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Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles and Leela in this Post:

Sai Baba Says I’m Always Protecting You

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I’m one of the million devotees of our Sai Baba. Tonight, while closing my eyes and sleeping after seeing tantra serial, I told Baba to please protect me, my family and my house and to make me healthy. When I was a kid, my aunty mixed something in my food and gave me. She told to eat and not to share with anyone. Our family used to be happy, wealthy but we all became enemies to each other. Our health was bad. My brother used to see ghosts, his body was scratched with nails and we could see the marks of nails when he got up from sleep. When people told someone did something to your family, my parents don’t believe. But when my brother was about to die, we had no other option but to believe.

Through friends, my mother went to churches, dargas and temples begging Lord to protect us and our family. In front of God, no evil can win. Then after few years, one Baba told us what our aunt did to us. He just asked to get dust in our home. I actually didn’t believe all these things so I prayed Baba, “if that Baba is good and if You have sent that Baba to help us then show some sign that this is all Your plan.” First time when we went, it was on a Wednesday. In his place, he was Muslim and he told to bring dust the next day. Next day, I and my mother took my brother and sister also, but we forgot to take that dust in home. Again my brother went back home and brought it. Then Baba told all the evil things would not let do the good things. But since we brought, it was good. Seeing the dust, he told, our aunt mixed something 18 times for me, 14 times for my sis and 12 for my Brother when we were kids and went to her home. She did something to our home so that we all become apart and die with diseases.

All that had happened. I was sick with T.B. My brother got sick and stopped going to school as he saw ghost scared things. My dad always kept fighting with mother and tried every day to give divorce. My father left us so many times. I realised what Baba told was true. We used to be very happy, my father treated my mother very well, he used to take us out and he even used to buy new clothes which ever new fashion came in. But all of a sudden we became like this. Every time we knew only one thing to pray God to protect us and help us. And God always protected us from death. After suffering with years, God sent us to this Baba. He was very friendly, like how we talk to friends, family. Nothing scary was in like the movies. That day while I sat beside, I was seeing Allah pictures, some Muslims Baba photos and guess what, our Baba, our Sai Baba photo was there. I was happy and I felt like Baba brought me here, He was there and He was helping me. And then Sai Baba was there in another picture also. It made me happy. I thought it was result of doing Nav Guruvar vrat in those days. Then that Baba told tonight I will pray for your family and remove the evil thing. He gave back that dust/mud which we bought saying, “all of you say that whatever had been done to us should go away and all that should to go to them who has done to us. All things bad things will go them and her family would suffer then.” When we returned home, in front of the gate, my sister brother, mum said that in their hearts, but I could not say it as our Sai Baba always told to help and not harm anyone, if anyone harms others it will affect our Sai Baba. And moreover, my aunt’s family is my family also. They are my cousins, my friends and we grew up with them; then how could I harm them? I could not say what Baba told but I told, “Saimaa please remove bad things on us, our family and make us live the fate which You wrote on us but not what aunt wrote on our family, protect me, sister, brother, mum and dad. I’m leaving everything to You.”

We threw the dust and went inside the home. I still don’t know whether to believe all these things or not, but seeing my brother I can say that ghosts exists. There were many experiences which I don’t want to mention here. For 7 to 8 years, my whole family fought with death every time. It was God, Who always protected us. It was Baba Who pulled me towards Him and made me read Satcharitra, Ramayan and do Nav Guruvar vrat. And this was all done on Thursday I guess. Somehow, slowly we all recovered financially, mentally and we are then on living peacefully.

