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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Baba Helped Me Many Times

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: I am a small devotee of Baba since last October.
My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Hetalji and team for this great platform to share our experiences about our protector Lord Sairam. I would like to remain anonymous and request you kindly do not reveal my name and email.

I am a small devotee of Baba living overseas and feel blessed to have come into the divine protection of Sadguru Sainath. I had previously sent few of my experiences and they were published. I would like to share a few more experiences ever since I got an opportunity to be connected to our beloved Sai. I was fortunate enough to be included in the Mahaparayan group, Sai Jaap, Sai Koti Nama writing, daily Parayana and few others. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all the group admins and their team for their untiring service.

Regarding my experiences, the most important thing was that I was offered a full time job 4 months ago, which I had tried couple of times before, but was rejected due to technical issues involved in hiring, although my educational qualifications were suitable for the job. With Sai’s grace, my application this time was supported by a very important person from the hiring institution and it all happened over an informal chat and asked me to send in my resume to the department head. Meeting this important person also was a miracle and Baba set the stage for it in a way we never expected. I sent in my resume but not with much hope, since this is the job for which people are hired every year regularly and I was not qualified before. I did not get any response for few weeks and my husband asked me to write a reminder. When I sent the reminder, the Head immediately replied and said that my request had come at the right time when they were in the process of hiring and forwarded the request to the hiring committee. Later I got a mail from hiring committee to submit all the documents to the HR office. Despite all this, I actually I did not apply for this position wholeheartedly, since it had not worked a couple of times when I had applied previously and had a doubt that it may not work this time as well. I had no hopes if I would be called for the interview and never inclined to prepare for it. But surprisingly after a week or two I was called for the interview.

I asked a friend who did a similar job for suggestions. He told me to frankly tell them that I do not know if I don’t know the correct answer, as this is a kind of job which is very diverse and the requirements changes according to the topic we are working on. I kept chanting Sai’s name all the while until I reached the venue for interview. There were two most seniors from the department on the interview panel and one of them was the same person as last time who disqualified me in the previous interview on technical grounds. I must say that my performance was very average and did not feel bad about it, since I felt anyways that they would disqualify me on the technical grounds this time also by the way they spoke to me in the interview. I felt more so, since one of the panel members whom I had met during the previous interview, did not sound very positive and other interviewer was very positive and encouraging. In fact the whole interview sounded very informal and I told my husband that I do not have any hope as they would disqualify me this time as well.

Technical here means that I do not come under the category for whom this job is meant and designed though I have qualifications needed for the job. They usually recruit internally for this job whom they do not have to pay a lot of benefits. My husband and I discussed about the job many times, and he kept telling me that I will get it this time for sure, but I had no hopes and did not think about it much. But I was congratulated by a person for getting hired during a social gathering of a common acquaintance, who also works at the same institution where I took the interview. Despite hearing this, I was not ready to believe it until I got an official letter. I did not hear anything about it for 2 more weeks. After 2-3 weeks passed and I was thinking of applying elsewhere, the HR office called me and asked me to confirm my residential address and said that they were preparing the offer letter. After this, more than a week passed and I did not get the offer letter. I was discussing the same with my current employer and told him as the current contract was ending, I was not sure if I had to look for another job or wait for this one. He suggested calling the HR office and checking with them. I called them and they said that they would send it out by the end of the day. On the same day I called them and after a few hours when I checked my mail, the offer letter was there asking me to confirm it by the following working day. I immediately ran to my pooja place and cried in front of Baba and I had a small silent conversation with Baba in my own way and told my son about it who was home at that time. He felt very happy although he did not understand why I was feeling so happy. Thank You so much Sai Deva, this job meant a lot to us financially and I have almost more than 25% hike in salary as well compared to my previous job, which I had not expected.

Forgive me Baba for often checking on Q&A site about the job and many other things. You have given me answers such as why was I testing Baba…? Please forgive me for this. But most of the time Your answer on Q&A were very positive. I need to mention here I got an opportunity to read chapter 15 and as mentioned in it, I promised Baba that I will distribute sugar candy if I get a job. Baba thank You so much for making it possible despite all the odds on one of the Thursday before I joined the job to go to temple and complete my promise.

