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In My First Experience Itself Miracle Started To Flow

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Ram from India says: I am Ram from Mumbai, a graduate having the occupation as Service. Dear All, Om Shri Sairam to all of you and your near and dear ones as well. Very Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. I have read/gone through some of the posts which you have experienced in your life and by reading the posts one thing that came to my mind is why you are not posting the experience which you come across in your life so that all can read/experience and get more esteemed trust on Baba Sai.

It was the year 2013 where I was working as a back office staff for one of the leading Bank in India wherein my salary was too low. Basis was one of the colleague’s references that I had gone for an interview in one of the companies and after a few days I got a call from HR that I was selected and offer letter had been sent to my email id. I was asked to kindly check and confirm by written email but the salary they had hiked i.e. 2500 Rs. as per my current salary which I was drawing in the company.

I replied the mail stating that the salary provided was too low, and requested them to kindly do the needful by raising the salary up till as per my experiences. After that I came down from my office and gone to Sai Baba Temple. I prayed Baba that the salary provided was minimal kindly raise the amount till would be very helpful in bringing my liability down and fulfil some of my necessities. After few days call came from HR that they had sent the revised offer letter and asked me to kindly check and told that, that much only they could raise and not more than that. Then I checked the offer letter to find the same amount which I had told to Baba Sai. As I had got that only I was totally shocked at that time and I thanked Baba for that first incidence.

Second incidence – After that HR told me to come and collect my offer letter. I had gone there, I collected the offer letter from HR and in an excitement I called and thanked the reporting Manager Boss. He came and congratulated me and asked if I was happy. I told yes. Then I was told that I needed to join within 15 days. I was again shattered. I told Sir that our company notice period was 1 month and before that I couldn’t join. Then he told that he didn’t know all that and that I need need to be there in 15 days. I told ok and that I would speak to the referral Lady and would let know. Again before entering to the office building gate I went to the Sai Baba temple and prayed Baba to please do something as the boss had told me to join in 15 days which was not possible. I prayed Him to do some miracle that the boss should agree for 1 month. It was my mistake, if I wouldn’t have called the Boss he wouldn’t have told me. I said, “Sorry Sai Baba please forgive me”.

After reaching the office I kept my bag on my desk and went to the referral lady and told that the person had told me to join within 15 days. How could I join as she was also aware of the same. Then I narrated her what exactly had happened and why he told me to join early and after listening she got very angry and told me that then I should only directly speak to him and convince him. But I told the lady how I could directly speak to person ( Big BOSS ) and I told that lady sorry and requested her to please speak to him and extent the date. I told her that really I was extremely sorry and that next time I would not repeat. She told me go to my seat. I was totally depressed and speechless, since basis her talk with that person. I need to tell my current reporting manager about my Last date. I was calm and kept patient and was chanting Sai Baba’s name inside and at the same time seeing the photo of Baba Sai which was there on my desk, “Baba please You can only do the miracle, please I am begging Baba”. That day @evening time she came to me and told me to join in one month. I was very much happy and thanked that lady and told sorry for my behaviour. After that the lady left from my desk and I thanked Baba Sai that I knew that You would do the miracle and I trust You and I know You will not leave the children’s hand in the middle of the road.

Very Important: Before this incidence came across in my life I never ever had gone to Sai Baba temple and neither had ever prayed to Baba Sai. Now I am a Sai Baba devotee from that day onwards. Thank You very much Sai Baba for the blessings given up till date and going forward also -“Shraddha or Saburi” Bless All – Allah Malik. Thanks, Ram.

Sai Baba Saved Me

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I am simple devotee of Sai Baba from USA. Hello Sai Devotees, Pranam! I would like to share my recent experience that happened this week. Sai Baba solved my HUGE problem in just 3 days. On Tuesday, I got hit by a reversing car while driving in the parking lot and the driver (lady) was very rude and blamed me for hitting her car. My car had more damage (a dent) while her car had a scratch on her rear bumper. I was ready to let go but she said that she would call the police and charge me with hit and run case. I got really worried and started panicking.

Immediately I called my husband and explained to him the situation. As per his instructions, I immediately called our auto insurance and explained them the situation and also called the cops. The lady told that she had already filed an insurance claim against me. The cop came after some time and assessed the damage and asked us to leave the scene without issuing us any ticket. The following morning (Wednesday), we got a phone call from her insurance claiming that she had bodily injuries and then my husband and I started panicking. This was a big lie as the lady was hale and healthy when she drove her car away as per cop’s instruction. We were more worried as we are here on visa and did not want to get into trouble.

