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Sai Is Everything In My Life

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Ameya from India says: Om Sairam. This is my second post as I have experienced presence of Sai in my life every day. I am a student just completed my Class 12 examinations.
In my last post I wrote how Sai helped me overcome my fear and start talking to the girl I love.

I like a girl from Class 9 and became a Sai devotee because of her. This as compared to other experiences is not like saving a life or something but a small request to Sai from me. I like her from Class 9 and indulged in a one sided love. She came back in my life because of Sai.

Coming to the story, last time I spoke with her and we became friends again but she did not follow me back on Instagram. I was really very upset with Sai because He brought her back in my life but still not totally. Being a one sided lover I felt bad because she did not follow me back on Instagram and I was really very angry on Sai. I cried in front of Him and said why did You do this with me? As the days passed, she did not follow me back on Instagram but I kept on praying to Sai. The girl actually lives in another state and the only medium to communicate was Instagram. There comes His blessings on me.

I live in a city near Shirdi (won’t take the city name) but I hadn’t visited Shirdi once. After completing my board exams in March we decided to visit Shirdi. I was very excited to visit Shirdi but the plan kept on postponing. I was nervous but somehow we decided to visit Shirdi on 31 March 2019. Everything was planned but on 30th March, our driver said that he couldn’t come. I was like in crying mood but just saw Baba’s photo and felt that I don’t know how I’m going to come but tomorrow I will be in Your Darbar. At night our driver gave his friend’s number and said to call him. Sai helped in this way as the one whom we called accepted to come. The next day when we asked where were you yesterday, guess what he said- Shirdi. I thought like Baba Himself sent him to pick me up. We visited Shirdi on 31 March and had a good Darshan.

I was upset that the girl I love so much cannot be mine and said Sai to help me as He is the only One on Whom I trust. A week passed and I was happy to see Sai Baba with my eyes in Shirdi. A week passed and I was not happy that why she doesn’t follow me back. The miracle comes up here that on 6 April it was Gudi Padwa (Hindu New Year) and the first to whom I wished was my Guru Sai Baba. Literally next day in afternoon before sleeping, I asked Sai to help me out. When I woke up, I had an idea of requesting to follow her again. Last time also I got an idea from Sai Baba in the afternoon. I was worried as if I unfollow her then she won’t accept my request and following back was far. I said Sai are You serious about this and in the evening I went to Sai temple and said if my mind changes it means I should not do that. I went to Sai temple and don’t know I took my Phone out and unfollowed her and put the request again. I was worried and thought what would happen?

My friend took me to a shop as he wanted to buy something. He went inside the shop and I waited on my vehicle outside. I was very worried and I did not speak much. I just closed my eyes and said, “Sai did I do the right thing?” and when I opened my eyes back I saw a Sai Calendar in a shop where Sai was in white clothes ( I really like to see Sai in White Clothes). I was literally feeling to cry as I had experienced His presence for the first time in this form ( as I had read presence like these earlier in these stories).

I came back home and kept my mobile in front of Sai’s photo and said to help me. After dinner, I saw my notification bar and nothing was there. I saw at Sai and told that I would wait. I opened Instagram and saw the requests bar where the same girl had her request waiting! I cried in front of Him and kissed His feet in the photo. I became Sai devotee in February. The same girl had declined my request back in January but this time it was all because of Sai’s grace that she came back like this. This is one of my biggest miracle happened in my life only and only because of Sai Baba.

I am a very impatient guy and even ruined my friendship with that girl only because of my impatience. Sai helped me in understanding the importance of Patience (Saburi). Sai Baba helps me in day to day small to big problems and shows me that He is with me at every moment. I completely believe in Sai and I know that He will bring me and that girl together because I truly love her. All this happened on 7 of April exactly after a week I visited Shirdi. Sai is my everything, my Guru, my Friend, my Sibling and everything. Just remember that Sai is everywhere in photos, around us and everywhere. I hope everyone stays healthy and happy by the grace of Sai Baba. Keep faith and patience in Him. Om Sairam – Shraddha Saburi.

How Sai Baba Kept His Promise

Sai Baba Answers Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I have been a Sai devotee for a very long time and I have been to Shirdi once and I would say it was a great trip of my life. Life pretty much has been smooth with no dramatic changes and I usually pray to Baba in my home mandir and recently last year started volunteering at a Baba temple which is quite at some driving distance. But still I try my best to go there to help. I also remember Him prior to eating and offer my food and then eat. Please bear with me for some long posts here.

