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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Baba’s Blessings For Our Memorable Tirupathi Trip

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: My post is about Sri Sai Baba’s blessings for making our Tirupathi trip memorable.
I have been a long time devotee of Sri Sai Baba, from my Engineering college days, and have experienced many miracles and blessings of Sri Sai Baba. I have been following this blog for the last 3 to 4 years and do my best to read the experiences posted by other devotees to keep my faith in Sri Sai Baba and feel His presence in my day to day activities.

I want to thank Hetalji and her team from the bottom of my heart for providing us this platform to share our experiences.

I have submitted my experiences twice. Both of them have been published. I feel our Baba has blessed me when I saw them published. I feel Sri Sai Baba is guiding me in my day to day life in all activities. I wanted to share a few experiences where I had desperately prayed our Sai for His grace and how He has responded.

Couple of years back I was in India with family and we went to Tirupati. This was after a long time, after about 15 years. I had a friend who was visiting Tirupati around the same time and said that he could obtain special passes for early morning darshan for his family and our family also. We booked the airline tickets for the same date. But as we came close to the date of our Darshan, my friend said that he could not obtain the passes for our family but we could stay with him in the guest house. As soon as he gave me this information I had called a few friends and someone was able to track a friend whose cousin works for the TTD office in Hyderabad. I reached him and requested if he could arrange for the passes. He said that it was tough, but would give a letter and it was up to the TTD office staff in Tirupati.

After arriving in Tirupati, I tagged along with the guest house manager and went to the TTD chair’s office, to see if I could request passes based on the letter I had. The main officer said that he could not oblige as there was a huge number of devotees and too many recommendations and was too busy. I knew this and was desperate to get some kind of passes for the darshan. I did not have any other options and desperately prayed to our Sai. Mentally I was taking Sri Sai Baba’s name and I prayed that He was my only hope and to bless me to get some kind of a passes for our family as we were hoping for that.

I was asked to wait for some time by the assistant who was passing my requests to the main supervisor. I felt like nothing was moving and felt helpless. I finally prayed our Sai saying, “Baba I need Your blessings to get some entry passes and with Your blessing anything is possible.” If I never had any hopes of obtaining any passes for darshan, I would not have bothered about it. After Tirupati I had plans to visit Shirdi, so I was praying that I will make a special prayer, read a chapter from the usual books that I read on Sri Sai Baba and also post this experience on this website. The list of promises was going on and on every second. Finally the head Supervisor came out, and I showed the TTD employee letter, and he repeated the same, that he could not help. As the rush at Tirupati was too heavy, I requested him that any kind of darshan would be great and that if we tried the regular darshan then I may be missing our flight the next day as we did not know how long it would take. Each time I was requesting my case, I was praying Sai. After a few minutes he said that he could provide us with Kalyanam passes and it was up to us if we wanted to attend the Kalyanam or just take Swamy vari darshan and leave. That was a big relief for me and mentally thanked our Sai immediately. The supervisor said that we would have to pay for the Kalyanam tickets and I agreed.

He wrote his consent on a paper and sent me with his assistant to pay for those. The next morning we went to through the Kalyanam line, witnessed the kalyanam for few minutes and went to the main temple for Venkateshwara Swamy darshan. After the Tirupati trip we visited Shirdi for Sri Sai Baba’s darshan. Previously I have been to Shirdi, but this was our first one where all of my family was visiting. I reserved the tickets for the night aarti and it was a great experience. I thanked our Baba for His blessings on our family and to always bless us, be with us and guide us.

I want to reiterate my faith in Sri Sai Baba and I am praying for His blessings for my immediate and extended family and my kid’s studies as the younger is still not serious. He does not take anything serious. Baba, please bless him with some direction and that he pays attention and follows a path; it could be any career he wants and whatever You bless him with. Finally my request to all devotes is to have faith in Sri Sai and I am praying Sri Sai to make our faith in Him stronger for Him and to bless all His devotees. Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jai Jai Sai!

Sai Baba Connected The Dots And Answered My All Questions

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Tanu from India says: I felt the urge to share my experience today as it was one of the best experiences I ever had. I have been very sick for the past few days. With Baba’s grace, today I am feeling much better. Fever had subsided completely and cough has reduced. Though I still have traces of cough, I am sure I will be fine very soon. After almost 2 years I had viral and not been sick like this in quite some time.

I think Baba is preparing me for tougher weather climate and building my immune. Today’s experiences are unique. I am doing the 9 Thursdays vrat. I wanted to visit the temple in the evening. I was all dressed up and the power went off. It seemed like load shedding. I was very disappointed. I knew I will have difficulty getting an auto to the temple. I offered aarti at home with utmost satisfaction.

It’s been tough for the past 2 weeks but Sai has been with me at every step. For Every health problem He provided me the solution. During these tough days I had not stopped chanting Sai Ma and Sai Baba. He is the true Guru in my life. I bow down to You Baba. Today, I was sitting and looking at the sunset. It looked brilliant. Then a thought stuck me, why am I sick so much. If I had been in my previous job I had a whole lot of responsibility. In the current job the pressure is not there. But inside I was feeling that I am underutilized and even if I had a big project. Things were as challenges and beautiful in the previous job. But last night with the fever still on, I got a brilliant idea for a business which I had never thought of. This was unique and one of kind and can revolutionize the industry. I keep getting the name of the city where I need to be. I have not thought about it. May be I will visit as a tourist. But I got a message that I will be moving to a different place. Also, the idea that struck me will have a greater social impact and help humanity. How we perceive things. However, we move with technology and if it’s not greater good of the humanity and mother Earth then we are not successful. Also, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to Baba. One of holistic healer and Master called me in the morning and offered blessings and suggested me to chant few mantras. I felt very good. Seems like negative energy had gone off and I could see the bright beautiful light.