On Wednesday night I prayed Baba to resolve this issue without putting us into any kind of trouble and this should get resolved by Thursday itself. I vowed Baba that I will visit His temple, put $2 dakshina and share my experience on this website as soon we are out of this. Again I prayed to Baba on Thursday morning. Believe me devotees, as soon I prayed on Thursday morning I felt so relieved as if a huge burden had been left off from shoulder and I felt at peace. This is nothing but Baba’s miracle to give me that peace of mind in midst of such a troubling situation. Later on Thursday afternoon my insurance agent called and reassessed the situation asking me to describe the event in detail including the bodily injuries that lady was claiming to have. I reiterated that lady was lying as she was alright when we left the parking lot. My insurance agent mentioned that she would try to get these issues resolved by weekend. I started worrying as how I was going to wait from Thursday until Monday to learn about our outcome. After hearing this I was a little worried but still felt peace and trusting Baba that He will take care of it. On Friday morning, my insurance agent called and told me that issue was resolved and they were closing the case. This was nothing but a shock as we didn’t have to settle anything. After finishing the calls, I immediately ran to our beloved Baba to thank Him for saving me and my husband from such an adversity. Now I have to go to temple to fulfil my another vow which I am planning to do on Saturday and sharing my experience here as promised to Baba on Friday itself.

Dear Devotees, I humbly request you to keep faith on Baba in all our life scenarios (happy or suffering times) as we are little helpless creatures without Baba. Sairam!

Shri Sainatha : Controller Of The Universe

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Vishwanathan M from Mauritius says: Not my will, but Yours be done! Give us boundless love and please make our life worthy! Baba, Shri Sai Amma, You are my mother and I thank You for being so understanding and simply adorable in all situations of this roller-coaster life. Enough of all these illusory pleasures of material life. Now, nothing can delude me. I want my mother and only my mother.

Thanking our most compassionate Shri Sainatha infinitely for making this team as a divine instrument to reach all devotees. It is indeed very true as mentioned in the Shri Sai Satcharitra that if hard work must be done, then it should be done only towards spiritual progress only. Everything comes to us as per our previous deeds (Karmas) only, however our adorable Sadguru comes in search of us in every birth while we face our deeds. Hence we do not have anyone who is really ours, except the loving the ultimate Sadguru Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Coming to the experience, one of my brothers from previous life, now he is my genuine friend, Tajuhudeen asked me to please pray for him as he attended an interview and wanted to achieve a bigger post in his field. Already he is a very dutiful son to his parents and he maintains his responsibilities well. So definitely he is a deserving candidate to receive the grace of Shri Sainatha Deva. Of course, I prayed for him and advised him to remain confident on God’s providence. Yesterday, Thursday 14.02.2019, he messaged me to inform that he had been selected and he even send me through WhatsApp the official Contract letter with royal stamp of Dubai confirming his post with immediate effect. He was extremely happy by Shri Sai Baba’s grace and so am I all the time.

Also my sister had an important exam in London in January and by Shri Sainatha’s loving grace, she passed with very good marks. My humble request to all; is to love Baba Shri Sainatha the way you want with utmost respect. However be genuine in your love all the time. Shri Sainath is Ultimate ParaBrahma!!! Our real mission in life is just to Behave Properly to all as Shri Sainatha takes up any form to test our understanding that God’s essence is in us all. Thanks to everyone for reading this post. Shri Sainatha’s name is most auspicious. Think of His name, that is the only and easiest good you can do for your own merits. Baba, by Your governing Will, You have made of me, a Hero out of a zero. Indeed, You have re-written this child’s destiny and You have put Your undeniable signature as a mark of Your authority in doing so. How can I comprehend the incomprehensible skills and ingenuity of one who is Himself inconceivable? I am delighted in reposing faith in You and You alone! Jai Shri Sairam!!! Jai Shri Sainatha Deva.

Baba’s Chillam Gives Me The Strength

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Priya from Canada says: Om Sri Sairam, I’m a staunch Sai devotee in Canada. I’m here in Canada for the past 10 months and it has been a lot of struggle for the basic needs itself. Finding a house or getting a job was so challenging which left me and my family undergo unexpected situations. With a lot of struggle and after unemployment of 6 months, I found a job in an office. Though it was not relevant and it was just a basic survival job, I was ready to start work. I was worried about my commute to work as I had to walk for a considerable distance from the office to the bus stop which was isolated.

