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Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles and Leela in this Post:

Baba’s Miracles In My Life

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From Australia Says: Sairam to all devotees. I am a small devotee of Baba living in Australia and I have been following this blog since few years. Thank you Hetalji and team for providing this noble service and maintaining this forum which is like “Modern Sai Satcharitra”. Reading other devotees’ real life experiences gives me immense pleasure and restores my faith during difficult phase of life. I would like to share a few of my recent experiences with Baba. Few of my experiences have been posted earlier on this blog.

Experience 1: I was looking for a job change since 2018. Though by Baba’s grace I had stable full time job in a multinational company with good working environment I felt the need for career progression. I started looking for jobs outside my company as there were not many internal opportunities in my company for career growth. For this I was seeking Baba’s blessings and guidance. I applied for a few jobs in 2018 but wasn’t successful. There were few roles offered to me which I was not interested in.

At the end of Dec 2018, I planned for a trip to India and thought that I will start looking for new jobs once I return from my holidays in 2019. I thought of starting 9 Sai Thursday Vrat upon my return which would be helpful in my job search. I visit Baba’s temple every week. Just a week before I left for India trip I went to Baba’s temple on Sunday afternoon. I was standing in a queue for aarti and suddenly a lady came to me, gave me Baba’s small picture and Sai 9 Thursday vrat books. I was so happy to receive this as Baba Himself blessed me to start 9 Thursday vrat and I felt very positive.

After I returned from holiday I started applying for jobs. I also started 9 Thursday vrat and also thought of walking to Baba’s temple for 9 Saturdays with my friend. I live in Sydney and one of my friends walks to Baba’s temple every Saturday which is around 11-12 Kms from her house. I started going along with her. I faced a lot of rejections and few offers that I was not interested in.

I applied for a job in Government department and I was very hopeful of getting an interview. I really wanted to work in this department but on my 5th Thursday Vrat I got rejection email early in the morning. I was so upset with Baba and was losing my faith and patience. I still thought of continuing with my Sankalp. I was also facing some personal issues at that time and I was feeling very low. When I reached the temple walking with my friend aarti was going on. I started running as I wanted to do aarti. When I went inside the temple aarti was about to get finished in a minute. I was last in the queue and there were two more ladies in front of me. Usually they make sure everyone present in the temple gets their turn to do aarti and on Saturdays there is only one aarti. To my disappointment aarti finished and I didn’t get chance to do Baba’s aarti. I looked back, and I was the only person left out. I was shattered and felt dejected. I thought I came walking from so long and Baba thought I was not even worth of doing His aarti? My eyes were teary, and I was trying hard to hold back my tears. Suddenly, a temple volunteer came and told me to hold aarti thali and they started playing Mataji’s aarti. I was stunned. I happily did the Arti and thanked Baba from the bottom of my heart.

After prasadam I was sitting in the corner of the temple when one of the volunteers approached me and gave me Baba’s garland and said, “Look you wanted this garland last time and you got it this time”. I was amazed to hear these words as the week before the same volunteer gave garland to my friend. I was sitting at the end of the temple and when I saw this volunteer looking to give garland to someone and I wished to get it but he gave it to my friend who was sitting in the front. I was happy for my friend, but I wished to get that garland too. I never told this to anyone and when I heard these words I was amazingly surprised. Amazing are His ways of strengthening faith in Him.

2) Once I called my dad on Monday when he was at work. Usually, I speak with my parents every weekend but due to some important matter I had to call my dad. My dad is a senior manager and he is usually very busy at work, so I don’t prefer calling him while he is at work. When I called my dad, he said that he was free and that he could talk. While we were talking I heard someone from background shouting at my dad. My dad got very angry and he starting shouting too and told him to wait outside while he was talking to me. I got really scared and didn’t want to create any trouble for my dad. I immediately told my dad that I would call him later. Though my dad insisted me to talk but I told him that we would talk later and I hung up the phone. Later, I got very disturbed thinking my dad was in trouble because of me. I prayed to Baba to handle the situation as my dad is very gentle and soft spoken and I have never heard him being so angry. I was scared that my dad might have had fight or argument with him and prayed Baba to not let the situation escalate further. I called my dad after few days and he said that everything was fine and there was nothing to worry. That guy had a bad day as he got lot of scolding in the meeting from other superiors and hence was acting like that. Thank You Baba for listening to our smallest prayers and working in our best interest. Jai Sairam!

Sai Baba Never Ignores

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Om Sairam. I am just a small devotee of Sai Baba from 2017. I am not good at explaining and so I am sorry if there is any mistake. Please do correct me if necessary.

Experiences: Om Sairam to everyone. Thank you Hetalji mam and team. YOU are doing such a great job. You all are truly blessed. I don’t want to mention my name and so you may call me yellowish. I come from a village of Haryana where no one has values of dreams of a girl. Everyone wants a chance to speak against her. Time is also very cruel and has given a chance to them. It’s their wish but it’s not my weakness if someone cheated on me and had put his all blames on me. My life is very restricted. I am sorry making it too long. I just want to Thank You my Sai and Maa Bhaderkaliji Who always helped me in every situation.

