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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Sai Is My Only Hope

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I am 31 year married lady from Odisha. My biggest fear is to hold things inside me and going into more trouble. I believe sharing your problem with someone is a good method of getting relaxation that you can have without being judged by people.

I was in a relationship for 11 years (counting from college days to till the date I got married). After such a beautiful relationship, my boyfriend convinced me that he cannot even talk to his parents for marriage as we belong to different caste. So he slowly ignored and abused me in different ways. I got to know Lord Sai and started praying for His miracles. I wanted some magic to happen so that my boyfriend could change his mind and proceed for marriage. I did 9 Thursday fasts for the first time and was continuously praying for that miracle. Within 3 months I got a chance to visit Shirdi alone with my boyfriend (The biggest risk I took by going alone and lied my parents that it was an office tour, just to have that miracle) That was the last time my boyfriend agreed to go with me as he was jobless and had all free time to go with me. Can’t say what was there in his mind at that time may be he truly loved me but unable to tell his parents. I bore all the expenses and Shirdi tour was amazing.

After few days I got a new job and with better salary. First thing that came to my mind was now all the problems are solved and if he is jobless I can definitely help him and encourage him for his career and for our marriage. But nothing happens according to our plan and now I started believing it shouldn’t be our plan, when Lord Sai is there to think for us. After that new job I was happy and felt positive about our relationship. With no time our relationship got worsened and he clearly said that he could not marry me because we were of different castes. He couldn’t even dare to ask his father once. This was the biggest pain for me and felt that at least he could have tried. His sister also clearly told me about their strict parents.

I was broken; I couldn’t concentrate on work and every time thinking about that miracle why it didn’t happen. I thought after vrat Sai called me to Shirdi and blessed me with a new job so why that miracle didn’t happen? One new employee was there who joined exactly on the same date I joined in that company. Slowly he started loving me, but I clearly said about my long term relationship which was broken then. He took 6 months to convince me that this is life and life changes. Honestly I started forgetting my ex and started respecting this new boy who was ready to marry me even after knowing my past.

The moment I got to know he belongs to Brahmin caste (Higher caste) I stopped growing my feelings. Yes it is true by that time I forgot my ex and started loving this person (who is my husband now) but not fully. He said that he had already convinced his parents and there was no objection from anyone from his family and he wanted to do court marriage with me. I asked about his parents’ acceptance 100 times but he was totally in love with me that he couldn’t wait for marriage. After our court marriage I immediately informed my parents about him but not about court marriage and till date my parents are ignorant of this court marriage. My husband asked my parents to go to his house first and talk for the marriage. My parents were very happy as they could sense my husband is a Diamond that they had found without even searching. He is an engineer and highly qualified and polite. What better option they could get for their only graduate daughter who was earning 12k per month by that time. Now I could feel the miracle that I was praying for. A miracle is not what you request to God, it is what God gives you that you never thought of. Lord Sai was my reason for happiness at that time and now as well. I was the happiest girl ever. But as I said nothing goes according to your plan, after my traditional arranged marriage my in-laws were supposed to call my parents for the reception party as it is a tradition. But they didn’t call. After waiting for 3 to 4 hours in the reception party I got to know about this. I was broken with tears in front of guests. I literally prayed my husband to call them immediately. My father and whole family was told not to enter in my life once the marriage was over as we are lower caste people. After so many requests from my husband my mother and brother dared to come to the reception just to see me and their son-in-law. My father in-law was there at the gate and he ignored my mother and brother. My mother-in-law ignored them and didn’t even look at them. Within 10 minutes my reception party was over and my father-in-law shouted that everything to finish quickly.

Again after so many requests from my husband; my mother and brother went for the dinner. The moment they picked the plate and started eating despite no interest and in fear, my father in-law started scolding my mother in front of every guest about some dowry. The main problem was caste but he scolded showing dowry reason as there were very highly educated guest. My brother who is an Engineer in Bangalore and earning two times more than my husband had come from Bangalore just to attend my wedding. My mother and brother both cried like anything. I couldn’t understand what was happening and screamed Oh Sai what was this happening and cried with my family in front of everyone. Then my in-laws directly said that they were against this inter caste marriage and just because of their son they agreed and that they would treat us like this rest of my life. As that was the fourth day of my marriage. I didn’t ask my husband anything about this.

