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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

It’s All Baba’s Miracle

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From USA Says: Please don’t disclose my details. First I would like to appreciate Hetalji for maintaining this Modern Satcharitra.

I was a devotee of Baba from childhood. I used to go Baba temple regularly when I was back in India. There are many things to share but would like particularly share one experience now. It’s my first post. It’s all Baba’s miracle, Nav Guruvar Vrat effect for signing the offer letter.

By Baba’s grace I got married to a nice person, went to India for wedding and came back to USA. After then got a problem with employer and I had to quit my employer. It was the worst situation in my life. I was searching for a job but couldn’t get any and during this phase my husband understood me very well and I was very depressed. I should thank him and cooperation.

I was more tensed about my in-law’s feelings. After few months I got a job. It was a good client but unfortunately the premium processing was suspended so I couldn’t work. Again I started the search after few months when premium processing was back. I used to sit for hours in front of the laptop with a hope daily. I was tiered and cried many times in front of Baba. I felt embarrassed of my situation and couldn’t talk to anyone.

One day one of my friends suggested to read Sai Satcharitra so that I will have some peace. Next day after coming back to my home I was searching It online to get it. During my search I found this site and started reading all the devotees’ experiences. I had tears while reading the devotees’ experiences and got to know about Nav Guruvar Vrat.

I started the vrat on July 25th. We went to temple and I bought Sai Satcharitra book from the priest. He gave it to me by placing It at Baba’s feet and gave me a red rose from Baba’s garland. I was in tears almost.

I started reading that book. I could see some change in my situation where I was getting calls from vendors and started giving interviews back to back. Most of them were on Thursdays only. In the past also I was interviewed by the same X client but the results were not good. I was done with interview with two different clients. One was a full time role and other was a contracting role. I got selected for contract role and was happy. But I was also waiting for decision of full time position.

I didn’t hear anything from manager. This contract role was confirmed. They did the background check and everything went well. They confirmed the start date as 9th Sept but later it was delayed. One week passed and I didn’t hear anything from them. Again the same situation depressed me and one Thursday I was crying in front of Baba. It was morning and I was very sad.

In the evening after doing pooja I came and saw my phone. I had got an email from the X client manager for the full time position. I had got selected and he gave a call to discuss more about the position. I discussed everything about my visa. He said that he would discuss with HR and let me know.

One week passed and I didn’t hear. Yesterday Thursday i.e. Sep 19th I got an offer letter from the HR. I was so happy and all I could say that it was Baba’s miracle. Before signing the offer letter I wanted to post my experience. For all devotees, all I say is that have “faith and patience“. This site has helped me a lot to keep in faith. Please Baba, bless all Your devotees. Baba, please bless me with all the paper work and H1B approval. Sorry for the lengthy post. Thank You Baba.

How Sai Babaji Helped My Daughter

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Alka from India Says: My name is Alka. I’m a housewife and mother of two daughters. First of all Om Sairam to Hetalji and all the devotees of Sai Babaji. I’m a very small devotee of Sai Babaji. I and my life and my all decisions are dependent on Sai Babaji. I cannot even go from my house to any place without asking my Sai Baba. I love Him so much but on the other side I fight with Him almost every time. My life is filled with so many experiences. Recently my daughter got a chance to get job in a MNC. She was very much willing to do job in that company. She uploaded the resume and after some days she shortlisted and the date was scheduled for her interview.

But the previous company she was working for was trying to create problems for her. Her manager was not ready to do her F and F. He was threatening her that she was not allowed to leave this job on a very short notice and that he would write absconded on her letter and so many things which made my daughter very frustrated. But when Sai takes charge of His children then no one can harm. Sai settled the office problem. But main problem was her B.A results were not decided yet and they asked for degree. MNC’s interview process takes 2/3 months easily. She was selected and now the documents had to be submitted. But we didn’t have. I prayed to Babaji that I was going to ignou for mark sheet and attested documents and that He should kindly help me and come with me. Sai Baba stayed with me the whole day and I got the documents. My daughter got job with the help of Sai Baba. Still have some problems. But I told her that leave all the problems at Sai Babaji’s feet. Let Him decide further. Babaji aap jo bhi kroge boht acha hi karoge(Baba whatever You will do, You will do good only). Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parambrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaja Ki Jai. Sairam.

A Daughter’s Experience

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Komal from India Says: I’m a doctor doing my post graduation. A devotee’s dairy ‘Sai’ He is very, very kind. In a span of 7 years He has given me darshan 4 times in my dream! But the last time, a week back when He came, I just saw Him too close and He was only crying. He was mute and His eyes were full of tears, rolling down His face. A cry that made me wake up. I saw the clock. It was 4.30 am Monday morning! I looked around and gazed through Sai’s Photo. He was there! I questioned Him, “What happened? Why did you cry?”

I was running with fear. Is something bad going to happen to me? Then I told Him, You there to protect me, so no worries Sai. Then I asked Him, “Are You burdened with Your devotees?” And I only replied Him saying, “Don’t worry, I’m there to take care of You!” And saying this I slept.

