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Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles and Leela in this Post:

Baba Is Always There

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I would like to share a detailed experience. After reading this you will feel how Baba takes care of His loving devotees. I had this feeling that Baba asked me to share my experiences on this website and He would help me for sure.

One such example goes back to the time, I was severely ill. I came to the USA (North Carolina) to pursue my M.S and by Baba’s grace I got full funding in the university. I completed my M.S and almost getting graduate in 2 months. We were preparing for jobs/interviews and stuff.

One night I was watching a film with my friend and suddenly my heart started pounding fast. I was taken to emergency and they said that it was low potassium and anxiety attack. I am a person who believes in myself and can manage any situation. For a moment I could not believe that it was an anxiety attack. That explanation made me more anxious. Since then, I started having severe nightmares, whatever I eat; I was having pounding heart, with high blood pressure. At this point, my mind lost control and I completely felt helpless. I am a fatherless child, I don’t have any money in India and came to the US to earn some and go back. All these thoughts were running in my mind. At that point, Baba helped me.

One of my friends have family here (They are Hindu Priests) and he took me along with him. The family looked after me, did puja, fed me for nearly 2 weeks and they completely took care of me. That was some relief, but nervousness was always there. My stomach completely went out of control and soon I observed my symptoms got worse after eating certain foods. I developed food anxiety and stopped having almost everything. This made me weaker and worse.

I decided to go to my sister’s place (in Seattle). Week after I went there, my 5 months old pregnant sister suffered serious stomach pain and immediately was rushed to an emergency. They declared her to have immediate surgery and said that the chances of survival are very less. She was very anxious about it and I put Baba’s Vibuthi to her and said to her, “Please remember that Baba is always there for us”. By Baba’s grace and blessings, both baby and my sister survived. That was March and still I am having symptoms in fact getting worse.

Whatever I eat, I am feeling anxious, nervous, ringing in ears and a lot other. I can’t even explain. It had been 3 months since I graduated, and I had no job. My in-laws are very reluctant to let me stay in their place. He wants me to get out of his house ASAP. I had no insurance; no money so could not afford to go to the doctor. I did google and learned that there was a Sai Baba temple just 1 mile away from my sister’s place. I walked there twice a week and prayed, prayed, begged Baba to make me normal. I started reading Sai Satcharithra (Baba’s life story book). I did video call to India and my doctor in India sent some medicines by post. By that time I completed the book, I got medicines on Thursday. To my surprise, the prescription has Sai Baba’s face on letterhead on top saying ‘Om Sairam, Shraddha, Saburi’.

After I took those medicines for a month some of my symptoms subsided to some extent. My mother arrived and we both used to go to temple frequently. Suffered a lot by brother-in-law’s sadistic behaviour but we never lost trust on Baba. I still did not have job and didn’t know what was happening to my body. In May my sister delivered a healthy baby girl and following week, I got a job, just 5 minutes walk from my sister’s place. I took separate room behind the street they lived, but still due to my health I have been unable to concentrate on work. Still, every day I did not lose hope and tried my best to get up and keep motivated. Negative thinking, anxiety, fears, stomach issues, body pains, shortness of breath, severe fatigue, depression, all these did not let me to do my work. I prayed Baba a lot. I got an interview call from other company with a very better pay. At that time, I was not in a position to even talk. But I gained all my courage, confidence and power and blindly trusted Baba and gave the interview. I got that job. I moved back to NC and started working. I rented a place to live and to my surprise it had Sri Sai Baba’s photo(calendar) on wall but nothing else in the flat. I believed Baba is there with me.

But severe issues did not let me work here as well. I came to India for testing and they said that I had hernia in stomach. Didn’t know if that was causing all these, but I came back and resumed work after 6 weeks leave. Still having same issues, no doctor exactly diagnosed why this was all happening with me. I had minor surgery and my mom came to help me (Again, Baba’s grace). I don’t own a car here and desperately wanted to go to Baba’s temple. I googled and found that there was one 23 miles away from my place. But Uber costs too high ($23) and so I was thinking how? But immediately I found here is a direct bus available just in front of my home till temple (just $2). Then I believed that Baba was watching me and helping me. After I reached temple, I was there for some time and decided to start back since the last bus left at 8:40 PM (I need to start 8:25 PM from temple to catch the bus), Baba’s was scheduled at 8:30 PM. I came out to walk, immediately severe rain from nowhere started. I went back to the temple shade to wait for it to subside, just then rain immediately stopped. So I started walking and immediately the rain started again. Again I went back and it stopped. This time on hearing Baba’s aarti, I went inside, sang Shej Aarti and came out. We (with my mother) started walking to stop again. Immediately someone from behind called us and asked to get in their car. They not only dropped us that day to home but also are picking us up every Thursday. If Baba loves you, He will do everything to take care of you. Sorry for very long writing. But this was Baba’s advice to share this here and I trust Him. Sri Shirdi Sai is always with me. Whenever you feel alone, anxious or nervous all you do is read this blog or Sai Satcharitra book and you will get almost immediate results in any form. All you need is to keep up immense trust and patience.

