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Baba’s Miracles

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a female devotee of Baba from India. Om Sairam devotees. This is my second post. Baba, bless me to write the long pending experiences and miracle which I postponed to share. Sorry for the delay. Here I would like to share a couple of experiences.

Experience 1: I am a research scholar. Few years back I registered for PhD. During the first year I had to do some coursework and write exams at the end of the year. Since I was an interdisciplinary student, I had trouble in understanding a particular subject. It was a tough paper as well. I hardly spent three months for preparations. During exams, it was tough for me to complete the papers (I was slow in writing) as there had been one year break in my academics after my master degree. After written exams, there would be a DC meeting where we would be assessed to evaluate our knowledge. This phase of exam was quite stressful and I had so much anxiety. During this period, everyday morning started with reading the devotees’ experiences on this website which really helped me to stay connected with Baba as most of the time I was carried away with studying, work and other thoughts. Reading these experiences was equivalent to my prayer time. During written exams, I would start the paper well and end it with a scribbling handwriting which would be hard to decipher. However with Baba’s grace, I passed the exams.

The miracle here was I secured very good marks which I never expected as I expected a pass grade only. The most feared Doctoral committee meeting went smoothly which happened only because of Baba’s grace. Just before the meeting started, the power supply went off; I felt it was a bad omen. I immediately curbed away the negative thought and trusted Baba and entered the examination hall which was dark (genset power backup did not work). The moment I kept my laptop on the table and faced the committee members, the power resumed. I laughed from inside thinking about Baba. In the meeting few questions were asked from my examination papers where had done some mistakes. I also gave a presentation related to my research work. The external was so friendly and gracious which really reduced my tension. This was really a miracle as I was not questioned about the tough paper at any point of time and the meeting also went well. There have been other issues in the work environment and my research but every time, Baba is my rescuer and helps to maintain the sanity of mind. Please Baba help me to remember You constantly.

Experience 2: Earlier I used to lose my purse, mobile or my keys very often. Every year, I will lose something or other and it will create tension. This made me feel bad about my carelessness. Once I lost my keychain with all the keys in the canteen. I dint realize it at the beginning. At the end of the day, I dint know where I had lost and I was retracting everywhere and I dint get it. I was so upset with myself and Baba also for not helping me. Then I went for breakfast to canteen. The working staff handed over the lost key chain to me. I thanked Baba and henceforth I made a resolution to Baba that I will never lose anything and asked to help me accomplish it also. After this issue I wanted to change my purse to a new one which has many compartments. In the shop, with Baba’s grace I was able to find a purse with two large compartments where I could put my keys and earphones. I was able to place mobile, cash, coins, ATM cards in a compact model of purse. Since then I didn’t lose anything.

After a couple of years I was very upset and disturbed for some reasons. During this time I had neck pain, hence I was carrying my laptop in hand baggage rather than my usual bag. Once I was travelling in an auto. When I reached my destination I paid the auto fare and got down forgetting my laptop. After walking for some distance I realized that I missed my laptop in the auto. Though this time I knew where I missed, I couldn’t reach the place as it was a moving vehicle. I didn’t know the vehicle number or any driver details and was very upset and informed my parents through phone. I contacted the nearby people around that place, but everything was in vain. Deeply I was thinking about Baba to help me. What if a miracle happens and I get the laptop back hoping the auto driver to be a good hearted person. I also told myself not to have too much of hope and felt depressed as I was upset with many other things happened before. Even if he tends to give my laptop back, how will he contact me? An hour later, I called a call from an unknown number, but it was a female voice (not the male auto driver) asked my name and verified my identity. Wonders of wonder, she told that her uncle (auto driver) had brought a laptop and that bag had my library card. I was surprised as I didn’t even remember putting the card in that bag and hardly had I used the card. Baba rescued me again. They asked me to come to a temple and I reached the destination (entrance). That place was crowded and went inside the entrance road which was full of shops. I was standing on one side of the road for a long time in hot sun. Suddenly on the opposite side I saw a big Baba’s photo and it was a photoshop. I didn’t feel excited after seeing my Baba as my mind was to meet the driver and get it back. The same auto came and stood in front of the shop and I went to the driver and thanked him so much and got my laptop bag. The driver understood my tension and the value of the object he returned and asked for money. I gave him 200 rupees, but he was not satisfied and demanded more. I went to an ATM and withdraw some amount and gave him Rs.500 altogether. But he demanded again telling his problems. He said previously for a similar incident he took someone’s mobile and suffered a lot for that action, hence this time he returned my laptop. I was shocked to hear that and understood Baba’s presence. I roughly spoke to him saying that I have contributed enough money for his good action and asked him to stop demanding me. He was continuously talking about irrelevant things. I immediately took a photo of his auto number and walked away. That person also left that place. I prayed Baba not to have any future trouble with that driver and narrated the whole thing to my parents and they immediately said it was Baba’s miracle. Thanks to Baba. Sorry for the very long story.