Now I have one more big challenge after getting the job which You know Deva, please help me to sail through it and make me do my job sincerely and successfully and to the satisfaction of my seniors in the. But for the last 4 months ever since I started on this new job, You have taken care of my worries most of the time and saved from all the troubles that I could have gone through otherwise. It is amazing how Baba saved me whenever I did not know something related to the job and was in an uncomfortable position. All that I did was asking Him to help me; I cannot keep count of how many times He has helped me in the last 4 months. Forgive me Baba that I did not submit my experiences as promised when I was in trouble.

Baba helped my son in his exams also to improve his scores. Thank You Deva for making my son study hard and getting an A grade in the subject which he thought the toughest. Although his marks are not great, he has improved his marks in all his subjects. Baba You know he is very hardworking and sincere, please help him to understand the concepts clearly and reproduce them the way it has to be written to score high. His hard work is not translating into the scores that are expected for many years now. Please show him the right path to score good marks and keep him motivated with positive thoughts, he feels and mentions that he is not smart as his counterparts. But he works very hard, he has written one more qualifying exam recently. Please bless him with qualifying marks.

My husband also got some positive outcome at his work. YOu know Deva he is working hard and trying his best, but he always faces obstacles and rarely gets appreciation for his work. Please show him a way out of this Deva. Please keep him away from negative thoughts and make him read Your Satcharitra completely. I wanted him to read chapter 11 the other day, when I was worried. He wouldn’t do it, but it was You Who made him say himself that he would read one more chapter. I was surprised how You listened to my small wish? Thank You Deva. He also wanted to read while he was overseas on official work and fasted the whole day on his mother’s annual ceremony and read the following chapter very willingly which I never expected. I promised that I will share this experience as well, as he had to go through a lot of hurdles to go overseas right from his visa to place to stay there. But You took care of it in unbelievable ways Deva and made the whole trip safe.

You know Deva what my husband is going through now with his siblings regarding their ancestral property. One of his brothers who promised to help with the finances and to stay by him, has suddenly backed up and now my husband is taking the brunt of the situation from all his siblings, and his sister is threatening him and putting pressure on him and he has no one to support him. As I have been asking and praying You Baba, please help us to resolve this issue without anyone getting hurt in the process. We are trying to get the financial help to resolve the issue, but it is not happening. Please show us a way to raise the money that his family is demanding. Aslo Deva, You know what he is asking me to do with regard to it, please save me from this uncomfortable situation.

I asked Baba that my brothers are drifting from each other and hence bring them together like before and keep all my siblings united and our bonding strong. I am very happy to know that they all came together for my father’s annual rituals this year. THANK you so much Baba for listening to all my big and small wishes.

Few months ago we needed finances to pay for our children’s school and co-curricular activities. We had missed the deadline and were getting reminders. My husband previously had got some financial help from a good friend and he was saying that he would approach him again. I was not comfortable doing it again. I was anticipating some outstanding claims from my employer, which was delayed for 3-4 months for some error from the HR office and with that hope we thought we will pay off our kid’s school & other dues. I kept asking Sai to help us in this critical situation and I did not want to ask our friend again. But without my knowledge my husband had approached the friend and he told me that he had no other option. I felt very bad, but fortunately this friend who has always stood with us in many critical situations helped again and after a week Baba helped me to get my outstanding claims and we could return the money to our friend without much delay as we had promised.

I do not know how to put my gratitude in words to our beloved Baba. He has also settled one of my niece’s life who had gone through a lot of pain and suffering in her first marriage and was separated from her husband and also have a girl child. She was also doing Baba’s Satcharitra parayana on Thursdays and also chanting. When we were trying to work out a proposal for the second marriage a few months ago, she had liked the proposal a lot and thought it was most suitable for her situation, but things were not going in her favour from the guy’s side although he was a nice person. He could not make a strong decision and started talking in a very vague way. When all this was going on, she had vision of Baba many times. One day she had a dream, in which she was talking to some guy and telling him that she will meet him later. Then she suddenly entered a Baba’s temple and Baba told her not go behind him, she is married and has a kid. But she only trusted the part that Baba gave her the darshan and that as a good sign. As Baba indicated in the dream, that proposal did not work and she went through a lot of emotional stress and was very demotivated. I too had lots of hopes about the proposal and was equally disappointed, but kept her encouraging that she should consider any other good proposal that comes in. By Baba’s grace she came out of that stress and got married to a very nice person last month just before Navratri. He has wholeheartedly accepted her child also and she has got a full fledged family with very kind in-laws who also have accepted her child as their own grandchildren and enjoying every moment with the child. She says that she is very happy now. Please keep her safe and happy and bless her family always Baba.

