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Baba Gave Me Satisfactory Job After A Long Wait

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Rajashekar from India says: Hi, I am Rajashekar from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. I am a strong devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba since 15 years. Request you to share my experience at the earliest. Thank you, P N Rajashekar.

Like Lord Shiva is visited through Nandi, similarly our Baba’s numerous miracles are known easily through this platform created by Hetalji. Thank you so much Hetalji for your thoughts and efforts in creating this wonderful platform. Even if any non-devotee of Sai Baba visits this page and reads a couple of experiences of our Baba, am sure he/she will turn out to become a Sai bhakth(devotee) soon. Such is the wonderful effect of this platform and the miracles of our Sai Baba.

My name is Rajashekar and I am from Hyderabad. Some of my friends took me to Shirdi for the first time in 2003. Later I simply purchased a small photo of Sai Baba and started doing Pooja at home daily and used to visit Sai Temple on Thursdays to attend any one aarti as per my schedule.

I can skip anything but not a Sai Aarti on a Thursday. My connection and bond with Sai has become so strong over the years that Baba is now an integral part of my Life. I can’t believe it’s more than 15years since I started worshipping Baba. Like many of you, I have also witnessed His presence and miracles in my life. Baba for sure listens to His devotees inner most wishes. One such thing is my marriage. Me and my wife studied class 12th and graduation together. Fortunately, by Baba’s Leela we also got job in the same (one of the big and reputed American) organization. I decided to marry her and proposed for the same. Initially she was not ready but by Baba’s grace she agreed for the marriage. Then we were worried as both of us were from opposite castes and her parents would not be okay, and may quarrel for sure. Baba was always on our side so no such quarrel occurred; they stopped talking to us for some time and later accepted our marriage. We are ever thankful to Sai Baba.

Our jobs were stable for more than 10 years. We were able to take care of my parents well till their demise in 2016. We were also blessed with a baby boy. We pooled some money to buy a new house. After two years of rigorous search Baba helped us find a good and new flat within our budget. Fortunately it was just in the next lane of our in-law’s house. We purchased it without any delay. My wife became pregnant immediately after taking the possession of the house. We just began to be very happy with all this but suddenly I had to see some unexpected challenges at work. My process got automated and I was put on bench for two months. Initially we were confident that I would be placed in some other process. Attended 2-3 interviews but results were not in my favour. Even on the last day I attended one interview but could not save my job. I had to leave the job as an Assistant Manager.

My wife had confidence in me. But I was extremely broken inside my heart. I had to pay huge EMI for the new house, take care of my wife’s medical expenses and also to run the family. I was greatly disappointed for losing my most lovable job. For two months I applied for jobs nothing worked. I resolved to stop eating my favourite food and to do Baba aarti daily until I got a new job. 4 months were over, 6 months over still I would not get a job. Both of us were so worried. My wife was due for delivery in two weeks; meanwhile I got a job offer from a reputed organization with an equivalent role and salary. But later I got call from them saying that the process went on hold and my on boarding was held back.

7 months were over and I was feeling tired doing daily Pooja at home, visiting Baba Temple daily for aarti. At one point of time I was completely exhausted and thought of stopping my worship. Somehow I pushed myself forward and continued to worship our Baba with patience and did not break my resolution. I started doing Nav guruvar vrat. Gradually I started getting interview calls, I was shortlisted for one job. It was not upto my satisfaction but I accepted the job. Just before joining surprisingly I got a call from the previous company that went on hold before. They offered me manager position with 30% hike. Coincidentally it was the 9th Thursday of my Nav Guruvar vrat. Can you just imagine my feelings? At last I was able to breathe freely and all I could say was Allah Maalik, Om Sairam. Thank You so much Baba, please be with us and save us ever. Bless us to be in Your worship all throughout this life. Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Sai Baba Of Shirdi Relieved Me Of Chest Pain

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Nowadays we live in such times that even a tiny bit of ticklish feeling in our body makes us think that we are under big trouble or suffering from some deadly illness.

It isn’t our fault because we hear so many unbelievable stories about people who were happily sitting at home, and next day, they were told by the doctor that they had no chance! It all makes us scared to the core and we not only mentally suffer but such thoughts also destroy our well-being, family life and quality of life. In most cases Baba does help.

Yesterday, I was having a strange kind of pain on the right side of my chest. I knew it was because of acute stress but how do we control our mind?

It was wandering to faraway lands, meeting doctors in various hospitals thinking something really bad going to happen. So before I went to bed, I prayed to Sai that if this goes away the next day, then I’d post it on this blog without any delay. This morning I woke up and felt okay and there wasn’t any sign of the pain I was having yesterday. I felt relieved and indebted to Sai Baba for helping me.

It is a kind of insignificant experience but when you think that it could have been worse and you could have been sitting in a hospital waiting for the doctor or the diagnosis report instead of relaxing in the safer confines of your home with your laptop! I thank Baba every day for keeping me alive without any major problem. Om Shri Sai Nathay Namah.

Shirdi Sai Baba Helped in Nick of Time

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Jyotsana from India says: I had promised Sai Baba that I would share this experience through this blog.

I have been visiting Sai Temple almost regularly on Thursdays after I return from office for last 6-7 months since I came to know about it. The Temple is nearly 2 kms from my house. Generally my son of 4.5 yrs accompanies me to the Temple. Last Thursday when I took out the car, I thought of taking a shortcut to avoid the evening rush of the regular road. It had rained heavily throughout the day and the road I took was sluggish. The interior road was too bad and the car was stuck once. My son was scared as it was quite dark and the car refused to move ahead. Though I was agitated, I didn’t make it too obvious as he gets tense very fast.