Whether the issues are small or big, it is all the same to Almighty (Our Baba). Hence we should take a lesson from every experience we come across and never give up on faith towards Baba. Though I have not perfected this, I am practising this every day. There are many times we are carried way with stress, anxiety, worries and forget our saviour (Baba), during those time prayer, parayans, pooja helps us to stay in contact with our God. I would like to thank the admin for their wonderful service of connecting us with Baba as well other devotees. We should never forget the fact that,
“When we have God, we have everything”.
Thanks Baba for helping me to pen down my experiences.

‘HE’ Will Never Fail

Sai Baba Answers Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Priya Vinod from India says: Namasthe to all Sai devotees. I am another lucky child like you all to be a part of this wonderful blog. Congratulations to the team and personally I want to thank you all for creating such a wonderful platform. Like all of you I too had many experiences with our Baba but I would like to share one among them.
Sai had always been a part of our life. My family had experienced many ups and downs in my childhood but Baba never left our hand. He was always with us and made our tough and troublesome journey go smooth.

Coming to my personal experience. I am a hardworking student since my childhood and always dreamt of being a doctor. Like any other child who troubles parents for her wishes to be fulfilled I always used to trouble Baba to give me good marks and class top in my examinations! Our sweet Sai always used to bless me with all my wishes get fulfilled. He never left my hand and all my school education went on very smooth. It was childish me who took Baba for granted. Things changed and financial conditions in my family got worse. It was my intermediate then and I scored a little less marks as I couldn’t properly concentrate on my studies. The childish and immature ‘me’ blamed Baba for this and I stopped talking (prayer) to Him like we cut a friendship with our peers after a silly fight! And there is Baba always saying ‘ How you see me, the same I give to you.’

Baba also didn’t bring any change in me but gave me time to understand things. It was Baba parayan going on near my house where my entire family took part but I didn’t go out of my ego. I was waiting for Baba to call me but He has His own ways. The lady who conducted the pooja came to our house with prasadam. She enquired why I was not there and I replied I had a fight with Him. She replied me smiling ‘Baba will only surrender to love.’ Those words had an impact on me. I immediately went and prayed Baba asking for apology, crying in front of Him not to leave my hand whatever may happen.

After few months I went for medical entrance test but couldn’t score enough to get a seat. It was 2014 and it was the same year when we financially got disturbed to such an extent that we even lost our only property which my parents had saved for marriage of my elder sister and for my education. My sister passed out with B.Tech. graduation in same year but with no job in hands. It was a black year for all of us but it was new ‘me’ then who never lost trust in Baba.

I couldn’t take any other course but stayed at home and started preparing for next year medical entrance. My parents too couldn’t object as the situation at home was also bad. Next year though I managed to do better it did not fetch enough marks for me to get a seat. It was then I cried before Baba giving afternoon aarathi. I broke out and started asking Baba whether I could pursue my studies any longer or not. All my relatives started commenting me and advised me to go for some other degree. This made me very sad and pulled me down. My father who is always a pillar to us came to me and said ‘whatever you want, you do that. If you want to try once again, I am with you. Don’t give up. But this time let’s try by going for some coaching.’ This made me happy but I knew it was not easy. It costs at least 50k and I knew that we couldn’t afford. But we took a step putting everything in Baba’s hands.

