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Hardships Are Swami’s Way To Make You A Better Devotee

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Lekshmi from India says: Dearest Hetal, I am Lekshmi from Kerala, India. Currently I live in UAE with my husband and 9 year old son. I am trying to send my second experience through the website for so many days, but for some reason it didn’t work. I have already sent an experience to you on 18th October and I don’t know whether it will be posted as I am aware it will take some months. In this, I have attached the experience and kept that part as well (highlighted in yellow)- if it’s posted already, kindly delete that part.

# 2 : 19/10/2018: Hardships are Swamy’s way to make you a better devotee Aum sri Sai ram. Today is 19/10/2018 and It’s 10.50 pm now and I am in an ecstatic stage. I don’t know from where to start as I have to go through so many experiences to come to this day’s experience. I consider myself as a Sai devotee who had gone through some of the toughest situations in life. We as a family survived all these just by God’s grace. In 2014, I was so happy with a loving husband, 3 year old son and both of us were having good jobs in UAE. Everything was picture perfect. In just one day, everything has changed. In 2014 May, without any previous history, at the age of 33, my husband was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and doctors had advised us to start dialysis and to look for kidney transplant. It was a shock! By God’s grace, we were able to do the transplant after his sister willingly donated her kidney but unfortunately it didn’t last for more than 1 year due to a specific recurring kidney disease (the details I will share through another post) and he again started dialysis from 2015. For the last three years he was on dialysis. Exactly one month before – on 19/09/2018, my husband had his second kidney transplant. He has to undergo many procedures as it is the second time. I came to hospital just one week before the surgery so that I could take more leave after his surgery. He has to undergo plasma transfusions/plasmapheresis before the surgery as it is second transplant. Before I came itself, he had two plasma transfusions. Though it’s okay for most of the patients, day by day it was getting difficult for him due to blood pressure issues and he was also tired of all that.

On the day of my arrival, he has his third plasma transfusion and he had got some serious issues with blood pressure variation and it was a very scary episode. When I was seeing him, he was too tired to even talk a word. From there onwards, he was getting frightened on the thought of plasma transfusion. For the next plasma transfusion as I was there with him, I prayed in front of our Baba photo and put Vibhuthi/Udi in his forehead praying to have everything smooth and yes! It was fine without any issues. Though my husband started to believe in swamy more after our first visit to Shirdi around 6 months ago, this incident has made him a true devotee. From there onwards he had undergone 8 more plasma transfusions without any issues and every time we prayed infront of Baba and put vibhuthy/Udi before going. After the transplant, everything was going smoothly for two weeks with all kidney functions improving. From day eight, after he has been shifted from ICU, I used to read him Sai sacharitha chapter by chapter on everyday. We thought everything is going to be fine, but then the values started to fluctuate. His creatinine levels have started to increase and when it jumped up a bit more on one day, I lost all my control and took Baba’s photo and cried..I was arguing, complaining and was angrily speaking to Baba infront of His photo. I was so angry with Swamy that after all these difficulties, he shouldn’t be allowing this to happen to us. Taking his photo and crying, I angrily told Baba that ‘ from tomorrow if the creatinine level is increasing from the current value, I will never come in front of you and will never ask you anything’. When I am in dilemma, I used to check in for answers and I used to get some hints on what to do. Another thing which I used to do is to randomly open Sacharitha to see what’s Baba saying. Both didn’t work on that day and I was more worried as I didn’t get any satisfying answers. With a heavy heart, then I took the Sacharitha for that day’s reading. Normally we used to read one chapter on each day, but the day before my husband asked me to read two chapters. And that day, when I started reading, it was the chapter about Baba healing diseases and the chapter started with the line, “Baba healing diseases”. We were overwhelmed on his kindness and care towards us wondering how he planned that chapter for that day. It wouldn’t be there on that day if we hadn’t read two chapters on the previous day. So we were feeling better and hopeful again.