Exp 1. I had signed up for the parking lot inauguration pooja with 101 homakundalams at the Baba temple which happened last week and I was so eager to go help in kitchen and I was asked to come before 8. I had made plans of how to manage my home chores including cooking food for the family and how to get to temple early. But that Thursday I went to temple and it was my 4th week of Divya Pooja (prayed for 5 weeks) and after prayer was in line for prasad and the priest whom I have seen several times there (not interacted too much with him) while giving the prasad asked me to come for volunteer on Friday (the next day). I told him that I had signed for Saturday slot. He kept asking me again and again to come for Friday for one hour atleast even after telling him it will get late and my daughter will be alone at home as my husband will also be out. Because he usually never talks and he has requested me to come personally, without wanting him to continue to ask I said I will definitely come to help. So Friday I went to temple from work and it took one hour in traffic but went there and tried to stay for my promised one hour and helped them with the setup.

I came home and later in the day I realized that I got my cycle. I have an app to track my cycle and I usually check to make sure I get my dates right but hadn’t checked recently and I was so mad that I didn’t get to go the next day as I had planned so much. Little I realized while opening the app that I was already late on my period and that Baba had hinted me to come on Friday as I would be unable to come on Saturday. Had the priest stopped asking me after one time, I would have tried to go only on Saturday. I felt so blessed that I could atleast do Seva for an hour.

2. My husband was trying to change job and it had been taking so many calls for interview which seemed very promising and also a few site interviews but nothing positive came out of it. Asked Sai in question & answer site and Baba kept telling me that he would get the job before Ram Navami and I was googling when it was and saw it was in April and I was in Feb and there was so much time in between and wondering what to do? Then came across Divya Pooja and wanted to try it. The first 5 weeks went by and nothing happened and I went and finished my prayer last Thursday with kichadi as prasad. I was praying to Baba at the temple that I will be doing one more and this time He surely needs to bless me and I will post the experience when my husband gets the offer. The first week I did, he identified the job ad on Friday and applied for the same. On Monday, he got an email to fix the phone interview for Wednesday.
Second week Divya Pooja Thursday, he got an email saying he would be called to meet the CEO for further conversation onsite. He went to the site on next Tuesday. Third week Divya Pooja Thursday, he got an email saying further talks would happen soon. 4th week Wednesday, he got called with an offer. I had also been bugging Sai through the QA site and on the 4th week Tuesday, the answer came you will get the call tomorrow (which was Wednesday). I also got answers like you will get your reply on Thursday and Friday and I was wondering he got only verbal offer on Wednesday but not written. So on Thursday and Friday he got emails confirming the paperwork and agreement questions and finally got the offer letter via email on Monday on my 5th week. We feel we are deeply blessed with His affection and love and it took a lot of patience and prayers to get to where we are now. But only the group Mahaparayan Satcharitra reading, QA forum and reading this experiences everyday in the morning as a routine, kept me going without losing hope and I knew it was going to happen as I trust Him but it was the question when? Sorry for such a long post but everytime I step into the mandir I feel some vibes in myself and I feel like a different person and whatever comes to my mind is what I do there. I don’t know how to explain this but I feel like I am very lucky to know Him and to become His devotee.

Sai Is Always With Me Guiding And Protecting Me

Sai Baba Answers Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I have been a Sai Devotee for many years. Sai Is My Life and Sai is always with me guiding and protecting me. Whatever I do, I will take my Sai’s name and do the work. Humble request to please keep me Anonymous. Kudos to Hetalji and her team for their great contribution towards increasing Sai awareness. There are times when we feel low and our path is unclear, but once we read the devotee’s experiences on this site our faith in Sai brightens up. I have written many experiences here, and today I am going to pen down my recent experience where Sai helped me in vacating the company’s guest house. Dear Hetalji please publish this experience on your site, please do corrections if needed. Jai Sairam.

Dear Devotees, Jai Sairam! I am working in a BPO company in Admin department. Whatever I do in my life I surrender all my personal life and official life at the holy feet of Sai Baba and rest He will take care. In my company there was a guest house where employees from other branches come and stay at guest house. We have this guest house for the past 10 years, actually last year the occupancy of the guest house was less and this year guest house agreement was coming to an end in March 31st. If we renewed the agreement we need to give at least 15% to 20% hike in rent and we need to show the guest house occupancy to the management and get approval to proceed. Since guest house occupancy was less I planned to surrender the guest house but time limit was very short. It was around March 15th after praying to Sai Baba and told Him that Baba if everything with regard to guest house should go well and there should not be any issues from company side and the owner of the guest house and to receive the advance amount without any deduction, so that I will post my experience on this site and donate food for 10 people.

