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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Sairam Please Bless All

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I’m sorry Sai for posting this late. I’m really sorry.
My parents had planned for a trip to Dehradun. They don’t get along very well so I was scared about what would happen if they start fighting in the middle of their trip. Actually, my father is a bipolar so he just makes things on his own and my mom is low tempered person, so there was a big chance of things going wrong and when that happens my father just don’t think about anything and leaves.

So I prayed to our dear Sai to make their trip just fine enough so that they could enjoy. But my mom started acting up from like 10 days before the trip and started making issues for no reason; there were so many instances where we were on the verge to cancel bookings etc. But somehow continued but just the day before the departure they started fighting very badly and thought of cancelling the trip. Even a few hours before the train’s departure time they were fighting very badly.

I thought Sai didn’t want them to continue but my sister forced them and as my father is a bipolar he started acting like everything was fine with Sai’s Grace (my sister and father threatened that if this trip was cancelled outcomes wouldn’t be good for mom, so I prayed Sai to do some miracle). I was a bit skeptical as I thought Sai didn’t want but they continued. To drop them off at station my father decided to use a bike and my sister’s scooty instead of a car for some reason and when my sister tried to start scooty it wasn’t starting for a few minutes. Even at the station it stopped and wouldn’t start then after my parents left. We tried so hard but it didn’t start and at last we decided to call my sister’s friend and parked it at her place and came back home.

I felt it was a sign again, but I wasn’t worried as you know even if harm comes Sai takes care of it. First few days of their visit were fine but then when I was trying to book their return tickets, due to some OTP issue payment got stuck. My father blamed it on my mom even though she had got nothing to do with it and it was cause of my father’s stubborn nature that they started fighting. I could hear my father blaming mom and my mom getting angry and phone got disconnected. Then I tried their phone for nearly 15-20 minutes but couldn’t connect to my father’s and mom wasn’t picking up. Then after 15-20 minutes my mom picked up, she was crying badly and told me that my father got his arm broken (while hiking), I prayed Sai to help them and with Sai’s grace my father’s X-ray was done. It was a fracture but I thanked Sai because I believe things settled for less and they came back home without any other problem.

As I mentioned earlier that I felt Sai was giving signs, there’s one big sign that proves this all is that my mom bought two Sai idols from Haridwar and kept it on the bedside table in hotel room. They left to visit some places and when they came back both idols were not there as they were vanished. There was no sign of break-in, no other thing was misplaced just those idols had got vanished. My mom is still surprised by it. Later in Dehradun my father got injured and I believe Sai helped us.

Second recent experience is I went to Sai temple with my mom. I used to go alone but my mom took a vow to visit Sai temple for 11 weeks so that she was with me. When I entered the temple a thought came in my mind (first time in nearly 5+ years of regular visits) that what if I get 90₹ from Sai today, that would be a sign that Sai is with me but soon dismissed the thought as I knew this was nearly impossible as why the priestess would give me 90₹ back? I used to donate 10₹ each week but that day I donated 110₹ for some reasons. Then later my mom asked for change from me to donate but I didn’t have. After parikrama I saw my mom was given change of 100₹ from priestess and she donated ₹10 from it and the rest 90₹ I just snapped as I knew what was it, my mom normally wouldn’t ask for a change from temple but that day was special. I gave my mom 100₹ for 90₹ and that’s how Sai gave me my 90₹ as I wished for, to affirm my faith.

I also prayed Sai to stop some of my father’s side relatives to come home for some reason and Sai stopped them miraculously when there was no chance of that to happen as their visit was inevitable due to my father’s accident. Of course I had promised to share this with you all. I believe Sai completes our wishes when we promise to share the miracle so that we can help other devotees, to affirm their faith and to teach beautiful lessons. So I believe it’s our duty to let everyone know Sai Blessings whether we promised or not. Please always be kind to everyone especially with the weaker ones. If someone is suffering please help them or atleast treat them kindly. Please make this world a beautiful place to live, may Sai bless all. Please Sai, please bless us all, please make everyone kind and wise. There’s so much evil. Please make people wise, please let good rise and evil turn good. Please Baba as it’s hard to see everyone suffering. Please Sai.

