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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Baba Taught Me Shraddha And Saburi

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Thank you for this wonderful site. I read the experiences daily and it helps me understand Baba and His ways, His love for His children. Here I would like to narrate a few miracles done by Baba when I was not able to believe anything in life and guided me towards my destination. I am still waiting for my marriage to happen and I am sure that Baba will make it happen soon. My post is about how Baba taught me Shraddha & Saburi and blessed me to keep my faith and move towards my destination.

I am from a conservative family. Baba has given me everything like good family and job. But the only problem is with marriage. My sister got married very late as she liked a guy and my dad was against it. It took nearly 7 years for my dad to accept it. Finally they got married and they stay in the US. Meanwhile, so many things happened and there was much delay. People asked me to get married but I didn’t want to before my elder sister got married. Now it’s my turn to get married and I am 37 now. We had been seeing matches since 5 years but nothing was working out, due to delay not much matches were left and there were no compatible matches. Never liked any of the matches, and few of the guys said yes but was not able to accept them. Was always asking Baba so send one match.

Everyone was commenting on our family and we had to take it. I was feeling guilty as why I was not able to marry the guys who said yes, but never felt for them. I kept asking Baba to send one compatible match and that I would marry with His blessings. Did so many poojas, went to many astrologers but nothing was working out. Even if I didn’t like the profile I used to force myself to go and see the guy because of family. But somehow was not able to accept them.

Then my sister saw a profile in matrimony and sent it to me. We contacted them, they liked the profile, their parents saw us in August. Guy works in Bangalore and we were waiting to meet the guy when he was in Hyderabad. Meanwhile we went to Shirdi, Baba’s darshan, but I was in so much pain, was asking Baba, why I was not feeling happy in Shirdi also? I was in such a condition where I was asking Baba to give me death. As at this age we won’t get good matches and I couldn’t trouble my family any more. I couldn’t commit suicide as it would bring very bad name to my family and my parents would suffer if I died. It was like I neither live nor die.

Before going to Shirdi in February I had contacted one of the greatest devotees of Baba and asked for her help. She told me to leave everything to Baba and asked me to do 9 guruvar vrat and also Baba’s seva in Mahaparayan. But I was in such a condition that I was not able to do anything as had no concentration nor any strength. Once I went to Baba’s temple and asked Baba as what He wanted me to do? I just opened my eyes and one lady was in front of me with Baba’s 9 Guruvar vrat books. I took it. But I did start the vrat, instead I prayed Baba that if any match got fixed then I would do 9 Guruvar vrat.

Now after returning from Shirdi, immediate Thursday that guy’s mom called us and said that they wanted to meet. We met and next Thursday I met that guy. Guy looked OK. Education, family and everything was good. I thought that I could think about this match as their family and our family were willing. We contacted them and asked them if the guy could meet us one more time. Guy messaged me saying that I am good but there was no connection between us. I did not understand anything and I thought, “Baba what was happening, why that guy said like that? I thought its You Who had sent this match for me.” Was crying and saying to Baba that, “When there was no connection between You and me, how that guy got connected to me. I asked You for one match since long and You have not given it to me.” Was not able to control myself and was crying day and night. I didn’t see any other match also. No matches were left. I thought I would contact them once again and ask that guy to meet me once. But how can we contact when he was not willing.

Meanwhile I started 9 Thursday vrat and also joined as a captain in one of the Baba’s Mahaparayan groups. This was where Baba started His miracles. That Mahaparayan group just started on that day itself and they wanted a captain who knew Telugu and they were waiting. On the same day I called them and asked if I could do any seva? They immediately asked me to join as a captain in that group. They said Baba only sent you. I really felt very good. Mean while I asked few devotees to put chits in front of Baba and ask Baba’s opinion about contacting them (match) once again. We tried two times and it was “Don’t contact them”. I was crying very badly and asking Baba to do some miracle. You change people and their fate so why not my fate Baba?” Slowly I started feeling that Baba wanted me to do His seva first and 9 Guruvar vrat which I was not doing. So He took this match away so that I can do all this. If not I would have never started all this. I said, “Baba I understood it now. I will do Your seva and will continue till my death but please send that match back if that guy is good and if You are willing too. I know You are working on my things and will wait. I know You will fix this match.” And the third time I asked my house teacher (Mahaparayan group) to take the chits, she was the one who understood my pain and she was trying to console me. Once when one of the devotees asked Baba in question answer site about me, she got an answer like, “Don’t worry, Baba will take care and friends will help you” got this answer twice. Now when I asked her to take the chits,(I call her Didi) she said that she will keep the chits in front of Lord Ganesh (as it was Ganesh Navrathri days) for 10 days and would pick the chits on 12 September which was a Thursday. And guys she was the friend whom Baba had sent to help me.