By the next day, the value was reduced. So I kept on praying. On that day accidentally I came across this website hosted by Hetal ji. From there onwards I was reading it everyday as most of the experiences are related to us somehow. Due to the fluctuations in values, doctors had advised to go for a kidney biopsy and as there were some issues, they had advised 5 more plasma transfusions. We believed in Sai and thought this small set back might have helped to rectify any issues which we might had and after so many prayers we took it positively as we believed in him. At some point, I felt that my husband is more devoted to Sai than myself and it made me happier. He has started to keep naivedya before having it and was doing it very religiously. We also started watching live darshan from Shirdi everyday. I have the habit of taking decisions after asking swamy by writing in paper and choosing it. It always turned to be the right things to do. While going through this website, I was wondering whether I should be sharing my experiences as may be Baba wanted to check whether I am not hesitant to tell everyone that I am his devotee as sometimes I used to find it difficult to tell others that I believe in Sai. But again I was doubtful as telling Swami that “I will post it, if you give this to me” type of post as not fair to me. I decided to write but before posting it, I again asked Baba by writing in paper and he chose: “post it” and I have sent my first post on 18/10/2018. While watching live darshan I was always interested to see what will be the colour of robe Baba will be wearing on every pooja. We used to guess it before watching the darshan. On 17th, I told my husband that today’s colour will be green and he told it will be very difficult as it didn’t seem to be a common one- and that day it was some pink colour. Then on 17th I was reading that day’s post in the website and have gone through a devotee’s experience in which she was praying to him to be in green colour dress and how it happened. I was happy to read it and was so touched while reading as the day before I was telling about the green colour dress. Then a thought crossed my mind. His fifth plasma transfusion was scheduled on 19th and after that doctors plan to do a biopsy to check if everything is fine. I prayed to Sai that my husband should be free from all diseases by this plasma transfusion and if it is a success, I should be able to see Swamy in Green colour dress on 19th live darshan. On 19th morning, I checked in live darshan and it was a pink colour dress.

During the next Arathy I told my husband I wanted to see Sai in green and he told me it might be rare and may be dark green might come some day as other green doesn’t feel nice. That time it was a white colour one with prints in it. During evening arathy, again he was in a darker pink with flowers and design and I lost the hope. Then I thought may be he will come in green on some other day as it may take sometime more to get rid of our problems. I used to see the Shej Arathy to see Sai in white colour dress before closing. It used to be at 10 to 10.30 where the dress will be changed to another plain robe and by that time I remembered it, it was already 10.40 pm. When I switched the live darshan, I couldn’t believe my eyes as Baba was fully cladded in a dark green plain robe (sending the photo in this). My heart literally stopped! I was speechless and had shown the photo to my husband. Now that I am sure my husband’s disease is cured for ever. Tomorrow is his biopsy and I am sure everything will be alright. Though I thought in all these years that I am a Sai devotee, only now I know what is meant by a true devotee and the feel of remembering him day and night. Now I can say confidently, both my husband and I are true Sai devotees. We believe in him and I am sure he had taken us through all these troubles to just make us believe in him more and more and to truly believe in him without any doubts. Updated on 22/10/2018: Biopsy result came and as we expected from Sai, the result was fine and we are sure that from here it will be always the best things to follow. Swamy, always be with us and remain in our hearts just like this! Aum Sri Sai Ram..May HE bless you all!

My Experiences Of Sai Baba Miracles

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a humble person who has experienced the grace of Sai Baba. I want to communicate to the world how Baba has helped me in my life. I want the world to know that Sai Baba is an incarnation of God Himself. and that He answers all our prayers.

Na Guror Adhikam Tatwam, Na Guror Adhikam Tapa, Na Guror Adhikam Jnanam, Thasmai Sri Gurave Nama

(There is no principle greater than the guru…no spiritual penance greater than the Guru…No knowledge greater than the Guru…I render my obeisance to such a Guru) This article that I endeavor to pen is a humble offering unto the lotus feet of Sai Baba Whose grace has touched my life in the most wondrous ways. I was born into a family of Vaishnavas; early on in life I was introduced to the importance of Guru in one’s life. My family members have been followers of the Nimbarka Sampradaya for generations and from early childhood I had developed a great reliance on my Gurudev. My faith was firmly planted on the magnitude of my preceptor, my Gurudev who had taught me that the body of the Guru was a receptacle of the divine spirit and that the Guru provided a veritable link between the mortal world and the divine world. The learning I received early on in life helped me to fathom the benevolence of Sai Baba, when years later I was introduced to him.

