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By Mother Sai’s Grace I Became A Mother 1

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Garima from India says: By the grace of my Sai, I’m became a mother. Thank You my Sai Baba.
Myself Garima Sharma from Delhi. Past two years I started read Sai Baba blogs. Thank you Hetalji for this platform, where anybody can share their experiences.

Om Sairam. Today my life is totally incomplete without Sai. I can’t move a small step without Sai. Sai Baba You are my mother, father, brother, sister and a good friend. When I call You, every time You stand behind me. Baba always stays with me till I’m living.

All my Sai Baba blog friends, first of all Om Sairam. Here I’m sharing my personal experience. I got married in 2013 and was facing new journey of my new life with ups and downs. In 2014, I got a news that I was pregnant. I was very happy but my happiness was not meant for long as I experienced miscarriage. My baby was only 3 months and didn’t exist. I faced abortion. My husband was totally shattered from emotions and me too.

Time went up. In May, 2015 again I was pregnant and again happiness couldn’t stay with me for long. Same here as I faced the abortion. This time doctor said that they would take samples from baby and give reasons. After 1 month, I met the doctor with my reports. There was nothing abnormal in my reports. My reports were ok and there was no reason behind abortion. I was completely broken like a glass.

After 5 months again I was pregnant and again abortion through medicines. That time my husband was totally broken both physically and emotionally. I went to the astrologers and did whatever they said. Kehte hai aap jo kuch bhi Mann se karte ho wo waste nahi jata. (It is said that whatever you do wholeheartedly it never goes waste) It’s true. In 2016, I’m became pregnant and I held the hand of my Sai. Every day I put Udi on my forehead, stomach and said to Sai, “please Baba jo bhi Dena chahe beta ho ya beti sahi salamat Dena, iss bar khushiyan Matt Chinana.”(Baba give whatever You want to give son/daughter but give it well and his time don’t take away the happiness.) Everyday, everytime I chanted om Sairam. By the grace of my Sai, I became a mother of my baby girl with C-section. C-SECTION is a very painful surgery but couldn’t feel pain in front my happiness that I became mother. I was so happy that time. All the time during my surgery I was chanting Baba. When I came from operation theatre, I wanted to see a smiling face of my husband. But it didn’t happen. I was wondering. After 2-3days later I knew my husband wished a baby boy. I was completely disappointed again and I was shattered.

As the time was passing, my daughter was taking place in the heart of my husband as it’s rightly said that daughters make place in everybody’s heart and that’s true. I kept thanking Baba all the tme. Then last year Dec, 2017 one day my daughter faced febrile seizures attack. I was shocked after seeing her condition. I only chanted Om Sairam and said, “Baba Apne mujhe beti di hai, ab aap hi isko thik kar do. Om Sairam.”(Baba You only have given me daughter and now You only cure her.) I admitted my daughter and called my husband. He immediately stepped out from his office. My husband and I cried after seeing her. I said, “Baba please meri beti Ko thik kar do, mein 9 thursday ke fast karungi or iske hath lagwa kar prashad batungi”(Baba please make my daughter alright, I will do 9 Thursday fasts and distribute prasad touching it by her hands). Next day she was discharged. Next month was her 1st birthday and again 1 day before her birthday again she was having fever and we were scared. Thanks Sai for being with us in those difficult times and taking care of me and my family.

One day, I and my husband were arguing on a silly topic and it took a terrible phase. My husband was shouting and again said that he wanted a boy but my destiny was not supported. My fasts were going on. Every time when I met Baba in temple, I expressed my husband’s wish and prayed please Baba fulfil my husband’s wish. One day I got the news that I was pregnant. I gave that news to my husband what to do. Again shocking news. He and I discussed in families, both reviews came. At last my husband took a decision that we plan for two kids, if it is in our destiny then we will receive it. Every day, every time I only prayed for a baby boy to my Sai, “Please Baba meri beti ka bhai de do, inki Mannat puri kar do.”(Please Baba Give brother to my daughter and fulfil my husband’s wish). Time passedday by day. Doctor gave me a date for C-section. On the day of my operation I couldn’t sleep last night. I said, “Baba it’s my karma result but Baba please be with me.” I was crying and praying Baba to please not leave my hand. Baba reached in labour room before me. When I was settled down on the labour room, I saw a wall in front of me where there was a calendar of my Sai. It gave me strength. At 11 am operation was going on and I was desperate to know about the news. Om Sairam, Doctor said, “Garima your wish has come true, you gave birth to a baby boy.”

