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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Baba’s Mercy To Get My Dad’s Lost Bike Back

Shirdi Sai Devotee Ravi From India Says: Thanks for the entire team who are involved in the noble cause. Om Sairam, I stay in a different city for my job and my parents stay in a town. I got call at 11 am from my sister that my dad’s bike was lost. I was shocked hearing that since I lost few other things which could be managed but this was a big loss.

I was late for the day and so I didn’t complete my pooja for the day. Preparing my food once I got the news. I told her that I would call back. I started praying to Lord Sai in my mind to get my dad’s bike back and promised to share the miracle on the holy site. Then on I stopped picking calls. I heard devotees’ experiences getting lost things back but stolen things back probably I read very few. I prepared my food, had my daily shower and completed pooja. I prayed to Sai Thandri to get my dad’s bike back. The reason why I didn’t pick any call was that first I wanted to complete my pooja (daily prayer). Since our Sadguru Sai says do not work with empty stomach I was following His words to complete pooja and food.

While having my food I started checking my mobile. I could see the message from my sister that they found the bike. Who could do this miracle? None else but our Sai Thandri!

My father usually goes to yoga from 6-7 am. He completed that and reached home by 8 and he went into the house. Almost at 10:30 am when he wanted to go outside for some work and then when he checked the bike it was not there. All of them searched, informed to the house owners but didn’t find it and got panicked.

After sometime house owner told to my father that he could see a bike on the other side of the road and asked to go and check it. It was almost 11:20 am. When my father checked, it was his bike. Who took that bike? Why he left over there? Only Sai knows. My father is 67+ aged person. He forgot to side lock the bike. He just locked. The guy who observed all these took the advantage. He pushed the bike almost 300 metres since he couldn’t start the bike as he was not having the key.

One more thing I want to tell if he had pushed the bike for 100 more metres then there were bike repair centers. Without key also they can start the bike. Why he took that bike? Why he left over there? Sai knows. The moment I heard bike was lost although I was involved in other stuff physically but mentally I was praying to Sai till I got confirmation that they got the bike back. As promised Sai I am posting on the holy site promptly.

Thank You Sai Thandri, my life is surrendered to Your holy feet. Om Sairam. Ananthakoti Brahmanada Nayaka Rajaji Raja Yogi Raja Parabramha Sri Sachidanda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Suswagath Mere Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I am My Sai’s simple devotee. I am happy to call myself from now on His little sparrow. Thanks to all members of this group for this pure, joyful and helpful work. Sainatha, my Deva, bless all.

This is one more Sai’s blessing that I want to share with my Sai family. My brother’s marriage was fixed. Being his elder sister it was my responsibility to help my parents in wedding preparations. I was handing the cash for shopping every item; be it gifts for the relatives or my brother and his would be wife’s clothes. From morning to afternoon we did almost all purchases in the list. Just two purchases were left – selection of saree for the bride and suit for bridegroom. We visited so many shops for wedding saree but were not able to find one of her (My would be sister-in-law’s)choice. At that time my brother suggested how about first we select his suit. And he took us to one shop where they stitch it with our choice of cloth, our choice of fashion etc etc. Finally it was time to pay the advance so I made it very carefully and left that shop. We started again to look for the saree selection. We roamed two hours and at last she finalized one and it was my turn to make the payment. But here I was shocked to notice that my money was less by 7 thousand. I was really ashamed of my negligence.

At that point my only support was my Sai. I started praying for His guidance and trying to remember every minute where I lost it? By my Sai’s grace I was sure that it was in that suit shop that I had paid more. We ran to that shop. Asked manager politely to check his cash if it was more. First he was very rude and not ready to do and was blaming me for doubting. I begged him so many times but he refused to help. Taking my Sai’s name I tried one last time saying “I saw my Sainath photo in your cash box while you were keeping the cash. And I gave you all new notes having serial number on them. So if you are Sai devotee then you are sincere person please check it and confirm.” By Sai’s Krupa he checked it and found the extra cash and gave it back to me. That is not all. Only with taking Sai’s name that person became so friendly that we also forgave his rudeness and gave him invitation card of the wedding. He happily attended wedding with a beautiful gift but not for the couple. Yes he bought my Sai Baba for me. I was happiest beyond any words could say. I said “Suswagath mere Sai” (Welcome my Sai). Deva please be with me and with all Your children who believe in You. Sai Baba namo Namah.