I am thankful because in my life whatever I achieved just because of my daddy. He is the person who always encouraged me, no matter what may come. He’s truly the blessing of Saimaa. Daddy always appreciated me for my achievement. Well apart from it during my tough days I experienced a lot of miracles. I would like to pen down three experiences.

Miracle is a miracle, doesn’t matter how small. First of all I am sorry Baba as I am posting it too late. You know my situation Sai. It was Feb 2019; I came to know that Pakistan army arrested our one pilot, as bad luck would have it. I was worried because of the situation between India and Pakistan. I had no phone. I used to watch TV and daddy’s phone. I prayed to Sai Maa to please save him and bring him back safely. I happened to see a video released by POK army as I finished my prayer. I was literally crying from inside. I just couldn’t watch. They were insulting him, beating him very cruelly. I cried like a child in my blanket. I was feeling his pain like hopeless, helpless, family, death, as though it was like personal. I said to Sai that please take my life but please do save him. I became very rebellious in front of Sai Baba. I used to write a diary. I said to Baba that I would pen down in capital letters and would post this experience on this website. I did a lot of jaap, Sai chalisa path, Devi Maa name (I added one time name in the respect of wish fulfilment till my death) etc. I was not able to sleep because of anxiety. God and only I know what my condition was.

I just can’t see any good person suffering like that. I don’t know what made me strongly to check the phone and to my surprise I saw Jineva agreement with k. Nachiketa example as I was asking for a clue regularly. Then I took a breath of relief but still I was worried because I don’t trust people if someone wants to do wrong then they do for sure.

Next was Thursday I did fast. News came that POK army was releasing our brave pilot. Before it I asked a question on website. Then reply was, “Don’t take it on ownself. Work would be done with the cooperation of others. After this I stopped saying to please take my life Saiji and save his life. Then finally on 1st March our pilot entered in India. I know it may be a very simple story for who are emotionally strong but I can’t tell what kind of relief I felt just because of Sai Maa. As I had no knowledge about agreement, Saiji made it possible. Thank You Baba, love You.

Second miracle: In my exams I could perform very well without any preparations. I could visit to the temple Maa Bhaderkaliji alone. I met a girl in exams; we became friends and are ready to help each other. She’s already working in MNC and later on came to know that she’s also the devotee of Shri Sainathji. Seeing Sai name in our area isn’t common and I saw every time everywhere Sai photos and names. I was thinking about my past life and talking in my mind that no one feels my pain. Then suddenly I saw a painting that I liked from my childhood (title: Tum Kab Aaoge meaning when would you come?) (for my aim and love) in the bus with his name (love). It just happened within a second. I am moving on with my studies and passion. I got my phone in my budget. I was not supposed to get best features but Sai Baba helped me and my daddy as he’s not able to walk properly due to an accident right now.

Third experience: Last night my brother got too late from office. Usually he used to reach at home about 9-10 pm. But it had been too late that day. All were worried. He wasn’t picking up the call as well. I prayed to Sai Baba, “I will note down in my diary and one chalisa path also. Please make him to respond to call at least.” Then as I did my head down he picked up the call and told the reason. Sai Maa thank You so much for everything. You are the blessing of my mother Devi Bhaderkaliji. I don’t have words to show my gratefulness in Your lotus feet Sai. Sai You are my Guru, my Mentor, my Friend, my hope, blessing and everything. I can’t tell to everyone here that how much I feel good after having a lot and lot of issues in my life. I think whatever happened is for good because I came to know who’s actually true in my life for me. Please always be with me Maa Sai. Help me to do something good and satisfactory job for animals and homeless people. I want to do good karma so that I can meet my God. Love You. I am sorry devotees as it’s too long. Thank you for reading this. Om Sairam, Sai Samarth. Jai maa. May Sai fulfil your wishes and please do pray for me as well. Thank You.

Baba’s Blessing In Shirdi Trip

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Pooja From India Says: Myself Pooja from Odisha, a NEET aspirant. I am an ardent Sai devotee. His blessings are uncountable. Thanks to Hetalji madam and her supporting team for creating this blog. When I get upset I open this page and it immediately solaces me.

Coming to my experience I am 20 years old, living with my family in Odisha. We came under Baba’s lotus feet nearly 7 years ago. From then we visited Shirdi 4 to 5 times. But this year after 4 years we decided to visit Shirdi. It was also due to my Baba’s blessing. We confirmed our tickets one month before. We booked four tickets. We were very excited for this trip because we were eagerly waiting to see Baba in Shirdi. As the days were passing our excitement was increasing. Then finally the day came and we started our journey.

My father was denied to go Shirdi at that time due to his work load. But after a few days his mood changed and he was also willing to go. Finally we reached our destination at Sai Nagar Shirdi 1 hour before the scheduled time. We there booked a room near Dwarkaamai. Then we went to Samadhi mandir for Baba’s darshan. Here I want add to say that my father’s return ticket was on the same day at 1.55 pm. As that was a Sunday there was a lot of rush in Samadhi temple. We were in line for 3 hours. It was now 11 am. So it seemed that we couldn’t have the darshan. We all were upset that papa would not have darshan of Baba. So finally as that was Madhyan arti time they would close the line at 11.30. So we finally decided to exit through the emergency exit.