I had promised to You that I will share this experience here. Baba, Your ways are beyond the understanding of small devotee like me. Please keep showering Your divine blessing to all Your devotees and lead us on the right way. Thank You so much Deva. Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Ki Jai. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Sadguru Sai.

My Life Is Baba’s Biksha

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: My Life is Biksha that I have received from Baba. Hi, I stay in the USA and I am very ardent believer of my Guru Shri Sai Baba. Not even a single minute in a day I forget His smaran. My very humble pranamam to Shri Hetalji and the entire team for bringing all of us to one platform where we can always feel the presence of our Guru. I feel my Guru’s presence in every experience I read here. Thank You so much everyone there who are sharing their experiences and spreading the peace and faith.

Before starting my experience, I bow down at the lotus feet of my param Guru Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj. I request Him to kindly make this post very elaborated and understanding. I have no words or thoughts from where to start as my whole life is purely a miracle by my Sadguru Sai Baba. Ever since I was a child the only God I know is “Baba”. I don’t know how and when I got to know Baba (Because none of my family are Shirdi Sai Baba devotees before). We are a happy family of four (me, my brother, mother, father). By God’s grace I am from a very well educated and well-off family (we never had any kind of financial crisis). So my childhood was very, very happy without having any issues (my parents never bought any kind of issues to us).

Being very immature, I have turned my life upside down once I joined my +12 (intermediate). Being from a very well-educated family, my parents always guided me like my friends and used to be my support for all the mess I used to make. I got married, when I turned 21. Unfortunately the guy whom I married is a very crooked and money minded. I had tolerated that painful marriage for one year. Later my parents (thinking about my well-being) decided, me to bring out of that ruined married life and gave me a lot of moral support (while the process of divorce was going).

After my divorce, my parents got me married to my husband (I am with now). He is in the USA (at the time of marriage), since my parents felt he would be the right guy who can take care of me in every aspect (my parents have told about all my past to him) and decided to get me married to him. After 20 days of my marriage, I came to the USA along with my husband. I was so happy then as he seems to be very good, caring, loving and understanding.

After one year of our wedding, I gave birth to one cute little baby boy. He is completely a gift from Baba. After that, life has slowly started losing it’s good shape and time was running towards mess. I have struggled a lot to settle in this very life and many times I felt of committing suicide. But Baba always made me give up that though as He has plans for my very beautiful future. Slowly with my parents’ support, I have started working. I am staying with my husband but my complete moral support would be from my parents. I worked so hard and learned how to lead my life. In every aspect, Baba has turned me into a right shape through all the bad experiences. Now I am a confident, independent and hardworking woman. I feel so blessed for whatever I have now and I am very, very thankful to my Sadguru, for being with me throughout my journey of odds and evens. The people may really feel blessed to know the miracles He made. So to stabilize the faith in all, here are the miracles He made and how He has turned my all attention towards Him.

1. When I was suffering with my former marriage, Baba always guided me through my grandmother. He used to give the directions in her dreams. Initially when I was not a very staunch devotee like I am now, I never used to believe in my grandmother’s dreams but now I have completely surrendered to my Guru.

2. When I was in a mess with my former marriage, Baba had come to me as astrologer. That time I hadn’t realized Him as Baba and said, “You will be settled abroad.” He said the same in my local language and asked me to get rid of this marriage as it was not good for my future.

3. My first Visa Interview was scheduled on Thursday in 2010 but I had never realized it then.

4. We moved into our first house after marriage in the USA on a Thursday.

5. Later when I was struggling a lot to adjust in my life with my husband in USA, I saw one person with white robe and one white cloth tied to head in my dream continuously following me wherever I went. I had the same dream for continuous two days. I had never realized Him as Sai Baba then. He was assuring me in the dream, “Don’t get panicked, I am with you.”

6. Whenever I am down and about to give up on the situation I was facing, He always used to show me some way through any person to bring me out of that mess.