On the other hand my sister after many interviews, earned a job in a MNC. My mother prayed to Sai asking for job to my sister and vowed to send her first salary to Shirdi! My father who is a simple devotee of Sai who never knows asking Him anything but to simply trust and pray Baba used to make fun of my mom calling it a bargain and would she really send if my sister first salary was 50k. I always used to pray Baba to give job to my sister as she can support my family and also help for my coaching forgetting about my mom’s vows. On July 29, 2015 my sister got appointment order asking her to join in job from the very next day. Her salary was 15k when she joined and my mother started to plan for sending it Shirdi soon after she got it.

I was happy but little depressed as I had to wait for 1 more month to join in coaching classes as they had already started in June. 1 week passed and there come our kind Baba’s miracle. My sister was sleeping (she had a night shift) when I was doing pooja and it was a Thursday. I was as usual asking Baba to bless me with my studies praying Him not to test me anymore. And then suddenly my sister woke up and took her handbag, called my parents and gave them an envelope. It was a cheque of Rs. 800. She told that it was mentioned as her first salary by her manager for the 30 and 31 July of that month when she actually joined. My parents were wonderstruck and I didn’t have a word to say but tears started rolling down my eyes. My parents who are also worried about financial crisis at home and waiting for my sister’s salary but never opened up as they could not object to send the first salary which was gift of Baba to Shirdi were also filled in tears and my father said ‘Does Baba don’t know our condition?’ and was filled with tears. He immediately took an envelope and started to send the cheque as it is to Shirdi.

There is my Guru, my friend, my Baba Who had always been with and joined me in a very good institute, helped our family financially to bear the fees and today by Baba’s grace I am in 2nd year MBBS in a government medical college with a free seat due to merit and only Rs. 10000/- per year as college fees. The college is in my home town itself and thus Baba helped me once again by allowing me to stay with my family pursuing my dreams. I cannot imagine my life without Baba. I am going to attend for my semester exams very soon and my health is troubling me so much that I can’t even sit and read for at least an hour. When I was praying Baba about this in tension Baba showed this blog to me. After reading the beautiful miracles my faith and love towards Baba increased and once again I have decided to put everything on Sai and I know ‘He will never fail.’

My Deva – My Protector

Sai Baba Answers Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am residing in Noida, UP. I am His daughter that is my only identity. Thanks Hetalji and team for this lifeline. I am writing this experience as per Deva’s wish.
Om Sai Sarva Samarth Sadguru Deva, I am Your daughter who is living under Your Shadow only because of Your love, care, protection, support and assurance. Your smiling eyes and face motivates me to move forward calmly. Thanks a ton Deva for Your guidance. Today as per Your instructions, I am trying to share a few of my promised experiences.

My throat pain recovered by Udi: Every year in Dec 1st week, I have to attend one conference. Always before conference due to weather change, I suffer some health issues. But with the blessings of my kindest Deva, I always recover and attend the conference. This year, I was fine but suddenly at midnight severe pain started in my throat. It was unbearable and I had to conduct meetings next day. I went to my Gurusthaan and begged Deva for mercy. I took Udi and one medicine. When I woke up in the morning my condition recovered 80 % and I comfortably attended the conference and meetings.

Aunty Health issue: On 21.1.2019, when I was in my office, I received a call from my home that my mother’s aunt who stays with me was not feeling well. She told me that she was feeling very uncomfortable and uneasy. I thought to start for my home but due to work commitment and bad weather, I reached home in the evening. I tried to contact my nearby doctors but none was available that day. I discussed the situation with my family doctor and he advised me for ECG. I prayed Deva for His guidance and support. We took her to the nearby hospital and on the way Baba gave me darshan on a car. His Darshan gave me a smile in that panic situation and assurance that everything would be alright. Finally ECG result was okay and she changed some medicine for her cough and cold.

