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Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles and Leela in this Post:

Sadhguru Sai Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From US Says: Om Sairam, I am a very small devotee of Baba. He humbly pulled me towards Him. Baba has been showering His blessings and held us throughout our life. Baba also pulled my husband towards Him and now he has become a sincere devotee of Baba. Thanks a lot Baba for everything. Kudos, to the people maintaining this blog. You all are blessed ones and may Baba continue showering His blessings on you all.

I am part of Mahaparayan group because of His blessings. Whenever I feel low I read the miracles of Baba on this site and I get more energy and peace. Apologize for the lengthy post, wanted to share it in detail as it might help someone to increase their hope and faith on our Baba.

This is our biggest experience and more of a struggle which we could overcome only through Baba’s blessings. This is about H1B visa extension for my husband for GC process. His GC process i.e. perm was filed by Nov, 2017. My husband had visa valid till May 2018 after which he would max out. In March 2018 end we came to know that his perm went into audit and we were shocked by it. He had to move out of the country by May 1 week and I was doing job here. We had to take a hard decision to change his status to H4 by going to India for stamping. I and the kids were alone in the US and my husband left for India for H4 stamping. Throughout this time, I was doing Nav Guruvar Vrat. My husband’s h4 visa was put on admin processing (we will not know when we will get the visa processing time is indefinite). This was another blow on our face.

By this time was about to complete my vrat and cried in front of our beloved Baba to help us and show His miracle to us. The next day, he got a message stating that they needed a passport and they stamped his H4. All thanks to Baba. He came to the US on LWP in June 2018, we were worried about his future and perm processing as it was in audit. When I asked a question about this to Baba on question and answer site, Baba replied stating that the work would be done by Guru Pournima 2018. Now look at Baba’s love and miracle exactly the week before Guru Pournima his perm got approved. We happily went to temple and did Sai vrat pooja.

The next step was I-140 filing this part went smooth on premium processing (by August 2018) by Baba’s grace. Still the employer never told us that it was approved until October 2018. Next step was H1B extension filing. Meanwhile my husband’s leaves were also getting over. We had to push the extension filing as soon as possible. The government announced cancellation of premium processing from September. Again this was a slip for us. We tried maximum to push for extension but my husband’s employer was so much into process that they did not care about employee. Somehow, he got another LWP till December. Meanwhile with so many follow ups and mails they finally filed H1B extension. In December we filed for FOIA to get the details about our I-140 as the employer was not ready to give that or even the receipt number for the H1B extension.

In December, unfortunately my mother expired due to ailing illness. We had to go to India and my husband’s LWP was also getting over. We went to India in the month of January 2019; my husband had to stay back. I, kids along with my mother-in-law came to US (could not do Satcharitra parayan now). My husband’s visa was filed in premium in February and was given RFE. It was rejected in March due to employer poor documentation and the employer told it as per company policy it would not be reapplied for a year. This was one hell of time which we won’t forget in our lifelong.

Till then I was not so much into believing Baba. This setback made us believe in Baba and he started going to Sai Baba temple every Thursday and Anjeneya temple every Saturday. I also started daily parayan of Satcharitra and Nav Guruvar Vrat again. By Baba’s grace we found a consultancy who were willing to do his H1B extension. He came to US back again in April 2019 on LWP as the extension need to be filed from US as change of status. We both continued our daily parayan and Nav Guruvar Vrat. There was RFE issued to this as well. We got scared but still had faith in Baba. My husband then did saptah parayan and completed it. The next week we got our answer for the 2 years struggle that his visa was approved. Throughout this struggle period we held on to Baba, did daily parayan, Nav Guruvar Vrat and every Thursday did Stavan Manjari Parayan. Baba was the sole pillar for us Who stood by us and guided us.

This journey has changed me and my husband so much. We have started appreciating small things and see the world differently. Whoever is going through troublesome period hold on to Baba, have Shraddha and Saburi. Baba always speaks the truth and He never leaves His devotee. Thank You Baba. Please bless all Your devotees. Om Sai Namo Namah, Sri Sai Namo Namah, Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah.

My Sadhguru Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From US Says: Om Sairam. Dear Hetalji and team you are all blessed souls of Baba as you are doing selfless service as Baba tells us He resides where we do good to others. May Baba bless all you with all the prosperity.

Sadhguru Sai, our lives are nothing without You. Please make us go on to the right path and follow the spiritual path to be under Your feet. Your divine blessings and love on us makes us experience Your leelas.

Coming to me He is the One Who come to us to save when we are in difficult situations. Whenever if I miss anything either money or a thing. I pray to our Sai to help me in finding the things. Our merciful Sai shows His divine love and make us find things easily. My younger one got sudden neck pain in sleep. As she woke up, she was not able to move her head even a little bit and was crying in pain. At that time I was doing pooja and immediately prayed to Baba to cure her pain and applied Udi near the neck. The pain went slowly and she was able to move her head in one day.