When this tantra serial was coming on the TV, I was scared to see the advertisement also. But after 1 month I suddenly got interest and saw one episode. And that episode was about Devi Kaalimata. The Guruji in that temple explains to the victim heroine who got scared of tantra that tantra is done to get kids who are not having kids, to get healthy from sickness, likewise it should be used to make good for others but few people use it for their selfish and because of those kind of people tantra has got bad name. Guruji says to the victim that Devimaa send you here to this Kalimaa temple to save your family from tantra. I wonder why did I see that specific episode till now. May be Baba wanted to remove fear in me about that tantra. And today also I saw how Guruji was helping her to save her family. After seeing that serial, when I came to bed, I asked Baba to please protect me, my family and be in the house to take care of us. I took my mobile, saw Baba’s home screen picture and told Om Sai Sree Sai Jai Jai Sai and as usually I opened Instagram and scrolled. I felt arrey Baba’s photo gone. I thought in my heart that Baba I should see Your photo. Then when I scrolled, the first post was with Baba’s picture and it was written like this “Dear Child, I’m in your home, nothing can harm you. And if someone tried to harm you, they must first cross me. And then only they can come to you.” What should I say to this beautiful answer from Baba. And Baba answered within 2 minutes to whatever I felt in my heart. It was just a small fear in me, nothing more bad should happen to us and asked Baba to protect us and see how well Baba answered! I just can’t say anything. I thought I will write this post, no tomorrow I will write, then I will write it now only in 2 small paragraphs that I got scared and Baba answered like this. But, I ended up saying all my family story. I never thought that I will share this story because I’m also one of those people who don’t like to talk or even listen about this tantra words at all. I always believe that what we give will come to us. My mother or father never harmed anyone. They always helped people with whatever they could do. And when we are in deadly state, God sent people to help us in some or the other way to each of us. We should have died 4 to 5 years back but still we are alive, we all five members are alive. And it’s all because of God, for me it is because of our Saimaa that we are breathing.

On my birthday, Baba came to me in the form of a photo, then in the calendar. Then also in the Shirdi Dairy book which is full of Baba pictures in it. Baba came through books of His life. Baba came to me, to my home many times and everything good started happening which I realised slowly. We just need to be good to others, it’s enough God will come to help us to protect us. Because of Baba, His lessons only I could not do harm to my aunt or cousins. It is like just a thought, I could not think even bad to them, even after what All they did to us to kill us. I left everything to Baba thinking whatever may happen You take care of us Baba and I’m not going to say that bad should happen to them. And today, my uncle left aunt and cousins, he lives somewhere else and not with the family. They are in contact; they meet but don’t live together. My cousin, who got married, left her husband and started staying at home. They don’t live like a family at all. Everyone knows that aunt mixed something to uncle’s food so that he will listen to her and do what she says. So uncle stopped living with her and comes to meet my cousins and do their marriages. I don’t think tantra. What I feel is all that whatever we think or do, it comes back to us, and that is karma. She tried to spoil my family. Her karma spoiled her family today. She goes to temple every day. She does all kind of Devi Maa pujas. She visits big, big temples and mandirs. My mother says, what is the use of visiting temple and doing puja when her heart is not pure to think or do good for others. When her husband is not with her then everything is worthless. When she treats people like beggars and hurt people mentally, their pain will come back to her one day. She might have wealth more than us, but she has not a family which we have with love and care. No matter what happened we all are still together because we love each other and God is always there to bring us together with any situation. My parents taught to give others, I learned it from them, but after becoming Baba’s child I started to live being egoless, prideless and being of letting go nature. Even if I want also I can’t hurt with my words anyone. Baba changed me so much. All I want to say to everyone is, just think good for others, be happy for others, give to others and think that the other is none other than Our Sai Baba. Baba told He lives in every being and I see Baba in everyone being. When I get bad thoughts for others, I should not think like this as Baba will get hurt, Baba will be angry with me, and that karma will come back to me and these thoughts control me and stop me from doing bad things or think bad about others. You all also just give a try to live like this and Baba will show you His presence in your life.