Baba, My Miraculous Doctor

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: I am a 31 years lady, I am a homemaker. I was pulled by the affection and blessings of Sri Sai Baba from the age of my schooling. From then onwards Baba has become my mother as only with a mother the children will have that special bond which we do not share with anyone else in the world.

Dear Hetalji, this is my second experience which I am sharing on this holy website. Word “Thank you” will definitely not be sufficient to express our devotees gratitude towards you. In January 2019, after the second week, one day my mother called me and said that my dad was seeing blood or pink stains in his phlegm when he was spitting. She said that he had consulted an ENT specialist who said that it could be just a throat infection, wrote some prescription and asked my father to see him after a week. So, my mom said all this once when she got a confirmation from the doctor that it may be just an ordinary throat infection. Until then she was taking the tension and pain all alone and was hiding the incident from me as, I stay faraway and may get more worried thinking about the causes and reasons. After a week my father visited the same doctor as the symptom was still showing up and did not had much improvement with the medicines. This time I came to know before he was going for doctor’s appointment and was very nervous thinking of what would have happened and what was the doctor going to say. I was just praying Baba. I called dad and he said he has just given the blood sample, and by looking at the blood platelets count the pathologist was surprised as the blood count was so less and how my father could be so active? They sent for a second opinion to the other lab.

They took an X-ray and the report came as a blow stating that it was a case of enlarged heart. I went numb, cried, prayed, got utterly scared and googled. I became like a lifeless person. See but how much ever pain we have in our heart; we have to perform our worldly duties. The other doctor asked my dad to get admitted in the hospital and go with other tests and procedures on the same day. But my dad took the reports in the evening and went to our family doctor. Our family doctor denied all those reports stating that the condition of my father and the reports doesn’t match not even to a little extent. He prescribed all those tests to be undergone again in a famous and trusted diagnostic centre. Meanwhile I was praying Baba each and every minute to get a positive and healthy report. I started reading Sai Baba’s Satcharithra. The wait for the reports started and when they came the reports hadn’t stated about the heart enlargement anywhere. But yes, the blood platelets count was significantly low. But I got so much relief that the heart enlarge had been ruled out. The good news came while I was reading Satcharithra only and I could not stop thanking Sai for that. After that I did not see low blood platelets count as an issue but yes actually which was.

Doctors again prescribed so many tests, so many consultations and so much wait for each of the reports and of course countless prayers and restless life for me. It was even more for my father (who had to undergo so many tests almost every day) my brother and my mom too. I am a person who gets nervous very quickly and that’s the reason my family never used to reveal everything as it is, and my father always used to say that “everything is alright” which never sounded alright to me. Almost literally 1 month I could not have a real happy smile on my face.

The last one was the bone marrow test which doctor prescribed (and my people did not give me any single clue of the test) to check if there were any malignancies. After the report came than my dad said that the result was fine and not to worry, but again the hospital staff advised to send the reports to another laboratory which again made my heart beat raise high for almost 5, 6 days because of the waiting period. All these days I was praying Baba not directly by poojas but yes in my heart, used to remember the miracles of Baba Satcharithra in healing His devotees in different ways, always used to check Sai Baba answers website, cry loud in other’s absence, tried to get relief by calling and speaking to my parents. And the final report came as that everything was normal, and the blood platelets could be improved with medicines and good diet. It was a hell that I had stayed in for 1 month. I could not have really cherished and survived lively today without my Baba’s blessings. I stay in a foreign land but yes, as Baba said nothing comes in between God and Devotee (place, time, situation). I know there were so many ups and downs in this 1 month and painful travel as well. But I feel that is how Baba proves Himself by taking faith and Patience from us. Koti Koti koti Pranam Sai. Always want to be at Your holy feet Baba. Please bless everyone with good health and peace. Baba I believe these things makes living worthy!

Miracles Of My Beloved Sai

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: Miracles of my beloved Sai. Love You Baba!
Dear devotees and Hetalji, I have been fortunate to be associated with Baba since October 2016 and from then on my life has changed considerably. Baba has helped me in each and every difficulty and trouble that I have faced in the past and He still continues to come to my rescue every time I call out to Him. Yes I did read an experience that if you have promised Baba something you should fulfil it otherwise I have seen that Baba will make you realise your mistake!