When I am reading experiences I came across an experience about Sai Bhakta’s neck pain. So I felt like sharing my experience also. Baba You are the One Who is taking care of all of us. Now a days whatever issue I am facing at home or work, I am reading the same type of experiences on this site and thus letting me know that Baba is there for me and soon everything going to get resolved. Baba You know my situation. May be because of bad karmas I am facing this difficult situation. I am living because of You with a hope one day or the other that You will be solving my issues at work and personnel. At work I have been facing difficulty and because of that customers are not interested in me. I read the same experience and how Baba solved the issue and got increment for her work. I hope Baba is giving me a positive indication that He is there and looking after me and soon the problems will get solved. You are the only ray of hope Nana. Please forgive us and bless us with Your divine love. Shri Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

My Merciful Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Om Sairam to all the devotees. Thanks Hetalji for this wonderful blog.
I am submitting this experience to thank my dear Sairam as I had promised Him.

Six days before my son (twenty years old) was playing cricket and while playing, instead of hitting the ball, he hit his own foot, right on his ankle. He went to the doctor with one of his friends. Doctor did X-ray and told him that it may be a hairline fracture and so asked him to take rest for five days. If it did not get normal then after five days they would do another X-ray. He rested for four days but the pain did not reduce. So I took him to another doctor and showed him the X-ray reports. That doctor said that he would do one more X-ray to know the exact problem.

I was praying to Baba that it should not be a fracture. When the X-ray report came, the doctor said that there was no need of plaster; He would be alright within two days. I immediately thanked Baba. Doctor tied a bandage and told to come after one day. Today when we went to the doctor, he opened his bandage and examined and made him walk. Now doctor said that he was very much fine then. He had to apply a gel only for ten days. I am very thankful to my merciful Baba. Baba always listens to His children. Baba is my only hope. I am thankful to Him for everything.

Baba, please make my son responsible. Please make him think about his future life as he is wasting his time with his friends only. He is not seriously thinking about his future. Please Baba I request You to make him responsible. As I mother I can’t see him wasting his time on useless things. Baba please help. Forgive me for my past misdeeds. Om Sairam.

Sai Baba Came In My Dream

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Hi I’m a devotee of Sai Baba from India.
I have recently given final semester exams and waiting for the results. I was confused what to choose after graduation. I was confused and still I am; whether to do masters or prepare for UPSC solely. Sometimes I thought of doing coaching but its expenses are huge and it is a big deal for a middle class family like us. I always used to ask Baba to help me.

So one day, I saw a dream that I was standing in the gate of some coaching institute and before me and the coaching institute there was a building. It looked like the Baba’s kitchen in Shirdi, where Baba is seen to be cooking in a huge tub type utensil. The building had the same. And from that statue of Baba cooking in that utensil, sweets were melting and flowing from that statue of Baba and the utensil as both (Baba and the utensil) were fully covered with melted sweets. And so the sweets (mithai) were flowing in a liquid form. When I woke up from a dream I was not able to understand what Baba was trying to say or convey me. Dear Hetalji, it’s my request to please help me to understand what Baba was trying to convey me. Please answer me if you understand what Baba was trying to say, I will be grateful. Thank You so much.

Baba Listened To My Prayer

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Priya From India Says: I am from Chennai. I have no great confidence or hope in whatever I do. I simply believe that every single thing is Sai’s plan and He is with me taking care of me and my self-respect 24 hours and 365 days.

My daughter, was not keeping well for two days. She was having fever and was puking and also suffering with dysentery. She became very weak, because of not eating and also whatever medicine I gave her, she wasn’t improving.

Second day evening, I was reminded of this website and very casually said that if my daughter becomes alright by that night then I shall post the experience. After this, there was a major twist, my daughter became active and started moving around (she was lying down and was extremely dull) and after a few minutes she also asked for dinner and ate well.

Sai, I am full of mistakes and sins. You listen to me and settle my problems, even before I attempt to handle them. I am just a dust in Your holy feet. Please treat me as Your daughter and shower Your love on me till the end of my life Sai. Always hold me in Your arms and protect me from the wicked and evil doers around me.

Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: I am a small devotee of Baba. Om Sairam to all. I had my worker who helped me a lot in every field. I owed him some money which was of my boss and we didn’t give him from so many months. He didn’t ask also and we stopped giving him orders also. After few days, he asked and we kept on postponing. Then he spoke to my boss and he settled for an amount. Then one day he asked me for some item, which was more than the amount we had to give him. First I said yes, then I realised, that if he doesn’t give us the amount back, then what would I do. Also I had already fixed him the deal. Now I got in a big problem. Then I prayed Baba that if he understands my problem and everything gets solved then I will share the experience. By Baba’s grace, he understood somehow. Thank You Baba and sorry for posting the experience so late. Om Sairam.

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother's pain baba and grandmas diabetes we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa make us to study well baba for tomorrows exam.please show some path baba.everything is at the amd everything change mu father and please save him.will there be any end to my fears insecurities and physical and mental pain baba?you know how long it has been that i ate completely for a day..may be for three years there is no way to change may be i am not wothy of anything and you may too think that i can die,everyday everyone are like that only

  2. sainathA please resolve this payroll issue and credit the salary for both the months.i thought Of not disturbing you for small things.but without your interference I don't think this is going to be this weekend I must receive that issue has been resolved and salary must be credited for both the it's at your feet.

  3. Sai Please Bless Us All With Sadbudhi
    Please Guide And Help All
    Make Us Wise And Kind
    Please Don't Let Any Kind Soul Suffer
    Om Sai Ram

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