In the beginning, I used to test Baba, “You said You are in every being, then come and eat and prasad”. Then suddenly one rat came and ate my prasad. It was my Nav Guruvar vrat for the first time. 2nd week, when I was reading I said, “You are Ganapati na, rat is Your vehicle, come in the form of rat and eat these biscuits. If rat comes, then Ganapati ji sent rat here. If Ganpatiji sent rat means then You are listening to my each and every word.” Then that time also the rat came and eat. I was shocked and happy that Baba was hearing me and showed His presence. Being more greedy, next time I was waiting for the rat with overconfidence, but that rat don’t come. I said, “Ok sorry Baba, please come and have prasad. You and rat are one I accept now. I won’t feel good or happy if You don’t eat my prasad.” Then later, the rat came and ate my prasad. Likewise I started seeing Baba in every being; when mosquito or ant comes in my way, instead of killing them I push them away. My mother saw so many times and one day I killed one ant or mosquito but I don’t remember actually. Then I was like, “Ayyoo! I killed it. Sorry Baba, Sorry!” All these expressions were in my face. Mother told what happened, you killed just a mosquito which would bite you. I told Baba was there in that mosquito na. She told that I was going mad day by day. I know these sounds very tricky but I became like that after reading Satcharitra book and Baba’s life. And till today I’m like that only. People see me like mad, but I don’t care. What All I care is Baba is seeing me, Baba is watching me. Just this one thought changes everything in me without my knowledge and I go with flow to live. I don’t say to live without hurting ants or mosquito. But purposely don’t think or do harm to anyone.

Call it as God or karma or universe, it is the witness of what you are doing and thinking, it will give back the same to you. Start saying to yourself like this, if I do this good thing, someday it will come back to me. And when you do it daily, it becomes a habit. In the beginning, you would be expecting for yourself but later on, without expectations you will do good to others, yourself. You will start thinking I don’t need anything, just this good should happen to others and they should be happy. You will become a pure soul in this way. This is what I’m today. I do things and tell Baba, “You take care of this.” Nothing more I will do in my life whether it is good or bad, I leave everything to Baba. And Baba also gives answers to me which makes me worry less and to feel burden less.

Sorry for the very long post. Very sorry. I thought I will write one or two small paragraphs and I wrote this much. Sorry Hetalji, I don’t know whether I should say about this tantra here or not. If it is okay then post it. Thank you Hetalji for creating this platform. I saw this page in 2012 or 2013 and followed for one two years every day. Later I got busy with job and could not read it. My faith became stronger and stronger through these site experiences. When I read Baba made laptop work just with Udi I laughed and told my friend see how stupid people are. The next day, my phone stopped working for hours suddenly and with no option I also said Baba I will put Udi and post in the website if my phone starts working. I switched on the mobile and it worked. I was shocked. I felt guilty that I laughed on Baba and told sorry for laughing at Him. That day I also realised we don’t feel pain and importance of the thing/person until we ourselves experience on our own. See that day I laughed at someone’s problem and I faced the same problem. This is what karma is I guess. Sorry for extending again. I will end this now. Request everyone to follow the footsteps of Sai Baba and his lessons. Even if you don’t follow its okay, just have good heart without hurting anyone, God will be there for you to protect you and help you. God will come to save you. Om Sairam Sree Sairam Jai Sairam. I’m attaching the instagram picture through which Baba gave direct answer to me that I’m with you and in your home as well to protect you.

Peace With The Blessings Of Sri Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: Hi, I am a homemaker who is living in Singapore now.
Respected Hetalji, firstly I thank you so much for creating this platform. It is giving a wonderful opportunity to share our experiences of Sri Sai Baba with our other Sai family members. It has become a live Sathcharitra which always flows with the blessings and miracles of Sri Sai Baba as an Akshayapathra. Most of the times I come across similar experiences of Sai devotees on this website which are apt for my situation very well and I feel that the experience is a sign from Baba which lights more belief in me. But how much merciful, protective and caring our Sai is towards us, still we have a tendency to take Him granted many times after our problems get resolved. And yes, I really feel ashamed of myself for being so. Seems like cannot even face Him or go to Him again. But He is more than a mother who still loves His child although how many times he gets cheated. And this is one such long due thing (Almost 14 months) which I thought I will share my experience on this platform but kept it postponing and doing it with full will power only once when I am in trouble again.