To my surprise He gave me darshan again in dream and it was like I was busy doing my duty and going somewhere. I got to see that someone stopped me by holding my right hand. I turned around and got to see Sai standing and holding my hand and now I said, “Sai!” He smiled at me! His face was bright with contentment. I again woke up to see to note that it was 6.30 am in the morning. So this third and fourth darshan happened in a span of two hours. All day I kept thinking that He first cried and later He smiled. He cried because He knows my heart is in pain and He can’t watch me cry and when I told Him, “Don’t worry Sai, don’t cry I am there!” He came again in dream and smiled.

Guru is everything! He is your God. Only He understands Your pain and He will cry if you’re in pain.

I Passed My Pharmacy Test

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From USA Says: Hi, I live in the USA California. I have so many things to share. But this is my recent experience. I am Baba’s devotee from only 2 years. But have so many things to share.

Om Sairam I passed my pharmacy test. Yes I am so happy that I passed my test in my second attempt by Baba’s grace. Want to share this good news with everyone. My first attempt was on May 23rd. Thursday. I went to Baba’s temple on Sunday the 19th. I requested Him to make me pass in this exam. Baba came into my dream on same night and He showed me 1 finger with blessing hand and then after sometime He showed me 2 fingers with blessing hand. I didn’t understand anything at that time. But when I gave my exam on may23rd and when I failed I realized that Baba gave me a hint that I will pass on my second attempt.

I was sad and I was crying a lot. But then I made appointment for my second attempt. At first I had a doubt that this exam was tough. But at the same time I felt that no I will definitely pass as Baba had told me in my dream. And the main thing was Baba came again to my dream before this exam too and this time He came with shawl around Him. He didn’t show me any finger or blessing hand, so that I will not get confused. And yes I passed as Baba had said in my first dream. I am so much happy. I can’t express. Thank You Baba for Your help and love. Please stay with us, and everyone. Om Sairam.

Baba Cured My Son’s Cough

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Sailaja From USA Says: I am Sailaja from USA and I would like to appreciate your divine work Hetalji for enhancing immense faith in Sai devotees. As I have been receiving answers through these experiences for my problems I am completely addicted to reading these. I have already shared three experiences before. Baba gave me one more opportunity to share my experience here.

I completed Sai Satcharitra in one week in March and from then Baba has been continuously guiding me from past 6 months about my son’s health and all other family matters through question and answers site.

Because of His grace we had wonderful trip to India in summer and also within short period of time He planned our visit to religious places like Shirdi, Thirupathi and Vijayawada. All darshans happened only on Thursdays and all were memorable.

In school most of the kids are becoming sick because of viral fevers. So from past 2 days my son has been coughing the whole day. I am giving him Udi water daily and started chanting “Om Sri Sai Arogyakshemadaya namaha” mantra 108 times for 2 times a day. I came to know about this mantra from Baba which was published here by one lady who chanted this to cure her son’s fever. I was worried and prayed Baba that he should not get viral fever and his cough should subside in 2 days. It’s a miracle that he didn’t get fever and his cough also reduced 90% in 2 days. Baba, please bless my son with good health and peace to all Your devotees. Om Sairam.

Found An Important Article Only By Baba’s Grace

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Aparna From USA Says: Baba rightly says faith and patience combined with duty is all we need.

There was an important article that I had to deliver to someone I promised and suddenly it just went nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere possible but there were no signs of it. I tried very hard and got stressed because it was an important deliverable. Then I prayed to Baba and surrendered it to Him saying, “It is all Your leela. It is Your wish that I don’t find it now and I will surrender to Your will. You know what is best for me.” Then a little later, I got an idea and I found a substitute for the original article which was even better than the original. I am glad that I found that because it turned out better and it was all His leela.

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  1. baba please bless help and save my parents saima please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and dibetes saipa cure my mother and grandmas diabetes we are at the verge baba please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  2. Baba I would first like to apologize from the bottom of my heart for my bad behavior towards you from past few days but you know I was being very impatient and due to this was fighting with you. Please help me to have faith in you and help me going forward not to ask you more questions/answers through chits as it screws my mind. Please give me job but only the one you feel will be best for my career. Help me complete my prayan and vrat by next week successfully. Baba always be with me, guide me to take right and firm decisions and be such a confused personality. Help me to have stable find and run here and there I really need your blessings. I just want o be a better and humble person this year. Please forgive me and give me goods set of friends, curb my loneliness, improve my relationship with my husband and family and support them always. Baba please bless my mom and dad, help his business thrive and cure my mother illness. Baba I really want your guidance in terms of being patient and be fit and healthy and conceive naturally this year. Baba make me capable to help others in time of need and help others, I'm really sorry for everything, please bless all your devotees. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram

  3. Today my experience was posted on this site.While penning my experience i was soo happy to share with everyone about the miracle. My happiness didn't last for longer time. even though i got offer due some organizational change they couldn't continue with that offer as i need sponsorship.Please baba why you are testing me. Please forgive my sins. are my tears not reaching to your holy feet.Please baba help me i cannot sit at home crying daily no mental peace.By your grace i came here(usa)as student, faced many struggle worked hard and got job and H1B but whats happening in my life.Now life is miserable

  4. Om Sai Ram
    Please Bless Us All With Sadbudhi
    Please Guide And Help Us All
    Please Don't Let Any Kind Soul Suffer
    Om Sai Ram

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