shirdi Sai Baba gave me this role on Thursday, I don’t mind for any negative thinking surrounding me. I will just concentrate and learn the new project and sustain in Shirdi Sai Baba’s grace. My Shirdi Sai Baba will give me preferred role or job soon to the one He sent six years back to help me and recruit me in his team. That person now went to US. But very soon Shirdi Sai Baba will make me to work under that wonderful person whom Sai only sent to me and I consider him as my Sai. Because I believe he is not a person but he is Sai in his body.

Sai Baba Accepted My Prayers

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Kaushal Tailor from India says: Sai Baba accepted my prayers which I wished before going to Shirdi.
My name is Kaushal. I live in Vadodara Gujarat. First time in 2005 I heard the name of Sai Baba and since then I am a true follower of my Sai Baba. With blessings of Sai Baba I visit Shirdi every year. I am very delighted to share my experience which I had and it was like Sai Baba came to me to say that my prayers were reaching to Him.

You must be aware that nowadays due to heavy rush in Shirdi we see big glasses at both the sides of Sai Baba Samadhi and hence we cannot bow our head or touch Sai Baba Samadhi with our hands. Long back the day before my trip to Shirdi I prayed to Sai Baba and requested that this time I should get a chance to touch Samadhi. I visited Shirdi but as usual I saw the glasses and was not able to touch Sai Baba Samadhi.

At night I was sitting near Chavadi where a person came to me and asked me a question “If we touch glasses near to Samadhi, does it reach to Sai Baba?” At that time I responded to that person, “Yes, if you are bowing with true heart, it will always reach to Sai Baba.” That person kept on asking such questions in a different way. At that time I did not understand but the second day I realized that my prayer was answered in this way. Sai Baba came to me through that person and responded to my prayer. Now whenever I go Shirdi it is absolutely fine for me with glasses at both sides of Samadhi because I know my prayers reaches to Sai Baba. I love You Sai Baba. Thank You.

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  1. baba please bless gelp and save my parents. sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure his pain and grandparents we are at the verge please help sai ,baba is ther no way to change me is my death is the only solution?
    Sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  2. Dear sai devotees, please resolve my below query. I’m looking for a job search from past year and half. I recently read Sai Satcharita and also did 5 Nav Guruvar Vrat after reading so many miracles here. I asked through chits several times which job I’ll grt and I got lot of responses positively for one particular company and I even asked in temple. Yesterday I got a reply “No” from that company so I’m feeling very cheated, devastated. Can you tell me why baba lied to me in first place when I asked several times that if I’ll get that job or not. I’m not asking baba to make me multi millionaire or anything but just a decent job but my faith has honestly shaken and yesterday I felt SaiBaba doesn’t care for my well being or may be I’m not a good devotee so why should I pray to him. He only said ask me if you need anything. I literally begged him to have mercy on me and I’m getting flashes of my cry I did inform of his picture. It looks like he is least bothered and doesn’t care for me

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