Please Deva help her in fast recovery as I gave Udi after reading Sai Kast Niwarn Mantra. Today, You helped me in handling a complex situation in my office like always. I know You are taking care of every situation in my life and every devotee’s life. Thank You Deva for being with me always. Om Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Par Brahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Baba: Pillar Of My Life

Sai Baba Answers Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: First of all I like to thank Hetalji for creating this beautiful blog. You really are doing a nice job. This blog is really helpful for increase faith in devotees’ mind. Please do not disclose my identity. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. There are many experiences which cannot be explained in words. But I am sharing few of them.

Year 2016 was a very crucial year for me as I got failed in my exams and couldn’t complete my graduation. I got very upset. That time I got some health issues regarding my skin and reproductive system. I went into depression and became suicidal. I was going through a very bad phase. One day I saw a Sai Baba photo on instagram. On the photo of Sai Baba it was written, Read my stories and your wish will be fulfilled.” Then I came to this site. After reading devotees’ experiences I got very much peace. From that moment I constantly prayed to Baba to cure me.

I ordered Sai Baba Prasad Online. After receiving Prasad I got a Sai Baba Udi packet. I applied Udi on my forehead and also drank It with water. Within a few days my health started improving. My joy had no bounds. I really thanked my Baba with gratitude. That moment my faith towards Baba increased.

In 2017, my father had a foot infection. He has diabetes and his left foot was infected and swollen. We were so scared as we thought his foot may have to get amputated. I continuously prayed to Sai Baba to save my father’s foot. By Baba’s grace his foot infection was cured through medication. I was so overwhelmed by this incident and couldn’t stop thanking Baba. Baba really is very kind. He always comes to rescue His children from tough situations. All we have to just believe Him and keep praying Him wholeheartedly. I used to be a very shy guy before. But after praying to Sai Baba I am feeling much confidence in myself. There are many small incidents in which Sai helped me. I always keep Sai Baba Udi with me. Thank You Baba for always being with me and family. Anantkoti Bramhandnayak yogiraj Parabramha shri Sacchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Udi Miracle

Sai Baba Answers Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a very small devotee of Baba, I would like to thank you all for the wonderful job and the opportunity you are giving us to share our experience. May Baba shower His blessings on you all.

We went to India on vacation with our kids. The month we went in the climate was OK but there were a lot of mosquitoes. The first two days after reaching our place, my kids got a lot of mosquito bites. These bites turned into large itchy lump and it was all over them. My kids were having a hard time and my son developed hives due to the bite. I prayed to our beloved Baba and applied Udi on the place of hives and itchy spots. Within one day all the hives were gone. Thank You Baba, please bless us with Your love. Om Sairam.

I Don’t Know How To Express My Love To Baba

Sai Baba Answers Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I Am from Hyderabad
Thank you Hetalji for this wonderful seva. I joined Mahaparayan. I have so many experiences with my Sai. Whenever my thoughts on a wrong way, Baba has corrected my way. Please Baba please give job for my sister. She is preparing for competitive exams for two years. Please Baba show me for my career also. Thank You.

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  1. Om sai ram baba ji whrnevew I shared my problems in your holy foot I felt very light.baba ji i went to do a good job and want to take care my baby also.but I don't how it could be possible because my baby is very small no one is there for take care him,please baba ji show me a way .you know each and everything baba ji i am your daughter and you are my papa ji …baba ji please be with me om sai ram

  2. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes. Take care of my grandparents and mother.. Please help in my mother's tranfer as you know what is best for us.. Make us visit shrre dwaraka balaji swamy soon ayyappa, sairakshak, saisaranam,, we are at tge verge please help.. Make us to study well saipa

  3. Omsairam bless my father and brother with good health and forgive our saraswathi and anu…thankyou so much Baba i was able sleep peacefully yesterday without cough due to udi…take my life and save my Dad….

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