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Power Of Udi – Applying Udi Is Reducing My Pain

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. I am blessed and feel lucky to be a devotee of Sai Baba from many years. Baba had helped, guided and supported me in many difficult situations. I can’t imagine the day without thinking of Him and my heart beats for Him.

My life was running with manageable ups and downs by Baba’s grace. But from last 2 years I started facing problems one after another and still it is going on. But with Baba’s grace I believe it will get over very soon.

It all started when my dad met with an accident and his hip bone got dislocated and surgery was needed. But Baba’s grace it got healed by itself just by taking rest. He is 74 years old. But after a few months he was diagnosed with small unhealthy ulcer and immediate surgery was required and surgery was done and it was successful and problem was solved only by surgery and no other treatment was required. It was a big relief by that time. Many thanks to Baba.

But as soon as he recovered, he started getting continuous cough which was not getting reduced by any medicine. It was because the Lung’s function was reduced due to the age factor. Due to this he is suffering as the days are passing. Baba please help us to overcome this problem also.

Now I am going to write about my experience of applying Udi. Due to all mentioned problems I was very nervous, weak and disturbed. Due to this I started facing many health issues. My hands and legs started burning like anything and nerves were getting swollen. Each time when I faced this I just applied Udi and chanted Baba’s names and took Udi in water also. Miraculously within few days all symptoms disappeared. Again from last 3 months I started getting too much cyclic breast pain. It was quite unbearable and started applying Udi and it was manageable. I was scared and anxious and went to the doctor. She examined and said that there was nothing to worry but for routine test asked for scan and got it done. But again I was upset by the report which said small benign was found. I was very upset and was crying in front of Baba to help me as I was already tired by facing many problems.

Then next day again went to another doctor. She is my family doctor and got tested again and she said that all was well and there was nothing to worry about. It is quite common and it would go off by itself. Her words were a big relief to me and I thanked Baba then and there it self. Still I am applying Udi and pain is reducing day by day and I am getting relief from that. Baba, please help me to overcome my problems completely and give me peace of mind. Lastly I would like to thank to all the team members for creating this platform to share the experience which will be a ray of hope for many devotees who are in deep trouble. Sorry if any mistake happened from me while sharing the same. Since I am not able to express my feelings completely I am part of Mahaparayan also and it has given me immense strength, courage and confidence. My heart full thanks to all the Team members for the same. Om Sairam!

My Son’s Eyes Got Well

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Vijaya from Singapore says: I am a small devotee of Baba sharing a small experience about my son.
My son had an Olympiad exam next day and I prepared him for that. But the same day I got angry on him and I uninstalled his few games from my mobile thinking that my step was required and he would be serious in studies. But when he finished his studies and took my mobile for game, he was shaken that all his games were deleted. He got very much sad and started crying very badly. He was not sad for his games being deleted but he was sad for the scores he achieved during those days when he played. He was sad that all his scores were lost. And he could not achieve it back. Seeing all this I also started feeling bad that why did I do this just 1 day before his exam? And seeing him crying non-stop made me feel guiltier.

Now the only option was to re-install the game and check if he really lost his points. So while installation was on, I was praying hard to Baba that please get the scores back. And lo behold, the scores were intact. When I showed him and told him to see his scores, he couldn’t believe his eyes. And he stopped crying. But what about the swollen eyes and irritation which had been already caused to the eyes. My major concern was that his exam was next day. In such conditions, would he be able to go to school the next day? Would he be able to sit for exam for what I prepared him? I was shattered.

I was left with only few things in hand. One to pray Baba and second to make his eyes cool. I had some juice of grated cucumber, so I dipped cotton in that and kept on his eyes and applied Baba’s Udi. Then I left everything to Him. Next day I allowed him to wake up late so that his eyes could rest well. But still when he woke up his eyes were swollen, red and watery. I was badly cursing myself, but my Will was not shaken. I asked him to go to school and attend exam and just tell teacher after exam that he was not feeling well and return home. My brave boy managed to go to school. And I was praying hard to Baba that his eyes should get well in school and he should attend full school. I wasn’t greedy that he should attend full school. But it was like an assurance that his eyes condition must have improved that’s why he finished full school. Being a mother, I called to school to check if he was fine. They informed that he was fine. What else you want other than good health of your children? And Baba is making our dreams true. It may be an unimportant experience for few. But what I want to share is first we should check upon where we need to show our anger. Is it right moment to show our anger? Second, even if you are in problem, pray to Baba for positive things. He will help you. And last, never forget to Thank Him for what He has done, not because you are showing gratitude but because others can know about your experiences.