Thank You Sai. Sai Baba You fulfill my wish. That time my husband was very happy. Each time I was just thanking Sai. Please Baba jaise Apne mujh par kripa ki aise sab par karte rehna. Humesha mere sath Rehna, mera sath kabhi na chodna. Galat rastey par na jaane Dena, kabhi aaham na aane Dena. Baba kabhi jaane-anjane mein koi bhul ho gayi ho to maaf kar Dena. ( Baba just as You have blessed me likewise bless everyone. Always be with me and never leave me. Don’t let me go on the wrong path and keep me away from pride. Baba if knowingly or unknowingly if I have done any mistake then please forgive me. Thank You Baba.

Baba Jaan And All Gods Helped Me Once Again

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Europe says: Sairam Hetalji and all devotees. I am from Europe and once again feel blessed to be a part of our Baba Family. Here we can share openly our feelings and experiences and I think this is also to send our love and respect to Baba. Hetalji please correct my English if you see any mistakes on my post.

Om Sairam As I promised Baba I am posting one more experience. I just came back from India 2 weeks ago and I am still feeling that I am there in Shirdi. Before going to India I prayed to Baba Jaan that if You allow me to come there with my Heart friend then I will post this experience. Don´t know, but I was afraid if I could reach there this time or not and if Baba would accept me and my prayers. I know I am not a perfect girl but I love Baba and my feelings for Baba are pure. I went to India for 3 weeks and my last 4 days were going to be at Gujarat road, Saputara jungle, Nashik road, Shirdi, Bombay and Siddhivinayak. I feel blessed because I did everything I wished for in those 4 days. I went from Gujarat to Shirdi by car with a special person who is connected to Baba heart to heart. It was 20 hours of peace and happiness on road. And then we reached Shirdi I had again the opportunity to sleep at Baba’s home and stayed there one entire day since morning to night.

After night also we left Shirdi after 00h. It was a Thursday; Baba´s day. Shirdi was so crowded but even with so many people around I was feeling so much peace and was very happy. Sometimes we are at our normal place and feel insecure and sad. I was between strangers but I can tell the secure feeling of being at Baba’s home. We were at darshan line since 9.30 to 12h and with Baba’s grace I did aarti at Bab’sa Samadhi mandir. We had to run but we reached there on time. The arti that I was always watching online and wished for doing one day live I did that there! I also said to my family that after these I can forget all the sad moments of my life and can proudly say that I am lucky to experience these peaceful moments live. I also had the opportunity to see palki yatra at night. We were sitting on road but road was looking like a beautiful space to sit all night and watch Baba’s palki. I saw palki from long distance but felt Baba so near me. I went to Samadhi mandir to see Baba again but this time at Mukh darshan line and also 2 times, one with my mom and other with my Special person. I have lot to tell and say about this beautiful experience but all I can say is that this was the best moment of my life. I wanted to cry but this time no tear but just happiness and peace. Baba for the 3rd time got me close to my special friend. I told him don’t know what is this connection between 3 of us (Baba, You and me), but since 2015 Baba has done something that we can´t leave each other even if we met after 3 years or 9 months. Baba please show us the right way and forgive us if we did mistakes. We love You Baba. I also want to say that at Sidhivinayak Temple, Ganpati Bappa blessed me with a garland of flowers that I was always seeing on online darshan through internet. I am from Europe and I brought those flowers with me. I love You Bappa and Baba. Om Sairam and Ganpati Bappa Morya, Blessings to all of you.

Merciful Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Dear Sevaks who are behind of this site, no words to describe your sevas done for us to reach Baba closely and be His strong devotees with faith that He is the only One Who’s is taking care all of us in any situation. We are blessed to be part of this site by sharing all our blissful experiences by Baba Sai without Whom we cannot make even a step. You are the Guru, God and what not but everything. You are taking care of us in all situations and all the time. Please make us to be devoted to You strongly, however the situation may be. Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Regarding experiences I have shared many experiences blessed by Baba, Most of them are published and waiting for others to be published also. Now coming to experience that happened recently before the 9th week Thursday Of Nava Guruvar Vratham that is on Wednesday finished my Satcharithra Parayan and had dinner. After that I sat and was listening to Baba songs and accidentally looked at the window. I saw an image of our Sai Nana and lord Shiva (it was also Karthik masam). I had seen big Baba face with blissful smile and had been there like that for a long time. I don’t know whether it was my imagination or real but I could see Baba’s face. I could not say in words how I felt and bad thing I could not able to go near window with fear. But glad that I had darshan of my Baba before I completed the 9th week. Thank You Sai Nana for Your blissful darshan.