In my formative years, I had internalized the belief that as mere mortals we can achieve little in our lives on our own. It is divine grace that enables us to accomplish goals, perform laudable feats and achieve success in life. The belief that divine power channelized through the Guru enables the disciple to wade past the difficulties of life and forge ahead, guided my thoughts and actions. I perceived myself as incompetent, unwise and ill-equipped to meet the challenges of life. It is only the unwavering reliance on the munificence of my Gurudev that kept me going. The mortal world is full of travails and it is the troubles of our lives that impel us to turn towards God. During moments of hardship, sufferings and fear, most of us seek divine intervention; the realization that we in our humble capacities cannot overcome the vagaries of fortune takes us towards God, who alone can instill the strength in us to face the odds of life. My life has seen several twists and turns…it has not been a smooth ride all the way. I struggled for long with the feeling that God had saddled my life with too many hurdles. However, it is in these moments of struggle and suffering that I realized the grace of God in my life.

I was introduced Sai Baba of Shirdi much late in life. I and my mother had undertaken a pilgrimage to Trambakeshwar Temple at Nasik in the year 2015. We planned to visit Shirdi and some other holy sites during our tour. That was our first visit to Shirdi, the very first time we would experience the magnitude of Sai Baba. I knew very little about Sai Baba at that point in time. however, as soon as I landed at Shirdi a feeling of tranquility overwhelmed me. I at once understood we had arrived at an extraordinary site. The same day that we arrived, my mother and I wandered around the temple premises in the evening (our Darshan was scheduled the next morning by the agent we had earlier contacted). The temple premises were largely uncrowded… and strolling around we suddenly found ourselves inside the temple. That moment was surreal, we stood stunned before the marble statue of Baba trying to grasp the fact that unknowingly we had our Darshan. No crowds to wade past…no queues. no hassles at all…and there we stood staring with wide eyes at Baba who looked back at us with the most kind eyes ever. A chord in my heart was deeply struck…and thus begun my relationship with Baba. Tears ran down my eyes at the sight of Baba while my heart filled up with joy…it was a strange feeling. We left for the day to come back for Baba’s Darshan the next morning. At that point in my life I was struggling to qualify a national eligibility test that would enable me to progress in my career. I had failed the test twice and was desperate to crack the same. The next morning I had prayed to Baba to help me qualify the test. As I was engrossed in my prayers, a security personnel stood near me and handed me a coconut. I felt as if Baba had approved of my prayer.

Few months later I appeared for the test again. During my preparation I would smear my books with the udi I got from Shirdi. I recall that I was not able to devote much time to my preparations owing to personal and professional responsibilities. I was skeptical whether I would succeed at all. On the day of the test, I realized that the question paper was very tough and there were many questions which I was not able to solve. I offered a silent prayer to my Gurudev and Sai Baba and began to randomly tick the choices placed against the questions. After the exam I was despondent thinking that I would not succeed this time as well. Months later when the result was declared I was shocked to see that I had qualified the test with flying colours. I then knew that Sai Baba had worked wonders for me. I know that it was not my knowledge that paid off; it was Sai Baba’s blessings that helped to succeed in the test. My faith in Sai Baba grew and I became a devotee of Baba.