My experiences are in plenty. I will be narrating a few that I had promised to Baba that I will post on this page. First experience was regarding our travel to India via China where we faced issues with our hand luggage after our checked in luggage of 4 pieces was already taken in and we were going in for security check. There a very rude staff asked us to reduce our carry-on luggage as it was overweight. We were very troubled as we had already checked in 4 pieces and would not be allowed to check in an extra piece and we were not willing to pay thousands of rupees for the extra luggage as (according to her handbag was also a luggage). We were getting stressed and so we prayed to our saviour Sai to help resolve the issue. My husband who usually does not believe in asking God to help out in such issues also prayed to Sai for help and lo and behold the lady in the checking in counter agreed to add another piece of luggage and we were able to catch the flight on time!

Another experience is about my i-phone that was not working and I was thinking that it may have a major issue as it was not charging and that the cost of repair would be huge. I called out to Sai for help and He helped to resolve the problem at minimal cost.

The next experience is about my husband’s illness. My husband had a severe stomach pain and chickenpox. His stomach pain was so bad that he stopped eating and drinking and took strong painkillers without food. It pained me to see his condition. No one could diagnose the reason for stomach pain. Then I prayed to Sai to heal him completely and my kind and dearest Baba cured all his health issues and confirmed that he had no major stomach ailment. It was all due to chicken pox. Thank You Sai for coming to my rescue again.

I will finish this post by relating another incident that I was praying to Sai for as I was scared and did not want an unpleasant experience today and promised to my dearest Baba that I will post on this site today itself if He kept the situation calm and He has done a miracle once again. I only pray to my Sai to help me stick to my decision, give me the courage I need, as it is very important that I do this for my own happiness and to get away from a very controlling environment. Help me dear devotees as I cannot elaborate it here but will do if my desire is fulfilled and there is no conflict because of the decision I made. I want peace happiness and pray that my Sai will be with me and help me. Thanks Sai once again for everything that You have done and are doing and will do for all of us. Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Baba’s Grace

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. My namaskars to Hetalji and the entire team members who are behind this work. May God bless all of you.
This is my third experience which I am narrating now though my two experiences are not yet disclosed.

Coming to my experience today Baba has saved me from a difficult situation. My husband told me to keep the current bill safely which was necessary for some work. I kept the current bill safely in my purse but today morning I removed the bill along with some other papers and I kept it somewhere which I forgot where I had kept. Then in the evening my husband asked me the bill and I started searching here and there but all went in vain. My husband started shouting on me and I was unable to recollect where I had kept. So I started praying Baba for His help. I told Baba that I will narrate my experience here if my problem was solved. Though I couldn’t get the bill my problem was solved as my husband submitted three months back old bill and they accepted it without any problem. I am so thankful to Baba for His help. This may be a small issue , but for me it was a miracle. Hetalji please edit wherever it is necessary. Om Sairam.

Baba Taught Me To Follow The Promises Made To Him

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a housewife living in South India. I am a strong devotee of Baba for the past 15 years. He has shown me His power by doing a lot of miracles.
First of all I thank Hetalji for creating such a blog which has created a lot of faith in Sairam for people in distress. Though I have experienced a lot of miracles, this recent experience is really very important to me.

My watch which was given to me by my children for my birthday was missing for two days. I was really worried because even though the monetary value was not very big, the sentimental value was very high. I searched everywhere but in vain. Actually I had promised Baba something which I had not followed. So as soon as I remembered this and I made up my mind to follow what I had promised. All of you would have guessed within ten minutes I found my watch in the place where I had searched in vain. He can change the whole topsy turvy situation in a minute. I bow to Him and surrender to Him completely and wholeheartedly thank You for giving me this opportunity.

Sai Nana Fulfilled My Wish

Shirdi Sai Devotee Dimple from India says: Dear Sai Baba thank You for all the help and innumerable wishes You have granted me. 1) My cell phone accidently dropped in water and it stopped working. After many trials it was switching on and off on its own. I prayed to Baba and applied Udi on phone and it started working, now only problems is sometimes it low volume while watching videos otherwise it perfect.

2) When IAF pilot Abhinandan was captured I prayed to Sai Baba to release him ASAP and within 34 hours I should get good news. Even TV channels were not saying much about him just once or twice a day. The moment I prayed, the news coverage was all over the place and pressure was built up and on Thursday I got good news of his release from Pakistan Prime Minister. Thank You Sai Baba for immediately releasing pilot IAF Abhinandan from the jaws of death.

Sai Baba please have mercy on me and cure lameness of my leg. Forgive and destroy my sins of this birth or of previous birth, like dry grass before fire. Please don’t leave me Sai Baba and please be with me always. Bless me so that I do good karma. Your and only Yours Sai Baba, Dimple.

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