Coming to my experience after I got married, we have stayed in Bangalore for 1.5 years and moved to our native place after coming to know that I got conceived. Till then it was all fine in the families but once I moved back to my native, the same family problems (friction between in-laws and parent’s family) have arisen. Starting from 2014 the problems went to the peak by 2015 that I spent almost 8 months in agony. I literally used to cry daily that my husband should get a job in another state or country so that we can move and we can live in peace. I did Sai Parayana, Sai Nava Guruvar Vrat to give me peace. By end of 2015 things became a little better. But again in 2016 the suffering has started.

My pet dog (used to love him as my kid) who was at my mom’s place was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and died in September. My mother’s health was affected by spondylitis. My father has also become little weak and my brother’s marriage was there in December 2016. It was such a hell of pain, used to have quarrels with my husband also and totally lost mental peace. I used to tell and cry to Baba only; I cannot share with anyone else. I used to feel as if I was kept in a jail, a pressure cooker because of these family issues. By 2017 things started changing a bit and by August 2017 my husband got a job offer (which I did not expect that my husband would agree) from Singapore. And we shifted to Singapore by November 2017 end. Whenever I used to feel sad with these problems, I used to ask cry in front of Baba asking when was life going to change, but yes He did not overhear my prayers. He blessed me with a good and happy life here. It is because of His blessing that I am mentally peaceful and happy and away from those tensions and tears. Thank You without an end Sai.

Two weeks back my father got sick and that was making me remember again my painful years. Baba please bless my father with good health and please don’t let him have any complications Sai. I am mentally suffering from more than 2 weeks Baba. I know You never deny Your children’s prayers but I am really scared of the father’s health. Sai, I cannot share my fears except with You Baba. Please bless me with peace again Swami. Please bless everyone and lead them from darkness towards the bright lights of Your blessings Sai.

Our Sai’s Vision On My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Ganthinath Subramaniam from India says: My post is about our Sai’s vision on my life situation to fetch a right job at the right time.
Warm Greetings to all our Sai Devotees and techie’s who make this Saiyugnetwork driving through these 10 years with our Sai’s Kripa.
Hi, I’m Ganthinath Subramaniam, Mechanical Engineer – working as a Quality Control Inspector for 8 years. My job nature is to travel and stay away from family for months together. I’m the only son to my parents (don’t have any siblings). Till 24 years of age I have not gone anywhere away from my parents and from my 25th year most of the time have been away from my parents and after marriage being away from my better-half and my daughter Sai Shivani.

When my daughter was very till 2/3 years she could not feel that her father is being away from her most of the time. But now slowing growing up at the age of 5 years she started to long for the time I spend with her when I was available with her. There was a time when I was in need of money and at that time when I was just thinking over it, our Sai paved the path for a job abroad and made me to earn and save. But the job nature was still traveling and hence I was not able to have my family with me, but still managed to bring my family wherever I was stationed for more than a month. With our Sai’s grace now I am a father to be of my second kid who is expected and I felt bad at times that I am not able to be along with my better-half during her medical check-ups and scans during her ongoing pregnancy time due to which we had many harsh discussions between us. It was the time for me to take firm decision of changing my job role from traveling to desk work job and our Sai has now helped me through to fetch a job of kind inspite of my average performance in the technical interview by giving an opportunity to get trained and improve in the new role of desk job through a nice person (my boss to be in my new job).

I strongly believe that our Sai will offer His invisible hands and take me through the new job to improve and excel and enable me to raise my kids with good values and germinate the ‘Love All And Serve All’ tag line of our Sai to my kids and make the understanding and love between me and better-half to blossom back again which was missing in between. I also believe Sai will make me to take care of my parents and keep them healthy and happy till their last breath. Om Sairam.