Sai Baba The Saviour Protects His Devotees All The Time

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Myself a devotee of Sai Baba. Please keep my name and email Id anonymous.
Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Thanks Sai Baba for all You have given in my life. You are always there to help me in case of any troubles in my life.

Couple of years ago I had to undergo a surgery. I was single at that time and staying at a far-off place from my family. Though the surgery was minor in nature it was for one of the critical organs in the body. Any small issue with the surgery would make my life miserable. I prayed to Baba and cried for days together to save me. Baba had heard my prayers and the surgery was successful.

This was during the last year when I was very much worried that I was not finding the right match for my marriage. Even after 2 years of search, I did not find the right soul mate. I prayed to Baba to show the right partner. Baba had heard my prayers and showed the right person in my life. I am happily married for close to one year now. I believe that it is all because of Baba’s blessings.

My sister had been married for close to 3 years and she did not have any children. My family is very much worried and my sister had to face the taunts from her in-laws and others. Already, my sister’s in-laws find fault with whatever she or our family does. She does not have freedom to speak in the house and her in-laws expect that she should obey them whatsoever. As she was not bearing any child, my sister’s problems had turned from bad to worse. Whenever I saw a child, it reminded me of my sister and I got upset that why Sai Baba was not taking care of her. We prayed to Sai Baba to bless her with a child. At last, our prayers were heard by Baba and because of His kind blessings, she conceived last year and our family is extremely happy with this news.

However, when she was in her fifth month of pregnancy she had some complications. Doctors performed a scan and mentioned that there could be some problem with the baby’s kidneys functioning. We were very much worried about the baby’s health. Again, our prayers were heard by Baba. My sister recently delivered a baby. Fortunately, by Baba’s grace, doctors declared that there was no problem and the baby was completely fine. Now our family is very much relieved and happy. I hope now there will be some change in my sister’s in-law’s behaviour towards her. I pray to Sai Baba that her in-laws should change and take good care of her. Baba will definitely leave a positive impact on His devotees. After seeing the miracles of Baba in their lives, they change for good. This is from my own experience too. We do get a sense of hope and assurance that Baba is there to protect us. We are very much indebted to Baba for what all has He has done in our lives. Thanks again for always protecting us and being our Saviour.

Sai Blessed Us By Entering Our New House

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From US Says: Miracle of the Miracles – Sai blessed us by entering our new house.

Om Sairam to all Baba devotees. We have experienced many miracles; posted some on this holy site, with Baba’s blessings they all were published. This experience is a miracle of the miracles as Baba heard my prayers and entered our new house. Thanks Hetalji and Poojaji for maintaining this blog and running global Mahaparayan. Both my wife and I are blessed to be part of Mahaparayan group. In my previous posts, I mentioned about my anxiety. I am completely out of it now with Baba’s blessings. Thank You Baba, Jai Sairam…!

Coming to the miracle – We live in US, we were looking to buy a house, with Baba’s grace we found a house very near (few steps away) to the place we were renting. We selected Thursday as closing date as it is Baba’s day. Entire process went smooth and we closed the house as planned on Thursday. I have been praying Sai to bless us by entering the new house before anyone. I was wondering how Baba will fulfil my wish. One of my friends (Sai Baba devotee) who know that we are Baba’s devotees mentioned that he had ordered Baba’s photo (oil painting). At that time I felt very happy and thought Baba is coming in that form and thanked Baba. Here is what happened after a few days; miracle of miracles, we were preparing for housewarming pooja, a day before the pooja one of our cousins (who visited India and returned a couple of days ago) came to the new house to help with decorations and other preparation. When they came, they gave a box and said that they had been to Shirdi and had got that gift. Here you go, when we opened the box it was Baba’s marble idol. What a moment, it was truly a goose bumps moment!!!