Now Baba did His miracle. As we were to exit suddenly we entered in VIP darshan queue. Although we didn’t have paid pass still they didn’t check pass and we entered in line and went. It was unbelievable that we reached our beloved Baba within 3-4 minutes and had the darshan. That time our joy knew no bounds. We were speechless and near Baba only tears in eyes that how gracious He is. We did darshan and returned to our room.

Another blessing of Baba was my papa’s ticket was in 3A class AC. But as we returned and checked about conformation it was transferred to 1A class AC. What more can describe Baba’ love? He is very merciful. His blessing is endless.

One more experience Baba given to me that I had a desire to clean Dwarkamai. Baba fulfilled my this wish this year. On the returning day I visited the Samadhi temple to take permission of Baba to leave Shirdi. I did darshan and also did parayan in parayan hall and finally I sat near the famous Neem tree. I sat there for 10 minutes. I thought that I wouldn’t get Neem leaf as I am not so lucky to get the leaf. Still I waited there for more 5 minutes in the hope of getting the neem leaf. After a minute a man came to me and gave me a neem leaf. That moment I was totally spellbound and understood that it was His love. No one will return empty handed from Baba. He fulfills all the desire of His children. At last I want tell all Sai devotees to keep chanting His name, worship Him without any expectations. He knows all the things. He will surely fulfill our desires. We have to carry two things in our heart that is faith and patience, the two words that Baba always teaches us. May Baba’s grace always shine on His devotee Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Yogiraj Parambrahma Saccidananda Satguru Sai Nath Maharaja Ki Jay.

Baba Is Always Hearing Our Prayers

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Star From India Says: Om Sainathay Namah! First of all, I thank the entire team of this blog for providing a platform to thousands of devotees to share their experiences. By this way, their faith is getting reinforced with each passing day.

Baba’s grace is on me since the day I was born. He forms the part of my name but recently I have started to understand His leelas and the miracles have not stopped from then on. Thanks a lot Baba for sending the right man in the life of my sister. If I narrate this incident to anyone other than a true devotee of Baba, he/she might not understand but who can (a staunch devotee of Baba) ever underestimate the power of believing in Baba?

When we were looking for alliances of my sister and praying Baba wholeheartedly, He sent the right man in her life, exactly the one she was looking for. The strange thing is that that person made a visit to Shirdi as per his plan before flying to meet us. This entire incident has also made him a staunch devotee and of course the influence of my sister. He brought for us Prasads and idols of Baba from Shirdi. My father were planning to visit Shirdi in that same month but we couldn’t do so, anyways someone else had already planned this entire thing. Now, I’ve started believing in the fact that matches are made in heaven, yes, they certainly are! I would advise every devotee of Baba who is going through this phase of searching for a partner for life to completely surrender to Baba and He’s doing to find the best match for you. Om Shree Sainathay Namah!

Baba Cured My Cyst

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From Canada Says: I am 40 years old teacher and mom living in Canada. I have been having cysts and lumps and other related health issues for some time.

2 years ago, I noticed a lump on my neck, took ultrasound and they found that there were few nodules in my thyroid and biopsy should be done. I prayed and applied Udi and drank Udi water everyday until the day of my biopsy, the results came back normal.

Three months back I felt very sick and had very bad breast pain and all breast cancer related signs. I have a breast cyst which has been there for many years. I was so terrified and my gynaecologist sent for ultrasound and later for a mammogram. The pain was unbearable. I drank Udi water and applied Udi everyday. I prayed and prayed to Baba to give me good health because I have a little girl whohad just turned 2 (who is also Baba’s miracle after 14 years trying to conceive). Today the mammogram report came with no signs of cysts and all looks normal. Thank You my dear Sainath. Again and again You are showing miracles in my life. You are my saviour and I am truly grateful to You this entire life and beyond. Om Sri Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sairam!

Dream In My Life

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Srilatha From South Africa Says: My name is Srilatha, staying in Johannesburg.
I have a wish right from my childhood that I should study very well and settle in a good position. But after my PG I got married. I had to move to Johannesburg with my husband, as we had no visa I could not work but something was missing in my life. We were blessed with a baby girl after lot of complications due to Baba’s grace.

Years passed and I got a job but it was a contract. I worked for 6 months. Later on they did not extend my contract. As I had a baby girl everyone in my family were expecting a boy. It was my brother’s marriage, I got a dream that I am pregnant and it was a boy. Some old lady was telling me and She is Baba. So finally the baby was a boy. During my entire C-section I could feel a shadow next to me and protecting me. I took a break and finally came to South Africa again. But this time due to Baba’s blessing I got a good job and continuing to work since 2 years. Whenever I feel depressed I do Baba’s 5 weeks pooja and then definitely something good happens. I completely believe that Baba will protect His devotees and He is always there for them.

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