The previous day, I went to the temple to thank Baba personally and was walking back home as I didn’t get a bus that time. It was around 7 pm during October. The sun was setting and it wasn’t completely dark. As I was walking on the sidewalk towards my house, I suddenly felt a strong smell of cigar coming from somewhere. In fact, I looked around and to my dismay, there was absolutely no one walking around me for at least a distance of 300 meters. And the houses were inside the colony on my left side (far enough) and it was not possible for anyone’s cigar smell to reach this distance. There were only cars speeding at 70 kms. I was amused and in fact very casually I asked Baba loudly if He was accompanying me? After 3 or 4 steps, the smell vanished. And as I walked another 10 steps, I could smell cigar again. And like I said before, absolutely no one was smoking near me or for that fact, no one was walking near me itself. I only felt that Baba was walking along with me and reassuring me that He is with me and I don’t have to worry about walking to the bus stop.

The next day, which was my first day at work, I was undergoing orientation and training and we were 3 people inside that room including the trainer and I could again smell strong cigar smell inside the room (Just the same smell that I had smelt the previous day). And it was strictly ‘No smoking’ premises and the other two people with me did not speak about any smell at all. Baba made sure that I was going to be ok here and He was with me. One of my friends has told me about another devotee’s experience of chillam smell in her desk at the office and I could relate to that experience and confirm that our Baba is with me always. Om Sri Sairam.

Baba’s Blessings – Sai Kripa

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thanks a lot Hetalji and her team for providing this wonderful site for sharing devotees’ experiences. It strengthens our belief on Sai Baba.

Today I want to share one of my experiences that would not have been possible without Babaji’s blessings. My father’s greatest ambition was to build a new house. At that time it was not possible since we didn’t have that much amount with us. Fortunately one offer came where we could buy a new house by exchanging one of the plots we had along with 5 lakhs rupees. Again this 5 lakhs was burden for us. So we cancelled our plan. But I felt sad because I know this was his greatest ambition. Moreover I couldn’t help him. So I prayed Babaji that if we could buy that house then we will name it as ‘SAIKRIPA’ and donate 10000 rupees for orphans. Babaji did His miracle. That contractor agreed to exchange the new house with our plot. Also we didn’t have to pay any cash additionally. I don’t know how to thank You my Babaji. I am pretty sure that this desire wouldn’t have possible without Your blessings Baba. Don’t know how to express my gratitude. Thanks a lot Babaji. Please be with us always and shower Your blessings on us. Ohm Sairam.

Saved By Baba On Time

Sai Baba Answers | Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I’m a devotee of Sri Sai Baba for more than 7 years. It’s for sure that we are blessed to be His devotees. And a great job is done regarding this blog, all the best to the entire team!

It happened two months ago. It was my daughter’s puberty function and we had lots of guests in our home. The previous evening of the function, suddenly my daughter fell ill because of a fever. It was seasonal flu and it took at least one week to recover. We had invited nearly 400 guests for the function and I was very tensed and started praying Baba. My husband took her to a doctor and medicines were given. Till morning the fever was high and I started crying as just a week before my husband fell sick for 10 days because of a fever. I prayed Baba and we had to prepare for the function. By afternoon she became OK and we started to the function hall and that evening she managed to stand in the function for 4 hours. It was only Baba Who saved my daughter and my prayers were answered. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if she had suffered from fever. Thank You so much Baba. God Baba bless all!

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  2. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother and grandparents baba, make us to study well baba. Make us visit shree dwaraka balaji swami soon ayyappa, sairakshak. Saisaranam

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  5. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect and help my husband and kids. Baba please shower your choicest blessings and grace on them to lead a healthy life free from illness and diseases, fill their lives with happiness, joy, laughter, wisdom, courage, strength, peace , knowledge and prosperity. Baba my hubby is stressed due to low income and low orders. Also the new project is taking longer than expected. Please support him Baba.How much can he do things alone. People are taking him for granted. Unless you intervene nothing will move forward. Please Baba help him complete his project and get him the desired business. Mist importantly please take care of his health Baba. Help my children baba, be their parent, guide, mentor and Guru. Hold our hands Baba and lead us to do good in this life and live a respectful purpose and goodness. Baba I surrender to you. I have no help at home and with your grace I am managing so far only because of you. I need strength to manage home and work. please support me Baba. Help me complete all pending tasks to the utmost satisfaction of my family and make them proud of me. Baba please accept our shastanga namaskara and surrender to you to resolve all matters.Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om Siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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