7. A biggest miracle that has changed me completely: While the above described things were happening, one fine Day (Thursday), I had been to a nearby Sai Temple in the afternoon at 1:00 pm. Before stepping inside the temple, I parked my car and was casually checking my astrology for that day as I have the general habit of reading my astrology everyday. It was written that. “You are going to meet someone special at 1:30 pm, who will change your life completely.” The same very words were written on that astrology website. Ignoring what was there on the website, I proceeded further to step in to the temple. I reached the Baba’s Idol, took His darshan and came back and was sitting in one corner and was just watching over His idol. I was remembering all my painful past and present mess that I was going through that time. From nowhere, one old person with complete white pant, shirt and white beard called me to come to him. He was sitting next to me but I never noticed him. Below is the conversation (everything was in Hindi).

Baba: What are you thinking?

Me: Thinking something in my mind, I just nodded the head like nothing.

Baba: Humans will make mistakes. How many days will you think about the past?

Me: (Tears started rolling down from my eyes as I haven’t said Him anything. He was reading my heart).

Baba: Chintan Karo Beta (Meditate my child).

Me: (As I don’t know the proper meaning of chintan, I thought of searching for the meaning in google after I leave from temple. All this I was just thinking in my mind, didn’t even utter a single word from my mouth).
Baba: Reading my mind, don’t you understand the meaning of “Chintan”? It means “Smaran karo beta” (meditate my child, He said the meaning).

While am controlling all my emotions as it was a public place and wiping my tears)

Baba: “Come to me anytime whenever you feel low. I am always here waiting for you. You are my daughter, not only you but all the people come here are like my own children.”

I was trying to digest what was all happening as it was never expected)

Baba: “Leave all your worries and just do your job, strongly remember that, whenever you call whole heartedly, Baba will always stand for you.”

With my tears rolling down, I touched His feet and asked Him to bless me. He then blessed and gave me prasad (mixture of dry fruits) from His white bag. Thus, I left that place. After heading back home, as I still hadn’t Realize Him as my Baba and started thinking, Who was He in my mind? That very night, I saw Him in my dream shouting loudly at me, standing near my bed, “Haven’t you still recognized me?” Thus I got up suddenly from my sleep. From then to now, He has been guiding me in many ways and showing me His leelas (I will be narrating them in my upcoming post).

I have learned one thing from all the above. Baba needs patience and a very strong faith. He has the power to turn any negatives to positives, but all He does is, He will tune us to proper and deserved person for the wish we have asked Him for He gives it to our hands. I am very sorry for my very long post and thank You so much for reading the whole with a lot of patience. May Baba bless all of us with good health, faith and patience. Om Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba Saved Us From Being Cheated

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UAE says: Om Sairam, I am a small devotee of Baba from Dubai. Actually I don’t know if I can call myself a devotee since I fought with my Baba last week and feel like I have lost the right to be considered as His devotee. Anyways, even if we fight or shout, I have only my Baba’s feet to hang on to. Sorry Baba, please excuse my behaviour. Please do not publish my name and details.

Initially I was not a big devotee of Baba, but He sought me out and made sure that my firm faith in Him is established for me and my family. I am a working woman with a caring husband and 2 loving children. Now Baba is a part of our family, nothing happens without involving Him.

Regarding my experience, I would like to narrate a miracle which happened a few years back when Baba saved my husband and me from getting cheated of our hard earned money. My husband was looking to upgrade his car to a more sophisticated SUV, a Land Rover. As the second-hand car market in Dubai is very active and successful, we decided to look for a one to two years old Land Rover on Dubizzle, a platform for trading in cars and other stuff. We found a great deal at an attractive price, contacted the seller and also had an inspection of the car.

Everything was agreed, the seller seemed a very respectable person, a dentist, and said the car belonged to his wife. We believed everything he said, did all the paperwork and went to the RTA office for registration. There were many telltale signs that the seller’s story and credentials were suspect, but we were naive and missed all of them. Finally when we were waiting for the vehicle inspection to be completed our insurance broker was very uncomfortable to approve the coverage and was asking for some more details. Even then we trusted that the seller would be able to provide everything and we had withdrawn the money to pay him once the papers were signed.