I realized it later those 10 days I had seen many positive indications from Baba. I started going to Baba temple daily morning and started offering sugar and doing aarthi. 1. I took rose and went to temple. Pujari was dressing up Baba and he was trying to keep flower in Baba’s crown, but that flower was not getting adjusted. I was standing in the queue and was thinking if Baba could accept my flower and keep it in His crown. Meanwhile aarti was done and the queue started moving for darshan. I gave flowers to pujari and went to have prasadam. When I returned back I saw that pujari had kept the flower in Baba’s crown. I was so happy to see that.

2. As it was navratri, Ganesh mandap was kept in Baba’s temple and I went to take darshan of Lord Ganesha and offered a rose flower, prayed Ganesh to give me positive result and turned back. Pujari called me and gave me a rose flower and prasadam. I went to see Baba, sat down and was praying Baba. I heard a voice and opened my eyes and saw pujari with Baba’s coconut. He blessed me with a coconut. Felt very happy as I received the blessing of lord Ganesha and Baba.

3. Was travelling in a metro from office and I closed my eyes and was saying Baba’s name along with that guy’s name. Was very sad and I was saying “Baba Siddarth” as His name was Siddarth. I said it a third time and one girl in front of me suddenly played Baba’s aarti. I was so happy to hear Baba’s aarti.

4. I wanted to offer a dress to Baba, got one dress and asked to dress up on Monday. They said Friday evening aarti slot was still available. But I said Monday was fine and I went home. As soon as I went home, I got my periods. I was surprised as I got them 6 days before. I called the temple immediately and said that I couldn’t make it on Monday. Please change the date to Thursday. Baba wanted to wear it on Thursday, the day when my results will come.

5. Thursday came and I went to a temple in the evening. Baba wore the dress. It was crowded; I attended the aarti and was returning from the temple. Suddenly one pujari called me and asked me to stay for some more time and to come in. We went in. He took flower and coconut from Baba’s Shree Charan and gave it to me. Was so happy as I was praying Baba to send me with blessing as today didi would pick the chits from lord Ganesha’s Shree charan.

7. I wanted to keep Baba’s photo in my bedroom. I remember we have a book with Baba’s photos, so was searching for that book, so that I could cut the photo and put it on the wall. While searching the book I took a bunch of books in my hand. Suddenly all the books fell down in a row but only Baba’s book fell aside from that bunch. See Baba’s leela, He came to me without searching. Thank You Baba.

6. Didi messaged me in the evening that she took the chits and it was a “yes”, which means we can contact them. I was so happy. I used to go to temple everyday but stopped having Baba’s prasad. As I told Baba “Why should I have Your prasad with so much pain? I will only have it when I am happy and when I come to Your temple with that guy”. But then we were not sure, if we should call them or they would call us. So I said Baba, “I will wait for today, if they don’t call us, I will call them tomorrow.” I waited and nothing happened. Then next day I was so scared to call them. I started my office work and was listening to Baba’s aarti and songs. Even if Baba said yes, I was not sure and I was very scared as I have seen many failures in these many years and was very scared to take any step. Now see Baba’s miracle. I received a message that they were going through my profile in matrimony. As soon as anyone saw our profile in matrimony we get a message to our phone. I was shocked to see this. That gave me strength to call them. I said Baba, “Baba it’s You Who will be calling them and it’s You Who will be answering from the other end and everything should be positive.”

Some times their mother used to give single line reply and cut the call. I asked Baba if she talks for longer time then it’s positive. We called them and his mother immediately picked our call. She knew our phone number. Then we asked what happened. She said that guy was ok with the girl, but some miscommunication regarding her shifting to Bangalore with him. We told her we don’t have any problem in shifting. She talked for longer time (she was always willing for this match) and she said that they also said that guy that match was good and tried to find his opinion. But they were not sure what the exact problem as he was ok with the girl, but may be problem was with shifting. She said he may come to Hyderabad during Dussera and she would find out and let us know.