Years later, once again I was steeped in crisis. I was not able to conceive a child in spite of my best efforts and medical interventions. I was in my mid-thirties and yet did not have a child. I was plunging into deep depression when I felt that I had to visit Sai Baba at Shirdi to seek solace at his feet. At Shirdi I offered my humble prayers and sought divine intervention since all human efforts at conceiving a child failed. Every visit to Shirdi fills me with positivity and hope. I was hopeful that Baba would find a path for me. However, I did not imagine in my dreams that Sai Baba would respond so quickly. The very next month I conceived my daughter…that too without any medical intervention. I could not believe the grace showered on me my Baba. That moment I realized that Sai Baba is an incarnate of God Himself. He is the most benevolent form of the Almighty…the most generous, the most loving and the most forgiving incarnate of God who had descended on the earth to ameliorate the sufferings of his devotees. I am overwhelmed by what I have received from Sai Baba. I have recounted two major incidents of my life … however; I have experienced Baba’s benevolent intervention in my life during countless moments of pain, suffering and defeat. Reliance on Sai Baba is integral to my everyday life. At every step of my life I invoke the blessings of Baba…I cannot imagine what my life would have been without him. Baba fills me with hope in moments when I feel hopeless, with strength when I am weak and with the courage to move ahead in life. It is not possible to pen in words the grace of Baba…it is something that one experiences in the depths of one’s heart. When the journey of life weighs upon me I turn towards Baba. It appears to me that Baba has the heart of a mother…he nurtures and soothes weary souls with his warm touch. He forgives the omissions of his devotees and showers his ceaseless blessings on them. In the present world of strife, corruption and violence, the faith in Baba is the only silver lining in the grey cloud. It is my firm belief that, Shirdi is the abode of God himself. Sai Baba is present in Shirdi and blessed are those individuals who visit that holy site. It is an undeniable truth that Baba answers every prayer that is submitted to him at Shirdi… he fulfills every desire of his devotees. Not from fables or from heresy…but from my own life I have come to realize that Baba is the most benevolent incarnate of God. His devotees are the most blessed for they have sought refuge at the feet of the omniscient, the omnipresent and the omnipotent Sai. I pray to Baba to forgive my transgressions and offer me refuge at his feet…for I have no other place to go…no other shelter to seek…no other place to rest my head. Let me forever remain in your care…may your watchful eyes keep me from harm…may your grace enlighten my life…may you never forsake me. Om Sai Ram

Baba Cured My Tooth Ache

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I’m very very innocent and blessed child of our Lord Sai Baba. Thank you for providing this platform Hetal Ji.

I will not have any cool drinks and ice reams as I have root canal problem with my teeth. I had chilled coco cola when I went out unknowingly. Then that night I was unable to move my mouth also because of the pain I had in my mouth. My Jaws were all swelled. I couldn’t do anything as it was in the middle of the night 2-3 am. In the morning my brother got some pain killer tablets and I had it. By evening, pain started again. I was unable to drink, eat or have anything. I was hungry, crying for food like a child. Again I took pain killer and then I became normal. Because of financial problems I could not do root canal for my teeth. My friends told that we should not take pain killers it is not good for body. I started worrying, praying Baba please remove this I’m putting Udi from day one then why it is not showing any effect. Help me, let me eat and drink. After 4 days, I visited Baba temple on Thursday. I attended aarti, had lunch in the temple only. I dint feel any pain. By evening also I didn’t get any pain.

I told my mother that see Baba removed my pain I don’t have any problem while eating or drinking now. I didnt ask Baba to remove my pain or anything regarding my tooth ache. Without asking He made me normal. Thank you so much Baba for this help. That Thursday I felt like I should write my experience in the blog. Sorry Baba for postponing it for many days. I also remembered that if pain goes away I will give one coconut and I didnt do that also. Forgive me Baba. Tomorrow morning I will give one coconut.

I apply udi daily to my forehead after my bath. That day I forgot to apply as I was in hurry. And at last I ended up in pain. Not this day, one day I forgot to put udi on my forehead, that day my manager said something and I cried. Whenever I forgot to put udi something will make me upset. Thank you so much for protecting me everyday Baba. Every single day I’m happy because of you. You are always with me to protect and take care of me. It’s not that I will be happy only if put udi on my forehead, it is like the way Baba is protecting me. Before Baba came into my life, I used to be depressed, unhappy, worried and lost. After Baba coming into my life, in temple I used to put udi and I used to feel some positive happy vibes. Then I got answer in the question and answers, “Apply udi to forehead and everything will be alright, do not worry” from that I put udi daily to my forehead and go to college. My life changed gradually. I myself changed into very good human being. I don’t have any evil dreams. I don’t get sick. Everything became good for me. In the form of udi, Baba changes my destiny whatever and however the bad day it is, it will become good for me. Udi is magic which changes my bad karma to good karma or something atleast that which is saving and protecting me from evil and hurtful things. This is what I wanted to tell. Thank you Baba for making me write so much and clearly. I thought of writing just that I went to temple and I didnt get any tooth ache from then. But I ended up writing so much about udi. Its all Your blessings and Your hand on me Baba. Words are nothing to describe Your leelas Baba. I love You paapa. Though I’m lazy, rigid, stubborn, arrogant, stupid, You are always with me everyday even when I forgot You while working in office. Thank you so much for being considerate towards me. Sorry for not fulfilling my promises or words when you granted my wishes. Soon I will finish the things whichever I gave word to you. Please bare me paapa. Thank you for showing unconditional love towards me.

