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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Sai Maa Is My Love

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Thanks a lot Hetalji and her team for this wonderful site to share our experiences. Om Sairam to all devotees. This is my 2nd post.

1. Sai Ma is everything to me. I was searching a kurthi on one shopping site. I liked that kurthi a lot. Suddenly in that, it was not available and so I felt very bad, and asked Sai to please get back that kurthi to that site. Sai Maa heard my prayer and I got that kurthi to that site, so I was very happy.

In my home my parents are searching a boy for me. We got one proposal also, that too with all that we all expected, because of my mother’s side relatives told bad about me and mother so that we don’t get that boy. But I loved him a lot. Now he got engaged with some other girl.

I felt very bad to hear this. Why Sai Ma You gave and took back? Please let the boy side parents to about know our family and know the truth, behind this. They did because of property. Please help me Sai Ma that boy should come and marry me, as I think, that is Your gift. I don’t like to lose him. Sai Devotees please pray for me to get my boy back and to get married with him.

Sai Ma as You know we are struggling a lot, because of my mother side relatives as they did black magic to my family. Please save us from that, and we have many problems in my family. By Your blessings we are still alive. Please don’t leave us and solve all my father’s problems. If I wrote anything wrong please forgive me. Sai Devotees, I don’t know much English. Thank you all. Please don’t disclose my email id and name.

Sai Saved My Husband

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Malar From India Says: Om Sairam. I am from Bangalore. This is my third post. My thanks to the entire team behind this blog. This website has boosted my confidence whenever I was broken down.

One morning my husband after leaving to office within 2 hours returned home saying that he met with an accident. He had injury from head to leg on the left side of the body. Actually he was unconscious for 45 minutes. I got panic and immediately applied Udi on his forehead. He was hospitalized and was under observation. Inspite of all the scan and X-ray reports were normal, next day morning he started vomiting continuously. Even though doctors prescribed many medicines vomiting didn’t subside. I was crying and continuously praying to our Sai Baba to stop this misery. Finally at night 10 o’clock my husband became normal. Next day doctors gave another shock saying that his abdomen scan report said that he had multiple small polyps in his gallbladder which when left untreated would definitely change to cancer, and it would not show any symptoms unless it was turned to cancer. I felt only our Sai intimated this issue to us through this accident. I pray Sai Baba that my husband should be completely normal.

Miracles Of Sai

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From Australia Says: Dear devotees and Hetalji thank you for this wonderful site that helps us in getting through our problems in life by keeping faith in the one and only Sainath, the kind and loving Baba.

My experience is related to my travel to India on my own. I was constantly praying to Sai to make me reach my destination safely and soundly as I get anxiety and fear when flying and as I was on my own I was more afraid. But the kind Lord helped me all the way, for which I am so grateful. Thank You my dear Lord. I truly love You. You are the kindest and loving Lord Who comes to the mercy of His devotees straight away. I just pray to You my God to please bless my mother with good health and recovery from her ailments as I know You can do anything. I will bring her to Your darshan in December if she stays healthy and has a miraculous recovery. Please make my brother and father live amicably and help my brother settle down in life so that my mom’s worries are finished. You know Deva what we are going through as a family- so please bless us and forgive me for anything that I have done wrong and any promises that I have not fulfilled. Please Deva help us in these trying times! I beg of You! Thanks for everything that You have done for us, are doing and will do in future! Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Om Sai Ram. I am Sai Devotee from Bangalore.

Thank you Hetalji and team for providing this platform. Today I am posting my experience as promised to our Baba. Recently I was facing some health issues and the Doctor suggested some tests.

When I got my medical report few things were not good as per the report. I was bit scared about them. I keep praying our Baba to keep everything good. Today when I met the Doctor with my report she said all was well and there was nothing to worry. I know this is all because of our Lord Sai Baba.

Today is my husband’s birthday and we went to Baba’s temple and we saw Baba’s dress colour was matching with my husband’s dress colour. We feel so blessed. Thank You Baba for everything. Please bless all of us. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Cured Me

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From Australia Says: I am a small devotee of my Baba and I am very thankful to Him for blessing me with a beautiful family. I would like to thank Hetalji and team for providing this platform to Sai devotees. Through this platform I came to know about the Mahaparayan and by Baba’s grace I am also a part of Mahaparayan group now.

One night I ordered food from a restaurant. The food tasted good but as soon as I finished eating I started getting pain in my stomach. I couldn’t sleep well that night as the pain was still there. Next day also I didn’t feel like eating anything. I have the habit of reading experiences of devotees before sleeping and by Baba’s grace I came across the mantra “Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam”. I started chanting this mantra and went to sleep. I woke up after sleeping for 2 hours and the pain had reduced. Then I again started chanting the mantra and went to sleep. Next morning when I woke up I was all fine as if nothing had happened to me. It was all because of Baba’s grace. Thank You Sai Baba for always being with me. Om Sairam.

Baba Saved My Mother And Sister

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I am a small devotee of Baba. Baba helped me in many ways. I have seen His leelas numerous times and have posted all of them here.

Baba saved my mother from high BP. She was having high BP and my mother did not realize it. She was not able to breathe and was having little chest pain. By Baba’s grace nothing happened that night. Next day I insisted my mom to go to the hospital and when doctor checked her BP it was 160/100 and doctor told to take medication immediately and did ECG. ECG was normal by Baba’s grace. It was because of my Sai that she survived. Same thing happened with my sister and by Baba’s grace she is doing well. I posted that experience here. Jai Sairam.

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  2. Babaa please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother's pain and grandmas diabetes baba make us to study well baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa.

  3. Om sai ram. Baba, I have complete faith on you. Only you have the power to change things in our favor. I am in the third week of parayan. Please call us to your temple soon. Om sai sai.

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