Meanwhile didi called me and said, “I asked Baba in question answer site if that guy was good and ok for you and Baba’s reply was to pray Him Thursday and Friday and yes things would happen during Dussera festival“. I was so happy to hear this. I am still waiting for their call and for Dussera festival which is 15 days from today. I always prayed Baba that by Dussera my match should be fixed and Baba replied the same. I am still waiting with full hope that Baba will make this marriage happen. He has done all this to pull me to His service which I promised Him that I will be doing it till my death and also to do Nav Guruvar vrat to wash away my past karam. I will post one more experience once I get married to that guy.

Guys nothing is impossible with Baba. He loves us so much, we just need to have patience and wait on Baba to work for us. He is the One Who can make things happen for our good. Love You so much Baba.

Baba Saved Me

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From USA Says: I am a professional living in the United States. I want to write about a miracle that Baba did for me. I live in the US and go every year to see my mother in India who is over 80 years of age.

In June I had gone to visit her and on the way back to the US, my flight via Air-India from Mumbai to Delhi got much delayed. As a result, I missed my connecting flight to New York from Delhi. On top of this the Air-India personnel told me that they could not do anything further and my only recourse was to talk to the KLM personnel since the original ticket was issued by KLM. So there I was, stuck in Delhi without any confirmed ticket back to the U.S. This was about 3 am in the morning.

I managed to talk to a KLM person who told me that there were no flights and no seats available, everything was booked. I was very tensed and wondering what to do. Just then, I saw on the desk that there was a calendar and it was of our beloved Sai Baba looking at me and smiling from the calendar. I was very happy as I thought He gave me a sign that things would work out then.

I asked the KLM guy to try again. He went away and came back after 15 minutes and said that he had managed to get a ticket for me through Etihaad airways. That too, the flight was leaving in 3 hours time! This was nothing but Baba pulling the strings. He is always with us and all we have to do is ask for His help. As He has said “My help is only a prayer away”. Thank You Sai for always taking care of me.

My Sadhguru Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Om Sairam! Thanks Hetalji and team for the boundless service you are doing for the Sai devotees. You are blessed by our Sai Nana. I am blessed to be one of the leaves in His family and experiencing infinite leelas daily in one or the other ways. I have posted many experiences here before and now I am going to share some of the leelas of Sai as I had promised to share once when fulfilled.

Sai helped in getting the Visa appointment for my in-laws in a short period of time. He took care of everything from appointment, visa stamping and reaching to US safely. Thank You Sai Nana. Without You a single leaf cannot move. Please be with us and make us walk on the spiritual path and be at Your feet.

Sai Nana help the girl to cure as soon as possible as she is in coma and she has a small kid too. Hope my Baba will take care of everything. I will post the experience once she gets cured and take her baby in her arms. Thank You Sai Nana. I don’t know how to express gratitude for the love You are showing. Shri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Prayer Answered By Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Om Sairam. Thank you Hetalji for this amazing site which not only increases faith towards Baba but also increases a lot of confidence. I am sharing one of the incidents which happened recently. In This month (Sep) I got my period 10 days early. Because of that went to the hospital and checked with doctor. Doctor asked me to do abdomen scanning. When I got the scanning report, I came to know it as fibroid in uterus. So I was in tension and bleeding was also more. Asked Baba to please stop bleeding and that will post this experience because from last 4 days it was heavy. Believe me within 2 hours it got stopped. Thank You Sai Maa. Thank You Baba. Please be with us always.

Sai Baba Helped Me Find My Mobile

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I am a Sai Baba devotee from past 11 years. One day I went to the doctor for a few health issues. When I came out and checked my mobile it was nowhere to be found. I got worried and checked in my car and handbag, but was not able to find. I got scared. My mother also got frightened and asked me about the mobile. I went inside the clinic again to check but it was nowhere to be found. I prayed to Baba to help me find. I checked my car again and found it. I was relieved or it would have cost us a huge amount. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Baba Cured My Fever

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I am a Sai devotee from 15 years. I had been suffering from fever for the last 3 days. I had been praying to Baba for relieving me from the fever. I took boiling water with Udi and left it to Deva to cure my fever. The merciful Baba cured my fever and I am feeling better now. Bow to Sri Sai peace be to all.

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