I love him a lot. His parents were scolding him too for choosing other caste. Just because of my husband and his politeness me and my parents agreed to tolerate their (my in-laws) rude and abusive words. Sai was there always with me. After 5 years of my marriage my in-laws were never satisfied with me even after doing everything and always scolded me for unnecessary things. I was trying to forget and adjust but it never ended. I am also a short tempered girl but I was adjusting everything and never ever replied back. I could not share the mental pressure with my parents as they can’t bear pressure. I cannot visit them as it was condition of my father in-law before marriage. So I started asking my husband why he did so as I had told him that I can’t marry if his parents were not convinced. He kept on silent and slowly ignored me.

In between one miscarriage happened with me and my mental pressure was high. I was diagnosed anxiety and finally improper heart function due to pressure.

Now (15 days before) I fought with my husband that how many years should I tolerate all these things and I am mentally weak now. I requested him to atleast talk politely and convince his parents to accept me. It has been 5 years then. As my voice is loud so my husband also got angry with me and now he is saying to divorce me as I am unable to bear things. At this time I am alone. No family members are there to support me, no in-laws, very sadly not even my loving husband. But still I am hopeful and my only hope is my Lord Sai. The whole world can forget you but Sai will not. I am not blaming Sai for all these things. I still believe my husband will understand me one day and Oh my Sai I am still waiting for the miracle as You are my only hope. Jai Sairam. Sai Saran! Please edit my post for poor English and if anything more required. Thank you for giving me a chance to write.

Sai’s Grace, Omnipotence And Omniscience

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Harish From USA Says: I am a simple devotee of Baba and remember Him always. Om Sairam my humble and sincere pranams to the people running this website. May Sai bless you all. I have a beautiful experience to share about Sai Shiva and they both are one and the same.

On Aug24th and Aug25th, a divine Sivanadiyar was here in Cleveland to talk about Saiva Siddantham in Tamil. I had gone to the 1st day event to hear about the spiritual discourse. It was such an interesting and blissful talk that one could always rewind and remember. On that day in that hall I noticed the dancing picture of Nataraja (Lord Siva) was by the entrance by one corner of the wall and not really visible. I thought in my mind this picture is sitting here and no one can easily see Him and contemplate on Him while listening. I thought how nice would it be if it were to be placed in the center of the stage where the speech was going on? Thinking so, I just left it to Sai.

Day 2: About an hour before I had to leave for the event. My head started hurting and I felt very bad. I really wanted to go and hear the discourse. I said to Sai Shiva that I want to go and please help me cure me in the next half an hour. I tried some home remedies but they didn’t help me. I had about half an hour left. I simply went to bed to lie down and was sleeping on my left side. I simply imagined oh Sai, I really want to go. Please take away my pain and so thinking I imagined transferring the pain to Sai’s feet. I woke up within 20minutes or so and true to my faith I was fully pain free. Deep down in my heart I had thought I will go with His grace. I certainly didn’t want to come home half way with headache. With Sai’s grace and blessing I was able to go. When I got seated and started listening to the talk, to my astonishment and pleasant surprise I saw the same beloved picture of Nataraja exactly at the centre of the stage (Just the way I had imagined or thought yesterday). I didn’t tell anyone and I only thought in my mind but my Antaryami Sai knew and fulfilled this tiny wish. I was so happy and touched and was in tears.

If He didn’t will then I wouldn’t have gone. It doesn’t stop here. When I came home I got a very similar picture of Nataraja in one of the family Whatsapp groups. Normally people send pictures of Shiva linga or pindi but why this Nataraja picture yesterday? They both are one and the same. Sometime back Sai told me in Q & A site, “Remember Shree Sai Baba. Soon you’ll realize the one whose blessings are with you and Shree Sai’s blessings are one the same” and that happened. Yes, Sai is that Parameswaran the very cause of this creation and everything there is and that isn’t. I hope this experience fulfils the earnest desires of every devotee reading this, instil faith and may Sai be with them all ahead of them in some inconceivable manner. Siva Siva Akilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadi Raja Yogi Raj Parabramha Shree Sacchidanda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai Jai. Sairam!

Baba Helped Me Selling The Mattress

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From USA Says: Om Sairam to all the devotees. I had shared a lot of experiences of Sai of which some are yet to be published. I am a Baba’s small devotee from USA.