When our cousins went to India, they didn’t know that we had finalized our house, closing happened when they were in India and they didn’t know anything about it. See how Sai plans everything so nicely. Koti Koti Pranam Sainatha, there is nothing more we need if Your blessings are with us. He not only entered our house, but He entered in our favourite form (marble idol), we have been praying Baba in that form from many years, due to some reasons we missed Baba’s marble idol for some time and there you go, He is back in that form and into our own house.

After couple of weeks, one of our best friends, gifted Sai Baba’s Canvas wall painting. That is how Baba takes care of His devotees; he fulfils everyone’s wishes wherever you are. We bow to Shirdi Sainath for His blessings and miracles and for taking care of all His children. Om Sri Sachitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Kripa

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Hi, I am a small devotee of Babaji from India
Om Shri Sai Nathay Namah! Hello Everyone! This is my third post. It was a promise that I had made to Babaji that I’ll post my experience if things got sorted.

Now, coming to the experience. I am working for an MNC in HR. We have very strict policy and process. I made one blunder and hired one candidate without following the proper process. It was an overlook basically. I was scared as I had recently got a new manager who has a reputation of being very strict and rude. I prayed to Babaji. It was a Thursday and I asked Him to solve it by Friday so that I’ll be at peace on weekend. Babaji has His own leelas which we can’t understand. This case was not solved on Friday and I spent the whole weekend praying to Babaji for a solution. Finally, on Monday I confessed the whole situation to my manager who surprisingly took it very lightly. I worked through the week to get this issue sorted and today I succeeded.

To be honest from few days I was being lazy and was not praying to Babaji regularly but this incident made me realize how He gives us problems only to solve them Himself. All he needs from us is devotion and faith.

One more case happened today; again I made a blunder due to negligence. Babaji saved me in that also. I am so surprised with the speed with which He resolved one thing after another. I have promised Him that I’ll never lose faith in Him. Now, whatever happens I just close my eyes and say, “Baba, do whatever You feel is right. I am sure, You’ll be with me.” Trust me He just sails my boat even from the strongest tide. I read this blog also on days when I feel sad or dull and it always cheers me up to see so many people having so many stories to share. May Babaji bless us all. Thank you for reading. Om Sairam.

Miracles Of Our Sai Baba

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Subhashini From India Says: Hi Hetalji, my name is Subhashini from Hyderabad. This is the second time that I am posting my experience on this blog. I strongly believe that this wouldn’t have been possible without Baba’s grace. Thank You Baba for helping me in sharing my experience.

Coming to my experience I have been a Sai devotee from last almost 20 years. He has always been there for me and helped me come out of any issue. I feel our prayers were never left unanswered. I had a made a major goof up in the office on FTE task and that process got picked for RPA assessment. For the FTE reasons I was very much worried as it would impact my credibility that I had gained in the last 7 years. I was feeling very low and miserable. I was praying to our Sai to help me come out of the mess. I felt if I have His darshan then I will feel a lot better. I could have His Darshan today only because of His grace. He made the cab come late so that I could get His darshan. And guess what the process got excluded from RPA. It’s really a miracle by Baba. When I got to know this I started to cry and thanked Baba a lot for helping me with this issue. Everything was possible only because of Your blessings. Om Sairam.

Baba Helped Me In Giving The Interview

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I bow down to Your lotus feet Sai and thankful for everything You did for me Baba. Special thanks to Hetalji for big initiative she started.
1st experience: I was going for an interview but forgot to take my documents that were needed while interview at last time. I saw my mobile and got to know that I had to take all documents. Baba helped me a lot in this while reaching the university I got internet cafe and took out all documents which were luckily there in my mail id. It was all because of Baba’s help. Thank You Sai. Sorry for posting so late.

2nd experience: some fights was going on with my in-laws my brother-in-law and mother-in-law was creating problems. I tried to convince my mother-in-law. She got convinced and I prayed to Baba that if my relationship with my brother-in-law will be good then I will share my experience. Then surprisingly that time only he started talking nicely. It’s all Baba’s miracle. Baba I always want peace, happiness in life. Please Sai please remove all obstacles or problems which are ruining my marriage. Please Baba I am leaving my life in Your hand. Sorry very sorry Sai for late posting. Om Sairam.

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