I had written mail with regard to surrendering of guest house to my boss but there was no reply and I was in tension as we had only 15 days. I kept all my prayers at the holy feet of Sai Baba. See the miracle that happened. After few days I received approval from my boss to surrender the guest house. So we informed the guest house owner about it and they also accepted it, since the materials in the guest house either we need to move to other branch office or dispose it. Since time limit was short we asked the guest house owner to give some time till April 1st week so that we could move out guest house materials. But the guest house owner did not agree to this. But then Baba helped me. I wrote mail to my boss about the guest house material. He asked me to move it to our other branch and also had given approval for the movement. So before March 31st, we were able to vacate the guest house and hand over the guest house keys to the Landlord and we received back the advanced amount without any issues and deduction in the amount. Within 15 days surrendering the guest house and also receiving the advance amount without any deduction; all these were done my Sai Baba’s miracle and blessings. Jai Sairam.

I thanked our beloved Sai Baba for helping me in a timely manner without any issues and tension. As prayed to Baba I have written my experience here and also donated food for 10 people. Dear devotees please have Faith and Patience in our Baba and surrender everything at Baba’s holy feet, rest He will take care. Thanks Baba for everything. Please bless all of us and take care Baba. Jai Sairam.

Maa Sai’s Merciful Miracles

Sai Baba Answers Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram I am a very small devotee of Sai Maa. Trying to be a better version of myself with Maa Sai’s grace and blessing. Thank you so much Hetalji for this platform where we can read other devotees’ experiences and relate to our own and feel blessed and hopeful that Sai Maa is going to take care of everything. I feel so happy to be able to share my experiences and the love I have experienced from my Sai Maa. I am eternally grateful to Maa Sai and will remain indebted to Him for choosing me as His devotee.
First experience: My baby’s fever: We were travelling to Shirdi this February 2019 and had a flight early in the morning. My baby was 8 months old. When I was expecting, I had pledged Sai Maa in 2018 the previous year when I visited Shirdi that I would bring my baby for Her first time darshan the next year 2019. However, the night before the travel my baby was fussy and crying the whole night. I felt her body and it was burning with fever. I wanted to cry so badly looking at my baby and thinking of the early morning flight. I was in fear thinking I would have to cancel my flight as the journey would take one whole day. I was scared too, thinking whether I can take a risk with my baby’s health with the travel. I made up my mind and I applied Udi to her forehead and whole body and gave her some to eat. I prayed Sai Maa that if She really wanted us to come She would make my baby alright by morning.

I could not sleep till morning and finally when we started getting ready, my baby’s body started feeling cooler and I thanked Sai Maa for listening to all our prayers. Finally after several hours’ travel we reached Shirdi and when we were entering the Samadhi Mandir with my baby, the Panditji applied Sandal tilak to my baby’s forehead like a tripund with 3 horizontal lines while all of us were only applied dots of tilak. I was so happy thinking Sai Maa blessed my baby this way. Sai Maa knew my baby was suffering, so she applied the tilak in this particular pattern so that my baby could recover. I knew right from that moment that my baby’s fever had gone for good. After that we took Sai Maa’s darshan and we were excited and feeling on top of the world…so happy that I was able to take my Sai Maa’s Darshan that too with my healed baby. I could not have asked for a better darshan. I place my head on Your feet Sai Maa. Ever be merciful like You have always been and bestow Your blessings on us. Jai Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

Udi Miracle

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Bahrain says:
Om Sairam to all Sai brothers and sisters. I am a very small devotee of Baba. First of all I will apologize Baba for submitting this post after a long time. This is regarding my husband.
Few years back my husband got BPPV Vertigo. It was very severe. After few years with Baba’s grace he came out of that problem. But still some times he is feeling heaviness on his head. So whenever he gets a headache we feel scared.

Few months back he suddenly got a severe headache in the office. He took pain killer in the office but no use. When he came home I have given him Udi water and prayed to Baba that within half an hour he should get relief from headache. And really before half an hour his head stopped paining.

Second time, when my husband had got stomach infection that time also with Baba’s Udi water only it had got cured.

He is working in finance and last few days in his office too much tension is going on. Yesterday suddenly his BP went up and his back head started paining a lot. But he was not able to leave the office early and couldn’t take sick leave also as some report he had to submit to the management before month end. I was not aware about his pain. He came very late from office and it was that time he told me. I told him we would go to the doctor. But he was too tired and not ready to go. So I just prayed to Baba and gave him Udi Water and promised Baba if my husband got OK then by morning I would post this and pending old miracles together. But by morning his head should totally stop paining and blood pressure should be normal. By Baba’s grace by morning he was feeling OK. Baba, please forgive us for our ignorance, mistakes knowingly unknowingly if we do. And shower Your love on us. Your daughter. Om Sairam.

Miracle Of Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to all.
Om Sairam to all. Yesterday night after so many days again mobile network at our home had done. I got worried and prayed Sai Baba that if mobile network comes by morning, I will share the experience. By Baba’s blessings mobile network came by night only. Om Sairam and thank You Baba.

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