Found My Lost Diamond Bangle By Sai’s Grace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Caribbean says: Om Sairam everyone. I am a small Baba devotee from about 7 years. Baba has blessed me with many miracles. This is my 4th or 5th post. I would like my name and email to be anonymous.
Om Sairam Hetalji and team. Thank you so much for providing us with this divine platform. May Baba bless you all along with your families.

Coming to my experience I was getting ready to go for a Sai Satsang and wanted to wear my diamond bangle. I searched all over but couldn’t find it. Then I panicked thinking that the last time when I took out my jewellery I must have dropped somewhere. I looked all over in my artificial jewellery box and other places where it could have possibly been but I didn’t find it. Then I remembered experiences of people who found their lost things by the grace of Sai. It was not a trade but I just said in my mind that if I find my bangle then I would post my experience so that other devotees can benefit from it. No sooner did I say this in my mind and I took Sai’s name and prayed Sai to please help me find it, you won’t believe that I found it right on top box in my artificial jewellery box where I had already searched before. This is our Sai, He fulfils all of our wishes. It may be a small thing for many but for me it was a true miracle of Sai. Thank You once again Hetalji and team. May Baba bless all to continue doing this great seva that you all are doing. Om Sairam.

Baba Made My Parents To Accept My Love

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My post is about how Baba made my parents to accept my love and agreed to marry him.
Hi All. Baba is like a friend to me. Baba helps me in each and everything. In silly things and severe issues, He is with me. He is always with me. Without His blessings and guidance I wouldn’t be having my Job, love etc.

Now (2019 Jan) I am working as a software Engineer (with 2. 5 years’ experience) in a MNC company with the grace of our loving Sai. I am into a relationship with my college senior from 2012. We are very serious about it. Finally in 2016 we both got jobs and got settled in career with Sai’s blessings. Then in my family they started searching matches for me. At that time I was very tensed and was not sure about telling about my love to my parents. I was worried. But my Baba made it so easy that I didn’t even know how I told my father so easily and how he accepted without even saying a small thing. As I am from a very Orthodox family; love marriage here is like a crime only. This was possible because of Baba’s miracle only. I couldn’t express in words. Baba is always with me. I love You Baba. Please hold my hand forever. Love You so much Baba.

My Wife’s H4 Visa Approved With Baba’s Grace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I am working as a Software Engineer in USA.
My wife went to India for vacation and submitted her documents for drop box for H4 Visa but US Chennai consulate asked her to come for an in person interview. I was a bit tensed. I had asked her to go for Visa Interview on a Thursday and as we all know her petition got approved with Baba’s grace.

I am currently looking to reduce my weight to 75 kgs due to health reasons and also looking for new opportunities with a good salary. Requesting all devotees to pray for me. Sairam.

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa take care of my grandparents and mother baba. Make us visit shree dwaraka balaji swami soon ayyappa sairakshak saisaranam. Make us to study well baba..we are at the verge baba please help. I cant go through that agian baba. If i should. I will probably die baba,even now also life is not any. better.. Help me baba if you can.please show some path to my father.

  2. Om sai ram .sabka Malik ek ,baba ji life mein itne kasht kyu aa rhe hai .baba ji my husband changed a lot i dont know why baba ji earlier he was a caring person.baba time changed a men orwhat is the life is always full of tension whenever I think that everything would be alright.something bad started happen I think this is my bad karma.that why so much pain is there in my life.baba ji please be with me .om sai ram sabka Malik ek

  3. Baba ji in this whole world you are only one with whom I can share my all sorrows and happiness.baba ji i dont know what would be with my future .I will be alive or not but baba ji please take care my baby if something happened with me.baba hi show me right path and if I did any mistake knowingly or unknowingly please forgive …baba ji i folded my hand in front of you baba ji i am a bad girl . please forgive me . anant koti brahmaand nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj prabraham shri sacchidanand sadguru Sainath maharaj ki jai

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