Just Do What Sai Says

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram I’m from India, experienced so many miracles, one thing is sure if you follow Sai’s teachings ad guidance you’ll get there where you want/have to be. Sai just doesn’t guide on big things but also wants us to improve ourselves/habits, we should follow or we can’t blame Sai for our bad fate. That’s what my experience is about.

This is my today’s experience this might be a small one for most of us but this was actually a sign/guidance from Sai and Sai guide or I should say everyone that just we ignore those signs or can’t see. So Sai told me about getting rid of my bad habits but it’s hard ain’t it? So being a stupid person I disobeying Sai and this I did today too, and all of a sudden my mobile stopped working it turning off then show boot screen then again off this cycle, it continued for some time but I didn’t care but then even after 30 minutes, no improvement, so I started to get worried and requested Sai and like Sai told me I got this thought in my mind that what you did today wasn’t right that’s why, I promised to share but nothing but I felt relieved too as I knew this was Sai who’s doing this so actually it’s a good thing, I just prayed ok punish me as long as it needed to make me realise my fault and after a few more minutes my phone started on its own. So here’s a couple of things I want to share what I think Sai wants from everyone: *Stop lying *Lust, no no (be loyal to your spouse) *Treat everyone kindly Help everyone (I have seen everyone helps or treats the superior ones kindly but the inferior ones, the one who treats the inferior kindly and equaly is the real human) *Meditate * Trust Sai and wait patiently *Don’t cheat/hurt anyone *Fall in love with soul not with faces (see what a person is from inside rather than from what he is from outside like how rich he is etc. So that’s all I remember/know now Sai told me too, Sai also told me to not to daydream. So please devotees do good karma only then ask from Sai don’t hurt anyone one thing I learnt from life is that of you want a good person on your Life then first you have two become a good person only then you’ll be able to recognise a good person, so be good first Be good Be good Be good Om Sai Ram

My Sai My Hope

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a parent of two daughters and is experiencing grace of Baba in all walks of my life since a decade. I apologize Baba for promising to post experience in this blog if my work is done. I never bargain again like this.

Sairam one and all. Thank you Hetalji for this beautiful blog. This blog is providing the platform for pouring out our heart to Baba and getting self confidence and courage by Baba blessings. I pray Baba to grant a stability for my family and I want to relocate from this place since our relation with inlaws is soured and I cant risk my family and happiness for relationships and selfish persons. But Baba please take care of my family, inlaws, mother, and brother. Bless this world with peace and harmony.

Coming to my experiences, this is the fourth one I am posting in this blog. I am a member of Mahaparayan group 143 Laveena Sai. This is grace of Baba that I am a member of this group since a year and finding real well wishers. Baba is the only friend for us till our end. On Karwa Chauth we attended to a Baba temple just for a visit with my husband and kids. My husband got an opportunity to wave chamaram to Baba till the end of Shej Arati. My husband dont have that much faith on Baba but he accompanied me for temple. Actually we planned to leave earlier since we needed to attend a function and it wont be good if we attend there lately. We completed darshan and arti but after that we worried about what the hosts think of us at the banquet but the function begun after we reached. After meals we returned home and I opened Sai Leelamrutam online version, then the page showed that how Baba made a devotee named Balwant Nachne have dinner and permitted to give Arti after the devotee finished his dinner. Thanks Baba for saving us from humiliation. I am currently facing a dilemma about a personal issue and I left to Baba. Thank you admins of this site for this wonderful work. omSairam

Sai Baba In Dream Just Before My Inclusion In Mahaparayan

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Baba’s way of making His presence felt are unique. This is one of the recent experience.
I had a dream 2 weeks back about my beloved Sai. I was suddenly awakened at night. I remember the timing as 3:33 am. I remember seeing a figure that resembled Sai Baba in white clothes at the door of my room. I uttered Sai Baba on seeing Him. Next morning I was thinking a lot about this dream. I thought something good will surely happen. The same day in the evening, I got a call to be a part of Mahaparayan group. I feel this was Sai’s signal to me to be a part of this grand endeavour. Om Sri Sairam!

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