Baba Helped Me To Get My Flight Ticket

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Om Sairam. I bow down to Your lotus feet Sai. Thank you Hetalji for this big initiative.

It was a very bad day for me. My flight was in the morning at 2.35am but I thought it was at noon 2.35 pm. I reached airport 2 hours before. I got to check-in there. Police told me that I had missed my flight as it was in the morning. I was just shocked to hear that. I didn’t know what to do next and was worried as I was alone. I was blaming Sai that what He did? Why did He do it with me but anyhow I tried to get another ticket. I went to the airline ticket counter. They told that there was a flight after 3 hours and only 3 seats were available and that I would only be informed before 1 hour of time and that too it was not sure that seats would be there or not at that time. I completed my Sai jaap, Mahaparayan and Sai Upadhi group readings. After that I kept praying Sai to please help me to get the ticket and that I would share my experience. My parents and all were worried but I got my ticket with some charges. It’s all Baba Who helped me throughout. Thank You Sai for helping me. Sorry if I did anything wrong Baba. Om Sairam.

Solved Relationship Issues

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From USA Says: Om Sairam! I would like to thank Hetalji and the team for this wonderful blog. It gives us immense faith and helps us maintain Shraddha and Saburi.

I was having some issues in my family. There were some misunderstandings among my family members.

My parents and my wife have never been in a good happy relationship since our marriage. I prayed to Baba to solve this problem and bring happiness and love in my family and that I will share my experience on this site. I usually don’t make a deal with Baba as I believe that He only asks for Shraddha and Saburi from us so I totally forgot about it. Today, after going through the experiences I realized that may be I did request Baba to solve my issues and I would share the experience. When my parents came to visit my wife and me, everything went perfect for first 3 weeks. I was very happy that there was happiness and love in the family. But all of a sudden; a new misunderstanding cropped up and my parents went back home sad. I am sorry Baba that I didn’t share my experience when I should have. I had totally forgotten about it. Please solve our issues and make all the family members live happily together. Om Sairam! Ananth Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabhram Shir Satchidananda Sainath Maharaj ki Jay.

With Baba’s Blessings Stomach Pain Got Cured

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I am from India. From past 11 yrs onwards I am a devotee of Baba. Thanks to Hetalji for doing such a good work where we can post our experiences with Baba.

I am recently married and did abortion due to personal issues. After that continuously some days I suffered with stomach pain. Once after visiting the doctor she said that nothing was there. But still it continued for a month. Then again visited to the hospital and got myself checked. The doctor again told me that nothing was there after scan. Still I was getting stomach pain. I had to go office also. Then finally I prayed to Baba that if my stomach pain will get cured then I will post the miracle on this site and drank the Udi water kept in front of Baba after the pooja completion. Not only this miracle, have so many more miracles happened. I have already posted few of them. With Baba only today I am here. Thanks a lot Baba. Please keep Your blessings on me and You know right now how much I am suffering. My mother-in-law is not feeling well. Please cure her disease. I am begging You Baba and there are lot of disturbances in my married life. Shirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Baba’s Grace

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Adithya From India Says: Hello, my name is Adithya and I thank the creator’s of this website for creating a modern Sai Satcharitra.

Now coming to the experience, Baba helped me to write my exams without fear and helped me to study but still I lost marks due to anxiety. I was scared, but Baba helped me to score average marks. Thank You Baba. Om Sairam.

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother's pain and grandmothers illness we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

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    thanks for approving my i140 and help in refinancing the home loans. thank u so much.
    Vahin is getting award on dec 14 , please come and bless him. he should study well and become big doctor like his thatha. please keep everyone hale and healthy.
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

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    there is some misunderstanding between my mother n sis in law. please change my sis ter in law mindset. she is suffering from some issues. clear her mind and make her understand that she is responsible for the house and involve happily. please teach her a lesson.
    because of this issues, my brother getting into depression.
    please bless everyone
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

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    sai ma im 26 weeks pregnant. please bless us with hale, healthy, beautiful and intelligent baby girl.
    please make sure i dont have any complications during and post pregnancy.
    Please deliver the baby on due appa.
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

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    Om Sai Ram

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