This is my recent experience which I had promised Baba that I would post it after it was fulfilled. I was looking for a new job and wanted to move to a new city. I had a mattress which I had bought online in Amazon when I came to this place. Since I wanted to move to a new State I wanted to sell it. I posted the ad for sale in many places 2 months back but there was no response. I prayed to Baba that if I got at least 100$ for it (bought it for 150) then I will immediately post it here. And a miracle happened. Last night, somebody called for it and within 1 hour came to my house handed me 100$ and took the mattress. The work I was so worried about for so long Baba made it possible in just 1 hour. This made me realize that if He wants to give us something He does not need time. As He says faith and patience is required. I know sometimes we humans find it very difficult to wait patiently and get restless and keep asking Him the same question. But, we have to trust Him and wait. I am still learning this. Hope Baba will bless you all.

Baba – The Saviour

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I am working in a concern and my husband is not working currently due to his health condition. I have a son studying in 8th standard.
First of all sorry to our beloved Sai as I took very long to post this. I thank the team who are in charge of boosting our faith in Sai. As promised I am posting this Sai. Thank You for everything, but still require Your blessings to overcome the current situation.

My husband was diagnosed with mouth cancer, radiation and chemo was done during the February, March and April of this year. Due to radiation side effect he could not open his mouth properly and so he is having only the liquid food and because of that he has lost weight. Our doctor suggested for an operation which would cost 3 lakhs which is a very huge burden for us financially. So we went to Adyar Cancer Institute. I prayed to our Sai that if they said that the operation was not required then I would post it here and with the help of our Sai, they said that it can be cured with physiotherapy. Thank You Sai and sorry for the delay in posting. But now he is admitted in hospital as his BP and sugar levels are down. I request all the devotees to pray for my husband that he should come back to normal life. I still believe in our Sai. Please Sai help me to come out of this situation successfully which is unbearable for me at present.

Baba Helped Me Get Better

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From USA Says: I am a small devotee who would like to remain anonymous.
Hello, thank you for this opportunity to voice out my experience. I would like to remain anonymous. These past few days I have been suffering from a pretty bad neck pain. It started off as something like a muscle strain. But after a couple of days the pain moved to the back of my head, neck and shoulders. It hurt the whole time and changing postures did not help in decreasing the pain. I was worried it might be something more serious and disc related. I have already suffered with disc injury previously so I was very worried. Before visiting the doctor I prayed to our Sai to help me and to be my doctor. I prayed that if this gets cured then I would write my experience here. And to my greatest surprise I woke up the next day with no pain! I went to the doctor that same day and he said nothing to worry as well. Thank You Sairam! You are the kindest. No words can explain the miracles You perform for Your devotees! Thank You for everything! Om Sairam!

Sai Baba Saved Me

Shirdi Sai Devotee Diptimayee Sahoo From India Says: Sairam to all devotees. I am Dipti from India. I have shared many experiences on this platform. Today I want to share another experience in which Baba saved me from a difficult situation.

Since many days I was not getting my period. This was the first time that I didn’t get my period on time. So I was little scared from inside. I thought maybe because of stress and anxiety I missed but was not ready to accept the situation. Daily I used to pray to our Deva that please do something. Then one fine day I went to the hospital and doctor gave some medicine to eat for one week. So I continued it till one week and prayed daily to Sai that I should get my period. Baba heard my prayer, exactly after one week i.e. today I got my period. As per my promised to Him, today I am writing my experience. He always listens to us. He is my everything. Love You Deva. Aum Shri Anantkoti Brahmanda Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay.

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  1. Baba please bless me with a job in either of the companies: Nielsen, Sime Darby, Davanti, Google or PHD. I’m really sorry sai, please this time showcme miracle and make my belief very strong in you. Please help me loose weight and bless my family especially my brother, husband and parents with health, wealth, long life and prosperity. I’m sorry for everything, please improve my relationship with my husband and bless us with a loving child in 2020. I know you love me the most in this world

  2. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother's pain baba and grandmas diabetes baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  3. Om Sai Ram
    Please Bless Us All With Sadbudhi
    Please Guide And Help Us All
    Please Make Us All Kind And Wise
    Please Don't Let Any Kind Soul Suffer
    Om Sai Ram

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