One more experience is regarding sending kids to school: My kids came recently from India to US. As it is a long process to join them in a school here. It took 1 month for them to go to school. Last week on Thursday after medical check-up we submitted reports to school department and they said it may take 2 to 3 business days to send the reports to school. But my sentiment was to send them either on Monday or Thursday. If it takes 2 to 3 business days I could not send them on either of these 2 days. But I prayed Baba to please make them to go to school on Monday only. Baba made it happen as we got a call on Friday from school that everything was ok and we could join them on Monday. I promised that I would share this experience as soon as it happened. Now I am sharing as promised.

In between this one more thing happened. In my company insurance gets activated every month’s first day. So based on that I took an appointment from doctor on 3rd thinking that it would get activated by that time. But on 3rd also insurance did not get updated. I called insurance people and they told that hadn’t got any updates on my insurance. On hearing that I got tensed and made a call to HR as it was already 11’O clock and the appointment was at 2. Prayed to our Sai Nana to please make it updated at any cost before the appointment as I had already cancelled many times before. HR updated manually at 12 and we were able to visit the doctor by Baba’s Grace. Thank You so much Nana for being with us in all situations. Sorry for the long experience as we don’t have ending to our Baba’s Leelas. Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Jai Sairam.

Marriage Funds

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Himani from Australia says: Om Sairam I am Himani, one of little Sai devotee. I am very thankful to Hetalji and her team who are doing such a blissful work for all of us so that we may feel more closer to our Baba.
Baba is my life and He is everything for me and I totally surrender to Baba but still in some bad situation mind goes here and there but He never leaves me alone. There are so many experiences in my life from last 4 years with Baba but I will share the latest one.

In Feb 2019 my sister’s marriage got fixed and my parents were very upset that they didn’t have enough funds. With Baba’s grace she got a really good groom with all the qualities which she wanted (vegetarian). My mother told me about this funds problem. I was so upset and told ny mother that don’t worry my Baba is so great that He will do something and I have strong intuition that something will definitely happen. Only 1 month was left and we had 1 small property which was on rent but not now. Then one day someone came to our house and told my dad that he wanted to buy that property. At that stage property rates were very low but still we were getting good price so my father talked with my mother and agreed. Within few days everything was done and he gave some advance and promised to give rest of the money in 10 days which was very unusual in the property cases to give that much amount in such a less time. It was no one else than Baba Who arranged these all things. There are no words to explain His leelas. When my parents told that I can’t control myself and thanks to my Deva Who is doing everything for all of us. Have faith in Him. Shri Sachidanand Raja Dhiraj Yogiraj Parbrabha Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sairam.

Om Sairam

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi, I’m from India and regular follower of this site. I would like to thank the team who is doing wonderful job. It gives me positive vibes and faith on Baba increases. I would like to share my experience when I was sad and wish to Sai Baba and submit my experience. I prayed Sai Baba to remove all my hurdles that I was going through.

Coming to my experience, sometimes I get tensed when there’s no response from my friend, and wish Sai Baba to show me that He’s responding me. We are connected in WhatsApp and communicate sometimes. I thank Sai Baba when we chat or checks the status or online or makes call. I pray our bonding to be stronger. I pray Sai Baba to fulfil my wish soon and help me post my experiences. He always shows His presence and sometimes I get tears. I’m waiting with faith and patience and daily pray to Him. Om Sairam.

Baba’s Udi

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: Thanks Hetalji for running this wonderful blog it helps me a lot to gain confidence.
Coming to my experience I stay in abroad. I have no one to look after. The place where I was living they went for a vacation leaving me alone. I noticed my hand was bulging. I called and asked my mom to book tickets to India but they didn’t listen at that moment. I applied Udi and drank Udi water. Baba came to the rescue. Udi is a real medicine. I had promised Baba that I will share experience. So I am sharing. Sorry Baba sorry, please help me. Om Sairam.

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