My Sai Warned, Guided And Made Me Successful

Shirdi Sai Devotee Nimit from India says: I am a software engineer and Dadu’s devotee since 2009. Every word my Sai says is pregnant with meaning. I want to share one such experience with all the Sai devotees on how Baba communicated with me, warned me of an upcoming incident and how he guided and pulled me through.

It was the 9th of January 2019; I had come home from office and was walking in our room with my son in my lap. An episode of Mere Sai was playing and I was watching very casually while rocking my son. There was a moment when I was walking towards the television set and there was a scene going on where Baba was explaining something to 2 people. Suddenly, Baba starts looking straight at the camera and said, “Agar Tumhein Lage Ki Tumhaare Saath Kuch Bura Hua Hai, Sahi Nahi Hua Hai To Ghabrana Mat. Bas Ye Yaad Rakhna Ki Mai Humesha Tumhaare Saath Hu Aur Sab Accha Hoga” (if you feel that something bad has happened with you, right has not happened then do not fear. Only remember that I am always with you and all would be good). When this was going on I was frozen at one spot, listening intently and was thinking is Baba trying to tell me something, is He really talking to me?

The next day in the office a colleague sent an email to multiple people in my organisation holding me responsible for something I had not done and was not aware of. At first I didn’t understand what was happening and was trying to deal with the situation. Then I remembered what Baba had warned me through the episode and then I became confident that Baba will guide and pull me through this situation. The situation was resolved in a few days. It is so amazing how Baba communicates with us. I have had multiple experiences wherein when some worry is going on in my mind and I open Facebook or Instagram, there is a message directly addressing the situation and saying that He is always with me. I am so indebted to Baba and thank Him for everything I have and pray to Him to always be with my family and me. Love You Baba. Jai Sairam ji.

Baba Saved Us From Illness – Power Of Udi

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hello all Baba devotees. I feel proud to be called Baba’s son and would like to thank all the people behind creating this wonderful blog which can be called modern day’s Satcharitra.

I suffered from a skin disease for a couple of months and after visiting the doctor and taking medicines also my condition did not get better. I prayed to Baba and took Udi water and prayed to Him to get me out of the situation. The disease faded away gradually. Similar thing happened with my son as well. He was suffering from cold, cough and a mild fever. I was afraid if it was a serious illness as it was rainy season. I prayed to Baba and gave Udi to my son. He got better the very next day.

One more experience was one day I had some particle in my eye and it gave me pain till evening. I feared it would be some iron particle and my situation could become worse. I applied Udi on my eyelid and prayed to Baba and went to sleep. By the time I woke up the next day my eye was clear. Thanks a lot Baba. Please bless everyone always. Om Sairam.

Sai Baba Blessed Me To Do My Ph.D.

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My post is about how Sai Baba blessed me to do my Ph.D. in good university. This is because of Baba only.
I am a devotee of Sai Baba for the last 13 years. He did many miracles in my life, but I could not tell here. One of the major miracles is Sai Baba protected my mother from breast cancer. I wrote this experience and it got published.

I wanted to do Ph.D. for a long time; I struggled for it for almost 10 years. I submitted my application for 5 times, at the fifth time my application was successful. I got into the program; this was only possible because of Sai Baba.

Currently I am doing my second year, it’s going fine. I have to pass 2 more exams and Ph.D. qualifying exam. Sai Baba I beg You for that. You gave me a wonderful opportunity for that. Please bless me for the exam with good grade. I beg You Baba; no one in the world can help except You. I am putting all my efforts. Kindly help me Baba. If I succeed, then I will be helpful for the society. Please bless me to this get published in the experience site first.

Sadguru Sai Maharaj Ki Jai

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Seema from India says: I did not believe so much in Sai Baba as I think it was not my time to have belief in Him. He wished now it was time for me to believe in Him and attracted me towards Him.

Few days back I was suffering from Cough and cold along with these I even had severe back ache which did not allow me to move an inch. During those days, I got to know about Sai Baba and blessings from one of my friends. So even if I put my desires and sorrows on Him and started reading “Sai Satcharitra”. Though the book was in my home since long years, but never opened it and never read it. I just prayed to Sai Baba to cure my severe cough and cold and even my back pain. I told him that I would share my experience on this site, if I got well. He did cure me. So I am up to share my experience here with others. Hope in the coming months, Baba will give me and my son a good life and also help us to achieve the motto of our lives.

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