I had to step out of the waiting area to get some photocopies of documents when suddenly an old man, who looked exactly like Baba, approached me and spoke to me in Tamil, my mother-tongue, and warned me that the seller was a big cheat and all his stories about his background were lies. He picked up damaged cars, just dressed them up with painting, etc, and sold to some unsuspecting victims. The buyer would later find out that major repairs were needed which would require lakhs of rupees. I was shocked to hear this, thanked the old man, and quietly reported it to my husband. We both then told the seller that we needed to go to get some papers from our insurance company, stepped out and went to the Land Rover service centre and requested the agent to check the background of the car we were about to buy. Though normally they would not oblige to share such information to strangers, with Baba’s grace they helped. It turned out that the car was involved in a major accident recently and required major repairs to be done which we were not aware of. We went back and confronted the seller about all his lies and cancelled the deal! To think we were a few minutes away from completing the deal and paying him the money for a damaged car- it was Baba Who came in person and stopped us at the last minute!

Thank You Baba, even today thinking of the incident makes me feel choked that my Baba saw us worthy enough to come and help. Thanks Baba, please give us Your blessings to remain steadfast in our devotion and belief in You. The last few years have been very tough for us as a family and only Your grace is helping us sail through. Om Sairam.

Baba is my God, my Friend, my Philosopher and Guide. Help us Gurudev to have the same level of bhakthi as You had for Your Guru. Only with your blessings everything is possible. Om Sairam.

My Dear Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hello devotees, I was not a sincere devotee of Baba earlier. I used to pray only when calamities came into my life. After uttering His name 24×7, I could find the changes happening in my life blessed by Sai.

Experience 1: Baba is the only reason I am able to receive the parcels on time properly and safely. I was been overweight Baba. I happened to get fever due to which weight reduced drastically to four kgs. It’s all Sai’s grace.

Experience 2: My cousin happened to get married last month for which Baba blessed me with blouses of correct size. Also my face looked clear for his marriage without any pimples and blisters.

Experience 3: I pray Baba to bless me with twin babies (one boy and one girl). I happened to get diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain which got cured by His blessings. Sorry for all the negative thoughts. It’s due to their negligence towards me. Please make my wishes come true Sai.

Experience 4: I happened to get diarrhoea before. I prayed Baba to stop diarrhoea while travelling and He helped me. Due to fever, I got loss of appetite and stomach bloating issue which Baba cured. Also He reduced my weight to 56kg as I had wished.

Experience 5: My dad used to get emotional sometimes due to me not getting conceived still. So once he happened to talk to my husband. So I was scared my husband would mistake but nothing like that happened. Once I bought a new wallet and handbag and my husband didn’t get suspicious of it.

Experience 6: I prayed Baba to make my husband get his business involvement less. He made my wish come true and I am happy now. I have ordered certain items online and everything came before Diwali and even my parents visited me and took my bags with them. Now I am trying to utter His name always which gives me immense happiness. He is my saviour. No more pimples or blisters on face on uttering Your name Baba. Please bless me with a twin boy and a girl soon Baba. And at any cost, I shouldn’t miss remembering You. Om Sairam!

Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am Sai devotee for last few years. I have had so many experiences of Baba’s miracles. My day begins with Him and ends with a prayer to Him. Thank you Hetalji for the wonderful job.

Om Sairam. I was worried about something last week and felt really bad about it. The only thing I could do is to pray to Baba. I was praying to Baba please take care of the situation. He answered my prayers and relieved me.

Baba, please keep Your blessings on him. Please take care of him. I am nothing without him. Baba I am so grateful for Your blessings. Anantkoti Bramhand Nayak Raja Dhiraj Yogiraj Parabramha Shri Satchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Miracles Of Sai Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Hyderabad. I am a devotee of Sai Baba. I am 30 years old.
Sai ma I love You. I want to thank You for Your miracles Sai Baba. I wrote 2 experiences before.
I started reading Satcharitra from heart and His miracles started. I am a Sai devotee. I have many experiences. My mother-in-law introduced me to Sai Baba. She brought Satcharitra and Sai statue from Shirdi. Every day I do Pooja to Him with bhakti and devotion. I am happy to tell I am a Sai devotee. I trust Him very much. Please bless my family and always be with us. Jai Sairam.

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  2. Baba praying you from the bottom of my heart, I should get a response either for next steps or even a no from that company you know what I'm talking about. I beg you, have mercy on me. Dear Sai devotees, please pray for me that soon I get a very good job with a great package. Baba please bless all your devotees. Om Sai Ram, show some miracle baba.

  3. baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother's pain baba and grandmas diabetes baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa show us some light Sai pa

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