Taking Sai Baba’s name I somehow I started the car again and we came out of that mess. When I reached the car parking area, a vacant plot in front of the Sai Temple, the security guard waived at me gesturing not to park the car too far. Unfortunately, I could not make sense out of his gesture and pulled the car to the end of the parking. The car got stuck in a huge mess and could not be pulled out. I sought help from the security guard, he was quite helping and pulled a few more people. They must have tried for 10-15 minutes. Now I was quite tensed along with my kid. I held him and watched these people. I just closed my eyes and prayed Sai Baba for help. Meanwhile a few more people joined. One person started the car, others pushed from the front and yet others pulled from the rear. They attempted too hard and finally the car motioned backwards. Their clothes were dirty and I felt really bad about all this.

I thanked Sai for sending these people for my help during that odd hour of the day, else the car would have been in there.

I thanked all of them and thanked Sai Baba and then entered the Temple for the darshan.

Thanks Sai for all your help. You have been with me through thick and thin, always.

Small Wish Taken Care Of By Baba On My Birthday

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Sri from USA says: Om Sairam!
I have shared quite a few experiences before on this site. Thanks to the team for maintaining this site. This is the experience which happened on my birthday.

On previous day of my birthday, I was browsing the questions and answers site and entered a number. The result was see what happens at 11 am tomorrow morning. I just left it and didn’t think much about it. Next day was a Thursday and it was my birthday. I took my bath, finished my morning prayers and was ready to go to Baba’s temple. Somehow, when I reached the temple it was around 11 am. I just finished my prayers and went to the priest to get the prasad. He gave me banana. For some reason, I was happy to get banana as prasad. My son got orange as prasad. He didn’t want to eat orange and wanted my banana. I thought it is ok to give him banana as he is a small kid. My son gave me the orange. I was just thinking, it would’ve been good if I too got banana to eat. But I just left it and was happy to have an orange. We prayed all other Gods and were about to leave the temple. Suddenly an old person came running to me with 3 to 4 Bananas (taking it from Prasad bowl) and gave couple to me and one to each of my 2 kids. I was very, very happy to receive the banana as prasad. I told the old person about my wish to have banana, but I had got orange. He just said “Uperwala” (The one Who is sitting up) and was showing Baba’s idol. I left the temple thanking him.

Baba fulfilled even this smallest wish of mine on my birthday. This is the best experience I had on my birthday and at around 11 am. Baba knows the past, present and future. Please forgive me for any mistake in this post. Om Sairam.

Health Issue

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Pragyan from India says: I am Pragyan from Hyderabad a small follower of Baba. Everything happened only by the order of Sai. Please Baba forgive me for the late post. Want to write many things but unable to pen down all.

Recently due to severe back neck pain and headache it was very difficult for me to sleep. While I look down my pain starts. I cried a lot in front of Baba to take all my pain which I can’t bear. After going through some experiences, one experience which was about to take Udi 5 days as medicine, I prayed Baba please take all my pain within Ram Navami (which was exact 5th day ) of my taking Udi as medicine. As I am in end of my 1st trimester (pregnancy) I can’t bear all pain at a time. Please help me Baba and cure me. I am not feeling well by thinking may be something happened to my neck.

After taking Udi as a medicine for 5 days 3 times my neck pain is gone 80%. Now I can sleep without any pain. I have faith that Sai will take all my difficulties (He knows everything). Though I am 6/7 days late to post my experience, please Baba forgive me. Want You every time in every phase of life. If You are there with me no obstacle will come towards me. Bless me and my family. Om Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay. Om Sai Samartha Namah. Om Sai Namah.

My Experiences

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi Sai friends. I’m a Baba devotee for many years now. Thanks to such a wonderful platform for sharing experiences.
I’m here to post couple of my experiences. I work in an IT company and I do generate a few reports daily for our stateside partners which go to the leadership team. One day I generated reports and left for home. After reaching home, I realized that I did not generate one of the reports correctly but could not do anything. Our partners always escalate on us for anything and everything small also. I prayed Baba to help me and only because of Baba’s blessings I could survive that incident. Thank You so much Baba.

My Son got chicken pox couple of weeks ago and I prayed Baba for that to subside and my son to not feel any pain. He recovered from chicken pox in 4 days and he never felt any pain that a person with a chicken pox feels. Thanks Baba for looking after us all the time.

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  1. Omsairam…bless everyone in this world with peace and good health Baba…love you Baba….Baba be with all of us always…coz life without you is unimaginable…thankyou so much for whatever you have given me..

  2. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother's pain and reduce grandmothers diabetes saipa… Make us to study well baba we are at the verge please help baba baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  3. Thankyou baba for everything and sorry baba for everything. Please dont be angry on me if o do something wrong…. Baba do you really think i should stop taking alcohol if it is what you want. I will stop
    Its not like you atlre not with me baba. It is also not my addiction baba. What else can i do. My so many fears. Tears how baba. I am truly not able to handle anymore. My parents. My studies and most importantly you. Everything. Everynight i think you will come and solve but i gave me everything for best even i dont know anything. I am so unworthy of you. Even my life is useless. There might be nothing i could achieve further.. Baba its not like you cant do anything.but my life its truly no meaning everyday is truly a torture baba.. For you i changed alot. Evryhappiness every smile. Everything is because of you. Thankyou so much baba for such love

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