Coming back to the evening sunset, I understand the reason I had fallen sick and what was its significance? Sickness started after the day of Diwali, it’s a new moon day. It signifies the removal of darkness and way to brightness. I felt very relieved, Baba had a great purpose. He guided me in dreams and thought and brought right people in my life. I got clarity in so many matters and guidance I received is immense. I Love You Baba.

Sai Baba Helps To Find A New Job

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UK says: I am from UK. I have been a believer of Sai Baba for a while though I do not know whether Baba accepts me as His devotee as every day I am making mistakes and not always following His way of living.

As everyone, I too have ups and downs in life and I forget “Faith and Patience.” Please do not print my name or details online. Thank you to everyone for this excellent site and reading this site bring all sorts of mixed emotions to me.

So I wanted a change in my job. Till all this time I had never heard of Mahaparayan until about a few weeks ago when I somehow came across it. So I thought I would join and hopefully be accepted. I think a week later I was accepted in a UK group. Now before all this I had applied for many jobs and every time I was being rejected before the interview and some after the interview. It came to a point that I would apply to jobs and forget about them as I thought that I would get the same negative answer. So I started my first Mahaparayan reading 2 chapters on Thursday 31 October 2019. I read early morning then went to my present job as normal.

After work, on the way back home I was browsing my emails when I saw an email that said I was invited for an interview for a job that I had applied and forgotten about. I was surprised as the email said that I was invited for an interview on Thursday 7 November, 2019. I was taken aback. So I went for the interview and they said that they would offer me the job dependent on references etc. I felt elated. However, I did not hear anything for a few days and I was having doubts. On Thursday 14 November, 2019 they emailed me my draft contract. All these things happened on Thursdays. I feel so amazed and it’s Baba’s grace to have been offered the job. This all happened after I started doing the Mahaparayan. I pray to Sai Baba that I am successful in this new job and that I may be satisfied with what He has given me. I pray that He lets me continue with Mahaparayan, as I mentioned before like everyone my life is up and down and I pray that Sai Baba blesses me and all in our lives.

Thank You for reading my small experience and I hope to write more if I experience them. Thank You Sai Baba, please forever be with us, even when we go on the wrong path please guide us back to the right one. Om Sairam.

Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I would like to sincerely thank Hetalji for your divine work as these experiences strengthen devotees’ immense faith in Sai Baba. I have already shared few experiences before and here I would like to share how Baba has been guiding and helping me during tough times.

My husband went to a different city on an official trip. As we live in USA neither parents nor in-laws are staying with us. I prayed Baba to be with us all these days as I was staying alone with my son. Baba continuously showing His presence all the times and He made me confident in driving at night times which usually I am scared to do.

Meanwhile my son got sick and he had severe headache and fever and he started crying as he could not bear the pain. I gave him tylenol and Udi water daily for three days. I chanted Om Sri Sai Arogya Kshemadayanamaha mantra 108 times daily. By the end of second day his headache had completely gone and his fever also subsided and he had little cough. But I also got sick that night and I prayed Baba to please make me feel better so that I can take care my son as my husband was also in the different city. By Baba’s grace I am also feeling better today. Thank You Baba for helping us in difficult times. Baba, please make my son eat well and make him healthy.

Dadu’s Love

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Divya Walia From India says: I am one of the lucky devotees to have received Sai Dadu’s grace on multiple occasions and been given a chance to post my experiences a number of times. This is a very small but important experience which shows how Dadu is just a call away and comes running to us whenever we need Him.

Today, before leaving for home from office, my husband called me up and asked me to check for his wallet at home since it was not in his pocket. I couldn’t find it at home and decided to look for it in his car. He goes by cab and yesterday night he had taken out his wallet in the car and he has the habit of keeping it near the steering, but it was not there. We both got worried since it had all our cards and license and my PAN card too. I prayed to Dadu to help us find it and before I could think of other places to look for it, my husband called and said that it was in his office only with the accounts department as he had dropped it somewhere. What a relief we both had. Thank You so, so very much Dadu for saving us from a big trouble. Please keep blessing all Your devotees!

My Merciful Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to my Sai Family. I am a small daughter of Baba residing in Bangalore. Thank you is a small word dear Hetalji and team for your selfless service through this platform that you are providing.

Coming to my experience, every girl here knows how restless we become if we don’t get our periods on the expected date especially some important function or event is approaching. Same thing happened with me also. I was trying all the home remedies here. But still there was no sign. At last I left everything on our Baba telling Him that it was His wish. I surrendered completely to Him and started applying Udi on lower abdomen and was still continuing with my home remedies. The same evening I got my periods. As promised here I am posting my experience here.

Baba, my compassionate one, thanks is a small word. I am indebted to You for showing this child what is Father’s love through the gem of a person whom You have gifted me with. How can I repay Your debt Baba? Please keep our relationship strong forever. Bless us both with Your loving grace. Take care of all of us Baba. Be with us. Pranam Baba.

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